Books to Read

Soothsaying Tarot and the Mantegna Revealed

What is Soothsaying Tarot and the Mantegna Revealed? It is a publication about the Tarot. This eBook contains simple but original illustrations of the Tarot deck. It includes an explanation on how spreads are constructed and how one can construct their own spreads giving the reader a solid mechanics on the key elements in any spread. It walks you through how to dismantle some of the most difficult spreads by simply relating confusing positions to a “Past, Present and Future” Methodology. On top of original meanings to the regular Tarot, it also contains meanings for all the Mantegna Tarocchi (50 cards) which makes it possible to read fortunes using this ancient and mysterious deck. A necessary book for the beginner and a great asset to any seasoned reader. Click here to purchase!


Poniard’s Torrent

Have you ever wondered philosophically why things remain mundane, the same? Ready for change? Real change? This book will change the way you view the mundane world and why it stagnates common people like you and me. Open your eyes and see what is really happening around you! Poniard’s Torrent is a story about the mysterious motivations of a local resident and how he intertwines and uses his friendships for leverage and revenge against some most wealthy and power hungry individuals thus attempting to avenge his father’s name. Random sinister murders obstruct the path leaving destruction and mayhem in its wake. Nothing seems to be as down-to earth as it once was, giving way to the coming of age and maturity. The only hope, would seem to be, is the return of the mundane and simplicity, merely to lead to where it all rooted. From this malevolence sprouts infidelity, lust, murder, and covetous greed that infatuates, corrupts and devastates. Click Here to Purchase.