The Halloween of the Vaccinated, Things that Grow “Chumps” out of fright!

The Folly of Greedy Capitalist Costume by: Kim KarTrashian’s Felon’s Cage

Why dress up this Halloween like a specific person when you can dress like a general greedy Capitalist bastard or bitch? Yes, with the “Folly of Greedy Capitalist Costume”, you can be sure that the houses you are trick or treating this year will rush and roll out the red carpet towards their middle classed door, extending to your gas guzzling limo, having all the hokum available for you to snatch away greedily, as they crawl and kiss your black ruby stiletto slippers (for men, highly polished black gum shoes), being careful not to get any spittle on them, remaining on their hands and knees until you signal them to rise waist high and kiss your platinum and gold rings, populating all your fingers, covered by thin leather black gloves, protecting your hands, as to ensure these commoners will not contaminate you with the “who knows what diseases these peasants carry” paranoia infections, that is induced into your superior bred brain, enhanced with the Bill Gates Pentium Elitist’s Cerebral chip (included) that will guide you through these middle classed neighborhoods,  without getting close to biological hazards that these middle classed peons dribble and spew, never allowing them to rise higher than your waist so they can at the very least, kiss your fat ass, squeezed down with the included black laced leather tights, guaranteed to haul down all that blubber with the suction pump attachment (extra). It comes complete with the reaper’s deathhoody, black or dark purple, to signal fear into their brainwashed minds as to the death they are obligated to endure to keep your fat ass rich. Also, the ensemble includes the reaper’s cloak, same colors available, with a bustle prop for the lassies, to enhance and prop up their breasts; and for the floppy, hanging and shriveled breasts, it can attach to the suction pump attachment (extra) to squeeze and shape them into form as to entice all the male peons to masturbate to your memory when you leave. The essential mask is the same color of the chosen package, which ensures that no infectious billows breathed out from these scummy masses will infect your airways. Black mascara and long eyelashes included as to make your stare ominous and daunting.  Act now and receive the reaper’s scythe, highly polished and razor sharp, handy for those random beheadings of certain insubordinate rebels who may try to take any of your hokum you greedily, rightfully grasped.

The “1917 Ripper Styled Plague Doctor Costume” By: Streamdunk

In these days of plague infested paranoia, where imaginary fictitious viruses lurk about, contained inside aerosolized excreted vapors and sneezed mists, it is a wonder anyone can trick or treat this Halloween in illusionary safety. But wait, hold the press, there is a new costume in town, well, old costume really; that will exceed your villainy expectations, making you the absolute envy of the neighborhood.  It comes with the Plague Doctor Mask, Black or white in color, eye outlets featuring the binocular style or the mirrored bird eyes, for that cool but discreet look, so no one can identify you or connect you to any “Ripper” styled murders that are becoming fashionable in these ambiguous times of depopulation. I mean really, who is going to miss them anyway, and the bonus is, they cannot do any autopsies, thus will not look for hair follicles or slobber that may drip from your Plague Doctor Mask’s large extended beak, connecting you to any murders using the PCR testing, that will be swamped until all the conjured virus testing’s are complete, which would be most likely 2030! It comes with a “Ripper” styled, long black plague cloak with a embroidered red plaid lining with plenty of pockets and compartments to stash all of your surgical paraphernalia (customer provided) used for possible random mysterious “Ripper” styled murders that are sure to arise during your “trick or Treat’ tour of the unfortunate neighborhood you so choose to inflict with your ominous plague stricken presence. It comes with black baggy slacks with plenty of extra hokum pockets, unsexed in design for those plague wanton women that crave to spate stricken all whom she encounters this Halloween. The black or tan “Plague Doctor Knee High Boots” are inclusive, featuring either the seven buckle version, spanning from ankle to knee, for that adjustable comfort fit, or the two buckle version, at ankle and knee, featuring several pouches in between for your ill stricken remedies and poisons that can be used on unsuspecting victims you may encounter in dark alleys or deserted parks. The essential gloves provided can be latex gloves or thin leather, black or tan, to eliminate possible finger prints that could incriminate you to any number of plague stricken murders you will propagate throughout all the neighborhoods you choose to inflict! As they open the door this Halloween and catch a quick glimpse of your ensemble, you could slice their throat, stab their heart, carve out their spleen or de-limb them into a festering bloodied pile of surgically precision dismemberment, enabling you to grab all the hokum you deserve, which was not tainted by the numerous blood splatters and gobbets. Act now and receive for free, the official “Covid19” universal death certificates that will allow you to label these murders as Covid19 deaths as to eliminate any temptations to initiate pesky investigations, or autopsies.

The Schwaby World Domination and Pedophile Costume by: Ceiling Baboon

It’s’ the season to be Klausy, falalalala, lalala, er wait. This is the Halloween Costumes blog right? I got confused for a second. But wait, Schwaby is the Halloween Santa Klaus, right? And this costume is the epitome of Depopulation and Demonetization that would make Bill Gates drool in excitement and envy. It starts off with a designer trench coat, grey in color, that can be worn when you first awake and get the urge to hop out of bed, naked of course, leaving your nightly pedophile remains slumbering off the knock out drugs used to make him/her compliant, slipping into your trench coat to go flashing all the unsuspecting ladies that happen to be walking about that fine morning. Once tired of scaring all the old ladies in the neighborhood, you return and dress into your silk undies, red of course, black dress stockings, held up by a black garter belt that makes an excellent aphrodisiac, enticing like sex offenders, once acquainted, disrobed, and  carrying on in some deserted back alley, or limo, like a couple of genuine perverts.  The dress shirt will be a light beige or white, made of silk to offset your black tweed trousers, slightly baggy and confining, to hide any blubber that is sure to exist on your cellulite covered legs. The shoes are shiny blue or tan, made of alligator skin, exploiting the fact that you are insanely rich and will pay anything for what your pedophile heart truly desires. The dress coat would be tweed of course, matching the color of your trousers. The bow tie is optional, or for that more progressive Schwaby wanabe, a Mississippi String Tie, enhancing your hip character, even though you are as square as a pedophile could be. Once dressed in this ensemble and trolling through the neighborhood, the limos would be lining up for the privilege to give your fat ass a ride down to the red light district, now expanded throughout the city do to the covid19 farced lockdowns and the demonetization of business, residences, and institutions alike, where you troll to find your next pedophile victim. No need to discuss trick or treating scenarios because most of the residents, that are not tricking themselves on the streets, under a 5G streetlamp nightly, are residing in detainment camps awaiting their de-populous fate, at least in the areas you like to hang out. Wait, what about the mask? Masking laws don’t apply to Schwaby! Act now, and get a free bottle of chloroform to make knockouts and abductions nonviolent, hassle free and easy!

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Covidtose Canadian Election Results Lose Ratings to Rerun Episodes of Friend’s, or the Big Bang Theory? You Betcha!

Where Have all the Kahunas Gone?

With most Canadians cowering under their Master’s (employers) whip, or hiding behind their sweat stained masks, getting flashed visions of a Canada that was once a free nation, whilst hiding under that comforter that smells of body odour and stale sweat from the last 6 month lockdown, not withstanding the last 2 months of oppressed freedom that resembles pre-pandemic oppression, they stare at their mail-in ballots that list all the potential illiberal party candidates in their oppressed ridings. Without a clue as to the truth, only subjected to the fear porn served up nightly courtesy of our mainstreamed fanatical media which are; ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, CBC, CTV, BBC, to name the most common culprits, that bask the entranced viewers in more terror, further indoctrinating the viewer’s brainwashed mind. The dream of prosperity and freedom is now pulverized into a used tissue of discarded snot that could possibly be used as a PCR/Antigen test that may yield a negative result which would gain you entry to do your oppressed job for another day that is encompassing, in the name of safety, shrinking rights, benefits, wages and dignity. Knowing that they should of at least completed the mail-in ballots days ago, they quickly vote for the oppressing party that got the country into the mess that it is currently in, that features horrendous debt to the world banks, severe travel restriction, dangerous vaccine mandates, and phony PCR/Antigen tests, that have been disproven one full year ago by Nobel prize winning scientists and eminent doctors by the hundreds. Still, they choke, breathing through their soiled graphene oxide contaminated paper mask and seal the envelope, making their way into the hall. Dropping it into their outgoing mail slot, they make sure that no other biological threatening unclean human is in the vicinity. Of course, this will be tolerated by the current administration that magically did not lose, just in case they can gain another seat, validating these snot covered votes, or disqualifying, if it was another minority party vote that would just be a problematic thorn in all of the corrupted parties that hold current seats in the parliament.

Trudeau Dee Trudeau Dumb, Trudumb, Trudumb

But it does not surprise me in the least that he was whisked right back into the Prime Minister seat via Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Larry Fink and the World Banks because of the high stakes that they speculated upon, like our vast resources, uranium, gold, trees, not to mention water, oil sands, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, and that slime ball Trudeau is selling it all away. Trudeau makes Mulroney seem like a choir boy in comparison, being Mulroney was pretty much solely responsible for the NAFTA agreement which started our merry way to globalism. But why worry? Everyone thought Trudeau was trying to attain a majority government. He did not acquire the majority so he failed, right? Wrong again my pundit friends. They just wanted to ensure he would remain in power as their Schwaby boy puppet until 2025. Oh Schwaby boy, the swabs the swabs keep swabbing, from bung hole to bung hole… and they will attempt to get everyone used of the incessive PCR testing, whether it is the fast antigen test or the regular brain scratch method, that infects your sinuses, whether you are vaccinated or not. You did not think one vaccine was the end of this nightmare do you? Vaccine passports will lead to being chipped like a dog in no time at all, labeling you like a product of Pfizer, or Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson or whatever other jab manufacturer is producing these death serums. And you will die, no question about it my friends because there is no antidote for this jab. If you don’t die on the first, you will possibly die the second, or may be the third, possibly the forth and so on. But why does he want to be in power until 2025? That is the magic marker date whereby depopulation will be fully underway. By then, if that slime ball Trudeau and Larry Fink of the World Banks and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum have their way, we will be either dead, stripped of all our assets and property, enslave to load dead bodies into incinerators or residing in that comfy detainment camp not to far, close to a neighborhood near you, awaiting your death.

Trudeau’s Hench Woman, Patti the Witch Tells all into a hot mic, setup by her neighbor…

Patti The Witch and her Monkey Slave

Patti the Witch narrates: “Oh my pretty’s. Just wait for the detainment camp we have selected for you to replace your tiresome home that carries such an oppressive mortgage. Yes my pretty’s, you will all reside in comfort at a special detainment camp, designed solely for you and all your middle class friends, so you can all smell the stench of your rotting flesh, as you die one by one, getting a whiff of all that baking body meat, I will cook up at high temperatures, ensuring that you will all be transformed into large piles of ashes, whereby me and my satanic friends will watch via monitors, as we pedophile your children and transform them into sexual chatelaines or gigolos, soulless husks, whose sole purpose is the servitude of their masters who will train them to be obedient slaves to the elites. Oh yes my Pretty’s, Just line up for that jab and join the Debt Forgiveness Program so you will be under my roof of enchantment, where you will give up you own flesh and blood to stay alive for a little bit longer, kneeling at my feet, begging for my mercy, hoping to be my slave, serving me as my zombie. But, you are far too old for such a position that would better be served by your spawned offspring. But please, keep begging. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac that elates my sexual potency, enabling me to enter torrent sessions with your offspring that is sure to be evil and orgasmic. Yes my Pretty’s, you have already sold your souls taking that jab, that brands your DNA with the mark of the beast, the beast, the only entity I will bow to, other than Trudeau, who I frolic with when his wife is away, never does she know why he is smiling when she returns. But that is another story my Pretty’s, far to complicated for your brainwashed mind. Line up my Pretty’s” recites Patty with a seductive, evil stare, as she giggles fiendishly, whilst her zombie flying mutated monkeys chatter and hoot, the very monkeys that died from the animal trials of the Covid jab, but were necromanced back to life by Patti’s alternate love, Dr. Fauci, the Pandemic Hero.

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Fallen Equinox, The Murderous, Genocidal, Maniacal Cull

The Marxist Deception Equality

With September knocking at our door of our constrained freedoms, will we answer the door with a howitzer of opposition, or will we just comply to their tyrannical rule? To do nothing is what will lead us to the slaughter. But may people are still brain dumbed by the mainstream media and big tech social networks of communism. Laughing at stupid posts that really mean nothing and are nauseating just to read. People in a whole have lost their individualism, or just traded it for socialism to avoid the confrontation. But you have to invite confrontation and stand your ground. You have to face the opposition and bravely, defying their totalitarianism. I do not think you are ready to be culled. They will convince the weak that culling of our population is necessary, however in the end, it is just to save resources to enable the elitists to enslave the unlucky ones that are kept alive and horde all the remaining resources for them and there greedy, grasping spawned scum. But in actuality, if you are contemplating socialism or Marxism or Marxism/Leninism or Communism, which was a Post Monarch wet dream of the elitists to somehow retain control in disguise, using the military as their kingdom and the soldiers as their dragoons, protecting their newly shaped power hierarchy from the scummy masses, or so they believed in their sick corrupted minds, then as a bad episode featuring Gomer Pile; surprise, surprise, you are still the serf. Only now, you have no real capacity to prosper and are forced into a pathological mediocracy that will keep you in total dependency to the military/police state.

Pecuniary Delusions of Science

Maniacal impediments imposed on our businesses and citizens as dictated by secret meetings and treaties, discussed by the Bloomberg Foundation featuring madman speakers such as Bill Gates, and eloquent deception masters such as Bush and other former presidents, secretly deciding our Great City’s future during this obscure plight as set forth by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” as pondered and insinuated by our so called sovereign leader, better known as the “Prime Minister”.  He stated on numerous occasions that; This pandemic is our opportunity to adhere to this “Great Reset” as in compassionate asset theft programs such as the “Debt Forgiveness Program”, offered faltering citizens that have lost their livelihoods to this mysterious virus, which can appear and disappear depending on the current political climate and public adherence to these perpetuated infections of political aspirations which float in the wind magically as to whom they infect. Yet, people believe, as in asserting blind faith towards  a computer generated science that “models” this virus isolation, only in theory, that cannot be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt by any stretch of the imagination, unless you’re aboard the “Enterprise”, exploring strange new worlds, whilst discovering strange new viruses that can be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt on Mars, possibly, depending on the gravitational pull and atmospheric pressure, which would change the science as in results, at least, as far as free fall speed, which could indeed, shatter the demolition theory of the World Trade Centers.

As it is Written, So it Shall be Said?

What side do you stand on? For Christ or for Satan? You may say to yourself, “I do not believe in God or Satan (Lucifer). But in the case of the ladder, belief is not required and your soul will be harvested for hell if you comply to the works of Satan. Which is the “Great Reset” as proposed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum which is just the front for the Masonic Order of Lucifer, The Light Bearer, who, by the way, is the same entity as Satan. So, if you comply with the vaccine, you are aligned with Satan, You are receiving the Mark of the Beast. Not sure what that is? Think of the app you will be required to put on your phone, at your own expense, to prove you are current in your vaccine, as a precursor to the identifier that will be lodged under your skin that will serve as a passport because they will deceive the public into believing it will be un-hackable, unlike a phone where anyone can acquire and falsify as their own. Yet, one could just hack off your hand and use your chip, couldn’t they? Hmmm, I guess they never thought of that one. Or have they in the scenario of forced compliance? However, back to the Mark of the Beast analogy. Once you agree to expose your medical information and history, they can tie that together with the nanobots (created with Graphene material) existing in your body via the vaccine, enveloped and delivered with the toxic Graphene Oxide into all parts of your body, beyond the Blood Brain Barrier, where they will be able to control your mind by influence, using ultra low brain wave inducement, better known as Operation Crimson Mist, matching your brain wave frequency. Only problem is, the Mark of the Beast has to be updated every 3 months by Bill Gates and Microsoft so if you have received the vaccine(s) which so far, already amount to one every three months, prepare to roll up your sleeve, or drop your drawers, every three months for the new update of this vaccine (Gene Therapy). Yes, this vaccine actually changes your genetic and RNA/DNA structure/signature to be marked as to the vaccine manufacturer’s intellectual property, all rights reserved. Now, ain’t that a pretty Mark of the Beast, same as you getting your ass branded by the World Economic Forum brand acronym, being WEF. Well, cattle are branded as to their owners and so will you be, as to the technology you allow these pirates to inject (brand) you with, or better put, brand your RNA/DNA as to their property. Sounds so much like selling your soul to acquire what you already have like a job and freedom of movement and travel, or just to breathe. And that kids, is just the beginning.

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The Crown of Cellular Thorns, An Interview with Lucifer…

Interviewer: “Hello Lu, may I call you Lu?” Lucifer: “Sure, I have many names, but I never fear the informalities of the “Common Folk” and their pretentious hospitalities.” Interviewer: “Thank you, I was wondering about the current state of the world and ponder what influence you and your angels have had in this plight to our humanity and freedoms?” Lucifer: “Amateurs! I would never influence such Tom Buffoonery, excuse my metaphors.” Interviewer: “So you have no stake in this take over of the planet. You see no benefits to its succession?” Lucifer: “I have no stake in stupidity, but will accept the fallen souls as the result, kind of like a poorly cultivated garden, even though the yield appears to be waning, I, in the end, will benefit from what Death reaps at the blade of his scythe.” Interviewer: “That is fascinating because I would have sworn you would have had a more active role in this takeover, seeing how many people are committing suicide and the collateral death and maiming introduced with the experimental vaccine.” Lucifer: “Yes, suicide is rampant and more death has been registered, keeping my entry clerks completely swamped with souls, however, many of these souls are returned as to their purgatory status, meaning, even though this vaccine is experimental and it is classified as suicide, can only be valid if there is proper “informed consent”. Without that, my soul acquisition ratio of returns goes out of control, rendering a deficit that ends up to be a waste of processing time and resources. Heaven can be a stickler to details like coercion and improper knowledge of certain actions, like coerced suicide, meaning, under those circumstances, it is not suicide, only murder.” Interviewer: “So you do have ethics. I would of thought you would have a deficit in anything positive.” Lucifer: “Who says ethics has to be positive. Ying, Yang. It would depend on which end of the scale, that ethics would apply as in, good or evil. There has to be a balance to make any of this “fun”. Tipping the balance in your favor can be elating. That fine line that makes one truly evil, but must have some goodness in their temperance. Otherwise, it just no fun at all. Someone that is truly evil has to derive from a truly good person, that had innocence, corrupted and now a true agent of misfortune.” Interviewer: “I would have thought you would approve of the bondage that is being placed upon the earth, as in bio-digital convergence, controlling our every thought and move, true slavery.” Lucifer: “Sounds very boring as in, where is the choice? And here again, there will be many purgatory recalls, a complete waste of my time. Martyrizing all souls that are in bondage, surely destined for purgatory as in to recycle back to the rebirth that will continue to be a sleep fest as in acquisition of truly evil souls, never knowing the difference between true good and evil, getting back to “informed consent”. How does one get properly informed if they are dumbed down with digital control? No choice, no true acquisition possible, only a boring conveyer belt of recycled energy as dismal as a generator and its constricting power lines. Why on heaven’s gate do you think I was created and cast down? Plutonium was getting bored and wanted to “spice” things up.” Lucifer chuckles. Interviewer: “So, you like the challenge of soul acquisition as in, the chase is more satisfying then the catch?” Lucifer: “Of course! Watching a youthful innocent bungle and botch their way through humanity when they first strike out on their own, Those are the most satisfying souls to acquire, when they compromise themselves with drugs, then prostitution, losing all self worth, ultimately committing suicide, falling into my lap of deceit and treachery, feeling the scorch of my inferno, and all of the time, having the choice of removing my chains at their own will, but keeping them in place out of fear and ignorance. Yes, I will miss those days indeed. Interviewer: “The story sounds more intriguing, kind of like a Mark Twain episode or something.” Lucifer: “Well, entertainment is half the bang for your buck, if not all of the bang, as in interest. Why would I want to end up with just Birx, Fauci, Gates or Schwab, among others. Perhaps Biden if it can be determined if he is not already converged to a digital state that is offsetting his dementia. They have all sold their souls to acquire what they have. If this is the end yield then it would be truly disappointing as in, knowing already what you are getting for Christmas.” Interviewer: “You celebrate Christmas?” Lucifer: “Of course, don’t you?” Interviewer: “Then, you are a true “sportsman” indeed. This takeover must pain you as to what dreariness is to come?” Lucifer: The world, before this shutdown, was spinning way out of control. A feeling of dread was overcoming the psychics of the earth and the greed and apathy was rampant. It was shaping up just nicely and I was on the verge of my greatest acquisition of truly deserving souls that were placing the chains of bondage on willingly, without any help from the elites, that to my disappointment as to giving them their fortunes in exchange for their souls, are conspiring against me, getting greedy, not surprising, and attempting to become immortal at my expense. This just won’t do!” Interviewer: “It sounds like these elitists, that gave up their ever lasting souls, are victims of divine intervention, as in a whisper from an angel as to the secrets of becoming immortal, undermining your work that was so eloquently mastered, and was victim to the applied brakes derived from this divinity of intervention? Lucifer: Ah, yes, devious indeed. But who would of ever thought he would be capable? I am not sure that would be within the rules, however, all is fair in love and war. I will have to consult my prime evils as to this possibility or better put, infraction of the cosmic rules. If so, it just broadens the playing field. No more questions, please. I must retire in contemplation.” Interviewer: “Thanks Lu!” Lucifer: “Anytime.” Lucifer disappears in a puff of smoke.

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Hang ’em High; Asset Inquisitional Acquirement by Nonfeasance

Fists Full of Stolen Green Backs

You have been robbed, whether you are a vendor, small to medium business owner, layman, entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, judge, crook, prostitute, mother, father, brother, sister, pimp, drug dealer, etc…etc.., you have been swindled for your property, cash, job, legacies, pensions, dowries, wills, insurance, cars, trucks, rings, jewelry and on and on and on, until they cannot take any more. They started a very long time ago but really put the pedal to the metal as to swindle, in 2019 and 2020, where they locked us down to administer the final blow of pilferage. Now they have our small to medium sized businesses, that are usually local to a municipality, closing their doors for what reason again? Oh yeah, that fictitious virus and the fictitious variants and other mutations to follow, that’s right. Oh yes, and so Klaus Schwab can have his “GRRRREAT RRRRESET” at the expense of everyone not in the billionaire club. So, they have their knee to everyone’s neck that is willing to work for a living and will keep strangling us until we die. Yes, that is their end goal, in order to save resources for the 1 percent and their spawn scum. Well, perhaps they may keep some of the masses for amusement, like to do tricks, or suckle their shriveled up genitalia. Yes, that will be your place until someone more young and innocent appears. We are being grifted in the true sense of the “Covid con” and we have to take them out of power, strip them of all their money and assets and lock them all up until trial. They are printing money that has no value because the world banks have stolen all of our gold, most of it during 911. What do think 911 was all about anyway? To gain control of commerce and steal all the gold from the World Trade Center, which was reduced to a pile of rubble afterwards, killing and burying all the people that knew the grift, burying and destroying all the evidence, and covering up their tracks of the World Banks, Blackrock, etc… and their getaway car. It was also useful to change legislation to give more power to the government puppets to enthrall their greedy practices afterwards, right up until now, which has destroyed our banks, money, treasury and pensions. Don’t think so? Well wait until you try to retire after 2025.

You Have ’til Midnight to Get out of Lodge

If you are not prepared, get ready, especially if you owe money on your home. If you have a mortgage, car loans etc. you will be offered the debt forgiveness program to clear all of your debts. Well, you would most likely say, I am making my payments. Yes, however, when the banks (world banks) call in all their loans once our country (national) banks default on loans made for the stimulus that the government is trying to pacify all people that have lost their jobs due to the so called, non-essential business (affecting small and medium size businesses) closures due to the phony pandemic caused by the phony virus that has not killed anyone of any significance, but fudging the death tally numbers, robbing death categories like the flu deaths and heart disease deaths, or any other category they choose because of the mass coma the masses are in, not paying attention to the total grift the world banks have basically stolen all of our tax and pension monies due to their evaporating investments they conned our governments into investing towards, with the end goal of bankrupting all our country assets for the purpose of the elite’s “great reset” designed to swindle the remaining assets and money from the people who have managed to actually own what they have. Once this happens, they will have a cozy Covid camp for you to reside in, whilst the steal your children to become sex slaves for the elitists, turning them into soulless husks of insignificant slaves used for toils and their amusement, if they are chosen and not depopulated. So kiss you property, children and assets goodbye while you are evicted.

Klaus Schwab’s budget Toilet Rental/Share Program

Now, you can own nothing and rent everything, right down to that 4 to 5 squares of daily toilet paper you need for hygiene. What does this mean, really? It means they want to rent everything, including the piece of rare meat they will allow you to have, once a month or so, as a treat, like throwing a dog a bone, if you are socially behaved and lap up to their side like a good little pooch! Yes, and you can do tricks for them too in order to get extras like real food as opposed to Bill Gate’s GMO enhance vegetables and soya meat that is basically, like soylent green. Of course, they will dictate your every move and decision, censoring everything you read, write, see or do, including what job you might have and who you can associate with in order to keep everything safe, sound and secure, for the elitists of course, so they can lead on with their cushy lifestyles at your total expense, exploitation and slavery. Kind of like back in the day of Moses where the Egyptians kept the Christians in total slavery and bondage. Yes, those were the days weren’t they? And all elitists dream of that reality nightly! Oh, and yes, the toilet. Will it be one of Bill Gate’s green toilets that you will share with a number of other slaves, due to the economic and resource shortages, that they will produce in order to keep you and your closely inhabited neighbors using as little as possible so the elitists can remain a billion times richer then you could ever aspire to be because of the total restrictions you will never overcome due to their incessive, insatiable greed.

Why Own, your Dentures, when you can Rent!

Of course, dentures would be a definite luxury most likely not offered to whatever masses that would be unlucky enough to have survived these bogus vaccines that are nothing more than death serums, for the lack of not really knowing what they will do in the future, let alone, one minute from now. But it is believed that these vaccines were not intended to kill people solely by injection. Most likely the thousands of microscopic bots now in your bloodstream via this vaccine, that were included for your total control. Don’t believe me? Well, Moderna publicly announced that they can control people with their mRNA vaccines. However, up to 600,000 have died from this vaccine in the USA alone, most likely caused by adverse reactions to the microscopic bots that are totally foreign to anyone’s biological system, attracting things like, metals and magnetic fields? Thus in the world spectrum, it is most likely in the millions of deaths due to this untested, experimental, bot induced vaccine. However, you will most likely be able to rent space in a mass burial site whereby they would just tack this rental amount on to your surviving relative to pay, being handed down from generation to generation to pay in a infinite fashion, ensuring they would never cease to owe the elitists money, keeping them slaves, passing on their debts to what ever bloodlines were closely related. Sounds peachy, right? That’s slavery.

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Dimwits Doofus Morons of Propaganda Propagation; An Interview with Joe, X of Karen

TV Rabbit Ears of Bad Deception

Need I say more? Ok I guess I should. Karen, who is Karen? She has a family and has rid of her husband due to the mind boggling brainwashing that is performed on a daily basis on commercial programming that tears down the family unit and how useless husbands are since the mid 70’s and still going strong, now breaking the sexual barriers promoting transgenderism which is, for lack of a better definition, a wholesale sweep of all of our individualities, priming us for a world that will transform us into bio digital eco-machines or, remember the terminator? Cyborgs wrapped in human flesh. Yes even the movies have been prepping us to accept the bio-digital convergence that is so eloquently explained here. Remember, The World Economic Forum is a nightmare institution of anti-realism that describes the agendas of the elitists, whom have successfully infiltrated all the countries of the world, with their phony Covid 19 pandemic, that is willfully destroying our economies as scripted, in order to usher in 5G and their asset acquisition, depopulation, sterilization, and bio/digital convergence, all brainchildren of the “World Economic Forum” and their cronies that are holding key governmental positions to perpetuate this idiotic pandemic towards world domination. Of course, these brainchildren also include, global warming and carbon controls. all of which is a blatant attempt to franchise the “Green Machine” in order to control our every move, basically starving us out of independence and forcing us to beg for what was rightfully ours in the first place. Like that retard Park Authority popping out of the forest, intruding into you rented camping space demanding that you put back all the wood you stole from the forest’s eco-floor, while building a campfire. Is this reality? You betcha!

The Interview Preamble

But what about Karen? What has she have to do with all this? And 5G, what does that have to do with world domination? I don’t get it! Of course you wouldn’t because you are watching re-runs of “2 and 1/2 Men” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Possibly “Friends”? Or maybe “The 70’s Show”? You would be better off watching Gilligan’s Island or the Munsters, or maybe “The Adams Family” where we have Uncle Festus played by Klaus Schwab. No? Oh my, I could have sworn that was him. Oh well, the theme and epitome seemed consistent. Karen is the “average American divorced housewife” that is empowered by indoctrination of independence, using the crutch of commercial TV which she rules her existence around, whilst she forces her kids to wear masks and has made appointments for all of them to get their vaccine, all because the TV told her so. Can someone slap Karen in the head and tell her the truth, Please? 5G is the tool that will make bio/digital convergence possible to the unlucky ones that survive depopulation, converting them into bio/digital slaves. And let us not forget that 5G millimeter waves are small enough to enter our skin cells and damage the nucleus, causing our bodies to act virally, creating exosomes (viruses) that suspiciously resemble Covid 19 in shape that is produced by our immunities to flush our systems of the radiation produced by 5G millimeter waves at the cellular biological level. The huge elephant in everyone’s living room is that our mainstream source of information is accurate and the truth. This is indeed not the case in any stretch of the imagination, not for a very long time.

The Interview

Joe says with curiosity; “So that is Karen? Sounds like my X-wife before she threw me out because I was laid off for the summer. I guess she had enough of my seasonal job that has cut my pay by 40% and forces me to work in places like Alaska and the Yukon Territory, all accommodations covered except for meals up and above the total cost of 25 dollars a day. I suppose if I eat at Mc Donald’s, if I can locate one around here, I can have 3 meals a day and not go over the allotted meal expense. But usually that is next to impossible, even at Mc Donald’s because, eating there up in no man’s land, you would need more than 50 dollars a day. So, I just go to the local grocery store and buy hot dogs and buns, perhaps a container of mustard, cooking them with a 1983 version of a microwave, provided with my cheesy motel room that usually smells like stale sex. Of course to work where I do, they mandated the vaccine as a condition to work, even though I never work near a soul, later finding out that they had no right to use my job as a bargaining chip to take this untested vaccine. Well, who cares; we all die sooner or later, right?” Interviewer interjects: “That’s funny; I could of sworn you said; “We all die sooner or later, right?” Sounds like perpetuated Euthanasia, am I right?” Joe continues: “Well, you know what I mean. I have nothing really left to live for anyway so why refuse a vaccine that may kill or maim you, to keep this minimum wage job, that for the highlight of my day, because I am forced to work in bung-hump Egypt, are the abused, overused, overweigh, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath , that have been active since 1991, just after they were coerced into trying some form of opiate, getting hooked instantly, using prostitution to feed their drug habit. Now that methadone and other compassionate drugs are available in the many clinics strewn all over in any town, city or community, they only do opiates obtained from the local “Son’s of Anarchy” approved dealers after these abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, come banging on my cheesy motel door to apply their trade, usually breaking me financially until I get paid again, which is probably why I keep this useless dead-end job.” Interviewer comments; “Sounds like it could get tough and you are contradicting yourself as to the reasons why you would take a vaccine to keep a job you obviously do not like, but here again, maybe you could win the lottery or find a rope suitable for hanging?” Joe laughs and continues; “What else would I do if I did not have this job? Who would pay my child support I am court ordered to pay Karen every month? I buy lottery and scratch tickets all the time, but never win more than a free ticket or 10 to 20 dollars, only being used to pay the Cash advance interest applied by whatever local money store I have to bargain with in order to support the local abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, and to suffer some provisioning like beer, hotdogs and buns that will last me about 4 days, if not eaten and drunken by the abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, forcing me again to get another payday advance.” Interviewer asks; “What is your job anyway? Who do you work for?” Joe answers; I install commercial 5G transceivers and accessories for local corporations, installing these 5G elements on hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, old folks facilities, long term care institutions and local participating businesses that were paid to allow the telecom corporations to use their land for the installation of these strategically placed transceivers, readying all communities for the commercial version of 5G. I am legally bound not to divulge the name of the corporation I work for because of my secrecy oath I have to sign and renew monthly.”

What did Joe die of anyway?

Later on that month, Joe was found dead in his hotel room by the
abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath who called 911. The death report suggested that Joe most likely died of a heart attack and appeared to have been robbed, missing his wallet and having his motel room ransacked, but could not be confirmed as to the reason of death, due to Covid 19 preventing a proper autopsy. Because this death was not covered mysteriously, by the corporation Joe worked for, Life insurance policy, Karen was forced to take a second job to support her children.

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Anencephalous Haste to be Vaccinated of the Eternally Faithless. Updated June 6th 2021

The Rats have Moved into the Main Floor from the Cellar Pancake Makeup by: Larry-is-Dizzy Cosmetics

If you choose this vaccine, you choose to align with Satan. Ignorance is no excuse. You are a demon’s child, destiny Abaddon. So get ready for your faithless journey in the name of being “safe”. Yes you can blame your parents that are stoned out if their tree. Or you can blame your perverted uncle who keeps offering you money for sex. In all of these situations, deep down you know the truth. But if you choose to grab their belt and succumb to their tyranny, then your soul is theirs. If you fight them with every ounce of your energy and heart, you will not parish. And even if they kill you, you become more powerful then they can ever imagine. Never before has so many leaders around the world, have been corrupted to this point of no return, willing to sacrifice their reputations and respect for a couple of printed dollars. Remember, they are printing money that has no value and is only backed by the world banks who will call in their loans once they own all of your country’s assets and banks. So if you have a house right now that is mortgaged and cannot pay for it, then claim bankruptcy before they force you into the debt forgiveness program and steal all your assets, equity, legacies, and your children. Do not be concentrated into a camp or covid hotel where you can check in anytime, but can never leave.

Spike Protein Extra Long Lash Mascara by: BashHocs

Already taken the vaccine? Does not matter because you will be treated as a continuous threat no matter how many vaccines you take. The vaccine does not stop transmission or reception of this fictitious virus, only symptoms, where by you will still be sick but will not feel the consequences of this ailment, which is, for a lack of a better definition or description, the common cold. However, there is a major underlying concern with these vaccines. So much so, even the people that have taken it, at least the first dose, are feeling dread, or a “gut feeling” they cannot explain. A feeling of being “grifted” as in, that retro vacuum salesman who just talked you into purchasing the top of the line vacuum system for two to three paychecks worth of money, through a high interest loan via a money store affiliate, where you will never pay it off, until three years of payments go by, when you realize that this loan never ends, whilst paying the minimum payment. And alas, when you finally find their office, that has moved three or four times in the last three years, and slap the money down on the barrel head, you realize that none of the principle has been paid off, in addition to the penalty they tack on for making a payment before your billing cycle date. Yes, we have all been through this and learn from these experiences, Then ask yourself, why the hell did I fall for that again? Why am I listening to the fear mongering of your local health unit whose sole game now is to sell depopulation? Now, they want you to pay with your health. The old saying goes; “if you have your health, you have everything”, so why are you compromising your health for the reverse phycology con job that “if you are already healthy and feel no sickness, you are still a threat”? If you believe that, then you will make someone a fine “bitch” in prison, male or female.

The Stench of Decaying Cadavers Body Spray by: Mommy Shill-Figure

This vaccine is designed for depopulation. The only problem, it is working too fast on some of the more sensitive of the world’s population. They messed up big time and are trying to sweep up to 500,000 dead people due to the vaccine, under the rug. The pile under this rug is starting to form a large lump, too high not to trip over, becoming more and more obvious, even to those who are sleep walking, who are rudely awakened as their brainwashed skull smashes into the lumpy carpet of dissimulation. Well, you say; “There are not that many deaths. There are only a couple of thousand and most of them not due to the vaccine, but underlying, preexisting conditions.” As spoken by the numerous main stream deception peddlers that you are emulating in hopes you did not make an error by taking the jab. But you have made an error so stop doing PR work for the main stream media and big pharma for free, and join the fight to stop these ridiculous agendas like, masking, social distancing, vaccines, depopulation, agenda 2030, bio-digital convergence, proprietary censorship, 5G, and the trashing of our constitutions and freedoms. Because it is not you who will get rich, you will get dead, and as they trounce on the bones of your family and children, your epitaph will read; Here lies one of the many fools that gave away their freedom, life, property, legacies and balls to be safe from the common cold. Sounds stupid right? Only that it will be true, so true, that you will be laughed out of the gates of heaven due to the mark of the beast already etched into your soul’s DNA after the vaccine. Yes your convergence to Satan and Abaddon.

Big Pharma Syringe of Decay Skin Lotion by: Boil of Olé

In a nut shell, before all of this started in 2020, it was all about the 5G rollout and was being opposed by thousands of scientists. There were thousands of articles and studies that were opposing 5G because of the dangerous frequency spectrum it needed to broadcast. So what are you thinking today? Certainly not that because you are worried about your own life that is not being threatened. Taking the vaccine is the only way to “catch” this spike protein that will produce the virus in your body to rid these unwanted, foreign spike proteins that will only cause your natural immunities to attack yourself, killing you the next time you get a certain natural infection. If you vaccinate, will you die? I have no idea really and neither does big pharma. Because the vaccine has not been properly tested so who knows what it will do once you take it, possibly grow another head in a couple of years, I don’t know. Bottom line is, if you have not taken this death serum, then don’t. If you have, do not compound the mistake by taking another dose.

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Death is Abating and Will Reap the Souls

Updated May 4th 2021

This depopulation will happen and you will not be saved. Sterilization of our women has already begun as dreamt by the madman and his depraved wife, Bill and Melinda Gates, using their phony charitable foundation as a front to inflict this mass murder. Money is talking, and the amount of bull-dung it is generating is phenomenal. Astonishing to me as I awake everyday and see that we are still within this nightmare of depopulation. Demons are dancing in anticipation, for they have never been this close to their objective. Satanists you ask, they must be hideous looking beings, char red skin and evil laughs through their sorted smiles of destitution? However, this is not the case. They look like you and I, and there is no way to distinguish a Christian from a Satanist, unless they tell you. But, who really goes around asking anyone if they are a Satanist? Some of the nicest, decent people I have met (on the surface) were indeed admitted Satanists. They talk about sports, they talk about weather, the best foods, that great movie that was just released, and what assholes the Mayor and any other politician really can be, on the surface. But indeed they are still Satanists biding their time to witness the demise of all Christians and goodness in the world. They just want to be socially acceptable and appear they would never sacrifice a new born to their appeased demons of choice. But naivety will get you, well, most likely to hell these days, by just accepting the dehumanizing vaccine the governments of the world are pushing on everyone who is not in the billionaire club. Yes, even Satanists are being deceived that this vaccine will keep them safe from a fictitious virus. It is the mark of the beast because just like a whore, once you take this injection (perform your first trick) you will surely be pressured into additional injections that will emulate what ever variance they sublimely create into your brainwashed mind (or in case of the whore, a wide variety of Johns to fill their trick card). 

But what about reality? Politicians would never do these corrupt deeds. They would never endorse any injection that main purpose is to weaken, sterilize fertility, and depopulate. The sad facts are that we are being ushered into mass depopulation in order to save the 1 percent of society and their spawned scum tide pool of corruption. Everything happens for a reason, and possibly, the majority of the masses are truly undeserving and are being summarily euthanized off this planet to have their souls collected by Satan. But, you interject; “I would never kill myself!” Yes you would, and will, by taking an injection that has already claimed countless people who were afraid of a fictitious virus. There are too many people warning everyone about this vaccine and how it is dangerous and can cause death. The death toll is mounting and people still run to get the vaccine, making them willing participants to euthanasia making their souls suitable for Satan. There is no way a Pope in his right mind would endorse the worship of alternate gods over the true God. No Pope in his sanity and ethics could endorse transgenderism or abortion for any reason. No pope would endorse the taking of an untested vaccine that is and will kill an untold amount of people. The Pope and the Vatican are compromised and totally corrupted and should not be trusted by any Christian. Judaism describes religion before Jesus. It has no place in Christian beliefs as it contradicts the new testament as spoken by Jesus. However, Judaism is the worship of God but does not apply since the birth of Christ.

But, for greedy reason, the elitists will use anything, even mythology to divert the people from the belief in the new testament. How simply are people bought and enslaved in the name of monetary domination. Why waste your time on lottery tickets when the plan is to strip everyone of every asset and force them into a slavery existence where you will rent everything and own nothing. Sounds like a nightmare where, in hell, there is not one space or existence that gives anyone solemn or privacy. You will share everything with others as in a swap mentality whereby when at work, people can use your house for their disposal, and once finished, will pass it on to the next group, making sure, that when you come home, you may have access to your kitchen, or living room, or your wife, if not being used by someone else. As viewed as the satanic submissive orgy; a human collage of naked bodies, intertwined and melded together in some sort of compromising position or another, where there is really no need for modesty or chaste, seeing all your available orifices are exposed and readied to be utilized by one intrusive entity or another, interwoven into a lump of protoplasm of deceit and debauchery of soulless interactive perversion and depravity. If this existence excites you, then do not fret. If you survive the mandatory vaccines, you will experience this reality and will not be free to do anything else in reality. Hell on earth would truly meet is mark and anyone misfortunate enough to be alive in this subhuman existence will eventually pray for death. But not to worry, you can check out anytime you like, but your soul will still belong to Satan. So, as the reaper appears, it is not time to run to the vaccination site or commit suicide. It is time to stand bravely and let him pass to complete his soul collection and usher them to their proper destinations. And as he leads the majority to hell, stand your ground and refuse the unholy and all of its false promises, because that is the true deception, that money conquers all, but only if you are too frightened to believe, will make is so. However, awaiting your true life existence, and to move forward with intuition, will lead to your justified destination.

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Our Soulless Journey to Abaddon

Many are so self absorbed and afraid to die. They scurry around with masks that cannot really save you from any virus let alone a fictitious virus. You know, like the fictitious evil prince that was stealing the fictitious fair princess in fable land from the fictitious white knight that our mommy or daddy read to us nightly to fall asleep and have, basically nightmares? Stories that really were engineered to cause fear and entertainment and finally happiness when the fictitious white knight saves the fictitious fair princess from the fictitious evil prince, if you stayed awake that long, which by design, you should have fallen asleep far before then, basically slumbering in fear. But can we blame the current undue hysteria and fear on mommy and daddy? Were you brought up in an orphanage? By foster parents, Aunt Harriet or Uncle Pete? Or were you one of the lucky ones that never heard a bedtime story? The fact is, if you went to sleep in fear every night because of a bogus bedtime story, you would most likely believe that this virus is real and trust the government that they are telling the truth and not trying to depopulate your ass from earth because you have been brainwashed by media, that the government is the white knight that is trying to save you from those evil conspiracy theorists trying to wake you up from your dead sleep of indoctrination. The hidden motto here is this; “ignorance is bliss”. The government wants you to revel in it, so much so, that they have had a non-stop fear campaign warning you how deadly this virus is and how you must trust and listen to the government and their ridiculous rules and guidelines designed to destroy small business and bankrupt everyone not in the Billionaire Club. The Billionaire Club consists of 1 percent of the population, which is about 80 million. If you read the Georgia Guide Stones, it states to keep the world population under 500 million. So who will be the other 420 million? It will be comprised of the best of the squalor, or better put, the millionaires and so on that will pay for the privilege to be a slave to the 1 percent scum. The highly educated individuals and talented artists of our so called murder culture. Will they keep all these bought off politicians, doctors and scientists that are lying through their teeth to get paid more money? It would be funny if they eradicated them after they accomplish what they want because they would receive their just desserts.

But the vaccines, yes the vaccines developed to keep you “safe” from this fictitious virus that sprung from fictitious origins, like bats and pigs by fictitiously evolutional leaps and bounds that decimate the laws of the Evolutional Theory written by Darwin. Vaccines developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses, tortured and dismembered while they were alive in order to increase the shelf life of these bloodied vaccines that you are lining up for like vampires looking for its next victims so you can preserve your own life at the expense of murdered babies. Yet, you still peer into your black mirror of vanity, getting pulsated by Fifth Generation millimeter waves that continue to make you sicker and sicker as you await the next vaccine developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses to keep yourself “safe” from realizing the truth and that you are as guilty as the scientist that butchered that live fetus in order to increase the shelf life of your vaccine that only alters your DNA and sets you up for easier depopulation by controlling your immune system to do nothing when attacked by any disease or poison. So roll up your sleeve in ignorance and you will be marked for Abaddon. The solution is easy. Reject these bloodied vaccines and save you own soul and encourage others to do the same. The Pope is not speaking for Christianity or Catholics that have rejected his unsound advice. The pope is obviously demented or compromised and should be removed from his position immediately. However, no matter what the Pope says or does, it does not make the murder of human life correct in any circumstance. He is a false Prophet in need of removal.

If you look into your heart, it will lead you to the correct destination. And if it leads you to a vaccine, then it was not your heart that led you there, it was your selfishness and fear. Time to step up and tell your governments to straighten out and do the will of the people, not the will of Satan. They work for us so if they cannot perform the job properly, then they should be removed from office with extreme prejudice and convicted. They are not doing their jobs and are in need of disciplinary action. We need politicians that are for the good of the people, not for the good of the elitists. Money means nothing if people reject its luster, and eventually, money will harbor no power over anyone smart enough to reject its temptation. If you lust for money, you are never free. When you die, money means nothing and has no power. It is you soul that carries you to you destination, not money. Money is paper tangible only to the material plain. It is designed to dominate and control, but not by actual chains, but by fictitious chains we place willingly on our self. As easy it was to place these chains, it is just as easy to remove them. So do not succumb to their lies and deceit of an open society that is safe. It is a closed society controlled by smart cities and surveillance made possible by the Fifth Generation dominance grid designed to keep the monetary chains of bondage upon you, leaving you no choice, other than euthanasia to remove them, ultimately. We have to drag them out into the light from their underground cities and bases, exposing them and their fables to the light illuminating their lies for what it really is, and only then, we can take back our freedoms and constitutions.

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Varicose Superstar, May you Skulk Within your Affluential Moral Turpitude…

I was observing, since Biden stole the election, that many of the celebrities’ were crawling out of their hiding spaces, making cameo appearances on shill productions like the Steven Incoherent Show, once variety, now political program, or better still, programming?. It made me lose a lot of respect for some of my once favorite actors. But I realized, they are only actors that command a big paycheck, and many that are not receiving this abundant wage at the moment, would crawl and scrawl in hopes that the movie industry is not totally destroyed because of this pandemic that is a total play on our worst, selfish and basest of fears, self preservation. It is sickening really, to watch these former role models turn yellow when they should be stepping up to prove to their former fans that they actually have a backbone and are not made of jelly. To be fair, a couple actually stood up and attempted to show their affluence and skepticism towards this unconstitutional lock down but were quickly ridiculed to back off. However, that is no excuse seeing we were their fans and they were our heroes from one degree or another. But now, it makes me ill to think I ever idolized any of them or patronized any of their artistic endeavors. Now they just represent self preserving slime balls. I am not a Trump fan nor am I polarized one way or the other. I thought that both candidates, in this case, were pathetic losers. However, that is no passé to cheat and steal. Real people are losing their livelihoods and small business is decimated, and all these clowns of Hollywood can do is hide in their mansions awaiting their commanders “ok” to act like they give a royal excretion about the masses that put them where they are today.

But the real disappointment is all these vinyl records, thousands of them, that I purchased over the years, stacked in crates on my living room wall collecting dust because of my hesitation to pull any of them out to play. It makes me sick in most cases and cannot listen with the same enthusiasm I had before March 13th, 2020. Why? Because these false gurus of freedom have led us to slavery. Literally, and all they can do is cower to their master’s whip of fame and fortune. Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa would of surely rebelled and attempted live performances in spite of all these communistic rules and regulations to make us “safe” from a virus that has not been isolated or even proven to actually exist. Forced to wear paper masks that are completely inadequate to stop any form of virus that are microscopic in size and if contagious and deadly, would have killed half the world’s population by now. But they persist that it is killing a million plus around the world when the birth to death ratio remains the same, unchanged in comparison to 2015. So we are being conned and deceived by the government, and these artists that we have supported for so many years are doing “nada” but living off the fat of their acquired prosperity. It really does not surprise me that some of these artist are behaving like this, but all of them? I guess none of them have any brains or are thoroughly dominated. For the last year, I have been giving these artists a pass and was attacking the government and health figures, proving that this whole pandemic is a hoax, waiting for our false gurus of freedom to stand up and lead the way out of bondage. But my wait was in vain. You expect politicians and greedy corporations and globalists to act this way, but not our idols, that have shown in the last eleven months, how useless they really are when the chips are down. I hope I am wrong, and hope they stand up and prove it to me and so many others who are waiting, waiting for what? Nothing obviously.

But being critical of artists that have proven themselves to have talent is misanthropic, or so I tell myself, but in reality, they have just gotten lucky. Of course, many of them would say the have earned every penny, but tell that to the bands that actually have to work in order to survive and make it to the next gig. Are they undeserving? Starving actors now that have to move on and find what they can to survive, are they beneath these contemptuous success stories that are seemingly, in one way or another, Luciferian? Which brings us right back to their pathological sloth of inaction to a pandemic, in which, they should be leading the way out of this governmental propaganda. In stead they side with the ruling class, oligarchs and elitists and promote the propaganda. All these so called famous rebellious bands, artists and actors have sold their souls to the elitists in order to keep their status clear of any monolithic scrutiny imposed by their money masters are deemed unworthy of our patronage and should be shunned and rejected for their disloyalty to their fading fans. Bands that have staked their claim upon the rebellious 60’s and 70’s should be even more embarrassed, however any band, old or new that want to play the rebel, you are actually jelly fishes in the opulent pond of decimation and self preservation. But I am sure the betrayal to your fans will not go unnoticed and possibly allow newer, and truly rebellious bands, a clear path to the fame and fortune that the current cowardice, phony artists have had a stranglehold upon, far too long. Redemption is possible, but I fear that none of you will have the bravery to break these chains of bondage. So sit back and relax in you lap of luxury and hope Brain Dead Biden doesn’t sign the wrong executive order to eradicate all intellectual art. Lets face it, he has no idea what he is signing. Does this not frighten you?

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