The Mean Green Particle Beam, Arsonists of the Century

As the masses continue their blissful Smartphone slumber, gambling, watching pointless fail videos and liking idiotic posts on Facebook, the Elitists take another shot at our gullibility. As we watched numerous videos of Maui burning, a book was already being published, obviously written using crystal scrying or the flux capacitor, blaming unnatural climate change for the disaster, which was obviously an elaborate act of arson, using particle beam technology to ignite the fires to ensure their continued destructive vitality.

It is not enough that the Elitists want to destroy the middleclass and small business infrastructure, including the death of over 100 people, they have to profit and pat these provincial authors on the back, when in the real world, these authors would be considered hacks and plagiarists. The city officials shut off the water while Maui was burning and refused to turn it on, ensuring mass destruction, displacing the common folk out of their homes and in basics, pushing these people towards the mainland, closer to 15 minute cities or in better terms, detainment camps.

Take a good look at the old fema maps which feature the restructuring of all the states into sectors, concentrating people away from the shores of every ocean and large bodies of water, inward into the middle states of North America, ensuring their devastation and dependence upon handouts from the elitists who will ensure that the majority of this displaced population will die. The rest will be kept for slaves to serve the elitists.

 Incinerators will burn day and night, ridding the bodies, then burying the bones and ash into large pits, most likely created by the massive strip mining operations that will commence once they dissolve all ownership of lands and property to accommodate this mass destruction of our terrains and forests, creating a un-breathable harsh environment for all who will be forced to reside in these conditions while slaving and dying, working these massive strip mining and clear cutting operations.

As all the woodlands and rain forests disappear, they will still blame it all on the masses and their carbon output, justifying the acceleration of the depopulation that was already underway. And whilst the polarized people await their savior Trump to save them from this plight, he will be having a martini on the beach located within the newly rebuilt Maui, featuring behind him, a Utopian Smart city where every elitist will enjoy countless slaves to do their drudgery and keep them sexually satisfied.

They will employ the young underage desirables, who were not culled or sent to slave in detainment camps, as their concubines or sexless drones. Bowing and groveling, submitting to the elitists every sick and depraved whim of sexual perversion, they will fill one purpose of depraved servitude, or die in the slave camps once found uncooperative and rebellious, whilst recruiting another batch of young innocent desirables, who were displaced from their families, whose ashes and bones crunch audible, under the boots of the slave drivers, utopian armies, and mercenary platoons.

See things how they are before you take another bite of that sloppy Burger King Burger, oozing and dripping special sauce and simulated mayo all over your company tee-shirt displaying some cheesy logo and lame phrase of stupidity that advertizes your moronic brainwashed slavery to the grind.  This has all been established for decades and all they need is an excuse to use the foundational principals already passed into legislation.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months. Sound familiar?

As Written By Medeea Greere on

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers in every aspect of the nation. General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA’s Civil Security Division stated in a 1983 conference that he saw FEMA’s role as a: . “new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis.”

“The first targets in any FEMA emergency would be Hispanics and Blacks, the FEMA orders call for them to be rounded up and detained. Tax protesters, demonstrators against government military intervention outside U.S. borders, and people who maintain weapons in their homes are also targets.”

Thus, this has been planned for the past century, how to best remove you from the planet in order to save the 1 percent of society and spawned offspring scum that somehow deserve a place in this world over you, the masses. Don’t be fooled by their false flags and counterfeit warnings. Use the intellect God gave you, instead of honing your brain with their cheap booze, prescription narcotics, and legal weed. Time to WTF up.

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Controlled Ops, Right in your Face, Plan = You are the Mark, Demic = A dysfunctional Masses in Fear = The Oxymoron of a Fraudulent Shiller

Plandemic series is in completion, and it seems that there has been a lot of money that has exchanged hands, however being very careful to not be captured by Mainstream Media, which will be the success of this film. Why would that matter, would one ask? Because once mainstream media, it would not be trusted by this target group, the group that is drawn to places like Alex Jones’ Info Wars and Del Bigtree’s Highwire, and now Brian Rose, who seemingly washed his hands with the plandemic and anyone associated with it after his unsuccessful Mayor campaign in London England.

It is obvious that this is funded by places like the Highwire and Infowars, two entities that are questionable to their origins and motivations. But a discerning mind would know these inconsistencies and ultimate goals, which would be Biowarfare, featuring the unproven virus, Sars Covi 2, symptoms being, Covid 19. That will remain in the history books as this computer generated signature of 80% or less match to something that most likely did not exist. Even though there was never one microscopic slide that ever housed this so call virus, Sars Covi 2, symptoms, Covid 19, the ignorant will still buy this hype as “history” and buy another 50% off diamond ring for their partner named “Karen”, once again trusting the mainstream media as a valid source of information, thanks to these info bridges, like Infowars and Highwire, that are designed to lead the Controlled Opposition, you, right back to the Mainstream of things..

If there was no other purpose to these CIA motivated films that are simply, Controlled Opposition, steering the masses away from chasing the government and demanding accountability, to chasing ghosts in Wuhan China and Mysterious Labs in West Virginia, Ukraine and other clandestine locations, some not far from CIA Head Quarters and other cohort military facilities, it would be to “entertain” the slight of mind that may be eating their lunch , watching videos on their smart (dumb) phone, at their slave driven job, the job they agreed to take the killer vaxx an all of its boosters to keep.

Now that a lot of vaxxers have woken up and simply do not trust this experimental vaxx and all of its even more redundant and deadly boosters, need a scapegoat to point the finger at, and simply blaming the government will not be in the scheme of things and will throw a wrench into the elitist’s plan of world domination and depopulation. Although this may be good for further polarization of the masses, to the left or right, they need the people to point the finger at the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Syrians, or anyone else who could satisfy the slight of mind, as they take another bite of their burger or taco they bought at McDonalds, or Taco Bell, during their lunch break, watching videos on their smart (dumb) phone, in a room decorated with old faded Covid posters, curling up on the walls and lunch tables, in their slave driven job’s provided lunchroom.

But the current Plandemic film does mention depopulation so why would anyone think Mikki Willis is not on the level? If you have to ask this question, then you have not read Agenda 21, 2020, 2030, or any other numerous papers written and paid for by you, the tax payer, now featured on puppet websites like the World Economic Forum, about the need to cull the population and save resources for people kind, mainly for the elitists and all their spawned families and friends, who are still stripping you of all of your assets, dowries and any possible legacies you could of left your children, but were too interested in buying some legal weed and drinking your favorite brain honing elixir to care.

In order for depopulation to work, they need a meek population that will follow in line and enter these detainment facilities (15 minute cities), willingly. So what better way than to control the opposition to spout off biowarfare and biological viruses created in a darkened foreign lab by rogue scientists funded by greedy CEO’s so when they announce another virus that has an unknown origin, you will believe that viruses exist and run to take the first available experimental vaccine, unless of course, you have not already died from the first experimental vaccine and all of its experimental boosters, verified by an unproven PCR or antigen test that will be supposedly adjusted for the new lab created biowarfare virus.

Once in these 15-minute cities, you will not be free to come and go as you please and will be expected to work to earn your keep in this newly designed prison that you will think is a home. It will be just a matter of time before they start more pandemics, demanding you take more petroleum based, experimental vaxxes and boosters, and will be culled as to noncompliance, disappearing innocuously one by one, randomly, like being plucked out of a controlled fish farm and terminated, innocuously enough, and replaced by more slaves, that you will not notice and ring the alarms.

The key is simply non-compliance to their counterfeit warnings and fear porn of biological viruses and spurious UFO campaign currently in the works to get people fearful of a Alien invasion, that will be simulated of course by sophisticated hologram technology to further corral everyone ignorant enough out of fear into these containment areas (15 minute cities), and once the majority succumbs to the need for a world government to fight these “spooks” identified as Aliens for Outer space, the depopulation will be put into high gear, blaming it of course on the phony Aliens and their Alien Invasion.

Think this is over the top? Wake up and smell the cappuccino that is being brewed right under your over swabbed nose. Time to see things for what they really are and if you are married to a male or female version of “Karen”, it is time to hit the road Jack, make a new plan Stan, just set yourself free.

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The Autonomous Murder of our Sovereignty

We have all been under the illusion that we were born onto a sovereign state, as in citizens of a country. This is most glaringly apparent in North America, the so called “New World”, a world that was already occupied by the indigenous, the North American Indian. It should be common knowledge that during the time of the settling of the west, west referring to the continent west of Europe where Europe and England were emptying their prisons and sending them to the New World, most likely as a relief tactic because of their over-populated prisons. Send the undesirables to the New World and if they survive, then it would be safe for the nobility and royalty to setup business interests to reap whatever resources the criminals may have found or developed. Keeping a watchful eye on their progress, it was apparent, at least at first, that this land was occupied and these Indian nations had no intentions of sharing the land to these invaders, invaders that were preceded by the Spanish attempting to settle the USA and Canada via from South and Central America.

However, because of guns, the bow and arrow did not provide the resistance needed and slowly but surely, were pushed further west from their eastern invaders. Already pushed somewhat north from their southern neighbors from South and Central America, it was apparent that the European invasion would progress slowly west and north. But because of the French settlers from France, were getting pushed south beyond the Canadian Border. Once civilization and cities started to spring up, and a bursting economy was apparent, England mainly had intentions of usurping this bustling economy for their own, both in Canada and the USA.

As history has it, the English failed to conquer their way into the USA, However had different results in Canada, where they eventually defeated the French army in Quebec’s Plains of Abraham, filtering further and further west taking control, to a point. Fearful of an all out battle with the French to completely conquer Canada, they instead made bargains and deals, pacifying the French occupation by utilizing trade, especially in the Hudson Bay area, and the use of Christianity and Popery to dominate and disband the Indigenous people, pushing them into reserves by the use of secret treaties and other trickery. Because the French already were trading with the Indigenous people for many years and had somewhat of a peaceful cohabitation amongst the Indigenous tribes, mainly the Iroquois nations, proved to be a useful tool to further England’s occupation that gained momentum, outlawing tribes and chiefs that would not cooperate and remain on their reserves, that for the most part, were changeable depending on where the resources were found.

Today, since the 60’s and 70’s, a traditional movement from the Indigenous was apparent, which was actually labeled as extremism and terrorism by the FBI, who needed the excuse to jail or kill the organizers of this movement. The FBI was also aware the traditionalists were in possession of these so called, secret treaties, which stated in general, that the occupation of the “white man” would be tolerated only if the Indigenous were guaranteed to retain vast portions of their lands, which spread from Mexico, clear on up into Canada, mostly occupied by the Sioux nations. The only problem with this arrangement is that the settling parties of the time only entered into this agreement to segregate the Indigenous onto these reserves to isolate and kill them, imprisoning their Chiefs and tribal councils, taking away their ability to organize and fight. Alcohol was also used to pacify and distort their capacity to organize and effectively fight back, turning most who succumbed to the alcohol, into lawless criminals and marauders.

In the last several years, this movement was manipulated by North American leaders, in attempt to start a race war between the masses and the Indigenous, utilizing events that happened more than a hundred years ago, blaming the Catholic and Christian churches for events that were most likely caused, by the British armies and Canadian conscripts of the time. Because there are no real records of these supposed crimes, leaves a confusion amongst everyone as to who was responsible. Of course, the Canadian and American governments point the fingers at anyone else, refusing accountability of the actions of the Union Armies, who was well known, at that time, for the mass exterminations of the Indigenous, both in Canada and the US, mostly in the US. Because the Union Army failed to invade Canada on specific occasions, being ambushed by both the Indigenous and trappers, successfully turning them back, did not mean the Canadian conscripts and British armies of that time did not participate in this extermination, who were mainly in the more populated areas.

Canada Day represents the spurious independence given to Canada by England, in hopes that an all out ambush type warfare would not develop, that would of destroyed the already fragile supply chains, which would devastate any control England may of possessed at this time. But to be sure, they resented this concession and waited for the day they could usurp this independence away, and take control once again, innocuously of course. This time, if they successfully get the Indigenous and the masses fighting on the street, they will implement martial law and totally destroy what’s left of our sovereignty and economy. Then the enslavement and extermination will commence to rid of all undesirables, mainly the patriots, and Indigenous inclusive. Globalism is the key word, and currently, the elitists and their bought off politicians are stopping at nothing to achieve this objective. Any politician that attended the World Economic Forum in any capacity is bought and paid for, property of the elitists. Soros and billionaires like him are funding radical organizations that are attacking the heart of these indigenous groups in attempt to radicalize their beliefs and movements to take back what is rightfully theirs. And the more Indigenous people that get pushed off their reserves because of staged forest fires, water contamination, etc., the more we have to buckle down upon the government to take accountability for their invasive acts of treason. We as the population have to ask for their resignation. If we do not, we will be living a Utopian state where prosperity will be a figment of our imaginations.

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Plandemic Series, A Trilogy of Truth, or a CIA Franchise

In this era of extreme deception, we are faced with now, many new organizations, all stating they are for freedom. How do I test any organization or truther for validity? It would be, of course, their production quality. The poorer the production quality, the more chance they are telling you something for your own benefit. However, you have to use your own judgement.

Some are hard to distinguish, like, Doe-nut! But he is definitely in it for the money. Right now, my mailbox is littered with these organizations, all saying they are for the truth, for a price of course. Many of them do not restrict content if you do not donate, but they all solicit for these donations to keep you informed about things that are right in your back yard.

You may ask, what are these things right in my back yard? If you have to ask this question, then you are not paying attention, or want to be entertained. Like, Who’s on first, Who? I just told you. Ok, who is on first? Who! Just tell me who is on first! Who! What? No, What is on second, Who is on first. Who is on first? I just told you that!

They are all pushing the “Great Awakening”, a film that has no bounds to its promotion. But the Great Awakening is a concept during this whole pandemic. The people were waking up prior to this pandemic, that is why they created it, to steer the masses into the direction they would like you to take, just like the 60’s and organizations like the Weather Underground or the Black Panthers, all CIA infiltrated groups to steer the movement into ambiguity and lawlessness, like the FLQ, similar to Anonymous, BLM and Antifa, Boys in Blue, all controlled by the CIA.

People have short memories, and the CIA and like organizations know this and take full advantage of the effects created by this social human flaw. Remember Seatle and the Autonomous Zone created by the Homeless of Seattle? During its wake and duration, what did Info Wars or any other Alternative media tell about this movement? That it was all about the far-left extremism and they were terrorists against freedom and patriotism.

The mainstream media was plugging this movement as the “summer of love”, or just another freedom movement for sex and sexual diversity. Pushing it as an insignificant event attempting to aggravate the small to medium business sector and all who worked there, creating conflict. In reality, it was homeless people striking out against the system because of their inequity of wealth distribution, forcing people to live on the streets after stealing their equity and wealth, something that has been occurring right under your nose well before the pandemic.

You were just too asleep to figure out what was going on because it never affected you. Then, on cue, BLM and Antifa infiltrated the Autonomous Zone and buried it, dividing and leading all involved into scattered directions, something the CIA does extremely well, on foot, as well as online, which you can see many examples of this tactic on every social media channel, attempting to get you to hate certain races, lose faith in your religion, or simply and the most damagingly, in yourself.

Once you lose faith in yourself, then you are primed to be led down the garden path of control and slavery. Remember, it has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with slavery and being stripped of your assets and legacies to serve a greater purpose than yourself. To serve your slave masters who are the 1 percent of society. They are so greedy; they want to steal what you have left and anything else you are concealing in your back pockets. In short, you will own nothing and be happy, which is just a phrase for docile or stupid.

It is true that this vaccine is killing a multitude of people and mostly, people are letting it happen. The vaccine is filling the obituaries with far more people than you realize and has killed millions, if not the tens of millions worldwide. Open your eyes and say no to their vaccines and phony concerns like carbon output, global warming, or 20-minute cities which are just euphemisms for detainment camps, death camps, slavery. The governments, no matter left or right, are bought and paid for by globalism which is just the top 1 percent of the world.

All the front people like Klaus Schwab are just front men, puppets. And when you watch productions like the Great Awakening, produced by a person that appeared from seemingly, nowhere, always perform a “great reset” on yourself, shed the brainwashing, and watch for the obvious like movies produced by the CIA. There is a lot at stake here, so be aware that they will use anybody and anything to deceive you. The more they can scare you, the easier it will be to take you by the hand and terminate you. So, stay away from their injections and fear porn and “Wake up!”

I mean really, now that they are all in one hole, meaning the association between Alex Jones, Del Bigtree, Mikki Willis, David Martin, and all the other so-called scripted experts featured in these films, you can now listen to what they say with extreme discernment and read the propaganda being reversed to just confuse you even more. But that is what the CIA does, and Alex Jones, was fingered as a CIA connected producer a decade ago. Are they all CIA contract agents? If you ask that question, then you are definitely waking up! This whole pandemic is just another “black op”, led by Master Bards and Pied Pipers. What about 5G? That serves better as a story of its own.

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Canadian Prime Ministers Former Security Detail: Daniel Bulford Testimony | Red Deer Day 1 | NCI

This video describes the corruption within the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies and the government in general. Watch this video and be aware of what has happened and why, within the last three years of government overreach and constitutional devastation, in the name of globalism.

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We are on a Hiatus, But we Have More at the South Gillies Hound

We continue our message as always and there is ore to come on this site. There is plenty to read here, and there will be more. In the Meantime, checkout (The South Gillies Hound).

The South Gillies Hound attempts to give a more citation type reporting of current events and stories. However, because many mainstream stories are so ridiculous these days (last 3 years), it will be hard to distinguish between what is real news or satiric. There is wealth of ridiculous news spreading like manure everyday so this will be brought to your attention. If you prefer the mainstream media as your source of information, then, God Help Ya!

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The Integral Steps of Producing a Shamdemic

Provide no Proof that the Covid 19 Virus Exists, and Do not Question the, ah, Experts?

Covid 19 is the symptoms developed from the Sars Covi II disease. The Sars Covi II Virus as claimed, has never been isolated as in purified or identified as an actual living entity. There are simulated computer models that attempt this assembly however never get closer than eighty percent when matching with actual DNA found in any human via PCR testing. The human and the monkey are 3 percent difference in DNA structures (Chromosomes), thus making 20 percent a vast difference; like the difference between a human and the platypus? I am sure I have never seen a bill on a human unless it was from Visa or Mastercard charging their usury (interest) fees, thus can rule out we were somehow related to the platypus or even a monkey for that matter. However, because I am not a scientist, I cannot display any common sense to what seems extremely logical. I have to trust the, ah, science. The only flaw in that theory is, that many eminent scientists and doctors share the same decerning logic as in, this is a whole lot of tripe. As in cow stomach, and no relation to a human stomach seeing humans have one stomach and the cow has seven. But what they Hay, we are all mammals, right?

Exosomes or Sars Covi II, that is the Question; and They will Never Suspect a Thing, Dumb Masses

Exosomes or viruses are solvents, like soaps, virally created by our body to flush out poisons and harmful substances we take in our bodies that are far too toxic for our bacteria and fungus to eat. When the bacteria and fungus start to die from eating the contaminated dead tissues exuviating from our infected cells, our body creates a particular solution specific to that poison and virally releases these exosomes to clean our cells. These exosomes are specific to the toxins that have infiltrated our cells and will dissolve these toxins out of the cell without compromising the cell’s integrity. The fact that these exosomes are solvents means they are not alive and have no nucleus or respiratory system, similar to water which is classified as earth’s number one solvent. Because they are produced virally is why they are called viruses but can only be produced in the host and are not transmittable nor contagious. Of course, if you are a necromancer, possibly you could animate these exosomes to be alive, but even a necromancer knows that inanimate objects or substances like exosomes never were alive in the first place thus they would not waste their time trying to revive something that never lived. But necromancer or not, what about gain of function? What about it? It is just a way to make you afraid that someone like Fauci and his henchmen could actually get a dead virus material or particles to animate and jump six feet and crawl up your nose.

Testing or Wheel of Misfortune?

The PCR test used for DNA testing allows amplification that will, if done very well, produce a DNA trace of any molecule because your body most likely has encountered every molecule known at one time or another. However, it counts on less amplification to be accurate meaning, the more accurate DNA match you are looking for, the less amplification required to reliably find the DNA match. Anything over 24 cycles of amplification used is inadmissible in a court of law. During the early stages of the pandemic, they were using 40 to 45 cycles which produced the well know 98% false positive reputation when looking for that particular DNA match. Simplified, it means the higher cycles used in a PCR test, the more likely you are to find even miniscule traces similar to that DNA, which in light of what they are looking for only has to match 80% of the computer modeled sequence, thus could be almost any molecule that exists. However, Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR testing stated, when he was still alive, the PCR test cannot tell us anything about infectious disease therefore cannot be used to diagnose infections. In fact, PCR testing has gained a reputation for being inaccurate because of the amplification capability, especially in criminal forensics. So much so that in Canada and United States, they passed laws protecting people that did not want to participate in the PCR testing with the Genetic non-discrimination Act. If you don’t know this, then you are probably watching to many CSI reruns. Bottom line is you won’t have some cute blond bimbo from CSI swabbing your brain mesh. It will be some haughty nurse dressed in full PPE jamming a swab up your nose.

The chances of death are very low if infected with Sars Covi II, but hey, Every Life Matters, right?

Interestingly, the WHO, World health Organization, lowered the bar of how many fatalities it takes to declare a pandemic as in virtually none. The WHO, whom could never be confused with The WHO British rock band, that interestingly their songs were used for the intros of CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, television series where in virtually every episode, were swabbing various orifices of suspects to use the PCR test to prove them guilty or innocent. It was plastered inside the brains of those who watched this series faithfully every week and also reruns, that submitting to swabbing for PCR is your duty as a good citizen. It was the new fad thing to do to be cool. It is not a wonder that people were lining up to get their brains scratched. According to the CDC, the Survival rates of Sars Covi II go like this:

Ages 0 – 19: 99.9% chance of survival Ages 20 – 49: 99.98% of survival Ages 50 – 69: 99.5 % of survival Ages 70 – 100: 94..6% of survival

Looking at this, one would have to determine that the pandemic was a total sham. In fact, the only way they could inflate the Sars Covi II death rate was to steal the deaths from other categories, even motor vehicle accidental deaths.

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Global Puppets and the CCC, Creepy Cancel Culture

We Cannot Agree so we Cancel the Debate Eyeware by Hate Spade

Choose this line of Eyewear if you really want to “get down” and boogie off the stage, at a moment’s notice, when the debate gets into areas you just do not (cannot) answer because of that enormous bribe you just took to keep your DMS, “Dammed Mouth Shut” about the past lockdowns, vaccines, or any other controversial topic that may arise from the scummy masses or freelance barbarian reporters who just cannot STHU, “Shut the Hell Up”, like the latest Netflix propagandist Series instructed. It comes with, at a moment’s notice, darkening lenses that activate when your perspiration level increases, to make your escape off the stage, platform, TV set, convention center, etc. much more innocuous, fooling all the guttersnipes and paparazzi’s just waiting to humiliate the elite privileged 1 percenter such as yourself, or perhaps you are just a wannabe earning your spurs. Either way, it will SYFA, “Save your Fat Ass” from excessive humiliation and opportunities to come clean and tell the truth. Also included, an Acme Black Hole, that comes inside a small oval container, just the right size to fit into your pocket, easy to open, self-unfolding, for quick escapes when the “Exit Stage Left” option is under construction or already used by your numerous counterparts that are being exposed and hunted down. Act now and receive your own de-personalized fake ID and Passport when escaping the country is your only option to avoid prosecution. Snub nosed 38 Special and Dirty Harry Holster extra.

The Double-Sided SS Nazi, reversable to the SS Minnow Silk Woven Arm Badge by Hugo Boss

Worried about your career as a Genocidal Nazi SS but are not quite ready to come out of the East Berlin Closet of War Criminals? Now that the wall is gone, and you can be spotted a mile away by these pesky civil do-gooders, this arm badge is quickly reversable so you cannot be pinpointed by any groups of freedom or religious terrorists. It comes complete with tear gas and an AK 47 Assault mini rifle that can be concealed easily in your pant leg or the optional SS army issue trench coat (extra) where you can also hide many hand grenades and other death devices and gases. The Nazi SS helm is also available through special order (extra) for those who really want to role play this scenario scaring any number of gullible, brainwashed, single brain celled masses who are as easy to manipulate, as it is to frighten, keeping them lining up for your experimental death injections, guaranteed to produce an any multitude of side effects, diseases, heart conditions, aids, HIV, cancer, aneurisms, etc..etc.. So, as you enjoy watching the most vulnerable choke and spew, wearing three masks, gasping for air, suffocating and finally dropping to their knees from the lack of oxygen and pure exhaustion, you can finish the job with a rope tightened plastic head bag so you can watch and take snap shots of their facial expressions as they die in agony and vain.

The Luciferian “The Pope on the Rope Anal Protection Soap” by Must-Go Feel, Claus Schwabo

Interview with Lucifer, Part Two

Interviewer: “Thanks for your “Pope on the Rope” soap gift. It really smells nice. Thanks Lu!” Lucifer: “No problem. I enjoy these little interviews by little men. Keep that with you at all times. You never know when you may end up in prison for telling the truth. It may save you from having to uh, bend over to pick up the soap.” Interviewer: “It seems things have turned around and everything, for now, seems to be in its proper order again. What are your thoughts about this miraculous about face?” Lucifer: “As I stated in my last interview, amateurs! I hate to be classified in the same level as those clowns. However, it seems that they lost their so called “grip” on society. Fools, did they really think it would be that easy? Morons.” Interviewer: “So you are disappointed as to their performance to eradicate the masses from earth?” Lucifer: “Disappointed? Certainly not! Things are again speeding up to its previous peak of madness, greed, apathy and hate. More souls are losing hope as this Merry-Go-Round of faithlessness becomes rampant as they run to my side for, ah, protection and my scorching warmth, draining them of their everlasting souls, transforming them into my husks of evil to do my bidding. Depopulation? Why on earth would anyone do that? The more people on the planet, the more hopeless souls for me to corrupt, destroy and collect, making this all, so much fun, not to mention, keeping my legions of demons busy, instead of loafing around in hell playing penuckle. What a yawn fest.” Interviewer: “Well, at least you can get back to the business of what you do best. However, The Freemasons say you are the light bearer. They idolize you over God, whom in their scriptures state that God is Vesper. It would seem that all of this Global infiltration into our societies is done in your name, or at least, one of your names.” Lucifer: “As I stated before, I have many names. However, God does not. Vesper would be an ambiguous terminology, a metaphor for looking up or gazing at a star, or the evening star which would be the most common analogy. The Freemasonic culture does worship me as the Light Bearer, this is true. Perhaps that could be explained as a friendly deception to recruit more souls to my side. In any event, I take no responsibility for their writings nor their Tom Foolery. Does this impact the soul collection? The deception is divine, but their methods are crude and exposes itself. True deception never reveals.” Interviewer: “So, you do not see any benefit as to what they attempted on the world scale?” Lucifer: “I see many fools that adopted this nonsense of a biological virus which leaves them standing holding the “pandemic bag”, if you will, running and hiding, attempting to justify their newly founded evil, and now doubting their very existence, and avoiding prosecution for their endorsement of this eloquent killer vaccine. They can run but can never hide and when they freely give their tainted souls to me to avoid the gas chamber, I will have their fearful, informed consent to consecrate their souls with Hell. Oh goody goody, so much fun to get souls that were destined for purgatory come straight to my scorching inferno.” Interviewer: “So, you did benefit from this attempted world domination scheme?” Lucifer: “Of course. I always benefit from poorly constructed plans. It is the failure ratio of any plans that yield the best harvests. Very few know how to bounce back or take accountability for their actions. If they only knew it was as easy as absolution, I would lose a lot of souls. This is where faithlessness is my best ally, indeed. And for those fools that contrived this plan, I already have their souls. I will have so much fun incinerating their souls for eternity, yes. Like a barbeque of tainted meat to feed to my legions of demons, yummy.” Interviewer: “You mean the deal I took with you means I will be on your demon’s menu?” Lucifer Chuckles: “Well, you did not think an interview with Lucifer would come free, did you? Read the fine print my boy, always before you sign anything. Don’t worry, you have many years left before you become a main entree to my hungry demons. I mean, who else will interview me? Relax and keep that Pope on the Rope Soap close.” Interviewer: “Um, well, thanks Lu, or master.” Lucifer: “Anytime my boy!” Lucifer disappears in a puff of smoke.

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Afterbite Reruns, Crawling out of the Sewers of Corruption

Updated September 20th, 2022

Parasites from Hades

It is obvious that the Global Terror Machine is being jumped started continuously in hopes of some momentum to fire the cylinders of the sputtering motor that is in complete need of an overhaul after the resultant buildup of heavy carbon that has stifled the motor’s rhythm and timing, back firing and spewing black smoke and finally stalling once again. Countless repeated kickstarts are utilized again and again, only to vainly stall and grind to a halt once again. This is judgement that is divine, above man’s so-called laws. Yet, the WEF and its snobby counterparts keep the propagation whirlwind spinning its distorted web of world domination. The mandates are pretty much toast in countries like Canada, where skeptics from the controlled opposition keep gaslighting the remainders of fears as in a corruptive Deja Vue that keeps blowing around in the winds of distain, isolated, abandoned by the WEF and billionaires, whose patients wore thin as to the monetary loss experienced because of their underestimation on that certain percentage of common folk resources, holding out, and not selling their souls (not taking the vaxx and/or testing) in order to keep their slave driven job. Granted, the majority fell for this idiocy, but as time went on, and they saw that the un-vaxxed were doing just fine and were in much healthier condition, started to hold out as well. Quite a few of the vaxxed kept testing, however, were not taking any more vaxxes. Has the WEF been scolded and “Slapped down”? Is it because their projections of world domination keep extending the schedule set by these greedy billionaires, as in, “just another six months and we will have these scummy masses begging at our feet for mercy”. But that six months came and went, came and went, again and again and again, until the profit margins of these blue-chip companies started to wane, bringing a number of billionaires to their knees, begging for the “business as usual” q-card to be raised. However, whilst waiting for this illusive q-card, and corporation CEO’s had to actually do some work, missing many key employees and executives that did most of the crucial work for them, who said, “stick that vaccine in your own arm” and took a vacation, CEO’s decided to abandon the WEF’s crazy world book of domination and dropped the mandates across the board.

No Time left for You, Because I’m Getting Sued

In any event, these mandates were never law, just under the table “suggestions” propagated through the legislative systems as if they were permanent rule, to fool the average Joe and Jane to think they were actual decrees. Thus, the employers held the cards whether to implement or trash at their discretion. And trash them they did when the government abandoned their vessels of litigation while disgruntled employees filed labor suit after labor suit against these companies who were abandoned by the very government that slung this propaganda across their corporate boardroom tables. What is their incentive to keep this manure machine slinging when they are liable to every Tom Doris and Jane who decides to sue? And suing they are. I know what you are thinking; most lawyers were on the side of the mainstream propaganda. But they are loyal to no one and will sell your ass down the river for a buck. Likewise, they will sell the government asses down the river just the same. And money they will receive, at 40% of the spoils. My suggestion is, to do it yourself first before you hire those shysters, unless all else fails. Lawyers were a huge part of the problem, sitting on their hands, for a price of course, telling everyone there is nothing you can do, just take the vaxx. But when the payments stopped coming in, they retaliated. Now, you are starting to see the effects of lawyers, guns and money in full force, chasing down all these perpetrators of “crimes against humanity”. Problem is, many of those lawyers could be just as guilty. So, choose a lawyer wisely; one that has not sold out to this giant pile of covid horse dung.

Monetary Toilets of Capital Displacement Courtesy of the World Banks

Ah yes, the world banks and Larry Fink. What are these Jewish owned banking cartels and conglomerates like Blackrock, Bloomberg and Vanguard doing now? They own all of the media and most blue-chip corporations as well as all of the small excrement-slap communities local Newsletters and Chronicles, dictating what can be published. Are they going to relinquish this control so Farmer John who was smart enough not to take the vaxx, can advertise his manure to other local farmers to fertilize their fields for next year’s crops before being bought out by Bill Gates who is in desperate need of hard assets before the Biden administration scares everyone to turn in their capital for these illusive bits and bytes of Biden Bucks? What everyone is forgetting is, that Biden Bucks are merely cryptocurrency subject to the same pitfalls as any other cryptocurrencies chosen for these bust and boom monetary displacements. And every shyster is in on the scam, even Brian Rose and his so-called Censorship Free Broadcasting shell company, London Real, now backed by shareholders who bought into his crypto & defi academies. That is how they will truly destroy the North American Economy or any other freedom orientated country. Get everyone scared enough to buy into these shyster bit currencies and flush it down the boom-and-bust Bill Gates Toilet of Carbon Distain. And faster than you can say Carbon Controls, you will be working for a fixed credit system with no chance of prosperity or ownership, just “a slave to the grind” in the true essence of the phrase; that is, if you were not depopulated first. You may ask, why don’t they just take money out of circulation right now and force everyone into these bit currencies? Because, if they did that, the economy would truly collapse and many of these hard assets that are not paid for yet, will be up for grabs on the world auction table, shifting the wealth to many differing faucets of new, uncontrolled ownerships, just pushing back the world domination plan decades. No, they need your compliance because they can control the outcome of your stupidity and enslave you permanently. For world domination to work, they have to catch all of the wall street rats into one hole and release the “Jack Russel’s” to clean house. The ones that have the wall street parachutes will elude this final squash of the world’s largest temple of wealth called “Wall Street”. Then, the “Free World” is truly done.

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Governmental Corruption Keeps Propagating its Propaganda Mill of Deceit

The Klaus Schwab Insolent Aftershave Potion by Shill-ik

It is now 28 months after the announcement of this phony pandemic and the Governments of the world, are still pushing the same old lies about this phony Sars Covi 2 and its even more phony, asymptomatic symptoms, attempting to rewrite the definition of having a common cold or flu. They have selected the 2 most common ailments and redefined it as a deadly virus. They have inquiry after inquiry trying to prove gain of function research and experiments, attempting to pull out the stale, 100 year old bio warfare analogy propaganda loaf of moldy bread and force feed it to the public through Senate committee investigation meetings, trying to show how useful the Senate is, and how wisely they are spending the tax payer’s dollar by fueling another pack of lies to heatsink the excessive sweltering foundries of molten metal coverup. What is this coverup you may ask? Simply put, it is 5G and its electrification of the public via millimeter waves of destruction. They are covering up the damage 5G is causing across the world and using this damage to push moldy vaccines that have been sitting on the shelf, way past their expiry dates, utilizing the Emergency Use Authorization to protect the vaccine manufacturers from the shark effect of everyone that experiences so much as a head cold suing these companies for everything they got. However, anyone awake knows there is nine pages of side effects and diseases that can be contracted from these so called mRNA vaccines that were actually designed to thin out the population. And the governments and the FDA keep stating the same old lie that the benefits outweigh the risks. So when you went to get this vaccine, did they actually show you the nine pages of side effects and diseases you could get before you took this vaccine? Did a pharmacist actually sit down and read off the nine pages of all these possible side effects and diseases explaining these risks as in; informed consent? No, they did not because they knew how scared you were of a fictitious virus, thus they just used your ignorance and victimized you, using coercion and intimidation until you took these multiple vaccines and boosters, further using your employer to threaten unemployment if you did not succumb. All of which is highly illegal and a total breach of your constitutional rights, medical privacy rights, and the Nuremburg Code. Is the picture materializing in your brainwashed mind yet?

The FDA Dungeon Body Fragrance of Blood Clots from Blood Letting Tortured Children, by Sham-ell

Worst of all, is the decimation and murder of our children. Now, the corrupted FDA has put their bloody blood clotted, seal of approval on these torturous vaccines for children 5 and under including newborns. How dismantled and sick is that? And you just sat on your blood clotted corpulent asses and did absolutely, nada in fear of missing that idiotic Netflix Series, featuring pedophiliac, transgender, de-populist, transhuman, zombified propaganda. Seriously, if you are a parent that thinks this is a good thing; you yourself, should be burnt at the metaphoric “stake of the moronic” so you cannot spread your stupidity on anyone else. Yes, burnt at the stake because you are that stupid. Or perhaps this sort of terrorized torture and decimation of children turns you on and you would like the world to sink to these abyssal depths. There is really no excuse for this kind of brain disfunction other than brainwashing and even then, there is no excuse because knowing the difference between right and wrong is always within your psyche, thus you can break the programming and get off your dead beat asses and do something, like write your political representative and demand this crude blast of propaganda and deceit be straightened out, pronto. But, tearing yourself away from that Netflix Brain-hone of the mesmerized, means you would have to use your zombified brain, something that seems much too tiresome and inconvenient, disrupting your sloth filled day, drinking brain honing elixirs and smoking legalized weed. Sounds about right, right? And if you ever wake up, you will be too fearful of losing that useless job, if you actually work, to stand up and be somebody. Yes, telling the government where that vaccine really should go and not into the tender arms of our newborn babies and children. What side will you be on when the “witch hunt” starts for all that have played into this genocide? Because that day will come. Or when it does come, will you be hiding behind your couch, something you laughed at on Facebook, when they had photoshopped pictures of Saddam Hussain hiding behind his couch after Bush invaded Iraq and not finding one weapon of mass destruction. I bet Saddam is living in some undisclosed location laughing his ass off at you, watching live cam feeds sent to him by his buddy, Jeffery Epstein, who also lives at that same undisclosed location, watching the North American Public decimate themselves, willingly, just waiting for all those underaged teens to become available to perform a series of services for the elitists.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Underaged Rug Burn Soothing Cream by: Big Shlong-son & Shlong-son, An Incestual Family Company.

School’s fun filled curriculum, featuring bisexual sex education for your tots to learn and enjoy, even though they have utterly no idea what is being lectured to them as in urges or motivations, other than to raise their hand to go to the toilet, or the inpatients of getting outside during recess and play in the sandbox, or pull Mary’s pigtails who may be sitting in front of them. Perhaps a couple of spitballs flung across the room, hitting Sara Snobby, or Rita making googly eyes at Pete who is daydreaming about getting home to continue his airplane models. Possibly, there is a small smidgen of sexual thought somewhere inside that classroom, perhaps seeing a couple of dogs doing it in the hedges during the trip to school, or a few bees pollenating some flowers. However, that would be nature and being naturally attracted to the opposite sex would be something that would confuse the “New Curriculum” to the point of social decimation. How dare someone even contemplate that being bisexual is not “natural”. Nature is usually balanced and any animal displaying oddities of behavior, weakness or anti-socialism is naturally culled from the herd, or flock. It is only when animals are kept in captivity with the same sex will they display homosexuality or lesbianism. To compensate for the lack of a male or female in the flock. An imbalance created by captivity. Animals in captivity is not a natural environment, domesticated or not, thus failure to provide the females with a male; or a male without the females will result in this “compensation”. Like in prisons all across North America, where only males are locked in with other males or females locked up with other females. That is why homosexuality and lesbianism is practiced on a daily basis within these institutions, like it or not. To teach our tots about these imbalances is preprogramming them to live in an imbalanced state, or possible pedophiliac situation, something that really does not need to be taught or even contemplated, at least not at that level of child mentality. One should ask themselves, what in the name of Christ or Satan, would our children need to know this type of information unless you are attempting to condition them to be sexually unproductive, as in not repopulating by naturally having more children. They want to create sexless drones to be slaves. Humans became expendable in the last couple of years, and you have not seen nothing yet, unless you do something about the situation. But that would mean risking your useless job and standing up and being somebody other than what they want you to be, which would be a spineless husk of flesh to do their bidding.

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