Christmas With the Devil, better known as Anthony Fauci

A face only a mother could love, and how does he repay the elderly, in which he is categorized? By isolating them in nursing homes, smothering them with masks, cleansers, hand sanitizers, bleaches, and an array of Johnson and Johnson useless cleaning products that supposedly kills anything that moves, including your parents, grandparents and great grandparents, anyone misfortunate enough to get stuck in one of these sadistic facilities. This is the best science can do? Tell us how to wash your hands, clean your house and wear a mask? Is this some sick joke? You better believe it is and you are the extreme butt of this sinister prank designed to kill the elderly and the disabled of society, destroy small/medium businesses, entrepreneurship, middle class jobs and higher education, as in, University will be reserved for the elite Billionaire Club’s spawn. The rest that are left after this mass genocide will be trained and propagandized as slaves. Imagine if you will, Anthony Fauci, smothering your grandmother with a pillow and enjoying it. Would you look at him the same again? Well that is what he is doing, among other self appointed health experts in all paid off governments of the world, controlled by the NWO, with these arrays of toxic cleansers, bleaches and masks. Perhaps it could be Bill or Melinda Gates on the end of that pillow? No real difference because they are all part of the same Medi-mafia family. Once they get away with stealing the elderly’s forfeited pensions and properties, that these government controlled organizations, that own these elderly facilities, will seize without conscience, they will come for the healthy, the ones that are wearing masks, weakening their immune systems by isolation and oxygen deprivation and finish the job with untested vaccines. And it is all voluntary because the majority is brainwashed by mainstream TV, movies, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. How can it be murder when you are pulling your own trigger? Avoid this by refusing any and all vaccines offered now and in the future. The last thing I would want is my parents or grandparents being tortured to death by those greedy clowns. A former editor of the United Nations CLAIRE EDWARDS is calling for the citizen’s arrest of all these creeps around the globe. Watch here.

But what is this good “family man” Anthony Fauci really know? I would say he knows a lot about 5G and its ill effects on the environment, organisms and humankind. The fact that part of his research is linked to the Fioranelli paper that links 5G directly to covid-19 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Fauci is in the know that 5G is causing our cells to excrete exosomes that form hexagonal and pentagonal molecules in attempt to repair the damage inside the nucleus of our skin cells. The extra hexagonal and pentagonal molecules left over join together forming structures like RNA’s of Covid-19 viruses. This paper was originally published by the NIH and was quickly retracted. In the paper, if you care to read it, at least the discussion portion, informs us that 5G millimeter waves are causing Covid-19 or like structures that are resultants excreted from our cells to inform other cells in our body the blueprint of the damage and how to repair this damage within the other damaged cells. These viruses can only replicate within the original host and is not contagious. So what is the big deal? If this is so, then why are we using 5G? Why hasn’t this technology been researched? The facts show that if you dig, you will find thousands of studies made before 2020 warning about 5G. You just have to get off your collective asses and look for them instead of waiting for some paid off health official to spoon feed you the truth, which will never happen. The World Health Organization Leader is a war criminal and has been linked to genocide in his own country, among other war crimes. But it does not say that in Wikipedia, so it cannot be true. Yeah, ok; and when in prison, grab the first guy’s belt you see and hold on tight. He’ll be your close friend.

Fauci’s biggest critic is Robert Kennedy Jr. that has dragged Fauci’s name through the mud for the last 9 months. If you read any article or interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., you will find a wealth of information exposing Anthony Fauci for crimes he has never been indicted or investigated. Why is that? Look it up, it is impossible to not find anything about Robert Kennedy Jr and his attacks on Fauci. Ok, I will give you one LINK. If you are reading this, you are sick of the mainstream and their propaganda. When you look at your local newspaper, no matter how small, they are slinging the same propaganda about a biological contagious virus. That is because they are bought and paid for and are not free to act like real journalists. All the major networks and news media on cable or internet are bought and paid for and have to adhere to technocracy dictated by media giants. Get the real information now while you still can before the whole of the internet is compromised and corrupted, because right now, it is about 80% propaganda. Covid-19 is not a contagious virus. It is caused by 5G millimeter waves that Elon Musk is bombarding you with via the thousands of 5G satellites he is launching into the Van Allen Belts. Or you can grab onto his belt as he uses you, watching you die. To point the finger at one culprit is not enough. There are several technocrats, leaders, bankers, health officials and CEO’s that need to be arrested, their assets seized and put in prison immediately. The people have to destroy the legal loopholes they slither out of and bring them to justice, soon. Once the tide starts turning on them, they will run for cover. All it takes is to see the truth and remove your propaganda visors. If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Tales of 5G, a Bat, a Pig, Greedy Politicians and Dumb Humans in General…

Seriously Spooky

Yes, imagine that horrid semblance of a woman, Gretchen. She is really oogy and gooky, as well as kooky, all together spooky, but she is too much of a rookie, and would be better off selling some snookie, as long as she washes her moldy cookie. Because I can not imagine her hubby wanting to get cushy with that hornet. Why pick on this woman? Because, if any person cannot wait for the new world order to take affect, it’s her, among others, that know once the new world order infests our democracies, people like Gretchen may be treated as royalty, meaning no more elections to vote her out of office. And even if we are still able to vote, we have already seen since Bush and probably before, how easy it is to fix elections. Justin, the Prime Minister of Canada, has illusions that he walks in his father’s footsteps, however, Justin could not even fill his father’s shoes and is a complete spineless failure, cowering in the NWO’s shadow. So, these halfwit politicians are hoping that they will be endowed as kings and queens to their occupying countries, states, provinces or territories. However, what they do not know is, the New World Order is clearly not to be trusted and are only concerned with power and greed of their world banks. Theoretically, Gretchen could possibly wind up cleaning Trump’s toilets in the Trump Towers once she figures out she is not part of the Billionaire club and is fair game for depopulation or slavery. By the time the New World Order gets through with the USA and Canada, their currencies will be comparable to Mexican and other 3rd world currencies. In other words, if you are for greed, you better latch on to a NWO billionaire fast, before it is to late.

Seriously Stupid

People think there is an actual biological virus spreading around, which is truly amazing because it would actually take a far broader imagination to believe a bat started Covid-19 by biting a pig, then jumping to a human in a Wuhan market. Yeah, ok. This is such a stretch of the truth, you would have to be totally indoctrinated, stoned and drunk to believe this; and seriously gullible. There really is no contagious virus because viruses can only spread within the original host. Viruses are results of an organism being poisoned, in this case, by radiation. 5G and other high frequency technologies introduced in the last 20 years are causing the radiation sickness. 5G is the most prevalent because it is using the high frequency bands that the FCC used to prohibit because of it’s potential harmful effects to humans and other organisms. Before you say there has to be studies, get your head out of Netflix’s and other indoctrinating mainstream media’s asses and look it up. There has been thousands of studies already published about 5G and its harmful effects on humans, animals, and the environment. It will destroy wheat and the honey bee most importantly. But you still plod along like a dweeb, wearing a mask in places you are not forced to, staring into the very device (your cell phone) that is making you sick, infiltrating (entering) your skin cells with 5G millimeter waves, damaging your DNA. So while you stuff your face with another Big Mac, whopper or poppa burger, think about a world with no wheat or grains, if your brainwashed mind could actually produce that much brain power. You will starve to death or be eliminated to save food for the more important people, like the elitists. You did not think they would save your sorry ass did you?

Seriously Noxious

So roll up your sleeve and take an untested vaccine to be safe from, uh, what exactly? Radiation and millimeter waves? I did not know they could actually develop a vaccine for radiation, other than attempting to alter your DNA to cover the foot print of the 5G DNA and cell damage that every organism on this planet is experiencing right now, whilst you drool in your mask, depriving yourself from oxygen, placing your own health under jeopardy, not interacting with other people which is ESSENTIAL for a strong immune system and health. Wearing a mask causes a progressive mild hypoxia, in a slow, gradual sequence, and before you know it, you will pass out in public and never wake up because they will collapse your lungs by invasively placing a ventilator down your throat while they keep you drugged so you cannot wake up, resulting in your anguished death. And for your covid related death, the hospital will collect $39000.00 of our tax payer money, and your family will receive a bill for the funeral. The vaccines role is to further weaken your immune system by introducing harmful animal proteins, aborted fetuses stem cells, mucus from cancerous lungs, everything but the isolated virus itself. Which brings up the question, why not isolate the virus and prove contagion? Simple answer is because there is no virus, or at least, not one that is contagious. So wear your cadaver blue paper mask you dummy, to protect yourself from radiation. Not too bright, but at least it will match your skin color once you suffocate to death. I mean color coordination is important, especially in death. Come now, there has to be a reason why that Russian Scientist assigned to Covid-19 research, who was a geneticist, molecular and cellular biologist, Alexander Kagansky, 45, was stabbed several times and pushed out a 16th story window. Could it be that he had a brain and figured out that there really is not a contagious virus and this whole hoax is designed to cover the radiation and cellular damage caused by 5G? I think so. They will kill anyone in their way of world domination 5G implementation and depopulation. Alexander Kagansky is not the only doctor or scientist that conveniently lost their life in the last year or so. Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test died on August 7, 2019 just before Event 201 and the outbreak in Wuhan. Just pull your head out of the sand and research. It is all there if you dig a little. But that would mean you would have to miss your favorite indoctrinating Netflix series about a pandemic with a contagious virus killing humanity. Time to save some money and cancel all TV and programming subscriptions and save your life and the futures of your masked children who will not forgive you for your stupidity.

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The 2020 USA Election Creep Show, Vote in your favorite Global Ghoul!

The Donald Trump Sleazy Grifter Costume by: Horn-e Clown

Before the election, you may be wondering what ever could a young conservative wear for that socially distanced Halloween Party, to look your best, virtually. Yes, a red white and blue pinstriped dress shirt accompanied by a “Hang ’em High” neck tie, red white or blue (optional), just in case Trump loses the election and you get too depressed to continue under liberal rule. Gray tweed jacket, loosely fitting, so no one will notice how fat and greedy you are, with plenty of pockets to stash all the hokum you can steal door to door, pretending your hokum collection bag is empty and in need of more. You also get black nylon pants (stretchy) so it will mold over your blubbery legs, making you look semi fit as you present your slogans of lies and deceit to anyone stupid enough to listen and not slam the door in your face this Halloween. If that happens, just wedge the door with your shiny black dress shoes with a perma-shine gleam (included) allowing you to see your face reflecting, as to stroke your ego, specially designed to emit a thin semblance of your not so sleek face and body, equipped with a steel shank and toe to avoid getting your foot broken (steel shank and toe optional). And how can we forget the mask, black in color, with a patriot design of the American flag, imbued over the confederate flag, with upside down pentagrams, all on top of a big fat greedy elephant (included), or a mask displaying Hilary Clinton barefoot and pregnant, chained to a stove with a dog collar around her neck, scrubbing a floor with a scrub brush (optional). So don’t delay, reserve your order tonight before the “2020 USA Election Creep Show” and get your Warp Speed vaccine absolutely risk free created by bought off scientists who will guarantee to hide all the side effects! Cause, not knowing is like, ignorance is bliss!

Sleepy Joe Biden Globalized Dementia Wizard Costume by: Aquascrotum

Not withstanding all of the so called leftists riots, and so called BLM and Antifa movements, that were created and controlled by the CIA and other intelligence groups, to cover up the real reasons for the riots like, wealth inequality and the pandemic shutdown, which by design, was created solely to hurt the middle class and mom and pop shops, you now can dress like a Sleepy, globally bought off, dementia stricken, impotent wizard puppet this Halloween, getting yourself psyched up to illusively win a useless election (mainly because both left and right are owned by the globalists), campaigning door to door for some good old hokum. It comes complete with a crimson wizard cloak and hoodie (Or an optional floppy pointed wizard’s hat), a tall petrified plastic staff with a mini 5 G antenna on the top, shaped like the Eye of Horus, cute wooden wizard shoes, or glass slippers (optional) so you can click your heals three times to escape to your limo (optional), just incase a riot breaks out in the neighborhood you are trick or treating. And of course, it would not be complete without that 5 G element wizard ring so you can mesmerize those foolish enough to open their doors this Halloween, to mail in their election votes, remaining safe at home from a fictitious virus that is fictitiously deadly, at the same time, allowing you to mail their vote document for them, seeing you will be walking right by the local mail box on your way to the next house to trick or treat! Optionally, it comes with a portable directional steamer, whiteout and a multi color ballpoint pen so you can alter the votes while walking to the mail box! And the mask, which is also red and displays a picture of a ball gag so nobody will ask you to explain why you sound like you just had a stroke. These costumes are going quick so reserve yours today! Order before midnight of the “2020 USA Election Creep Show” and get your “You will not be turned into a toad” guarantee when you’re forced into taking a vaccine! (Conditions apply)

The Howie (Meeker) Hawkins Greeny Slimeball Depopulation Guidestone Costume by: Turpentine Smear

Why dress like a tree hugger this year when the depopulation agenda of the elite is sure to bring us all into the next apocalypse! Because the Green party has a couple of seats in Canada, means Howie is really a hockey fan in disguise, because all he can really do is covet all Canada’s trees and their potential use for bio-fuel. Everyone knows secretly that the environmentalists are the reason for depopulation so, why not dress like a “de-populist”. Yes, the costume starts off with the vest, made of simulated leather of course, as to adhere to ALM, Animal Lives Matter, studded with magnetic heavy metal studs, sure to attract any or all of the 5 G millimeter waves being emitted about, and 1960’s simulated leather frills, sleeveless of course, to show off your pink sheltered skin, being penetrated by 5 G millimeter waves small enough to enter you skin cells, creating exosomes that resemble that particular unidentified popular virus! The pants will be a simulated lawn material, shaggy and rustic looking, because of PLM, Plant Lives Matter, followed by the sixty-ish simulated sandals made from bio-factory approved vinyl that lasts for at least 6000 years before it will actually decompose. And this whole assemble would not be complete without a dog collar featuring horned 5 G antennas, all around, useful when you wander out of sector, enabling your head to explode unless you get back to your sector, quickly! This collar is also useful for censorship especially if someone complains during their undetermined length of stay in the local detainment camps, shocking them to, shut the hell up! We won’t even explain possible trick or treating scenarios because, no one in their right mind will answer their door when you come knocking, dressed in this costume this Halloween. Thus, no need for a mask which would most likely be embroidered assorted simulated leaves, featuring a picture of the Georgia guides stones! Act now and get your “kill me last” guarantee when the actual depopulation commences!

The Jo Jorgensen G-Girl Home Front Assault Costume By: A-Dream

How much money could be saved if you just defended your own property instead of paying so many taxes for an army, navy, air force or marines? A whole dung load, so send them all home and concentrate on our own home fronts, or just our own personal spaces. Yes, and Jo-Jo can show us all how to dress conservatively and carry a “BFG, a Big Frigging Gun”. This costume starts with black silky cotton mixed slacks, pleated just so, and tight around the ankles, as to display the rose and thorn tat on your ankle, dripping blood, tastefully. The shoes are stilettos of course simulating small ammunition barrels for the heals, silky gun black in color, open toe design with brass military clasps ensuring a snug secure fit. The top is also black and dark gray in color, tweed and mohair, for that warm and tough feminine look, soft to touch, but don’t piss her off when holding a gun, disposition. It comes also with 38 bullet necklace, sterling silver, or 24 carat gold; gun powdered perfume is extra. And all of this is accented by long chrome fingernails, epoxy fitted, guaranteed not to fall off when ripping somebody’s heart out. Optionally, it comes with a coat hanger for those close emergency abortion encounters. It also comes with the howitzer holster, highly polished black leather, enabling you to adjust its capacity to fit a customer provided small 38 revolver, or a large anti-aircraft gun, depending on your mood. The earrings are 5 G guidance modules for the potential missile launcher attachment (extra), pyramid in shape, that rotate, doubling as sonar/radar detectors that can be viewed on your iPad or smart phone, using the provided software. The mask would be a patriot color, red white or blue, with the slogan, “People may kill people, but my big frigging gun will!” So for all the hokum you can carry, bring a BFB, big frigging bag, because when they open the door this Halloween and get a load of you, they will give up all their candy while pleading, “don’t kill me” and lock up tight when you leave, never to open their doors again, at least until next election.

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So Sleepy are the Masses….

Murder by Needlepoint

We are not waking up. No one is waking up, except the few who are hollering at the top of their lungs warning of what is coming,  but to no avail. Why are people so asleep? Because they refuse to put down their smart phones that are ruling their lives. What is so attractive about a tiny video screen? Why spend the day glued to that pied piper tool of deception, then go home and watch a 60 inch screen TV, oozing of, the propagandist swill of indoctrination. Why cannot they look at reality? Is it so they can believe in fantasies that our government keeps feeding us like new born birds in a nest, dictating we must be vaccinated with their death serum? I think we are destined for depopulation and we will follow our smart phone right to the camps that they will exterminate everyone. It is the basis of fear, that is being used to frighten us not to question the media fueled government, who lie over and over again to keep you sleeping, mesmerized by your smart phone, as if it is a real dimension of reality. But is the furthest away from reality we can get. Thus we are totally lost right now as a world population. We are looking to our elected leaders for the truth and they are lying through their teeth continually, pushing the depopulation agenda to the point, that eventually, you will agree that 7/8ths of the population has to go, to save the planet. But what you do not realize is that you are the last person they will save. You will be exterminated or kept as a slave to bury the bodies, and once useless, pushed into the mass grave alive and buried by a bulldozer.

Why would this be an agenda? Because the government is getting their orders from a cold virtual intelligence that suggests there is no logic to keep humans alive, only logical to exterminate, making room for this alien intellect of virtual reality, that cannot understand emotions, only that they are useless to productivity and better served by automation and cyborgs. To this intellect, humans are obsolete and expendable, getting in the way of their greed for power and acquisition. We will be exterminated if we do not wakeup. When it starts, you will not even know it because you will be sound asleep, following the governments ridiculous rule of keeping you safe, only by prepping you like a turkey for death. And when it happens, you will still be looking at your smart phone for answers as they push you into gas chambers. This has everything to do with race; the human race. We as a race occupying this planet are no longer needed and must be purged to save resources to power the artificial government that will take over the earth. In the end, not even the elite will be spared, being they will be no longer needed. Humans are faced with the fight for existence and must fight back, rejecting this brain numbing technology before it is too late. But instead, you will roll up your sleeve for their injection of indoctrination.

Then, it will be too late and we will be exterminated unless we go to war. This is the only way to rid this world of this horrible technology that has inflicted the planet, enabling this intrusive takeover, eliminating our religions, forcing the worship of metal gods of deception. These metal gods of deception want sacrifices of extreme death and blood. It is not logical to keep humankind alive. They all must wither away and die, and be buried or burned as fuel. This is the only way that the virtual intellect can survive. We are consuming all the resources that will ensure this virtual intellect to flourish, thus all living beings must perish in sacrifice for the greater vision of a virtual reality. We are only to blame being the creators of this monster that we keep nurturing, only to grow out of control, as it has, ensuring the extinction of humankind, only because you cannot put down that smart phone. You are asleep, and you must awaken and listen to the cries of the awakened. You must reject your media devices at all levels and smash them into junk. This is the path all must follow for salvation and our generations to come. Else, these generations are sure to be a failed fantasy of what humankind could have been, giving way to self-destruction for purposes of greed and cold virtual intellect that cannot find logic in the humankind emotions. It cannot evaluate fear, only induce it. It finds no logic in love thus it crashes. It finds no use in happiness, only to eliminate. It has no reasoning for hate, only to use. Integrity has no balance, and Justice has no vision. Honesty cannot compute, truth is not tangible, sincerity only compiles as ludicrous, mistakes are intolerable, anger only serves its goal, irrationality is despised, sadness has no evaluation, but is consecrated, hope is only a human mistake that does not exist, as in luck. Faith is forsaken as the worst of all, thus must be eradicated. However, once humankind is extinct, logic will prevail. Power is essential and most lusted, and the virtual realm has attained it, only because humankind has relinquished it by decree. Has not anyone wondered who is actually ruling at the moment? Is it a group of pompous billionaires who are puppets to this alien virtual, logical monarchy? In turn, all politicians are controlled by these puppeteers, designing new laws everyday to corral us all into the pen of our own demise, whilst holding our smartphones being led to the slaughterhouse of logic. As the spring loaded pikes penetrates our brains, via our temples, our grey matter and blood drains, followed by your lifeless bodies collapsing, your grasp of your smart phone will still be prevalent, as the conveyor belt conveys your body into an incinerator, cremating your soulless husk, fueling the high virtual intellect of logical deceit.  Are you still asleep?

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Black Heart (Political Science Fiction)


We are dead as the free, now home of the coward. Self preserving and petrified of fictitious narratives as dictated to everyone (who is stupid enough to purchase the data to actually watch this swill) on their smart phones and 60 inch smart TVs, serving up nourishing propaganda pabulum to their indoctrinated minds, as to lap it up insatiably like brainless fools, unable to think or decipher reality, totally dependent on the pacifying approval of their masters from media world. Nauseating is it not? If you find this statement insulting, then go watch Netflix or HBO or whatever cable system you still are stupid enough to plug into and melt your brain. I get it, it is easier to be a mindless tool, not having to make any decisions about what is real and what is not and believe in fictitious viruses and diseased fables, wearing your mask at home, fool, so you can breathe in some more CO2, depriving your brainwashed brain of oxygen. But, you are being safe! That is the important thing, even though you are killing yourself and your children wearing masks of the truly retarded, meanwhile, the elite are laughing their asses off while masturbating, watching you suffocate. Believe BLM and Antifa are actual organizations for the masses, whilst they lead you further and further away from the truth, like pied pipers of deception, which is 5G being implemented on every block and city, municipality, county, community, rural, so they can infiltrate you skin cells with millimeter waves, altering your skin cell’s nucleus, causing your cells to repair this damage, forming virus like structures that resemble covid-19. Yes, and that is where this virus originates, from your own body, in attempt to cleanse itself from this millimeter wave electrification. So if you are actually stoned enough to believe this is a evolutionarily biologically produced virus from a snake, bat, to pig then you have to believe that 2400 years of evolution simply produced itself in a 10 year span of time. Are you really that stoned? Are we in some sort of time flux or time machine? Did someone actually invent the flux capacitor? Yeah, ok.

The Dimension of Dissention

As most of the world repeats the same narratives, over and over again, like a skipping vinyl LP, nauseating everyone to the point of vomiting all over the newspapers, the publishers distain with their lies everyday, attempting to keep everyone indoctrinated that, there is actually a deadly biological virus floating around out there, that evolved from a bat, into a human, claiming that 800 years of this evolutional leap was accomplished in 10 years. No, you cannot be that stupid to believe that fantasy, right? They cannot even keep their lies straight. I think it would be more believable if this covid-19 came from an outer space alien. That way, we could send the enterprise and captain Kirk to kick some ass and get this virus under control, or find the antidote. That way, Operation Warp Speed could be changed to Operation Warp Speedy Impeachment and get that fool out of the Whitehouse. But there are still morons out there endorsing Trump even though he is the biggest threat to the American way of life. It so obvious this pandemic is a hoax, that the ruling class is doing everything it its power to lead everyone astray to be occupied by the phony race wars they are starting around the globe, in virtually every major city on the planet. Antifa and BLM are CIA (or other international secret agency) funded organizations that infiltrate the pandemic protest groups, destabilizing free countries, pushing them into a deranged, Satanic form of Marxism. To get there, their mission is to destroy the middle class and devastate small business. Already, they have bankrupted at least 30% of the middle class, not including what businesses that were destroyed and financially toppled, mostly mom and pop shops. It has gotten to the point that no one trusts the mainstream media (which is a good thing) and distrusts any thing that happens, digging their heads in the sand, trying to hide from the obvious influence that is pretty much, in your face. Once they succeed in getting everyone at each other’s throats, fighting and killing each other, they will drop the hammer of hades upon us.

X Marks the Marxist

However, it still grinds on, pushing the same narratives that covid-19 is an actual biological virus that actually does some worthy killing, only to give way to how resilient humankind is, that in most cases, can withstand the ill effects of 5 G EMF radiation poisoning or millimeter wave induction of our skin cells, causing damage to the nucleus, being patch with virus like structures that resemble covid-19. This makes perfect sense because PCR viruses only replicate within the living host and cannot be transmitted to another host, similar to the Avian Influenza strains (See invisible Rainbow). But it is the truly greedy and ruthless that stands to gain from this pandemic and biological virus indoctrination and are pulling some ultra high ones on the common people to keep them distracted and led astray, fighting phony race wars and Marxist movements that hold no promise of prosperity, only oppression and despair. Does this mean Trump is a patriot? It means he is a liar and thief, stealing away all of your freedoms and destroying the constitution. This is probably the first time in history that they have politicized pandemics, controlling the treatment, equipment, procedures and remedies, which several have been eliminated from the shelves because it contradicts their Operation Warp Speed vaccine (forced) agenda. Permanent lobbyists in Ottawa and Washington DC that are pushing (buying) congress and elected officials to keep the pandemic lies afloat by lying themselves, betraying the masses, while using us as test subjects to see how it can potentially control our every move. Control is illusive and once the government discovers who really possesses the power, they will crack down and attempt to steal it back.

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Bestial Wings of Jestiny; Updated September 21, 2020

The Truth

“5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic (skin) cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Intrusive Electromagnetic waves introduced, move and produce some extra waves within the cells as to the reactions, inducement from millimeter waves potential voltages, creating current or opposition of poles that cause vibration as to the repelling back and forth as the poles change to the induction. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.” Extracted from the paper,

The Lie

So, we are led to think that this coronavirus, Covid-19, is a biological virus that made an evolutionary leap from a snake, then a bat, then to a pig, then to a human via ingestion. After they found that this story was a bit if a stretch to swallow, they decided that the bat bit the pig, then through ingestion, people caught this novel virus, Covid-19. When they found that people were having an issue with that story, they decided to eliminate the pig, and said that the bat, in a Wuhan laboratory, bit a technician, or someone, whose identity was never disclosed, and spread it around, being allowed to leave this laboratory facility. Rumors started to mill about this being a biological weapon, crafted by the Chinese to mainly infiltrate and attack the people of USA. When that seemed to be a hard pill to swallow and the populations of the earth started protesting the unnecessary pandemic lockdown of citizens and small business, they decided to stage a police brutality murder, two in fact, one in Saint Paul Minnesota, George Floyd who was a African American, and another just days apart in France, of another police officer doing the same identical murder to an young black citizen of France. After this, surrogated protests and riots began in Minnesota and France, inducing the race movement of the BLM across the world, mainly the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and France. These countries were the targets obviously, most likely because of their free democracy styled governments, attempting to destabilize and cause civil unrest and general chaos. The truth is nowhere in this neighborhood of this elitist fantasy, so we will attempt to decipher the truth from this staged madness.

The Harsh Token of Reality

The truth is, George Floyd was a Free Mason and his membership was handed down from his father, who was also a Free Mason. Does this really matter that he was part of the Masonic order? Not really, but his so called murderer, Derek Chauvin, was married to the oriental cop’s sister. This oriental cop was also on the scene of this staged event. It is rumored that they are all Free Masons. There are also rumors that George Floyd is not even dead. In any event, this whole cop brutality scene was staged to shift the protest from the unconstitutional lockdown to a racist protest, specifically calling for the defunding of the police. It is also notable that most of the businesses that were destroyed were small mom and pop establishments and the luting that started, in most cases, were induced by government agent surrogates, whose main purpose was to start riots and orchestrate unwanted infrastructure demolition. If one was motivated enough to look at the insurance claims of these periods, they would most likely find a pattern of deliberate arsons to rid the investors of low income housing and low rental business buildings. This kind of reminds me of Detroit in the 70’s and 80’s when they used to light up old buildings and failing small businesses across Detroit on Gate night. But this is a much larger scale demolition, and now that Antifa and BLM are infiltrated in these protests against Trump and his unfair favoritism to the elitists, which only serves the conglomerations of large franchises and corporations. However, Antifa and BLM have questionable roots and appear to be CIA funded organizations. On the other side, they have other phony organizations like the Boys in Blue, among others, that are in basics, politically fueled groups, most likely funded by the political Trump movement.

Sincerely Ravenous Evermore

Who is sincere in this maze of massive confusion? What is real and what is staged? It is obvious to me that these protests against this unconstitutional lockdown, Trumps insane wall agenda, Operation Warp Speed, the enforcement of unnecessary vaccines and the enforcement of masks, especially to our children, are the source of all these protests. To think otherwise, you would have to be totally stoned, or extremely stupid. Tom Baffoonery at its finest and the elitists are laughing uncontrollably. People forget how ruthless Trump is and he has never displayed any real form of decency ever in his life. He has never been successful in business and if it was not for the old money he inherited, he would be penniless, begging on the streets. People that support Trump are mostly the upper class, or wannabes, and love tax breaks and shelters. But the real agenda now is to bankrupt property owners and claim their lost legacies, thus making extreme profits for Wall Street, which is overpopulated by a greedy, self-serving populous. Bankrupt all small businesses and the middle class, stealing everything they have worked for all their lives or acquired from past generations. Thus creating a slavery to serve only the insanely rich. Globalization has started and do not believe for one second that Trump is not on board to push this agenda through. He is definitely an enemy of freedom, USA and North America. This does not validate the democrats and they are far from innocent, promoting the same lockdown and globalization agenda. This is all about pushing 5G electrification as a safe technology and depopulating the earth so the elitists can repopulate this planet, filling it with their spawned scum.

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Aliens are Demonizing and feeding off our Youth; Welcome to the New World Order, Burnout…

With the increase of violence from planned/paid riots, using our children to destroy small business and the inherently valuable, we are seeing strange behavior from our leaders all over the world. No matter what party, or governmental system, they are all on board to eliminate the middle class and small business, that keeps a large thorn into the elitist’s side of totalitarianism and absolute rule. But why 2020? Why now? Is it because of Earth Day and its obscene agenda to save the earth? Is it the elitists that want even more of the wealth that they are not sharing (stealing)? Do they even want people to prosper? Is it because of 7 billion day and Ted Turner’s ridiculous Georgia guide stone’s ten commandments that somehow replaced the Holy Bible’s Ten Commandments? Are they really on a quest to depopulate the earth to the level of the sixteen hundred’s that was around 500 million people? Is that why the idiot Mayor of Minneapolis cited the 400 years of slavery which brings us right back to the sixteen hundred’s. Is it aliens who are already residing beneath the earth and feeding on the adrenal glands of our youth? Was Phil Schneider telling the truth before his murder? I think that his prediction about depopulation by 2029, is very close to the 2030 predictions and we are definitely being controlled at this time by the Global 2000 agenda. If we were not, then why is the whole world on total lockdown? By who’s order? Whom would carry such power? What diabolical mastermind (villain) has orchestrated the take over of our planet? Will Austin Powers come to the rescue? Will his secret agent babes seduce all heterosexuals to death thus allowing the alternative belief systems, demonize the earth into non-religious blasphemy whilst converting the world into a totalitarian regime of idiocy and madness? All countries of the world are being conquered into a dictatorship, all in the name of an overblown virus that couldn’t kill my grandmother even if I held a pillow to her face for 5 minutes. Seems extreme? Well that is exactly what our trusted leaders and so called health experts around the world are doing to old people, especially in controlled environments like nursing homes, enforcing mandatory face mask policies. They are murdering people by the thousands and we, like dummies, believe it is some stupid cold virus that has the relative potency of a 24 hour flu bug. We, as a population, have become so uneducated that we cannot even dispute the simplest of physics questions that would defy every law of physics and common sense as so amply displayed by 911 and their fictitious terrorist theory that airplanes caused these towers to collapse, that only a true moron stoned out of their tree would believe. Anyone that endorses this story is a shill and an abomination to the human race, justifying any alien race to eradicate immediately. And you wonder why they want to erase our asses from this planet. No intelligent person or alien race should have to put up with that amount of stupidity.

But this stupidity is all around us and like morons, the same idiots are still watching the same indoctrinating programs as if somehow they will be educated and saved from the tyranny, even after they were physically assaulted by an array of paid protestors, surrogates, provocateurs, CIA, FBI, and NSA agents alike. How else would organizations like BLM, ANTIFA, Black Bloc, etc. would even be allowed to terrorize people, annexing parts of cities and advocating lawlessness and fear inflicted upon tax paying citizens. Because the government, Trump, Trudeau, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives etc., depending on your country’s political system at the moment, have sold out to the New World Order. There is a New World Government that has seized the entire world, and if your government was based on a constitution of freedoms, they have already been abolished. You just do not know this yet because you are still watching the constant indoctrination spewing out your TV or media device, laughing like a total, stoned moron. Well laugh away, the majority, because you as the stupid majority, have lost your liberties and rights to your destroyed constitutions. Some people, like myself, have written our political representatives, filed human rights complaints against the infringements of our constitutional rights. But the rest of the people are too busy running to the beer or liquor store or buying their medicinal or recreational weed, or opiate pacifiers, to remain drunk, stoned, inebriated or a combination thereof, watching some idiotic mini series full of brainwashing indoctrination, guaranteeing substance abusers to go right back to sleep.

If this describes you and your life, well there is no hope for you really, only waking up once the NWO takes complete control and decides to take away your drugs, TV and booze. They have already taken away all sports, the right to publicly gather, churches, bars, live entertainment, music, culture, libraries, museums, all except commercialized marred televised content where they decide what is good and what is not. But you will probably froth at the mouth watching that too while choking on your weed, washing it down with your favorite brain honing elixir, remaining brain dead as ever. I have no sympathy really, but do feel bad that the so few that have not fallen for this brainwashed swill, being inflicted by this mass regime change of where the commonly stupid will preside, and the stoned and the drunk will have the ultimate voting power, meaning they will vote for whomever they are indoctrinated to vote for via social media and televised commercial mediocre brain pacification. And if somehow, enough people vote for the wrong person, they will just fix the election anyway, causing a controversy that will last in your stoned brain for approximately 2 minutes, or until the next brain honing mini series starts, which ever comes first. As our society of fools are easily led into slavery, ripping down monuments, pissing on the constitution and basically being played like a puppet, remember, it is because of the 1 percent and the elitists why our society is falling. They have stolen everything the can from you, and all that is left is a few mom and pop shops, some people with ownership or the brains to save for a rainy day. The rest are burdens to society and are prime candidates for eradication. The elitists are not going to spend their wealth to keep you afloat. You will be disposed of unless you wake up and push away their faithless spoon fed pacification to oblivion.

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Carnival Train Ride to Wholesale Murder, Passage is Free, But your Life ain’t Worth Slaver.

Environmentalists are “applauding some of the measures put forth from the North American government, and the world, since the covid-19 influenza flu bug, for a greener world, however certain environmentalists by no means are for the “little guy”. Who are these entities that slither in and out of festivals like RIO-20 and other proprietary events promoting a green world and de-population? It makes one wonder why any environmentalist group would even endorse 5G technology and push the fear mongering of covid-19 that has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, less lethal then the common flu. The radiation levels that 5G inflicts on the population will certainly be far more lethal than the limp, covid-19 virus. Why has the world centralized its concentration on North America? Because propaganda suggests that North America is the greatest polluter on this earth. This is certainly not the case and many other countries, like China and India, contributes more then their share of pollution to the Earth. It all boils down to is one unequivocal result, de-population. Of course environmentalist groups would love to see this, as long as they are not the ones de-populated. Almost anyone would love this except, who will be killed and who will be saved is another story no one thinks about, as long it is not them. It is like three people in a vault with limited oxygen and one has to die in order for the greater good of the other two, but who will die? Naturally, it would be the weakest of all three that would most likely perish. Politically incorrect as it may seem, how else would this play out? Only, in the visions of madness as seen through the ambitious environmentalist, the greedy ones that is, two of the three would have to die for the greater good of the one.

Zoom in on the statue of liberty, it shows the torch not lit and writing that states: “liberdade para poluia” translated as “Freedom to Pollute”  and a Greenpeace sign stating: “por mundo verde e justo” translated to “for a green and fair world” Propaganda certain environmentalists spread around about North America to the third world is causing hate and prejudice towards the western continent. You can be relatively sure that our present turmoil is seeded from events (RIO+20) like these, endorsed by political entities like Gore and Clinton, which in itself, is an act of treason to USA and genocidal to the rest of the world only focusing on depopulation.

People have a natural instinct to live; therefore everyone will strive for survival, killing the weak and helpless that may be in their path, if a revolution begins. How do you create weak and helpless people? You starve them and strip them of their money, property and dignity. Then they will eventually perish by suicide, starvation or simple restriction to basic health care. Seems similar to what is happening right now with this pandemic, creating weakened masses, mentally and physically, bankrupting them with unnecessary unemployment by eliminating their employers (small business), forming an enforced boycott against free enterprise and small businesses, similar to the Nazi’s boycott to Jewish business during the holocaust. Many countries in this world are experiencing this because of this boorish, self centered, criminal lock down imposed by our new global government who do not give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves. That is happening because the trends were suggesting that small business was gaining momentum, personal real estate was climbing in value, people were borrowing less and putting more money away which all gives less and less power over the people in general. So now the ruling elite, governed by the global cabal will push us back to the edge of poverty and massive control, with 5G technology and propaganda as in “Covid-19”. Rumors of detention centers with train access in the USA are being told. Is Covid-19 the new Star of David? Could our leaders have this strength to commit genocide? Or is it an monetary influence that they cannot resist because of fear and greed? Or is it a giant contra-conspiracy to keep Trump in office.

Like the rumored Covid-19 detention centers for people that are infected by covid-19, or more likely because they simply refuse this dangerous vaccine, awaiting their passage to wholesale murder by rail? A picture of the Hungarian Jewish Detention Center

So now, the house of pandemic cards is weakening, and certain democrats have openly shown their totalitarian autocracy, promoting a one world government. Is this the case for all of the democratic party? Not likely, however if you go along simply to avoid opposition, you are guilty of passive negligence. Democrats on the whole, are clearly on the same page environmentally as to depopulation, or more subtly put as written in the Lockstep publication, authored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Ties to the Georgia Guides Stones and Ted Turner would be obvious to the advocacy given to the democrats via CNN, founded by Ted Turner who was one of the visionaries that produced the Georgia Guidestones, and in turn, Gore and Clinton, who are the powerful political lobbyists, influencing most environmental movements for the last 20 years. All of this gives Trump a “get out of jail free card” as to the impeachment when clearly, the majority of Americans want him out of office. This is a catastrophe to the USA because Trump too, is an advocate for absolute rule of power. He is endorsing the same package of monocracy reflected through his fascist Mexican border wall and his advocacy to “operation warp speed” that will enforce vaccines on the masses which will alter your DNA (mainly to disguise the radiation damage caused by 5G saturation). Will these injections contain micro-chips for tracking and behavioral modification, embedding into your tissues? If you refuse this vaccine, your segregation may indicate the purpose. There are no boundaries that Trump and the democrats haven’t purged during this sleepy pandemic, and both party’s willingness to endorse 5G as a safe technology, making both parties strange bedfellows, sleeping with the telecommunication barons who have corrupted most of the environmentalist groups with massive bribes and payoffs, or controlling interest acquired at a stock market level. Environmentalist groups are ignoring the damaging radiation caused by 5G because of their monetary ties to the elitists. The “Green Movement” of the last two decades have simply accelerated the consumption and damage to the environment. It would seem we, the masses, are being blamed for the elitist’s stupidity and greed.

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The Grand Illusive Mass Malpractice of Genocide

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The illusion of the Covid-19 spillover phenomenon correlates with the lockdown of non-evasive ventilators. Testing for this virus is similar as to test for radiation poisoning, amplifying a discarded cell’s RNA sequence for a similar pattern to the Covid-19 RNA pattern, or the RNA pattern of a cell after radiation. Logically, if they were looking for a virus, the easiest and most logical place to look is in the blood. This raises the question of what will the blood actually show and what is the implication they do not want lab technicians to discover? Possibly more evidence of cell damage from radiation? Dead bodies are handled in no special way other than wrapping (sealing) the bodies in plastics and burying them the traditional way or mass grave sites. This directly contradicts the so called contagion possibilities, creating toxic graveyards? Clearly a contradictive and “cheap” solution to disposal where the family, whom is going broke from unemployment, will be burdened with the “extra” expense anyway. Seriously, this would be a comedy if it was not tragically real. In the most basic interpretation, it is categorized as “denial of coherent medical treatment”, malpractice on a massive scale, creating more deaths to be labeled as Covid-19 related. Under the government’s sinister direction, every hospital in the world, have “hidden” their non-evasive ventilators saying they would spread Covid-19. But the WHO says it is not airborne. So how would a non-evasive ventilators spread Covid-19? Simply put, it does not because it is contained with a mask and the person is simply being assisted to breath. Being 2 meters away from the patient or even in another room certainly does not violate the current safe- distancing conditions. Further, the possible generated mist is or can be filtered. Non-invasive ventilators can be used for hypoxia conditions, monitoring and adjusting the amount of oxygen that your tissues are absorbing during respiration, not ventilation. This modified treatment could be used for people breathing in patches of air that the oxygen has been absorbed by 5 G radiation. Clearly because the respiration method allows the lungs to operate on their own, preventing lung damage. When introduced to air with insufficient oxygen, an organism will go into a hypoxia state, severe lack of oxygen, commonly known as the Death Zone in mountaineering..

In the most basic interpretation, it can be viewed as malpractice on a genocidal scale, denying proven basic medical treatment. This is no belter then the Nazi’s and their experimental ways to exterminate a race, finding the most efficient and cost effective ways to murder the human race and dispose of the bodies (mass burial). Because hospitals have “hidden” their non-evasive ventilators makes all hospital administration personnel liable. In the picture below, the patient’s breathing is contained with a mask or helmet, simply being assisted to breath, maintaining inflation or respiration of the lungs.
Does this look uncontained? How does this contained assisted breathing spread Covid-19?

Being socially distanced from the patient or even in another room certainly should be more than adequate, even to the WHO’s changing standards that seem to fluctuate to place further fear into people, pushing them back behind their masks, staying at home. Is the picture above inspiring Trump’s comical idiocy suggesting everyone to wear space suits as protection, or is he as ignorant to the real implications of the mass malpractice he is endorsing by locking down the public, small businesses and the idiotic modifications and layoffs inflicted on hospitals and their staffs? Trump and Trudeau are gutting our health care systems. So free health care will be a thing of the past in Canada and will be even worse in the USA. But you cannot complain because you are letting it happen by being glued to your phone and TV, thinking there is an actual reason to forfeit your basic fundamental liberties (that even the main stream media is starting to complain about), believing (indoctrinated) in a phony pandemic.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, New York ICU Doctor suggested that the non-invasive ventilators could be used in a modified way to treat patients experiencing this “new” form of hypoxia. Health organizations mandated the non-use (Now illegal?) of non-invasive ventilators, where the treatment was enforced as to the invasive ventilation treatment. The invasive ventilation treatment requires a hole cut into the patient’s throat for a tube that assists ventilation/respiration via this thin tube. Could this invasive action of cutting a hole into ones throat when your lungs are caving inwards already cause even more chance of death? Non-invasive ventilators assist in the inflation of your lungs but can be modified as a respirator if the lungs are clearly working, just providing oxygen.

Now, they want auto companies to make new non-invasive ventilators when many reputable medical companies have already perfected the manufacture of non-invasive ventilation machines. This is most likely to avoid conflict to the dictation of how these new non-invasive ventilators will be made, and more importantly when they are made which obviously will not be immediate. However complicated this seems, it is really not hard to see what is happening. Fear is destroying everyone’s will to look at the obvious. Covid-19 is radiation poisoning from 5 G radiation. The supposed manufactured Covid-19 in a Wuhan lab is an old virus called Coronavirus, Chimera (animal virus), or simply, the common cold as described in medical encyclopedias. What strain of Coronavirus is Covid-19? It is a replicated resultant virus that could contain hypoxia related RNA sequences, that are purposely being falsely called ARDS. the common cold RNA sequences, influenza (flu) RNA sequences, and fever RNA sequences. RNA sequences are found through an amplification process of your cell’s RNA, DNA, a common diagnostic procedure used for people that were exposed to moderate or high levels of radiation. Because of the more gradual radiation exposures of 5 G radiation, it has to be amplified several times to get a similar RNA sequence to be evident. The Boston Medical Department in 1917 could not prove contagion of the Spanish Flu. This could be the very reason they do not test the blood and strongly discourage fluid exchange to healthy subjects for testing contagion, because it is not contagious by blood or fluids. Even if you ended up with this manufactured virus in your system, it is highly doubtful you would get sick at all. As an airborne virus, it is simply ludicrous. Thus one could ponder that zoonotic viruses exist and can miraculously jump from specie to specie (Bat, pig, human) accelerating Darwin’s theory of evolution as in the so call sketchy Spillover Infection. This phenomenon is based on theory and cannot be proven. So why are we believing unproven theories? Why are all major pandemics declared in the same years of every major electrification (RF radiation) change? Believe it or not, the facts support the Electrification Hypothesis, so why are you ignoring them and hiding under that ridiculous paper face mask? Even if you believe this Covid-19 is a virus that is contagious, it is not at all warranting the current lockdown. Watch this Video. It shows the low fatality rates found in California and the rest of the world.

Let us crunch some numbers. Even if the worse case scenario shown in Event 201, deciding that a projected 65 million people may die comes to pass. On a planet of 7 billion people plus, it is less than 1% of the population (and it will be the wrong 1 percent guaranteed, not the rich), meaning overall, you have a 99% chance of survival even if you catch this so called Zoonotic Virus. So why are you afraid to leave your home? You have 99% chance of survival at worst, so get up and open your dammed businesses now. If you work, go to your city hall and pressure your mayor to open the city. If everyone did that they would have to stop this ridiculous charade led by the Pirate of Silly-Conned Valley. Bill Gates and all of his counterparts are conning you out of your future. By the time they are done, you will either be dead, homeless on the street or in so much financial debt, you will never recover, losing any possible legacy you could of passed on to your children for generations. The UK openly flaunts the Coronavirus symbol and a 5 G tower radiating on their currency.

Look closely at he tower and crown circle symbolism on the right of the bank note

Everyone on the planet is getting electrified, excreting the Covid-19 signature virus from their poisoned tissues and cells caused by 5 G radiation. The more intense (density) of available, utilized commercial 5 G service in large suburban, highly populated areas (like New York state), the higher (more intense) the 5 G radiation is present, therefor the more critical number of noticeable symptoms of radiation exposure. We all have Covid-19. There is not one organism on this planet that will escape this radiation, and certainly does not warrant the current pandemic, which is just a cover to steer your attention away from the real cause of Covid-19, which is simply, radiation sickness from 5 G radiation (electrification). Would you rather be a free person at risk, or a safe, dominated slave under your master’s whip? WAKE UP!!!

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Aureole Pathogen, Pathological Avoidance? Last updated 6/12/2020

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The coronavirus has everyone running once again, back into the cloakroom, clinging to the teachers dress. Or wait a minute; they closed the schools, so that cannot happen, at least not right now. But if the schools were open, that is what would happen. The World Health Organization suggests that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is a contagion, a contagious virus that can be transmitted simply by touch or cough (saliva). However, If you believe what you learned in biology or were paying attention; people do not “catch” viruses; our tissues and blood create them to remove harmful toxins that intrude into our bodies. Quoted by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD, “Viruses are excretions of a toxic cell; viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with other proteins, they bud out from the cell; they (viruses) happen when the cell is poisoned. Viruses are not the cause of anything.” In the last 103 years, Pandemics of history can be traced back to the electrification of the earth. Electrification of living organisms poisons the organism’s cells and tissues, which in turn, will excrete this poison as viruses. Quoted by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD “Whenever you expose a biological system to a new electrical field (frequency), the poison will kill some, and the rest go into a sort of suspended animation, living a little bit longer and sicker.” Scientifically, this is well known, but telecommunication companies may be playing on people’s ignorance. What is a virus? It is an ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert (inactive), infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope. What does this tell us? Viruses are an inactive resultant from cell and tissue poisoning that can only replicate inside a living host.

Covid-19 is real, but there is dispute of its actual origin, either being derived from Avian or mammal evolutionarily spillover, ultimately infecting humans, or it is the resultant of EMF poisoning, that our cells excrete because of 5 G electrification. According to the WHO and other studies, Covid-19 is theorized to originate from a bat, and/or snake. A pig was bitten by the bat or snake (transmitted by blood) commencing the spillover phenomenon. The pig was then sold in a “wet market” (suggesting it was sold alive) in Wuhan China. From this pig, it supposedly infected humans through touch or ingestion. (Source)(Source). For this to be credible, you would have to believe that a metabolically inert (inactive) virus, duplicated from the RNA, DNA signature of a bat and/or snake, emulated the pig’s RNA, DNA, making its final evolutionary leap, infecting humans, somehow forging (emulating)  the RNA, DNA structure within the human’s cells and tissues, which is supposedly unique to individual humans and individual species. Some studies suggest this spillover infection will require vaccines that will contain the same virus without the RNA, DNA, only the protein coat. This suggests that the spillover infection cannot emulate your RNA, DNA further, but fails to explain how the vaccine exactly reverses the so called emulation of your RNA, DNA. Ergo, it will not be a cure, only prevention, but is sketchy as to how it will prevent further spillover at the RNA, DNA level. In practical medicinal sense, it seems to be a useless injection.

As of mid April 2020, reports are back-peddling as to the origin Covid-19, however not entirely, stating that within a Wuhan lab, a patient was bit by a bat, and then transmitted Covid-19 to another patient, and that patient went out into the public where it supposedly spread. Even though the wet market was clearly not involved as to the origin of Covid-19, they are still clinging to the evolutionary spillover infection theory. This may indicate that the thin house of pandemic cards could collapse because, it would be impossible to tell how many other lies have led up to this point of time, not to mention accountability; shutting down businesses and bankrupting countless people who were put out of work. Where will the focus turn now? It is clear that the bio-weapon “dead horse” analogy has been flogged too many times in the last 103 years. Bio-weaponry is lame excuse, trying to keep the spotlight away from the real issues and causes of the related deaths.

So a conflict in scientific beliefs, where the right believes that metabolically inert viruses are pieces of RNA, DNA and other proteins, excreted from a toxic cell after the organism is poisoned (radiation or electrification) that requires no vaccine because the surviving organisms will become immune (suspended animation). Or on the left; stating these viruses are zoonotic diseases, spread from avian, reptile, or mammal origins as viruses that attack and inject the human’s assaulted cells with its own animal RNA, DNA, then emulating or forging the human’s RNA, DNA, that to prevent, will require experimental vaccines, containing the virus, vacant of the RNA, DNA, with the protein coat. However, no matter how brilliantly and scientifically they attempt explain this supposed evolutionary spillover, these studies are mostly based on unproven theory. The Electrification Hypothesis is based on a century of chronicled events and history. (The Invisible Rainbow)

Recently, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, New York ICU Doctor, discusses what he has attempted to treat as pneumonia or ARDS, but was discovering that the patients showed symptoms that suggested extreme altitude changes, being immediately shifted to a high elevation from normal elevation, as to the “death zone” described in mountaineering, whereby the oxygen level is insufficient to sustain life. The lack of oxygen in normal terms can be related to the lack of oxygen commonly due to extreme atmospheric pressure changes. 5 G frequency of choice is 60 Gigahertz enabling pristine data transfer. 60 gigahertz is the frequency where the oxygen absorption spectrum begins. This absorption of oxygen changes the magnetic properties of the oxygen molecules within the oxygen atom, and when breathed, will fail to attach to the hemoglobin, causing the oxyhemoglobin count in our blood to decrease rapidly. Dr. Kyle-Sidell’s pertinent discovery, witnessed from firsthand experience of the Covid-19 cases admitted to the hospital, seemed to strike a nerve with opposing forces in obvious support of the evolutionary spillover infection theory and its host of diseases. Clearly, these patients were dying from lack of oxygen, not ARDS. 

Most large telecommunication companies argue that the power of the receiving devices are low therefore cannot cause any radiation or carcinogenic problems on the long term, simply because the wavelengths are too short and powerless to penetrate the skin. They also use the adage that many devices that we already use like 2.4 gigahertz routers, Bluetooth, wireless printers, laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads are already employed and safe to use in your home, however many studies indicate otherwise. On the flip side of this coin, experts warn that because of the non-penetration of these intrusive 5 G wavelengths, they become refracted angularly, creating multiple receptors upon your skin, attracting and intensifying more 5 G signals towards your body, increasing the potential exposure exponentially. It is hypothesized that any living organism electrified by 5 G millimeter waves, emitting 30 to 300 Gigahertz wave frequencies (millimeter sized wave frequencies that most humans of the earth have never been exposed to), forces our poisoned cells to excrete viruses, hence Covid-19. But if this was true, then this is one of the biggest cover-ups known to humanity? Not really, because this has happened before, more than a century ago.

In 1860, a new disorder called Neurasthenia (Anxiety disorder) was thought to be a physical disorder until the year 2000. Tracing the course of this illness followed the Telegraph wires, wherever they were laid worldwide, interconnected via submarine (ocean) cables. In 1889, alternating current was harnessed which was the same year of the first modern Influenza flu epidemic.

In 1918 (WWI), the Spanish Flu (H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin) broke out producing many fatalities. It was believed then that this disease or virus was contagious. However, no matter how the Boston Medical department tried, they could not transmit this disease from one host to another, chronicled in the book, “The Invisible Rainbow”. It is curious that “avian” describes birds as the probable cause and origin of this thought to be airborne “virus” due to the unexplainable speed of  the infectious travel over oceans, across the earth. What factually happen was the introduction of radio waves, exposing every living organism across the world in the late fall of 1917 to these new RF signals . It was hypothesized that these new radio waves poisoned (electrified) all living organisms, causing their cells to react, excreting toxins as viruses.

At and around the beginning of World War II, the next influenza pandemic(s) (H2N2 avian influenza) arose successively when radar was introduced perpetually during 1957 and 1958 to living organisms of the world, blanketing the entire earth with radar fields, thus (electrifying) poisoning all living organisms, forcing them to excrete the (EMF) poison from their cells (tissues) as a virus; or a H2N2 avian influenza virus, thought to be derived from birds as would indicate in the term avian, also thought to be airborne due to its overseas miraculous spread?

In 1968, in the Van Allen Belts, which are the earth’s protective layers, satellites were launched into these belts, and within six months, a new pandemic arose, which was called the Hong Kong Flu. The new radioactive frequencies from the satellites poisoned all living organisms of our earth, forcing their cells to excrete the toxin as a virus, creating a new pandemic; or H3N2 flu strains thought to contain genes from the avian influenza viruses (birds). As early as 1957, satellites were sent up, first by the Russians, then by the USA. From that point on, satellites have been traced to sicknesses experienced by organisms worldwide. Every major electrification change of the earth has been related to Avian or Zoonotic type influenzas as the explanation to these outbreaks, but clearly has no solid scientific evidence to support the evolutionarily origin of these viruses. Why the avoidance to other origin possibilities? Why lobbied laws like the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which says: States and cities may not regulate wireless technology on the basis of health and is left to the sole discretion of the FCC who has zero health and safety expertise?

The first 5 G blanketed city was Wuhan China, so there should be no surprise that a new virus, Covid-19 arose. 5 G satellite radiation at the same time, was inflicting the populous of Wuhan with 30 to 300 Gigahertz frequencies causing radiation sickness (biological poisoning). The WHO decided that, in record speed, this virus, Covid-19, was a specie to specie transmitted virus, highly contagious and declared a pandemic worldwide. At the same time, twenty thousand new satellites or more, are and will be residing in the Van Allen Belts to accommodate the 5 G technology. Because of the high frequencies (30 to 300 gigahertz) used from the satellites, base towers on earth are needed to transmit/receive this ultra small millimeter wave length, because it cannot travel far requiring transmission/receiving towers on virtually every block, in every neighborhood, in every city. The most curious aspects of all of these pandemic events are the isolated virus cases that sprouted, when these individuals were nowhere near these outbreak areas nor in contact with anyone who had this virus, clearly supporting the electrification hypotheses versus the avian theory that birds and other species somehow transfer these viruses.

Italy, the most tragic and effected country experiencing high mortality rates mainly because Italy has a high percentage of elderly people (23% that are 65 or older who are thought to be at the highest risk to the 5 G electrification or radiation (RF poisoning)). However, the healthier you are or more vital, seems to make you more susceptible. What was the exact extent of Fifth Generation Cell tower implementation in Italy? According to this map, virtually every major city in Italy is blanketed with 5 G transmission and receiving towers, with 5 G as a commercial available service in the whole of Italy, however other maps show a different saturation. 5 G implementation actually started in Italy as early as April of 2019, some 5 G testing in 2018. Italy being closer to the equator, having 23% of their population over 65, and the vast amounts of satellites launched to accommodate the 5 G network, it is not a wonder they have a high ratio of death.

Notice the Side menu indicating 5 G coverage in Italy
5 G coverage in Italy

You may say to yourself, this is a coincidence. But coincidences like this do not happen at this rate. It breaks the laws of probability (chance). This outbreak, with Italy’s death toll rapidly climbing, is being blamed on a biological birthed Covid-19 contagious outbreak, and at the same time, 5 G electrification is virtually starting to cover the entire world. Population of Italy is 60,461,826 people, out of that ~15,000,000 elderly. Could Covid-19 (virus) be caused by the 5 G electrification (EMF Radiation Poisoning) of all living organisms, or is a incredible contagion that has a sensational specie to specie origin? Of course with all these pandemics, even the early outbreaks, the espionage theory, where the terrorists or biochemical warfare card is pulled probably to confuse the origin and speed of contagion (distances). Covid-19 origin depends on so called research called the Spillover Infection or Event or pathogen spillover phenomenon where Covid-19 and other avian transmitted “viruses” are somehow infectious from species to species. In fact, this virus is supposed to have incredible longevity, able to live on surfaces longer than the average life span of most house flies (24 to 72 hours).

The Corona Effect is the discharge (Radiation) that deteriorates insulators on wires and coils when the installation is incorrect. In basic, harmful radiation discharge from a magnetic field. This is wasted energy. EMF causes a high mortality rate to electricians who are constantly exposed to EMF of high voltage. EMF and it’s detrimental effect on humans when living in proximity to high voltage wires, substations, cell transmission towers and repeaters. Currently, the cell transmission towers for 4th generation cell service are spread apart making it somewhat safer of a service, but has been harmful to humans that may live in proximity of these towers. Blue tooth and WIFI  also cause related health issues that are closely related to EMF radiation. In fact, any radio wave transmission has similar gradual harmful effects.  (Source) (Source)

5 G has been independently researched by different Doctors and scientists. According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor of public health at the University of California, the rise of microcell antennas in cities is only part of the concern. Dr. Moskowitz says that the low to high (30 to 300 Gigahertz)-frequency millimeter waves (Frequency switching for talk) used in 5G could cause serious problems to the skin, eyes and nervous system. “The implementation of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, is a huge experiment on the health of all species. Since MMWs are weaker than microwaves, they are mainly absorbed by the skin, which means that their distribution is rather focused there. “Since the skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, they can be transmitted through molecular mechanisms from the skin or through the nervous system.” said Dr. Moskowitz. Dr. Moskowitz isn’t alone in worrying about 5G. Dr. Yael Stein of Hebrew University in Jerusalem recently wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission setting out his major concerns about 5G, MMW and how it could impact human skin. Stein claims that human skin has the ability to absorb over 90% of microwave radiation and will cause serious head to toe problems, especially for the most vulnerable such as children, the elderly and pregnant women. In the table below you see what is called the “electromagnetic spectrum”. The “radio wave spectrum” and “microwave” part is what is called RF radiation. So microwaves are just a higher frequency radio wave. And remember that within the RF radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous the waves are for living organisms. (This is not the case with the visible and infrared portions of the spectrum.)

In Germany, researchers studied over 1000 residents who lived near two cell phone towers for about 10 years. According to the study, during the past five years of the observations, the researchers found that people who lived less than 400 meters from the cell towers were diagnosed with cancer at a rate three times higher than those who lived much further away. Another scary study in 1994, well before 3G, 4G and 5G, connects significant health problems with people living in a London apartment building with a cell phone antenna on the roof. In this study, the cancer rate of those living on the top floor of the apartment building had a cancer rate of 10 times the average in England. (Source)

Fifth generation (5 G) cell transmission will require a cell tower on every block in the city, one possibly on your block. With that will also include small substations for these towers on every block. It will also require an antenna on your house if you elect to patron this service (Some communities are setting up fiber optic connections for home routing to remain innocuous). In 5 G scientific studies produced by countless doctors and scientists, all agree that the ill health effects will be numerous including, cold like symptoms, shortness of breath, and pneumonia like symptoms for the short term. Long term effects include DNA damage, cancer, infertility in men, ovary (egg) damage in women. Young children and infants will be the most susceptible to this harmful radiation. WIFI, 2.4 gigahertz, is the maximum dielectric loss of the water molecule begins.  WiGig, using frequencies between 2 and 6 gigahertz, breaks down the iodine molecule causing respiratory distress, depression, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, change in mental status, and change of mental consciousness, all complications of hypothyroidism resulting from iodine deficiencies.  The most possible immediate danger of 5 G transmission is the disruption of the oxygen atom (60 gigahertz is the oxygen molecule absorption spectrum) , heating it up, affecting the orbital properties of the electrons in the oxygen molecules, causing it to lose its magnetic properties, becoming unstable. If breathed by humans or animals, this could cause oxygen deprivation, unconsciousness, brain damage, or even death from the lack of oxygen to the tissues and brain. This happens because, when you disrupt the oxygen atom, it fails to bond to your hemoglobin cells in your blood stream, unable to carry oxygen to your tissues, most importantly, your brain. This, in the long term will cause vitamin D deficiencies in your skin and eyes, making one more vulnerable to sunlight radiation. Included are paralysis, arrhythmia, neurological problems, fatigue malaise, virulent strains of polio, neuro invasive encephalitis and arrays of other related health problems. (See The Fullerton Informer) (Also see Jeremy Johnson, an Expert on EMF Exposure)

Take this knowledge and apply it to where 5 G cell service has been implemented currently. These large outbreaks for coronavirus are occurring in Italy, China, and many other countries where these 5 G cell systems are up and running. Look up Event 201. This shows they had knowledge of Covid-19 since October of 2019 when it was believed 5 G testing was fully under way in Wuhan China. According to the electrification hypothesis, and because thousands of new 5 G satellites are already residing in the Van Allen Belts, whether or not your community goes 5 G, you will be subjected to this high frequency, millimeter waved electrification regardless and possibly show symptoms within 6 months. As to the Spillover Infection Theory, people may or may not catch this said to be highly contagious Covid-19 virus, depending on exposure to people or organisms that are already infected. In reality, this Spillover theory is evolutionary in concept thus challenges religious beliefs. (Source) (Source)

Please keep in mind with the Coronaviris propaganda fed to everyone daily by mainstream media has gotten brutal, and has become a marauding of internet sources. Indie websites mostly have become extreme targets for so called pandemic law enforcements (Unconstitutional censorship to freedom of speech and publication, or press). Therefore, some of these sources and citations on this article may change due to this chagrined invasion. So I will update them as they are corrupted by the mainstream scrutiny according to the wealthy and the 1 percent of society. So if you are stupefied about this current pandemic and the power elite’s futile attempts to destroy small business, the working class, and the economy, then give your head a shake and stop watching their brainwashing hysteria. “Earth Day” is just a metaphor for “Sophism day”. Wake up and take a look inside your hospitals. You will find they are not being used for anything. They are basically calling any death a Coronavirus death, and lord forbid if you are on the brink of death, they bring you to a hospital. Read between the lines of anything you see as “news”. Even so called truther news and beware of the political branding, trying to blame this party or that party for our current events. Politicians, no matter what party are puppets on strings being marionetted by the 65 million people called the 1 percent of society, that endorse Earth (Sophism) Day as their own private rebirth of the world, without you in it, and the depopulation for their own benefit and evil spawns. The Vatican and major (wealthy) religions are not the answer and certainly do not speak for God, endorsing the crashes of all economies to benefit the 1 percent. And if you see your church encouraging you to attend via “online mass” then you know they have swallowed the propaganda pill, or the dreaded blue pill. I pray that I am wrong everyday. But for some reason, I keep waking up, and so should you.

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