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Social Suppressants of the Press 

In a local area, there was a news story in the local paper about an elderly man who was supposedly barricaded in his home. After reading this hog dribbling scribble, I quickly remembered why I do not read main con- stream media. The story eloquently described the police and how their efforts succeeded using several smoke bombs catapulted through the elders windows to “safely” get  the man out. They showed pictures of military type constables dressed in camouflaged uniforms, armed to the hilt pointing their lazar sited automatic rifles  towards the man’s home. You could tell that it was an overblown incident that needed a bull dung story like this provided by our local cess story factory and printed in the local main con-stream media news paper to justify the unwarranted aggressive fiasco. Immature militants just searching for the chance to use their “pop guns”. Not one word uttered in this story describing what exactly caused the police to think the man was in danger or causing anyone else danger or if he was even armed. The man for all one could know was just looking for solitude and was appearing to be reclusive. One can only guess because the story did not provide such details, only how heroic our local law enforcement was in causing this elder major expense shattering his windows with smoke bombs.

Zeroed Hero, Nothing to Fear-o

The heroics of any local law enforcement agency is always over exasperated by the local municipality to support their agenda to promote the appearance the local law enforcement is doing their jobs and are worth the tax payers dollar. I cringe when I get stopped by the police or get stopped in a ride check for the simple reason that most of the police are very young and inexperienced. This is a fatal combination, being young, impetuous and have a firearm and being able to use it if they feel threatened. Male or female, they always seem to be cocky and have something to prove having large chips on their shoulders. Or may be it is just me and my individual perception. Either way, if you combine law enforcement with other internal or external agencies like swat teams or the military, it further complexes the issue at hand.

Do Your Civic Ratting Duty

If the elder in question was a real threat to himself or others, why could that not be explained in the article? Bad writing? Poor investigating? Or just plain lack of accountability, so let’s play it safe and write a one sided story based on facts that are easily attained by the intrusive law enforcement agencies who are very willing to share their one sided perceptions.  But usually their story will be constrained into a yawn filled, self glorified tale of how they saved that local neighborhood from a supposed possible unstable elder. What an embarrassment. Or at least they should be. Elders, in my opinion, are treated like trash. Brainwashing from our trusty main con-stream media makes sure of this because, hey, we have computers to do our thinking. Why do we need elders? I feel the effects when I see an elder and immediately think they are in my way. Why is that? I do not hate elders. I think they deserve our respect. So where is this feeling coming from? Why are they irritating me like children might? It comes from brainwashing pure and simple. When you cannot figure where a certain unreasonable feeling or notion is coming from, then it has been subliminally implanted in our brains.

Do as We Say, So you Can be Ruled

By extensive brainwashing campaigns, first from commercials (especially auto commercials) and programming series (especially cop shows), they have molded everyone to think in terms of TOUIYWRIOCM (The only useful information you will receive is on commercial media). Causing us to become self proclaimed experts with flashed wisdom. What is flashed wisdom? It is a media plugged shortcut to “life skills” that replaces what elders can teach us with brainwashed, tunnel vision information, thus controlling everything you do, because you are in compliance to the 1 percenters agenda. Veer from that and you will be the next self thinker or elder that will have their house riddled with smoke bombs because “big brother/sister” just cannot figure out what you are thinking. In most cases, reclusive people would just like to be left alone. The watch dogs are usually brainwashed family members of neighbors that cannot keep their noses out of other’s business. To be a free thinker these days is a threat to conformity and control. When you get too many free thinkers, people in power that attempt to make everyone their slaves have a problem. The psychological war front is the battle to be fought. This is indeed the futuristic battle field that the 1 percenters want control now.

Reinventing The Self Relenting Salvages of Homemade

It is an old trick. Secrets that commercialized establishments use to gain business. But this trick is illusive, so much so, that we do not even see it coming. When it is implanted in our brains, it is too late. We can all think in terms that reflect the “good intentions” of business communities, especially large business saying they provide our bread and butter. But that is the biggest illusive lie of them all. It is not out of need we cling to their purse strings. We cling to these corporate purse strings out of addictive need that they implanted. Like a drug pusher gets a person “hooked” by giving out free samples of their product. Sooner or later, the person becomes a junkie and their soul is lost, providing income to a scum bag, who by the way, is most likely a junkie himself/herself. That is the same strategy that corporations use to get us “hooked? on their “brand”. They just repackage local product, service or job stamped with their commercial label and create a need for something that was already produced by local people, business or industry. The local people, business, or industry becomes the “middle man” stamped by the corporation’s label. Clever but nothing new. We as more informed people are catching on, but as long as they keep a strangle hold on our livelihoods, the harder it is to “kick the habit” of the dependence created by these offending commercial corporations owned by the 1 percenters that have swallowed up our local means of survival and independence.

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Oppress-ant Depressant Sociologically a Peasant

Culture Vultures Forever More

Stereotyping a group, gang or individual is common practice in our society to make sense of their actions and aggressions. To be criminal can be a definite career and in some cities, and if you hook up with the right people it is very organised. Like organised crime? Like the mob? Like the Mafia? Like Gang Bangers? Like Biker gangs?Not at all, because that is stereotyping. If you watch programs, channels or movies about organised or disorganised crime, it always about a certain culture in a subversive gang, group or crew that are ruthless and out of control and will kill or torture anyone who gets in their way. In reality, it is not like that at all. What have these groups done then exactly? They have created their own country, culture and economy in a place where the main stream economy just is not working anymore. The main stream economy in these areas provide no jobs, promise or future for the people looking for work or for the youths growing up in these oppressed neighborhoods. That is why a good portion of men or women in these areas grow up to be prostitutes, porn actors/producers, thieves, hitters, gang members, strippers, drug traffickers and/or junkies. These issues are in every community to one degree or another depending on the jobs and economy. Note: the sex industry is  very large and lucrative  generating billions of dollars thus you can bet your last borrowed nickel that the 1 percenters have a large stake in the financing of these subversive establishments and reap the profits.

Dirty Old Mary, Mother of Satan, Inducer of Greed on Earth

Yes, the sex industry is an equal opportunity employer that will hire anyone and does not discriminate age, gender, disabilities (mental or physical) race, creed, political, etc.. They will hire your grandmother to be gang banged by a group of unknown men and distribute the media on multiple internet websites. Why would your grandmother do that? Possibly to pay for her health care or medication she needs if she lives in USA. If you think that is an exaggeration, then go to google or any web browser and type in “slutty grandmothers” and you will see site after site featuring mature women, somebody’s grandmother being sexually exploited for money. And, you can bet your last hocked covet level possession that the victimised grandmother may be paid in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 hundred dollars, if she is lucky, for the dirty deed. But the USA is not the only country to have people sexually exploited. It is all over the world. Of course, exploitation knows no bounds in a greedy capitalistic environment. They will exploit  anyone that is desperate for money, or just needs to eat. Face the fact that we have become a society of pimps, pimping out our own flesh and blood for money. In short we have regressed back to the great orgies during the fall of the Roman empire.

Serfdom USA

How ever that has nothing to do with the failing main stream economy and their failure to provide jobs for their own populations in these communities that are forced to find their own ways of making money for their families. Thus a lot of these endeavors are of the illegal nature because our society’s businesses and corporations do not invest back in the local communities where they expect to turn profits. They may hire local people to work the retail outlets however the pay is minimum at best and these low paying jobs are highly coveted and competed for because the vast population in need of these jobs. People competing for these jobs greatly outnumber the available jobs no matter what unemployment statistics portrait. Those statistics are for fools that are already working and actually believe what the governments on all levels tell us. On a personal level, most people rich or poor do not have a vendetta against the common person. It is the 1 percenters, the extremely wealthy,  that are putting the squeeze on the rest of us. It has been happening for centuries but that is not an excuse to carry this behavior on into the 21st century. The analogy being that if the 1 percent of the world’s population does not want to share the wealth, then we will always have oppressed communities forming their own governments (control) and countries (turfs) gaining money any way that is possible to support their country’s population. A blind guy can see that. You enter their country without permission then you will be enforced upon. That will happen in any country you enter without permission.

Community Cardboard Housing Real Estate Agents

However, there are some communities that attempt to employ people with community gardening and farming activities in metropolitan areas of the larger cities. Cities that are afflicted with high unemployment. But are criticized by certain groups and individuals that these unofficial community activities promote socialism. My comment to that attitude is “live with it!” If society and its leaders cannot force the 1 percenters to create more native jobs that pay decent salaries and employ everyone, then how can we complain about communities taking the reins and creating their own common wealth. Is that such a scary subject? Or are the people in control that insecure of people creating their own cultures and societies, even if it means creating their own countries and their own monetary systems. Ultimately, capitalism promotes that sort of separatism. If you don’t think so then take a good look at the sociological downfalls we have witnessed especially in the last 120 years. But all you have to do is take a look at the homeless people in North America and that basically says it all.

Social Fanaticism Propagandist

I keep thinking about the negative press that surrounds people who live in a socialist type societies that share everything equal and attempt to treat everyone as an equal in their communities. You may of heard of incidences like Jones Town. However, you never seem to hear about the successful societies that continue to live in equilibrium by eliminating capitalistic idealisms and live in a society that shares and does not profit off it’s brothers, sisters or neighbors. Everyone has a place no matter what skill set they possess and no skill set is considered more valuable then the next. Everyone does their part to the best of their abilities and shares their knowledge and skills with everyone else. No society is perfect but to evaluate capitalism as a perfect system or even a the best system is completely ludicrous. This may aggravate a lot of people living the capitalistic dream. But remember, it is only a dream border lining on fantasy.  Capitalism is designed to keep the few  individuals that have it all, to keep it all, and allow only the select few to prosper. Money is the root of all evil and I know most everyone has heard that phrase. But to prosper in this society, one has to be educated in one of the “covet level professions” that most families cannot afford the college or university tuitions in order to send themselves or their children.

Take Stock That Wall Street Has Your Back, Stabbed

Think of the word capitalism and it’s meaning: “an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.” Sounds harmless but if you really define what that means, you only can come to the conclusion that it is a system to keep individuals and corporations wealthy. Thus if you are already wealthy, unless you are total dunce,  you can remain wealthy in this system, because there are no laws in a capitalistic society that enforces you to share your wealth. How do they shake up who remains wealthy and who doesn’t? The stock market. Another capitalistic game of greed. Capital defines money or property or some means of monetary value. To be a true capitalist is to be a person that worships money as their God.

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