Afterbite Reruns, Crawling out of the Sewers of Corruption

Updated September 20th, 2022

Parasites from Hades

It is obvious that the Global Terror Machine is being jumped started continuously in hopes of some momentum to fire the cylinders of the sputtering motor that is in complete need of an overhaul after the resultant buildup of heavy carbon that has stifled the motor’s rhythm and timing, back firing and spewing black smoke and finally stalling once again. Countless repeated kickstarts are utilized again and again, only to vainly stall and grind to a halt once again. This is judgement that is divine, above man’s so-called laws. Yet, the WEF and its snobby counterparts keep the propagation whirlwind spinning its distorted web of world domination. The mandates are pretty much toast in countries like Canada, where skeptics from the controlled opposition keep gaslighting the remainders of fears as in a corruptive Deja Vue that keeps blowing around in the winds of distain, isolated, abandoned by the WEF and billionaires, whose patients wore thin as to the monetary loss experienced because of their underestimation on that certain percentage of common folk resources, holding out, and not selling their souls (not taking the vaxx and/or testing) in order to keep their slave driven job. Granted, the majority fell for this idiocy, but as time went on, and they saw that the un-vaxxed were doing just fine and were in much healthier condition, started to hold out as well. Quite a few of the vaxxed kept testing, however, were not taking any more vaxxes. Has the WEF been scolded and “Slapped down”? Is it because their projections of world domination keep extending the schedule set by these greedy billionaires, as in, “just another six months and we will have these scummy masses begging at our feet for mercy”. But that six months came and went, came and went, again and again and again, until the profit margins of these blue-chip companies started to wane, bringing a number of billionaires to their knees, begging for the “business as usual” q-card to be raised. However, whilst waiting for this illusive q-card, and corporation CEO’s had to actually do some work, missing many key employees and executives that did most of the crucial work for them, who said, “stick that vaccine in your own arm” and took a vacation, CEO’s decided to abandon the WEF’s crazy world book of domination and dropped the mandates across the board.

No Time left for You, Because I’m Getting Sued

In any event, these mandates were never law, just under the table “suggestions” propagated through the legislative systems as if they were permanent rule, to fool the average Joe and Jane to think they were actual decrees. Thus, the employers held the cards whether to implement or trash at their discretion. And trash them they did when the government abandoned their vessels of litigation while disgruntled employees filed labor suit after labor suit against these companies who were abandoned by the very government that slung this propaganda across their corporate boardroom tables. What is their incentive to keep this manure machine slinging when they are liable to every Tom Doris and Jane who decides to sue? And suing they are. I know what you are thinking; most lawyers were on the side of the mainstream propaganda. But they are loyal to no one and will sell your ass down the river for a buck. Likewise, they will sell the government asses down the river just the same. And money they will receive, at 40% of the spoils. My suggestion is, to do it yourself first before you hire those shysters, unless all else fails. Lawyers were a huge part of the problem, sitting on their hands, for a price of course, telling everyone there is nothing you can do, just take the vaxx. But when the payments stopped coming in, they retaliated. Now, you are starting to see the effects of lawyers, guns and money in full force, chasing down all these perpetrators of “crimes against humanity”. Problem is, many of those lawyers could be just as guilty. So, choose a lawyer wisely; one that has not sold out to this giant pile of covid horse dung.

Monetary Toilets of Capital Displacement Courtesy of the World Banks

Ah yes, the world banks and Larry Fink. What are these Jewish owned banking cartels and conglomerates like Blackrock, Bloomberg and Vanguard doing now? They own all of the media and most blue-chip corporations as well as all of the small excrement-slap communities local Newsletters and Chronicles, dictating what can be published. Are they going to relinquish this control so Farmer John who was smart enough not to take the vaxx, can advertise his manure to other local farmers to fertilize their fields for next year’s crops before being bought out by Bill Gates who is in desperate need of hard assets before the Biden administration scares everyone to turn in their capital for these illusive bits and bytes of Biden Bucks? What everyone is forgetting is, that Biden Bucks are merely cryptocurrency subject to the same pitfalls as any other cryptocurrencies chosen for these bust and boom monetary displacements. And every shyster is in on the scam, even Brian Rose and his so-called Censorship Free Broadcasting shell company, London Real, now backed by shareholders who bought into his crypto & defi academies. That is how they will truly destroy the North American Economy or any other freedom orientated country. Get everyone scared enough to buy into these shyster bit currencies and flush it down the boom-and-bust Bill Gates Toilet of Carbon Distain. And faster than you can say Carbon Controls, you will be working for a fixed credit system with no chance of prosperity or ownership, just “a slave to the grind” in the true essence of the phrase; that is, if you were not depopulated first. You may ask, why don’t they just take money out of circulation right now and force everyone into these bit currencies? Because, if they did that, the economy would truly collapse and many of these hard assets that are not paid for yet, will be up for grabs on the world auction table, shifting the wealth to many differing faucets of new, uncontrolled ownerships, just pushing back the world domination plan decades. No, they need your compliance because they can control the outcome of your stupidity and enslave you permanently. For world domination to work, they have to catch all of the wall street rats into one hole and release the “Jack Russel’s” to clean house. The ones that have the wall street parachutes will elude this final squash of the world’s largest temple of wealth called “Wall Street”. Then, the “Free World” is truly done.

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