Our Soulless Journey to Abaddon

Many are so self absorbed and afraid to die. They scurry around with masks that cannot really save you from any virus let alone a fictitious virus. You know, like the fictitious evil prince that was stealing the fictitious fair princess in fable land from the fictitious white knight that our mommy or daddy read to us nightly to fall asleep and have, basically nightmares? Stories that really were engineered to cause fear and entertainment and finally happiness when the fictitious white knight saves the fictitious fair princess from the fictitious evil prince, if you stayed awake that long, which by design, you should have fallen asleep far before then, basically slumbering in fear. But can we blame the current undue hysteria and fear on mommy and daddy? Were you brought up in an orphanage? By foster parents, Aunt Harriet or Uncle Pete? Or were you one of the lucky ones that never heard a bedtime story? The fact is, if you went to sleep in fear every night because of a bogus bedtime story, you would most likely believe that this virus is real and trust the government that they are telling the truth and not trying to depopulate your ass from earth because you have been brainwashed by media, that the government is the white knight that is trying to save you from those evil conspiracy theorists trying to wake you up from your dead sleep of indoctrination. The hidden motto here is this; “ignorance is bliss”. The government wants you to revel in it, so much so, that they have had a non-stop fear campaign warning you how deadly this virus is and how you must trust and listen to the government and their ridiculous rules and guidelines designed to destroy small business and bankrupt everyone not in the Billionaire Club. The Billionaire Club consists of 1 percent of the population, which is about 80 million. If you read the Georgia Guide Stones, it states to keep the world population under 500 million. So who will be the other 420 million? It will be comprised of the best of the squalor, or better put, the millionaires and so on that will pay for the privilege to be a slave to the 1 percent scum. The highly educated individuals and talented artists of our so called murder culture. Will they keep all these bought off politicians, doctors and scientists that are lying through their teeth to get paid more money? It would be funny if they eradicated them after they accomplish what they want because they would receive their just desserts.

But the vaccines, yes the vaccines developed to keep you “safe” from this fictitious virus that sprung from fictitious origins, like bats and pigs by fictitiously evolutional leaps and bounds that decimate the laws of the Evolutional Theory written by Darwin. Vaccines developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses, tortured and dismembered while they were alive in order to increase the shelf life of these bloodied vaccines that you are lining up for like vampires looking for its next victims so you can preserve your own life at the expense of murdered babies. Yet, you still peer into your black mirror of vanity, getting pulsated by Fifth Generation millimeter waves that continue to make you sicker and sicker as you await the next vaccine developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses to keep yourself “safe” from realizing the truth and that you are as guilty as the scientist that butchered that live fetus in order to increase the shelf life of your vaccine that only alters your DNA and sets you up for easier depopulation by controlling your immune system to do nothing when attacked by any disease or poison. So roll up your sleeve in ignorance and you will be marked for Abaddon. The solution is easy. Reject these bloodied vaccines and save you own soul and encourage others to do the same. The Pope is not speaking for Christianity or Catholics that have rejected his unsound advice. The pope is obviously demented or compromised and should be removed from his position immediately. However, no matter what the Pope says or does, it does not make the murder of human life correct in any circumstance. He is a false Prophet in need of removal.

If you look into your heart, it will lead you to the correct destination. And if it leads you to a vaccine, then it was not your heart that led you there, it was your selfishness and fear. Time to step up and tell your governments to straighten out and do the will of the people, not the will of Satan. They work for us so if they cannot perform the job properly, then they should be removed from office with extreme prejudice and convicted. They are not doing their jobs and are in need of disciplinary action. We need politicians that are for the good of the people, not for the good of the elitists. Money means nothing if people reject its luster, and eventually, money will harbor no power over anyone smart enough to reject its temptation. If you lust for money, you are never free. When you die, money means nothing and has no power. It is you soul that carries you to you destination, not money. Money is paper tangible only to the material plain. It is designed to dominate and control, but not by actual chains, but by fictitious chains we place willingly on our self. As easy it was to place these chains, it is just as easy to remove them. So do not succumb to their lies and deceit of an open society that is safe. It is a closed society controlled by smart cities and surveillance made possible by the Fifth Generation dominance grid designed to keep the monetary chains of bondage upon you, leaving you no choice, other than euthanasia to remove them, ultimately. We have to drag them out into the light from their underground cities and bases, exposing them and their fables to the light illuminating their lies for what it really is, and only then, we can take back our freedoms and constitutions.

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