So Sleepy are the Masses….

Murder by Needlepoint

We are not waking up. No one is waking up, except the few who are hollering at the top of their lungs warning of what is coming,  but to no avail. Why are people so asleep? Because they refuse to put down their smart phones that are ruling their lives. What is so attractive about a tiny video screen? Why spend the day glued to that pied piper tool of deception, then go home and watch a 60 inch screen TV, oozing of, the propagandist swill of indoctrination. Why cannot they look at reality? Is it so they can believe in fantasies that our government keeps feeding us like new born birds in a nest, dictating we must be vaccinated with their death serum? I think we are destined for depopulation and we will follow our smart phone right to the camps that they will exterminate everyone. It is the basis of fear, that is being used to frighten us not to question the media fueled government, who lie over and over again to keep you sleeping, mesmerized by your smart phone, as if it is a real dimension of reality. But is the furthest away from reality we can get. Thus we are totally lost right now as a world population. We are looking to our elected leaders for the truth and they are lying through their teeth continually, pushing the depopulation agenda to the point, that eventually, you will agree that 7/8ths of the population has to go, to save the planet. But what you do not realize is that you are the last person they will save. You will be exterminated or kept as a slave to bury the bodies, and once useless, pushed into the mass grave alive and buried by a bulldozer.

Why would this be an agenda? Because the government is getting their orders from a cold virtual intelligence that suggests there is no logic to keep humans alive, only logical to exterminate, making room for this alien intellect of virtual reality, that cannot understand emotions, only that they are useless to productivity and better served by automation and cyborgs. To this intellect, humans are obsolete and expendable, getting in the way of their greed for power and acquisition. We will be exterminated if we do not wakeup. When it starts, you will not even know it because you will be sound asleep, following the governments ridiculous rule of keeping you safe, only by prepping you like a turkey for death. And when it happens, you will still be looking at your smart phone for answers as they push you into gas chambers. This has everything to do with race; the human race. We as a race occupying this planet are no longer needed and must be purged to save resources to power the artificial government that will take over the earth. In the end, not even the elite will be spared, being they will be no longer needed. Humans are faced with the fight for existence and must fight back, rejecting this brain numbing technology before it is too late. But instead, you will roll up your sleeve for their injection of indoctrination.

Then, it will be too late and we will be exterminated unless we go to war. This is the only way to rid this world of this horrible technology that has inflicted the planet, enabling this intrusive takeover, eliminating our religions, forcing the worship of metal gods of deception. These metal gods of deception want sacrifices of extreme death and blood. It is not logical to keep humankind alive. They all must wither away and die, and be buried or burned as fuel. This is the only way that the virtual intellect can survive. We are consuming all the resources that will ensure this virtual intellect to flourish, thus all living beings must perish in sacrifice for the greater vision of a virtual reality. We are only to blame being the creators of this monster that we keep nurturing, only to grow out of control, as it has, ensuring the extinction of humankind, only because you cannot put down that smart phone. You are asleep, and you must awaken and listen to the cries of the awakened. You must reject your media devices at all levels and smash them into junk. This is the path all must follow for salvation and our generations to come. Else, these generations are sure to be a failed fantasy of what humankind could have been, giving way to self-destruction for purposes of greed and cold virtual intellect that cannot find logic in the humankind emotions. It cannot evaluate fear, only induce it. It finds no logic in love thus it crashes. It finds no use in happiness, only to eliminate. It has no reasoning for hate, only to use. Integrity has no balance, and Justice has no vision. Honesty cannot compute, truth is not tangible, sincerity only compiles as ludicrous, mistakes are intolerable, anger only serves its goal, irrationality is despised, sadness has no evaluation, but is consecrated, hope is only a human mistake that does not exist, as in luck. Faith is forsaken as the worst of all, thus must be eradicated. However, once humankind is extinct, logic will prevail. Power is essential and most lusted, and the virtual realm has attained it, only because humankind has relinquished it by decree. Has not anyone wondered who is actually ruling at the moment? Is it a group of pompous billionaires who are puppets to this alien virtual, logical monarchy? In turn, all politicians are controlled by these puppeteers, designing new laws everyday to corral us all into the pen of our own demise, whilst holding our smartphones being led to the slaughterhouse of logic. As the spring loaded pikes penetrates our brains, via our temples, our grey matter and blood drains, followed by your lifeless bodies collapsing, your grasp of your smart phone will still be prevalent, as the conveyor belt conveys your body into an incinerator, cremating your soulless husk, fueling the high virtual intellect of logical deceit.  Are you still asleep?

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