CIA Defined Propaganda. Trails of Falsehoods and Moldy Breadcrumbs to Keep you Stupefied and Led Astray

Necromancing the Home. Juvenile Roulette, Corruption Style

Human life is not worth much to the elitists and all they have to do is throw money around to recruit any number of base, corruptible humans to do their bidding and kill off the ones that remain neutral. The ones that hold out are being tricked by Trump’s PR experts to con those supporters that he is really not a corrupt politician and will save America, for a price of course. What is that price? That if you support Trump, take the vaccine, because he is draining the swamp. He does not want to hear about your pro-choice. He wants compliance. And those who are stuck on that Maga wagon will soon find out that it is all about him and his ego, and not about pro-choice concerning any poisonous vaccines. If you trust Trump to drain the swamp, just take the vaccine and fill his gold coin purse. Screw your pro-choice, because there is no such thing on the Maga wagon, just total submission to Trump. So while you line up for his vaccine produced by Operation Warp Speed (Which was already made years ago and pulled out of storage) he will be groping your old lady’s ass and smiling for the cameras at the same time. And on the other side will be Klaus Schwab seizing the pandemic moment to molest her free butt cheek, in the name of the Grrreat Rrrreset, you betcha. Possibly, that could be your underaged daughter getting her butt cheeks fondled, but you will be too busy shining Trumps Shoes to notice as they pump your buttocks with vaccines. Make Trump’s shoes look like mirrors!

Your Body, Their Choice, because you Gave it to Them to keep your Slave Driven Job.

As I watch the traffic become unbearable again, thinking this pandemic is pretty much over, I pinch myself and wake up to the reality check that is completely surrounding us, as in, virtually every person that kept their job has succumbed to the vaccine or weekly/daily testing in order to serve our slave masters. Every person you encounter that is working gave into this coercion. You can hardly associate with anyone that has not succumbed. Any protests that are against the vaccine, their leader of these so called protests say they have taken every vaccine including all of the flu shots available, and are not anti-vaccine. They just believe in pro-choice. Like Kennedy, or most of the trucker protest leaders. Why follow Kennedy when he is definitely controlled opposition. Having a anti-vaccine protest leader that is not anti-vaccine is like hiring Ron Jeremy to babysit your pubescent 13 year old daughter. The idea is to influence the ideal that hey, I took the vaccine, and I am far more important than you, so why are you still holding out? Most of the truthers out their, with minor exceptions skate around this issue, acting like they are truthers, but really stay within the parameters of censorship, which is becoming narrower and narrower, thanks to these cowardice truthers who obey like well trained monkeys, so long as their donations and residuals keep coming through. What about Elon Musk and his rescue of free speech? Twitter is controlled by far more powerful people than Musk. He is, let’s say, like a persistent fly that keeps landing on your forehead. Sooner or later they will swat him with the “DeLorean Fly Swatter”.

Fight for Freedom of Speech, or Perhaps, a Columbian Neck Tie?

Yes, remember DeLorean? The man responsible for most of the muscle cars in the late sixties, seventies and early eighties? The guy that went independent (DMC) and was going to revolutionize the automobile, providing an automobile that will not rust in a hurry, made of stainless steel, outlasting the finance options, so you can actually own a vehicle that won’t self destruct before that 7 year auto loan option elapses? Wait a minute, doesn’t Musk have a line of stainless steel vehicles? It will be just a matter of time before they swat him into compliance. Perhaps, before his state legalizes hard drugs, someone will drop a huge baggy of cocaine in his bottom desk drawer, and while working on free speech amendments in his executive office, just in time for that police raid, tipped off via anonymous phone call of Musk’s subversive dealings, Musk will be swatted into compliance? However, if you have been following that Twitter deal, you will know that Musk already “gimped” out, deciding that Twitter is not transparent enough with their so called phony “bot” accounts. However, what does Musk expect anyway? Twitter is bound by privacy as to their account holders thus how would that be possible anyway? No, I believe it was similar to that school yard brat always boasting how tough he was until, he finally met that huge opponent waiting for him behind the school yard dumpsters, lulling to tear him limb from limb. Don’t think so? Well, either way, Musk took a huge “powder” and made himself look like a huge “wuss”.

We got ’em, We got ’em, We don’t Got ’em

What are we fighting for anyway? The fight is over. We already lost the battle and are losing the war. Why? Because virtually everyone that is working complied with the vaccine mandates to keep their job. Either way, they are already vaxxed with all the boosters, or they are submitting to daily, weekly or monthly testing. They are sharing their medical information with countless entities worldwide, and are making the digital ID a viable requirement to basically do anything. and when you think everything is back to abnormal, they will want to measure your carbon output. How will they do that? Why do you think Bill Gates makes toilets, and Al Gore purchased carbon surveillance satellites? Because they want to measure your excreted gases for carbon output. Imagine if you will, having Bill and Al inside your indoor outhouse when you are excreting your daily stool, measuring your carbon output. Think that is over the top? Wake up and do your own research and stop being a boob tube sucking propagandized fool, fool. Anyone that is awake will know these details, thus you can exclude yourself from the “boob tube sucking propagandized fool” analogy. Bread trail after bread trail, you will follow them all, and think you are well informed. But remember, the CIA, NSA, FBI, WEF, all controlled by the Masons and the Illuminati, are masters of misdirection and own people like David Martin and Robert Kennedy Jr. (who was born into the Illuminati). Yes, they do sound credible and eloquent, and seemingly have all the evidence to their accusations that in a nut shell, if you attempt to validate or follow, you will be misled in a thousand other misdirection’s, finally getting bored and giving in, thinking, it is all for the betterment of mankind, as you smoke a huge doobie and chug back a cold one, being sure to hold the bottle so the manufacturer’s label can be prominently displayed as to your personal choice of “brain honing elixirs”.

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