The Mogul of Trumpery and the Jester…

I wonder who they could be?

Clouds of deception roll out from Washington DC, as in to explain the current President’s actions inspiring impeachment. The distain of this influence is capturing a hoard of otherwise upright politicians, if there is such a thing, to do his bidding and run to his defense. Clearly, indoctrination knows no bounds and of course, the influence of monetized corruption has no limits and shows, everyone has their price. The master of manipulative maneuvering, saying this but, really saying that, disgracing anyone foolish enough to cross his path to ultimate power and destruction. A true “War Pig” in the offset of the public’s narrow sight, enabling this person to do damage far worse then any of his predecessors. The Jester, remember him? He was that long respected comedian that had fame and fortune. A black man that achieved what few men could, despite the environment of racial bigotry he rose from. Now, this man is despised and remembered as a sexual deviant, sexually accosting women, using his fame to seduce unsuspecting women into compromising sexual episodes. The timing of these accusations state it all. These accusations began just after the Jester warned the American public on national television, to shun the “The Mogul of Trumpery” as a possible presidential candidate. You were warned and did not listen. Now we have to put up with his manipulation and deceit. Power, that was the tool used to disgrace the Jester into shame and oblivion. Are any of these accusations true? Who really knows, and it really does not matter because of the media storm it created, taking the magnifying glass off the “The Mogul of Trumpery”, placing it upon the Jester that spoke out against him.

We have a Comedian in our Midst..

That is all history, and people will argue to the bitter end (gate keepers) that none of this is true. That the “The Mogul of Trumpery” had nothing to do with this and the Jester received his just desserts. Even if he somehow, the Jester, redeems his reputation, the deed has been accomplished. Are you scratching your head? Well if you are, you are indoctrinated to the ways of deceit and social engineering, social media style. It was on Half-T-Witter, so it has to be true. If talk shows run the tale of scandal, it has to be true. The “The Mogul of Trumpery” knows social media is powerful and is why he has recruited this tool for his basket of chicane. Gatekeepers keep the skeptics occupied, using ridicule and cyber-bullying to ward off bad public opinion. And of course, examples like the Jester would intimidate most people away from even thinking of contradicting this “Master of Menace”, the “Mogul of Trumpery”. Now the Jester is in prison, after losing his spouse, still making people laugh. Everyone the Jester encounters, he makes them feel his humor despite his plight. Because the Jester knows it is only a game. “The Mogul of Trumpery” continues to destroy and corrupt everything he touches. He disparages need and mistrust between the sexes, jealous of marriages that have real devotion, something he cannot achieve in his quest for top chatelaines of that particular decade after adolescence. One would only see a mirror reflection of “The Mogul of Trumpery” if they were to look upon their own “Demons”. Demons that reside in all of us and is why “The Mogul of Trumpery” can smear his propaganda pabulum and hate between the sexes, using the want and greed of others, who would prevaricate for any amount of money, or fifteen minutes of fame. It is the success of his own personal endeavors that betray the calumniated.

Jester’s Power of Humility

Yet, the Jester lives on, only to make people laugh, spreading his humor as a way to cope with the backbite, because the Jester knows indeed, the source to his malign. What is the purpose of this liaison? There is not really an answer other than greed for power and money, control. A catastrophic future is unfolding and the “Mogul of Trumpery” is the tool of our destruction, destroying our minds, bodies and spirits. The Jester, well be known to slavery and bigotry, stemming from generations before, will attempt to tell a joke or dispel the oppression inflicted by the “Mogul of Trumpery”. Out of humility comes victory. No amount of prevacation can diminish a truly humiliated spirit and they will rise up and conquer. Is this why the Jester still attempts to get laughs from whomever will listen? Is it because he knows the “Mogul of Trumpery” is really the person in bondage, captivated by ideals of control and destitution of spirit? Would the Jester still attempt to make the “Mogul of Trumpery” laugh despite his spiteful persecution? Most likely he would and could afford a laugh or two. But this remains to be a classic struggle that has plighted humanity since the beginning of time. With nothing left to loose, the Jester will remain in his cell until release or death, only to tell a tale of humor to anyone in his vicinity. As he remembers all of whom he gave laughter to, over the years of his fame and fortune, will it help him through the stagnant times bound to occur during his time spent? Or will he await his final judgement at heaven’s gate and afford a laugh or two while ringing the bell. As interview after interview is attempted over the phone, thus to distort the Jester’s voice and charisma, censorship details the restrictions over the press, reporters or medias, forbidding visits face to face in which all prisons allow. The “Mogul of Trumpery” will have anyone believe that the Jester has no rights, yet as the constitution would read, if anyone took the time to look at this ancient document, that the Jesters does have rights and his voice should be heard with clarity. But the “Mogul of Trumpery” would obviously be worried that people would listen and believe, and possibly be amused from what the Jester would have to say. But there would be no such courage afforded by the “Mogul of Trumpery”…

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