Pandemic Blues. Fictitious in Nature, but Never Forgotten

Inside Pandemic Blues Scale in the Key of “eh?”

As the Covid 19 narrative crumbles at its slip-shod foundations, only held up by the ever waning PCR/Antigen testing, that is losing its credibility among the vaxxed and brainwashed, the Globalists are slamming their terror machine into reverse, grinding some gears in attempt to circumvent the reality that is bursting their illusive bubble of world domination. Because the variants are failing to produce the fear level needed to keep this illusive terror machine chugging, desperation psyops are popping up left and right in order to keep the virus (germ) theory afloat as to administer “damage control” to the devastated Global Movement that is abruptly grinding to a halt. Truckers are protesting the waning insane restrictions and mostly, the vaxx pass, that was pretty much doomed once Boris Johnson pulled the plug on that agenda almost a month ago. So why are the truckers zooming into the capitals now? I thought, when you have a Calvary, it is used to break holes in the offending army to allow the foot soldiers, (the grunts) a clear path into the battle field to gain a foot hold? Not in this case however, because the Calvary has charged in once the battle has been sure to be won. I guess that strategy guarantees that you will not sustain damage to the “money portion” of the army. However, I cannot stop wondering why the so called “Trucker Calvary” retreated last fall in our time of need when countless foot soldiers were being slaughtered (losing their jobs), at least the ones that had the grit to stand against the bogus mandates and not play into the corporate coercion that was clearly illegal. Remember the movie “Brave Heart”, when the Calvary was paid off to retreat, allowing Brave Heart’s army to be destroyed? What made it worse is they let Brave Heart and his army “think” they were going to charge in and at the last moment, took a strategic powder, just like the Truckers did, last fall of 2021. How do I know? Because I lived the betrayal, literally. However, better late than never, to take advantage of these unsuspecting “grunts” and capitalize off their donations that are in the millions, making someone rich because I am not seeing any of this money floating back to people that have “really” lost their jobs. And the supply chain…hmm, what is happening to that at the moment? Perhaps being sodomized by the globalist supply chains that are assuming the broken domestic supply chains forfeited by this untimely (late) trucker charge in to protest? Brilliant!

Full Diagonal Pandemic Blues Scale in the key of “Duh!”

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only are they capitalizing on our stupidity and our immature need to have someone “save the day”, like this bogus trucker movement that is just a strategic decimation of domestic supply chains, they are promoting the germ theory as the dominant wild card of their strategic withdrawal of the vaxx pass (more likely placed on the back burner) to wean themselves into the Spars Pandemic, which is just a few short years away according to John Hopkins Foundation, which was just another “Event 201” planned stratagem to make us all fearful of viruses that are non-existent, as in biologically purified as proof of existence. The roots of this plandemic run so deep and the players are numerous as to infiltrate even the truth movement that 1 out of every 3 alternative media channels are working for the “plandemic man” as in to keep everyone’s eyes off the ball as in what they are really doing. Because this plandemic is the main distraction from the “Great Reset”, asset acquisition, the infernal harmful effects of 5 and 6 G, and bio-digital convergence. This is the elitist’s path to total domination and world control. The best stratagem in a war is to control both sides, as amply demonstrated in the 2nd world war, thus guaranteeing victory as to implement the very thing that everyone was misdirected in believing who were fighting against some common evil. The extermination of the Jews was endorsed by both sides as to prosper on the slave labor camps and there are always just enough order followers to carry out their dualistic motivations. And now, the multitudes of death produced by the experimental vaxx and the fear of a non-existent virus that produces unconstitutional practices, sacrificing our illusive freedoms. I hate to break that to anyone reading because we never had any real freedoms, just duties with minimal free time to purchase a multitude of product jettisons brought to you by the “Corporation of the Conglomerated”.

A Major Pandemic Blues Scale in the key of “C-on-voy”

However, you will never convince anyone that these truckers are not sincere in their endeavors because most of them actually believe in the lie. Protesting around the world has a familiar tone. Never get violent and always remain peaceful. They are not creating much of an impact because they are being controlled by shills promoting the virus (germ theory). The community that does not believe in the germ theory are placed in the reeds by personalities like Del Bigtree, who is endorsing the virus as an actual biological weapon by promoting scientists (Geert Vanden Bossche) that have worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. More distractions and not one utterance that this could be possibly related to 5G and 6G radiation exposure which is well known to cause flu and cold like symptoms in saturated areas where EMF radiation is prevalent. I took a drive around my community several times and found that 5G elements were installed on top of our regional hospital rooves, on top of nursing homes, old folk rental facilities and condos. Large 5G towers are placed in residential areas and near clinics. These elements can be seen you in your own community if you just open your eyes and take a looksee. Pretty soon if not already, you will be staring at one every 500 feet in your local communities emitting intense EMF radiation everywhere you go. But don’t worry, if you get sick, just call it Covid 19 and take all the vaxxes and their boosters, and who knows, perhaps you will live another year closer to the Spars Pandemic.

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