Carnival Train Ride to Wholesale Murder, Passage is Free, But your Life ain’t Worth Slaver.

Environmentalists are “applauding some of the measures put forth from the North American government, and the world, since the covid-19 influenza flu bug, for a greener world, however certain environmentalists by no means are for the “little guy”. Who are these entities that slither in and out of festivals like RIO-20 and other proprietary events promoting a green world and de-population? It makes one wonder why any environmentalist group would even endorse 5G technology and push the fear mongering of covid-19 that has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, less lethal then the common flu. The radiation levels that 5G inflicts on the population will certainly be far more lethal than the limp, covid-19 virus. Why has the world centralized its concentration on North America? Because propaganda suggests that North America is the greatest polluter on this earth. This is certainly not the case and many other countries, like China and India, contributes more then their share of pollution to the Earth. It all boils down to is one unequivocal result, de-population. Of course environmentalist groups would love to see this, as long as they are not the ones de-populated. Almost anyone would love this except, who will be killed and who will be saved is another story no one thinks about, as long it is not them. It is like three people in a vault with limited oxygen and one has to die in order for the greater good of the other two, but who will die? Naturally, it would be the weakest of all three that would most likely perish. Politically incorrect as it may seem, how else would this play out? Only, in the visions of madness as seen through the ambitious environmentalist, the greedy ones that is, two of the three would have to die for the greater good of the one.

Zoom in on the statue of liberty, it shows the torch not lit and writing that states: “liberdade para poluia” translated as “Freedom to Pollute”  and a Greenpeace sign stating: “por mundo verde e justo” translated to “for a green and fair world” Propaganda certain environmentalists spread around about North America to the third world is causing hate and prejudice towards the western continent. You can be relatively sure that our present turmoil is seeded from events (RIO+20) like these, endorsed by political entities like Gore and Clinton, which in itself, is an act of treason to USA and genocidal to the rest of the world only focusing on depopulation.

People have a natural instinct to live; therefore everyone will strive for survival, killing the weak and helpless that may be in their path, if a revolution begins. How do you create weak and helpless people? You starve them and strip them of their money, property and dignity. Then they will eventually perish by suicide, starvation or simple restriction to basic health care. Seems similar to what is happening right now with this pandemic, creating weakened masses, mentally and physically, bankrupting them with unnecessary unemployment by eliminating their employers (small business), forming an enforced boycott against free enterprise and small businesses, similar to the Nazi’s boycott to Jewish business during the holocaust. Many countries in this world are experiencing this because of this boorish, self centered, criminal lock down imposed by our new global government who do not give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves. That is happening because the trends were suggesting that small business was gaining momentum, personal real estate was climbing in value, people were borrowing less and putting more money away which all gives less and less power over the people in general. So now the ruling elite, governed by the global cabal will push us back to the edge of poverty and massive control, with 5G technology and propaganda as in “Covid-19”. Rumors of detention centers with train access in the USA are being told. Is Covid-19 the new Star of David? Could our leaders have this strength to commit genocide? Or is it an monetary influence that they cannot resist because of fear and greed? Or is it a giant contra-conspiracy to keep Trump in office.

Like the rumored Covid-19 detention centers for people that are infected by covid-19, or more likely because they simply refuse this dangerous vaccine, awaiting their passage to wholesale murder by rail? A picture of the Hungarian Jewish Detention Center

So now, the house of pandemic cards is weakening, and certain democrats have openly shown their totalitarian autocracy, promoting a one world government. Is this the case for all of the democratic party? Not likely, however if you go along simply to avoid opposition, you are guilty of passive negligence. Democrats on the whole, are clearly on the same page environmentally as to depopulation, or more subtly put as written in the Lockstep publication, authored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Ties to the Georgia Guides Stones and Ted Turner would be obvious to the advocacy given to the democrats via CNN, founded by Ted Turner who was one of the visionaries that produced the Georgia Guidestones, and in turn, Gore and Clinton, who are the powerful political lobbyists, influencing most environmental movements for the last 20 years. All of this gives Trump a “get out of jail free card” as to the impeachment when clearly, the majority of Americans want him out of office. This is a catastrophe to the USA because Trump too, is an advocate for absolute rule of power. He is endorsing the same package of monocracy reflected through his fascist Mexican border wall and his advocacy to “operation warp speed” that will enforce vaccines on the masses which will alter your DNA (mainly to disguise the radiation damage caused by 5G saturation). Will these injections contain micro-chips for tracking and behavioral modification, embedding into your tissues? If you refuse this vaccine, your segregation may indicate the purpose. There are no boundaries that Trump and the democrats haven’t purged during this sleepy pandemic, and both party’s willingness to endorse 5G as a safe technology, making both parties strange bedfellows, sleeping with the telecommunication barons who have corrupted most of the environmentalist groups with massive bribes and payoffs, or controlling interest acquired at a stock market level. Environmentalist groups are ignoring the damaging radiation caused by 5G because of their monetary ties to the elitists. The “Green Movement” of the last two decades have simply accelerated the consumption and damage to the environment. It would seem we, the masses, are being blamed for the elitist’s stupidity and greed.

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