We are on a Hiatus, But we Have More at the South Gillies Hound

We continue our message as always and there is ore to come on this site. There is plenty to read here, and there will be more. In the Meantime, checkout southgillies.ca (The South Gillies Hound).

The South Gillies Hound attempts to give a more citation type reporting of current events and stories. However, because many mainstream stories are so ridiculous these days (last 3 years), it will be hard to distinguish between what is real news or satiric. There is wealth of ridiculous news spreading like manure everyday so this will be brought to your attention. If you prefer the mainstream media as your source of information, then, God Help Ya!

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Subscription is Closed Again Due to Hackers and Hijackers

Don’t you just love the internet now! Filled with advertising, redirects, popups, phoney product virus downloads, maliciousness, stupidity and general mental retardation. No subscriptions allowed and  all inactive accounts are deleted. If you need to contact us, please use the contact form. Thank You and sorry for the inconvenience.

Subscriber Option now Reopened

We have reopened our subscriber option. So if you are inclined, please subscribe. Be cautioned however; if you use a email address that is  linked to any or all of the blacklists, we will delete your account. We have zero tolerance to spamming, hacking, or whatever you like to call this practice. Please use a clean, valid email address.

To all that had current subscriptions and a valid email attached, all your passwords were reset and you may of received an email informing you of the change. To all that had no valid email attached, the account was deleted. We apologise for any inconvenience this may of caused. To reset your password go to the login page and select reset password.

Pingback Disabled

This update is to regrettably inform everyone that comments through pingback/trackback will no longer be allowed. I apologize to anyone that would use this feature sincerely. Thus far, we have found no comments that have followed our comment policy. See the About Page.

Please check back for updates. Possibly in the future we will open comments but for now, please contact us using the contact page.

Comments Through Trackback

We appreciate any comments, but if it is not attached to a valid website, email or some other verifiable identity information, it will be deleted. Sorry.

If you want to be anonymous, you still have to allow a track back to your source and it must be non-commercial and identifying. Thanks. Please read the about page.

When we are confident that we are not under attack by any spam artists, we will re-open our comment feature. Until then, you will have to use the trackback feature. There are plenty of explanations on the internet how to use these features.

If found that we get consistently spam related trackbacks or pingbacks, we will disable this feature as well. Remember, if really want to join this site, or have questions? Go Here.


Spammers Scammers and the Woe they Inflict

This site is under attack by spammers. The lowest form of internet scum known to the planet. If you are redirected to an adobe site, do not click anything, just close your browser, clear your temp files and cookies, then try again. I apologize on behalf of the spammers because I am sure they really do not mean to hurt anyone, that is if they had half a brain in their head other then GREED.

We have also disabled subscriptions temporarily. If you really want to subscribe, then contact us using the contact form, “Contact Heuristic of the Scree”. We will evaluate your email integrity and will contact you if this email address is valid and clean.

A foot note when sites go through this nonsense: spam@fightspam.gc.ca used to be a great outlet to forward your spam, however they blocked this from happening, becoming yet another useless government entity collecting a pay check from our tax dollar. And yes, we do work, but that is our day job. The ISP has very little empathy for you, especially if you are independently administering and editing your web server and sites. They figure you are getting a free ride. A free ride? I pay the ISP monthly for the service and more for the static IP. I most likely pay more then most commercialised small businesses for my connection and am doing this for artistic output and not necessarily money. In fact I am pretty sure it is not for money and if it was, I would not continue because of the little brainwashed accountant in my head asking, “WTF? Are you crazy?”We could give all sorts of “noble” excuses and reasons why, but it would be just “excuses”. It is done because we hate commercialism and the futile side effects it force-feeds upon society with their brainwashing campaigns. We will irenically foray any entity that bases their existence on domination and greed.   Thank You.


We have deleted many subscriptions (95%) due to using email addresses that were linked to spam lists. We apologise to anyone that was in this category however the site synopsis should be clear. If you are still interested in subscribing, then use a clean email address (Go here to test your email address).