The Grand Illusive Mass Malpractice of Genocide

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The illusion of the Covid-19 spillover phenomenon correlates with the lockdown of non-evasive ventilators. Testing for this virus is similar as to test for radiation poisoning, amplifying a discarded cell’s RNA sequence for a similar pattern to the Covid-19 RNA pattern, or the RNA pattern of a cell after radiation. Logically, if they were looking for a virus, the easiest and most logical place to look is in the blood. This raises the question of what will the blood actually show and what is the implication they do not want lab technicians to discover? Possibly more evidence of cell damage from radiation? Dead bodies are handled in no special way other than wrapping (sealing) the bodies in plastics and burying them the traditional way or mass grave sites. This directly contradicts the so called contagion possibilities, creating toxic graveyards? Clearly a contradictive and “cheap” solution to disposal where the family, whom is going broke from unemployment, will be burdened with the “extra” expense anyway. Seriously, this would be a comedy if it was not tragically real. In the most basic interpretation, it is categorized as “denial of coherent medical treatment”, malpractice on a massive scale, creating more deaths to be labeled as Covid-19 related. Under the government’s sinister direction, every hospital in the world, have “hidden” their non-evasive ventilators saying they would spread Covid-19. But the WHO says it is not airborne. So how would a non-evasive ventilators spread Covid-19? Simply put, it does not because it is contained with a mask and the person is simply being assisted to breath. Being 2 meters away from the patient or even in another room certainly does not violate the current safe- distancing conditions. Further, the possible generated mist is or can be filtered. Non-invasive ventilators can be used for hypoxia conditions, monitoring and adjusting the amount of oxygen that your tissues are absorbing during respiration, not ventilation. This modified treatment could be used for people breathing in patches of air that the oxygen has been absorbed by 5 G radiation. Clearly because the respiration method allows the lungs to operate on their own, preventing lung damage. When introduced to air with insufficient oxygen, an organism will go into a hypoxia state, severe lack of oxygen, commonly known as the Death Zone in mountaineering..

In the most basic interpretation, it can be viewed as malpractice on a genocidal scale, denying proven basic medical treatment. This is no belter then the Nazi’s and their experimental ways to exterminate a race, finding the most efficient and cost effective ways to murder the human race and dispose of the bodies (mass burial). Because hospitals have “hidden” their non-evasive ventilators makes all hospital administration personnel liable. In the picture below, the patient’s breathing is contained with a mask or helmet, simply being assisted to breath, maintaining inflation or respiration of the lungs.
Does this look uncontained? How does this contained assisted breathing spread Covid-19?

Being socially distanced from the patient or even in another room certainly should be more than adequate, even to the WHO’s changing standards that seem to fluctuate to place further fear into people, pushing them back behind their masks, staying at home. Is the picture above inspiring Trump’s comical idiocy suggesting everyone to wear space suits as protection, or is he as ignorant to the real implications of the mass malpractice he is endorsing by locking down the public, small businesses and the idiotic modifications and layoffs inflicted on hospitals and their staffs? Trump and Trudeau are gutting our health care systems. So free health care will be a thing of the past in Canada and will be even worse in the USA. But you cannot complain because you are letting it happen by being glued to your phone and TV, thinking there is an actual reason to forfeit your basic fundamental liberties (that even the main stream media is starting to complain about), believing (indoctrinated) in a phony pandemic.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, New York ICU Doctor suggested that the non-invasive ventilators could be used in a modified way to treat patients experiencing this “new” form of hypoxia. Health organizations mandated the non-use (Now illegal?) of non-invasive ventilators, where the treatment was enforced as to the invasive ventilation treatment. The invasive ventilation treatment requires a hole cut into the patient’s throat for a tube that assists ventilation/respiration via this thin tube. Could this invasive action of cutting a hole into ones throat when your lungs are caving inwards already cause even more chance of death? Non-invasive ventilators assist in the inflation of your lungs but can be modified as a respirator if the lungs are clearly working, just providing oxygen.

Now, they want auto companies to make new non-invasive ventilators when many reputable medical companies have already perfected the manufacture of non-invasive ventilation machines. This is most likely to avoid conflict to the dictation of how these new non-invasive ventilators will be made, and more importantly when they are made which obviously will not be immediate. However complicated this seems, it is really not hard to see what is happening. Fear is destroying everyone’s will to look at the obvious. Covid-19 is radiation poisoning from 5 G radiation. The supposed manufactured Covid-19 in a Wuhan lab is an old virus called Coronavirus, Chimera (animal virus), or simply, the common cold as described in medical encyclopedias. What strain of Coronavirus is Covid-19? It is a replicated resultant virus that could contain hypoxia related RNA sequences, that are purposely being falsely called ARDS. the common cold RNA sequences, influenza (flu) RNA sequences, and fever RNA sequences. RNA sequences are found through an amplification process of your cell’s RNA, DNA, a common diagnostic procedure used for people that were exposed to moderate or high levels of radiation. Because of the more gradual radiation exposures of 5 G radiation, it has to be amplified several times to get a similar RNA sequence to be evident. The Boston Medical Department in 1917 could not prove contagion of the Spanish Flu. This could be the very reason they do not test the blood and strongly discourage fluid exchange to healthy subjects for testing contagion, because it is not contagious by blood or fluids. Even if you ended up with this manufactured virus in your system, it is highly doubtful you would get sick at all. As an airborne virus, it is simply ludicrous. Thus one could ponder that zoonotic viruses exist and can miraculously jump from specie to specie (Bat, pig, human) accelerating Darwin’s theory of evolution as in the so call sketchy Spillover Infection. This phenomenon is based on theory and cannot be proven. So why are we believing unproven theories? Why are all major pandemics declared in the same years of every major electrification (RF radiation) change? Believe it or not, the facts support the Electrification Hypothesis, so why are you ignoring them and hiding under that ridiculous paper face mask? Even if you believe this Covid-19 is a virus that is contagious, it is not at all warranting the current lockdown. Watch this Video. It shows the low fatality rates found in California and the rest of the world.

Let us crunch some numbers. Even if the worse case scenario shown in Event 201, deciding that a projected 65 million people may die comes to pass. On a planet of 7 billion people plus, it is less than 1% of the population (and it will be the wrong 1 percent guaranteed, not the rich), meaning overall, you have a 99% chance of survival even if you catch this so called Zoonotic Virus. So why are you afraid to leave your home? You have 99% chance of survival at worst, so get up and open your dammed businesses now. If you work, go to your city hall and pressure your mayor to open the city. If everyone did that they would have to stop this ridiculous charade led by the Pirate of Silly-Conned Valley. Bill Gates and all of his counterparts are conning you out of your future. By the time they are done, you will either be dead, homeless on the street or in so much financial debt, you will never recover, losing any possible legacy you could of passed on to your children for generations. The UK openly flaunts the Coronavirus symbol and a 5 G tower radiating on their currency.

Look closely at he tower and crown circle symbolism on the right of the bank note

Everyone on the planet is getting electrified, excreting the Covid-19 signature virus from their poisoned tissues and cells caused by 5 G radiation. The more intense (density) of available, utilized commercial 5 G service in large suburban, highly populated areas (like New York state), the higher (more intense) the 5 G radiation is present, therefor the more critical number of noticeable symptoms of radiation exposure. We all have Covid-19. There is not one organism on this planet that will escape this radiation, and certainly does not warrant the current pandemic, which is just a cover to steer your attention away from the real cause of Covid-19, which is simply, radiation sickness from 5 G radiation (electrification). Would you rather be a free person at risk, or a safe, dominated slave under your master’s whip? WAKE UP!!!

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