Slave to the Commonwealth of Hypocrisy

Welcome to the Bungle by: Punks and Hosers

We can always count on backlashes from the brainwashed when we attempt to be different or free. If we state something a bit different than the status quo. De-Faced Book is the medium that this philosophy shines through in full colors. In basics, people will not share or acknowledge anything that may seem off the beaten path of indoctrination. And if you do or post something that goes against the grain of there comfort thought zone, the gatekeepers come out of the woodwork to dispel and ridicule until you fall into their catechize zone, to get re-educated back to brain numb 101. Then everything will be fine and they can all go back to sharing idiotic trivia and nonsense. It may seem rebellious, but remember, rebellion is the predictable resultant of how to control the masses 101. If you rebel in a open and flamboyant way, as in sharing something idiotically rhetorical, you are well within the program and they can keep you in line and under surveillance. Most people will only touch the edges of this controlled rebellion as to stay within their comfort thought zone, as in not to get ridiculed or pressured into deleting or reversing their post. Centered out is the weaponeer they use because no one likes to be centered out and made to look like a fool. Myself, I retaliate if I am inflicted by a gatekeeper. I love to put them into their place. But it is funny because all the indoctrinated people the gatekeepers maintain under control come to their rescue and make you feel as if you over-reacted or misunderstood. But do not fall for that because you were right on in your assessment. Should you back off and let them have their way? Delete the post? Not a chance. Leave it there in its entirety as an example. It will be some time before they challenge your thoughts again. However, that post will be quarantined as in, a pile of dog dung on the sidewalk, and the brainwashed will simply walk around it and ignore. What does this say for the populist? Not Muckin’ Fuch. 

Fools Shout by: Malice Blooper

We as a society are controlled more then anyone realizes. You may think you are free, but the fact that you think you are free, is proof you are a brainwashed slave to the establishment. You are not free and never will be. Let us get that straight in the offset. If you at all read this blog and take it in sincerely, you know this and is why you keep on reading. Freedom is an allusive tool the one percent of society use to keep you enslaved to your job, thinking that you will be rewarded for you sacrifice because you are working for some multi-billion dollar franchise for minimum wage. Even if you make more than minimum wage and are part of a union, your extra level of money will be sucked away faster then you can say “payroll deduction”. So how do we win? Sacrifice, as in rejection of establishment and greed. If you work for your money, that means you have integrity. But this does not mean you have to be a moron. If everyone in the working society “woke up”, rebellion would start. But not an open, foolish rebellion, a silent underlying rebellion that would take the establishment from the inside. No need for any violence, just eradication of the greedy and the power hungry. They would all fit in the established prisons just fine with room to spare. You Boob Tube, De-Facedbook, Half t-Witt-er, etc are now totally controlled by the establishment and commercialism. I never thought I would have seen this day so soon, but it transitionally happened between 2017 and 2020. Yes, they have assumed control, they have assumed control, they have assumed control. And why? Because of greed and our brainwashed need  for money and indoctrinating education received daily from commercialism. My advice to you is to delete you De-Facedbook account, cancel your Cable, Media or programming subscription  and read a printed book.

Magic Carpet-Bagger Ride by: Stepford Milf

In the distant past, revolutions came to pass and in most cases, never really succeeded. These revolutions however were surrogated by agencies like the CIA or KGB, or like clandestine establishments with goals of overthrowing existing reigns of power, mostly for the purposes of seizing oil or resources. These are not true rebellions or even revolutions. These were manipulated masses fooled to think they should rebel for democracy, only for the purposes of someone else’s greed, nothing more. If you have followed any of these so called revolutions, police actions, or invasions as purposes to free an oppressed society, you have seen that these people are in no better position, and in some cases impoverished more as an resultant of these actions. Oppressed even more. But lest we forget, Jed “Two Gallon Hat” Barnsworth and his acres of dried up oil wells in Texas, wildcatting for more holes to drill, his interests would most likely turn to the Middle East, lobbying the corridors of the Pentagon to invade Iran and like places so he can carry on his “Daddy’s” oppression inflicting journey to remain filthy rich. It is nothing more than this and far less mysterious then supposedly oppressed societies that in reality, are nowhere near oppression. Oh, wait a cotton pickin’ minute (Excuse the racial slur phrase depicting cotton picking slaves). What about all those oppressed women that are married to these Middle Eastern Tyrants who treat them like slaves, forcing them to take care of their families. Oh my god, what can we do. We cannot have women in foreign societies not acting like cavalier, strident, odious, North American Women with their self-appointed right to abort fetuses and because they were once oppressed housewives taking care of their families, founded new rights to be tyrannical greedy bitches, just like their husbands were, before the feminist’s movement. Somehow, this does not fit today because most of those women in North America that did actually take care of families full time are in their seventies, in retirement homes where their daughters put them, so they do not have to deal with the burden their mother carried for them, whilst they were growing up. However, men of today are even more disappointing because they just let the female species get away with this behavior all in the hopes of getting laid. Now, if that ain’t brainwashing, nothing is and I am wrong, not. You see, I am not a chauvinist. I think men and women are equally brainwashed.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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