We are the Chump-Peons, of the World…

Psychiatric Care in a Vacuum, Covid Free, Environmental Breakdown

We are still running into the cloakroom of that certain childhood school we imagine in our indoctrinated minds, clinging to the teachers dress, or at least, if that teacher was a female, or a transsexual, which of course may still be wearing a dress. Perhaps it is a male teacher that like to cross-dress, of just a heterosexual male wearing trousers, or perhaps a female teacher wearing trousers, which would never be portrayed on any episode of “Little House on the Prairie”. But, when I was in grade school, nuns were starting to wear dresses instead of dark cloaks and certainly if we were frightened, we would all run into the cloakroom where the teacher would be standing, usually female with a dress and cling to her skirt, which, in those conservative days of apparel, could never be confused with the infamous “mini skirt” worn by those crazy hippies and beatnik girls dancing around in Hippie Cafe’s and Go-go bars. As my mind attempts to remain conservative, and say that most of those Go-go Bars were not strip clubs with naked beatniks dancing in human sized suspended birdcages, with an array of working class men drinking and gawking, getting cheap thrills from the exploited spectacle of female over-exposure, designed to keep them spending money they did not have to become drunk and horny. But that is how we are led astray and certainly, things have become far more sophisticated and virtual in method, as to keep even the perverts, safe from human contact that may contract a biologically produced virus, that has never been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt, but exploited as real to keep the masses (dumb ones) trapped into indoctrinated misconceptions and not challenge the science, that subject they never paid attention to in school anyway, and mostly slept through the lectures. We are mostly products of our environments that have been molded by the so called “Experts of Societal Behaviors” whose goals were primarily fueled by one corporation or another, to suck away any loose change you may have left in your pocket after payday. Handed down from generation to generation of televised minded indoctrinates, clueless to the reasons of their mindless compliance, but willful as to the allusive transitional traditions that are molded and remolded by our purse strings.

Surrogates of Subjection in a Vacuum, Influencers of Influenzas and other Miscellaneous Fear Tactics and Mediums.

I was always a quiet person in my youth and tried to grasp my feelings of betrayal that I felt on a daily basis, that really had no material basis. I could not point my fingers at anyone specific, but could always certainly smell a rat in the vicinity, who were really infiltrated gatekeepers of control. Of course, you would never be really sure who they were and in the most part, they were in positions that one would never suspect that they were actually CIA operatives, or Agents of Fortune. Perhaps a girlfriend or two I dated boasted about their father’s connections with the Imperialistic and wealthy Communities of the country, telling tales of his random visits with the Queen of England no less and how this father would have inexhaustible amounts of money to gamble and spoil her rotten with clothes and ballet tutu’s, featuring memories of how they would model these tutu’s in private for their father during their infrequent periods at home with mom out shopping for groceries. Some women I met as a young adult would tell me bedtime stories of how their father exploited and sold them as children, and their encounters with their uncles who seduced them into compromising situations. One would have to think that they were fairly naïve and would wonder if these girls and women were actually telling the truth. However, the truth comes out, even if the person has to tell someone who has never been directly involved socially with the particular family and having a volatile relationship track record, would be sure to self-destruct any future encounters that may have been possible, Jim. In these days of mass deception, being that, the old “tricks and grifts” do not yield the same results anymore, they have pulled out all the stops and will deceive anyway possible, not to worry about the contradictive con they may pull in a weeks time, just that you were conned for that small period of time. Like the germ theory, these deceptive clouds of distain float around and infect anyone stupid enough to listen, sprouted by a many number of communicative devices, leading you down the garden path of self destruction. That is the name of the game, seduced by the ballads of depopulation.

Mass Murder, in a Vacuum, Celebrity Whistleblower Hollywood Squares, the Genocide Addition.

I would say, it is safe to state, that they have grifted 70 to 80 percent of the world population, and most people that still wear masks outside when they do not have to, have swallowed the whole blue pill of brain hone. You see some that will not wear masks at all but seems a rare occurrence, at least where I come from. But that indication alone encourages these political scum bags to continue their mass murder. Anyone that survives the vaxx, will be bio-digitally converged, waving their rights to being human and their inalienable rights they were born with, meaning you, as a bio-digital slave will have waved your rights by allowing them to inject you with mRNA modification, branding you as their intellectual property (please see this article here). But Robert Malone and other “celebrity whistleblowers” are effectively conning you that it is actually an mRNA/eugenics vaccine and that it is a leaked bioweapon created by rogue elements of the army and governments in Wuhan China, and secretly in different military facilities in the USA. Meanwhile, they are working secretly on another vaccine to cure you from this fictitious blunder. The only problem is, you have been converted into a bio-digital slave and you have waved your rights as a human being. In other words, they are far from done.

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