Amphigory of the So Called Mercantile Intelligentsia

B.L.O.W.- Bikers Love Oppressed Women

We see it everyday, evidence surfacing with every youth on the street as to the damaging philosophy of “do nothing and get paid to do so”. We are teaching in our school systems that you do not have to work, only scam your way to the top. Who can be the most affluent grifter, as to talk other people out of their hard earned dollars, so you can sit on your fat ass and smoke legal marijuana and drink your favorite, brain honing elixir. You think I am exaggerating? Just take a look at your offspring, the one with the pink hair and several piercing in her nose, covered with tattoos. Who will hire her? I am pretty sure most legitimate businesses will place her resume on the bottom of the heap. Sooner or later, she will end up on disability because she has been deemed as unemployable and will become yet another useless member of society, starting her prostitution career because let’s face it, disability or welfare just does not pay enough to remain stoned and drunk  during the whole month. Thus, that is what she will do to make her ends meet, pacifying her addictions and illicit interests, performing fellatio  on her favorite group of “Son’s of Anarchy” posers. Ah, but you think that just does not happen, a young underage female under a table, performing oral sex on multiple bikers who are drinking beer and playing poker. Nah, you say. I am just exaggerating again. But yes Mom, you too could reach the depths of debauchery and also be under that table, satisfying unbathed, smelly bikers to feed your fentanyl addiction. Hey, they may give you $20.00 for the escapade. Humiliating, but you are part of the group, the family, the Son’s of Anarchy honorary sperm deposit.

S.C.H.O.O.L.- Socially Corrupting House Of Obedient Losers

Soon, Mothers and daughters alike will be teams under that very table, and after, who knows, perhaps you both will be lucky enough to graduate to the overused boudoir, getting gangbanged on crusty soiled linen. And as the ninth or tenth ejaculation of semen drips from your chin, all you will be thinking is, “Just one more ejaculation and  I will have enough to get my fix.” Exaggeration, poppycock, you argue as you start checking your daughter’s room for drugs. Sure enough, you find some different substances, not being sure what they are, and possibly, some you do recognise, like marijuana. What do you do now? Early intervention is the best. Have her arrested and punished. Then she will have to go through treatment and possibly turn around before it is too late. Otherwise, she will be a lost soul.  What causes children to turn to drugs? Mostly, it is the social rejection and humiliation from groups in school. Trying to fit in and being rejected. What can you do about that situation? Keep them out of school and home school them. Keep them away from the very establishment that turns a great percentage of children into social derelicts, only to become a burden to society. Home schooling does not cost a lot of money and it takes less time for your children to learn and graduate. Then they can go to university and have a chance at life. Don’t have the time? Both work? Alternate and share the burden, and your children will be the better for your effort. The children that are most vulnerable to social decimation are the lower and middle classes. They are prime targets and a large percentage of these children end up in desolation.

S.P.O.R.T.S.- Silly Pathetic Obedient Retreads Tormenting Simpletons

Commercialism and monetary motivations are key elements to this decimation, so much so, it needs to be eliminated and totally factored out of the schooling equation. Sports and competition also have to be removed from the school forum because they are probably the most damaging to the  populist of students in any school simply because only a small percentage are chosen for these school teams and sports. The rest are told that they are not good enough in one form or another, and a great percentage of these students will never achieve past mediocrity. However, that is exactly what society wants. That way they can keep the undesirable classes down to underachieve and keep all the wealthy and upper classes dominant. We now represent the state of Russia before the revolution. Down the road, we will be primed and ready to start a social revolution to balance the lopsided equation of monetary distribution.  They know a lot of people do not like to work so they provide damaging social services to keep these people down, on social assistance or disability. The more unproductive these people become, the more the government and upper classes like it, using these people for guinea pigs, testing drugs and other dastardly objectives and experiments, creating more damage for their own amusement.

B.A.N.K.- Beastly Associational Numerical Kleptomania

However, intelligence now is only measured by money. If you have more money, you must be smarter. Everyone knows however, deep down, this is not the case and we are all equal. Yes we are, but only under the eyes of God are we seen as all equal. In this world, people judge you by what class you are established. Once they determine your class, they will want to label as such and keep you down. It is safe to assume, that no one is worthy of special consideration, but plainly, it is seen everyday how the wealthy receive special consideration in all aspects of judgement and the law on a worldly plane. In God’s eyes, that is surely not they way of things, however because we as humans are given free will, this is bound to occur giving preference to the wealthy and elite of society. They say, without them, we would all surely perish, however, that is a myth because without the greed and tyranny of selfish people, we would live in equilibrium and harmony. Of course, in that scenario, only the strong would survive and the weak would be culled naturally as one would expect.  Would that fit in today’s society? Not by a long shot because of adaptations of equality where people, whether weak or strong, able or disabled, are treated equally withstanding their economic class, which is dictated once again, by wealth, power and the elite (one percent of society). So, you have two people in a wheel chair, one wealthy, the other middle class. Who do you think will win?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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