Merry X-mas to the Government’s Autonomous Zones of Corruption

Everyone that is going along with the government or endorsing their totalitarian extravaganza of integral ravenous deception, should pack up, and move to the established Government Autonomous Zone of Corruption in your country which is, none other than your country capital. IE: in the US of A, Washington DC, where they have already saved you the trouble by fencing themselves in, making it ultra easy to keep then prisoners of their own folly of rule. All we have to do is assign the army to surround these capitals and keep them in, cutting off all their communications and power, like that old biker epitome overused in the 60’s, where bikers would ride into town, cut all the telecommunication wires, making its citizens prisoners to their whims and desires, raping an pillaging. However, because those perverted politicians would most likely enjoy the symphony of sodomy administered by these demonic bikers ravaging everyone in site, it would be better to use the military to confine them inside of their established Autonomous Zone, sandboxing them in to enjoy their demonic demise. Now would that not be a great Christmas gift to all who still have some sense of what corruption levels these opulent elitists and politicians have administered upon the everyday Joe and Jane?

Now that Trump has exposed himself as a true globalist billionaire, even Infowars is back peddling on their Trump Support. Poor Alex Jones; he looked like a slighted lover just finding his wife in bed with his co-anchor person. But, we all knew Trump was for the Vaxx because he did start Operation Warp Speed, did he not? Actually, it was more interesting when he stayed out of the lime light, keeping everyone wondering when he was to start the “Devolution” to regain USA’s sovereignty. Almost like when Mark Antony took the Roman army away from Rome, living on the outskirts, feeding his army through the pillage of farmers, hijacking Roman supply lines and hunting the odd deer, bidding his time to retake Rome for his hopeful Emperor affiliate. But the army is somewhat divided in the USA and if Trump ever had any control over the sovereign portion of the US army, it would have been summarily destroyed when he came out of the “Vaxxed” closet of greedy political billionaires. Any politician right now are truly bought and paid for, including Trump, who owes his current success to the Jewish Cabal. Lets face it, Trump is a horrible business man and was never savvy enough in making a struggling business work. He just has a lot of rich friends that bail him out from time to time, for a price of course. And the most current price is, to sell the vaccine. He is the “snake oil salesman” of the century, selling that wall between Mexico and the USA, as non-fascist way of controlling illegal immigration, to the truly ignorant that is, who seem to think that the USA is some sort of “Hillbilly” Garden of Eden. But now, as inbred as they come, if they were not for the vaxx before, they should now see trump as a true scammer. You may ask, if he such a great salesman, why is he a bad businessman? Well look at it this way. How many great telemarketers of the late nineties and early 2000’s were great salespeople? And, how many of them are billionaires, or even millionaires right now? Not enough to write home about, unless you include the “scamming Telemarketing firms”; but here again, it would not be the “grunt callers” getting rich. It would be the assholes that never experienced one telemarketing call in their life, but because they actually went to university, would be able to “coach” the experienced telemarketer and steal their commissions using unrealistic benchmark sales models. But proof is in the pudding of globalist greed, because any one on that side of the phone right now is a foreigner making peanuts while these domestic companies of North America make billions.

We all have the answer right before us. We just ban together and lock these pathetic excuses for politicians into their capitals of greed and let them govern themselves into oblivion. We centralize our own power and supply chains and take care of ourselves as communities, ignoring these globalists and their insane ideals of control, which just mean, you are the fop serf they want to enslave. As I look about and see how many people are still afraid of these clowns and their fantasy virus, I find it amazing that they have not woken up yet. Time to get up and shed the media and Globalists, shaking them off like the fleas and parasites they are, too numerous to be specific because sooner or later, the Mossad will bribe or intimidate any politician appearing to be licit. What are they holding out for? The golden parachute of corruptive bribery. Then they will sing the same tune as the rest, who have sold out to the Globalist’s Club. All governmental systems are corrupt and are in great need of change. But, what if we just ignore their rule and their laws, leaving them to bask in their own corruption. We can form our own monetary system and feed the needs of our own communities, trading with other communities that are nearby, creating our own supply chains, eliminating their corporative, corruptive greed for power. Because really, where are the rulers without the masses? They are just a bunch of babbling idiot “snake oil salesman” trying to bribe and grift their way into power at the taxpayer’s expense. Time we all grew up and take care of ourselves. Time to take our power back and mold our new realities based on decency and trust, not for promises of trips into the Meta Universe of total control and distain. If you think that is life, then you are not fit to retain your gift of life, the greatest gift anyone can receive. Jesus did not die on the cross for greed. He died on the cross for our sins, because at the end of the day, we are all sinners.

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