Shimmering Patent of Resplendent Greed

The Royal Golden Hierarchy of Classy Segregation

For capitalism to work, it depends on someone richer. It cannot exist without this philosophy, as in the richer person or establishment. Any capitalistic enterprise consists of a CEO or Chairman of the Board and/or President, Treasures, assistants, vices to such positions, and the slave driving managers. whom carry the whips of tyrannical incentives, whom keeps the rest of the employees toting the line of production, enabling all those ravenous creeps on top to get richer. You noticed I said richer, because any top position of any company is rarely occupied by the owner, whom by that time is filthy rich, enjoying their days on some beach that you would never be invited to or even allowed to visit. Even if you could pay for it, and couldn’t, you would just end up in a secondary and tertiary beach that harbours the not so wealthy, lower end of the upper class. If you are middle class, you definitely could not afford these adventures. Because the middle class is a rarity, they might just allow you to visit out of sheer amusement, as long as you remain a safe distance away from the royal mini-monarchs and their 1 percenter friends. The lower class, well they can find a local public beach and squalor with the rest of the poor pond scum. However, this still does not account for why we, as a population, allow this hierarchy to continue existing, dominating our lives.

The Royal Golden Kangaroo Court 

Really, what other system would work? We are all afraid of sharing with each other because we are brainwashed to be greedy. Any other system in this world having a government that implements the “sharing” philosophy has been or will be, trounced out and destroyed by the capitalistic war machine. We are indoctrinated to believe that these systems are evil and serve no purpose in a prosperous society. That God blessed capitalism, and people that promote this system will prosper, at least in the boundaries of your social class confinements. Ok, if you still do not get it after a hundred blogs, then I will spell it out. Capitalism is the Monarch system and serves the Monarchs of the world. If you live in Canada and dispute this, then you are as dumb as a stump. At least if your brains are a stump, it will make great housing for ants, so you are not totally useless. The US uses the Monarch system via conglomerations. Very large and rich corporations owned by the 1 percent of society. Anything else is just a Mom and Pop shop on the verge of being gobbled up by the franchise philosophy that was birthed to serve the 1 percent. Who are the 1 percent? Royalty. They may not wear crowns and sit in thrones, but you can bet that last piece of turkey being served up at your local shelter on Christmas eve with 200 more people in line, and you are the 201st, that they are indeed royalty disguised as humans.. What is Wall Street/Bay Street? They are the Royal treasurers. The local and provincial/state governments? They are they Royal tax collectors. The senate, congress, parliament and President/Prime Minister? They are the Law of the Land Scribers for the Royal Machine. Of course, all courts high and low are the Royal courts or guillotine/gallows masters. Did I miss something? Use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

The Royal Golden Patriarch/Matriarch of Religious Disbelief 

What does this all mean? You live in a Monarchy system and do not even know it, fool. If you are a fool, perhaps you can work as a royal harlequin, providing cheap entertainment for the 1 percent and their royal hierocracy. Just go to Hollywood, which really should be called, Jesterwood. However, having a name like “Hollywood”, it really does not have to be changed, just look up the definition. Don’t get this confused with religion because it has absolutely nothing to do with God or what is conveyed as divine or righteous. Of course, that would be why religion is slowly but surely being dismantled in Commercial Corporate North America. It conflicts with the “Greed” mentality now being conveyed by the 1 percent. More importantly, it does not turn a profit nor is it franchise-able. If it were, we would be praying in McGodly, Godly King or Godly Queen! Get a Communion Pounder with Cheese, or a Holy Whopper! How about an Act of God Blizzard! Stuff your face and pray! And remember, donations to the poor are only collected on Mondays and Wednesdays! Contributions to the franchise are welcome anytime and it is all tax deductible! However, there are entrepreneurs attempting to purchase abandoned churches, making them into housing or some other profitable business. They seem like blasphemous opportunists, but what would you expect from a brainwashed business major? It is not their fault they act like greedy marauders because they were trained like dogs to be that way. Ergo, if the subject surfaces as a top story in the search engines, then it will become a “Golden Patent of Resplendent Greed”.

The Royal Golden Tower of Babble-on

In reality, the franchising of religious beliefs in nothing new. Just ask the Catholic, Methodist, Jehovah Witness, Protestant faiths, just to name a few, which are all versions of Christianity. A branding of the same religious system which creates confusion. Not to mention different beliefs like Muslim, Hindus and many more that contradict each other. Just look it up and you may be astonished how many religious beliefs exist on this planet, not to mention, classifying Atheism as a religion. And because it is a belief system, which believes in basically nothing other than the mundane material philosophy, they classify it as a religion.Then again, there are groups that still believe the world is flat, so I guess people will believe in anything if there is a following. Why do you think Ewe-boob-Tube and De-Facebook are so popular? That, or too many cheap drugs. Of course, the drug culture could be a definite belief system of Commercial Corporate North America and as well, be classified as a religion, however still remains labelled a cult from the sixties. There are ceremonies of different religions , classified as spiritual beliefs, that involve the use of different drugs. Satanism is definitely a religion because if you believe in Satan, you believe in God. The two basically would not exist without each other. What side is greed affiliated with? If you have to ask that question then your brain may already be an ant eaten stump.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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