Governmental Corruption Keeps Propagating its Propaganda Mill of Deceit

The Klaus Schwab Insolent Aftershave Potion by Shill-ik

It is now 28 months after the announcement of this phony pandemic and the Governments of the world, are still pushing the same old lies about this phony Sars Covi 2 and its even more phony, asymptomatic symptoms, attempting to rewrite the definition of having a common cold or flu. They have selected the 2 most common ailments and redefined it as a deadly virus. They have inquiry after inquiry trying to prove gain of function research and experiments, attempting to pull out the stale, 100 year old bio warfare analogy propaganda loaf of moldy bread and force feed it to the public through Senate committee investigation meetings, trying to show how useful the Senate is, and how wisely they are spending the tax payer’s dollar by fueling another pack of lies to heatsink the excessive sweltering foundries of molten metal coverup. What is this coverup you may ask? Simply put, it is 5G and its electrification of the public via millimeter waves of destruction. They are covering up the damage 5G is causing across the world and using this damage to push moldy vaccines that have been sitting on the shelf, way past their expiry dates, utilizing the Emergency Use Authorization to protect the vaccine manufacturers from the shark effect of everyone that experiences so much as a head cold suing these companies for everything they got. However, anyone awake knows there is nine pages of side effects and diseases that can be contracted from these so called mRNA vaccines that were actually designed to thin out the population. And the governments and the FDA keep stating the same old lie that the benefits outweigh the risks. So when you went to get this vaccine, did they actually show you the nine pages of side effects and diseases you could get before you took this vaccine? Did a pharmacist actually sit down and read off the nine pages of all these possible side effects and diseases explaining these risks as in; informed consent? No, they did not because they knew how scared you were of a fictitious virus, thus they just used your ignorance and victimized you, using coercion and intimidation until you took these multiple vaccines and boosters, further using your employer to threaten unemployment if you did not succumb. All of which is highly illegal and a total breach of your constitutional rights, medical privacy rights, and the Nuremburg Code. Is the picture materializing in your brainwashed mind yet?

The FDA Dungeon Body Fragrance of Blood Clots from Blood Letting Tortured Children, by Sham-ell

Worst of all, is the decimation and murder of our children. Now, the corrupted FDA has put their bloody blood clotted, seal of approval on these torturous vaccines for children 5 and under including newborns. How dismantled and sick is that? And you just sat on your blood clotted corpulent asses and did absolutely, nada in fear of missing that idiotic Netflix Series, featuring pedophiliac, transgender, de-populist, transhuman, zombified propaganda. Seriously, if you are a parent that thinks this is a good thing; you yourself, should be burnt at the metaphoric “stake of the moronic” so you cannot spread your stupidity on anyone else. Yes, burnt at the stake because you are that stupid. Or perhaps this sort of terrorized torture and decimation of children turns you on and you would like the world to sink to these abyssal depths. There is really no excuse for this kind of brain disfunction other than brainwashing and even then, there is no excuse because knowing the difference between right and wrong is always within your psyche, thus you can break the programming and get off your dead beat asses and do something, like write your political representative and demand this crude blast of propaganda and deceit be straightened out, pronto. But, tearing yourself away from that Netflix Brain-hone of the mesmerized, means you would have to use your zombified brain, something that seems much too tiresome and inconvenient, disrupting your sloth filled day, drinking brain honing elixirs and smoking legalized weed. Sounds about right, right? And if you ever wake up, you will be too fearful of losing that useless job, if you actually work, to stand up and be somebody. Yes, telling the government where that vaccine really should go and not into the tender arms of our newborn babies and children. What side will you be on when the “witch hunt” starts for all that have played into this genocide? Because that day will come. Or when it does come, will you be hiding behind your couch, something you laughed at on Facebook, when they had photoshopped pictures of Saddam Hussain hiding behind his couch after Bush invaded Iraq and not finding one weapon of mass destruction. I bet Saddam is living in some undisclosed location laughing his ass off at you, watching live cam feeds sent to him by his buddy, Jeffery Epstein, who also lives at that same undisclosed location, watching the North American Public decimate themselves, willingly, just waiting for all those underaged teens to become available to perform a series of services for the elitists.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Underaged Rug Burn Soothing Cream by: Big Shlong-son & Shlong-son, An Incestual Family Company.

School’s fun filled curriculum, featuring bisexual sex education for your tots to learn and enjoy, even though they have utterly no idea what is being lectured to them as in urges or motivations, other than to raise their hand to go to the toilet, or the inpatients of getting outside during recess and play in the sandbox, or pull Mary’s pigtails who may be sitting in front of them. Perhaps a couple of spitballs flung across the room, hitting Sara Snobby, or Rita making googly eyes at Pete who is daydreaming about getting home to continue his airplane models. Possibly, there is a small smidgen of sexual thought somewhere inside that classroom, perhaps seeing a couple of dogs doing it in the hedges during the trip to school, or a few bees pollenating some flowers. However, that would be nature and being naturally attracted to the opposite sex would be something that would confuse the “New Curriculum” to the point of social decimation. How dare someone even contemplate that being bisexual is not “natural”. Nature is usually balanced and any animal displaying oddities of behavior, weakness or anti-socialism is naturally culled from the herd, or flock. It is only when animals are kept in captivity with the same sex will they display homosexuality or lesbianism. To compensate for the lack of a male or female in the flock. An imbalance created by captivity. Animals in captivity is not a natural environment, domesticated or not, thus failure to provide the females with a male; or a male without the females will result in this “compensation”. Like in prisons all across North America, where only males are locked in with other males or females locked up with other females. That is why homosexuality and lesbianism is practiced on a daily basis within these institutions, like it or not. To teach our tots about these imbalances is preprogramming them to live in an imbalanced state, or possible pedophiliac situation, something that really does not need to be taught or even contemplated, at least not at that level of child mentality. One should ask themselves, what in the name of Christ or Satan, would our children need to know this type of information unless you are attempting to condition them to be sexually unproductive, as in not repopulating by naturally having more children. They want to create sexless drones to be slaves. Humans became expendable in the last couple of years, and you have not seen nothing yet, unless you do something about the situation. But that would mean risking your useless job and standing up and being somebody other than what they want you to be, which would be a spineless husk of flesh to do their bidding.

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