Trashed Spouse Society

He is the Husband, She is the Wife, Both are Headed for a Blue Collared Life of Strife. Or White Collar if You Prefer.

This page is dedicated to all the “good” husbands or “good” wives that have been trashed by their wives or husbands for little or no reason, usually pecuniary. This site does not condone spouse beaters, sexual abusers, womanizers, manizers, incubus’s, succubus’s, home wreckers, or basically any deadbeat types or substance abusers (unless they are actively seeking help).

Trashed Spouse Society is here to help these “good husbands” or “good wives” to get over and deal intelligently with the challenges faced during their misfortunate interludes steming from the destructive effects and side effects of the brainwashed phenomenon; “Pecuniary Princess Syndrome”.

Pecuniary Princess?

What is that, you may ask your self. Exactly! How is a person like that developed? How do they come to reality? Who creates such a monstrosity? Females of North America mostly, are the misfortunate souls that are developed into this terror. These females are taught (brainwashed) at a very early age, that it is their birthright, their heritage, to become one of these “pecuniary princesses”. From the Barbie doll philosophy to being (or hoping) to be the “Prom Queen”, and everything in between, is how a decent female person is developed into these home bodied, couch potato, terrorists.

Home bodied, Couch potato, Terrorists

Now again, you are asking yourself, what is that? It sounds a bit extreme of a description. Are you sure you are all there? May be you should see a psychiatrist. Besides, most females work now, so how do explain the “Couch Potato Terrorist”? Easy, males, before the women rights movement, revolution, were the primary bread winners. Females, before the 50’s, were mostly in the home, working hard for their families, while the men worked hard at their jobs, providing that “bread on the table”, which was developed into an analogy. Females were content on the most part with that role, as long as the “bread on the table” was present. But even though most families had no TV, they were still exposed to newspapers, magazines, and the radio that experimented the brainwashing. IE: The original broadcast of “The War Of the Worlds”.

During and after the 50’s, up to the mid 70’s, the role play was pretty much the same, males worked, females stayed home to take care of the family, but had the option to work if they really wanted to. Slowly and surely things were changing. The biggest impact was the TV. Commercial America now had their tool to brainwash everyone in the home. Now males in this period, developed the couch potato analogy because after a hard days work, would come home and watch TV until bed time, sometimes to the extent of ignoring their wives. The female, at home everyday, was targeted for brainwashing by home product commercials, what to buy, what to feed your family, how they should think and dress, etc. This worked well during the 50’s because the economy was stable, prosperity was at it’s peak for the middle class family, and the “bread on the table” analogy was a constant hook to keep all middle class families in their place, all placid and brainwashed.

During this decade, is where the “pecuniary princess” conception was birthed and continued for the “middle classed female”.

Middle Classed Female

Middle Classed Female? You mean middle class female, right? Besides, you are sounding like a chauvinist. Yes, and that is exactly what your “brain washed mind” is prompted to ask at this point. Even though, deep down, you know exactly what I mean. Middle Classed females is exactly what I mean, because middle class females have been “stamped” by commercialism. In turn, the female now comes home after a hard days work and becomes the additional, evening couch potato being brainwashed now, to destroy the family unit.

This is not a stab at females or males. This is an attempt to help females and males to seek deprograming by convincing their spouses to wakeup! What can a male and female do before the “pecuniary princess” analogy decides the marriage is not putting enough “bread on the table”? Is to take every television, satellite dish, cable boxes, or any other commercialized device in their home, out in the back yard and smash them to itty bitty pieces. Get into alternative entertainment, like books, independent movies, independent music, commercial free environments (this does not include newspapers and magazines). There is lots of this commercial free entertainment on the internet and should be promoted before commercial North America buys it out and controls it’s content. This does not mean the male is not brainwashed. In some cases, the male is more brainwashed to this syndrome, not accepting the wife’s need for freedom, therefore attempting to protect (dominate) his “pecuniary princess”.

She’s a Woman, He’s a Man, No I got it Right!

Hey dude, you lost me. You said, “During and after the 50’s, up to the mid 70’s, the role play was pretty much the same”. Things since the early 80’s up to now are drastically different. Females now are independent. Even married, they work most of time and provide the household with income. So I guess you have no clue what point you are trying to make. Exactly, and you are right. But I am right on track with my point.

How many females stay married to males (spouses) that do not work? Even if that male is at home taking care of the family, total role reversal. Females have no respect for males in that role. They do not want to support a male that does not work. This is proven solely on the divorce rate. The blue collar worker is practically non-existent. And, the female have even infiltrated this level of employment making it even harder for the blue collar male to find work. Simply put, females, minorities, and the disabled are usually hired before the typical, white, Anglo-Saxon male because of political correctness. However, this may not be the case for typical African American blue collar male who still seems to share the rear of the “employment bus system” with the white, Anglo-Saxon blue collar male . Or white collar if you prefer, just substitute where it makes sense, because there are more white collar jobs available to those fortunate or misfortunate (if they had to borrow money) enough to go to university.

Seek Deprogramming

Why seek deprograming? Because this gives the male and female the greatest chance to have a normal heterosexual life together. Equal, as God intended. It also allows unisexual and bisexual relationships to have a greater chance of success because these relationships suffer the same “pecuniary princess” downfalls. What downfalls? Pecuniary, covet level, materialistic withdrawals that both spouses experience if the pecuniary level is waning. Females work, yes, but if you date a working female “pecuniary princess”, they still subconsciously expect the male to pick up the check. Once this has been established on the first date, you might as well continue paying for the dates, because the “pecuniary princess” analogy is now set in cement.

The female wants to be treated like a lady, and get all the benefits attached, even though they forfeited this privilege when they established equal rights with the male. So if you, the male is not working, or does not have a large income, this image will be virtually impossible to maintain. This image will crumble instantly when the female says, “lets go for a trip to the Bahamas”. Yes females are understanding, fair creatures, but lack reason. They will simply not entertain the “sugar mama” image and expect you, the male, to foot at least half the bill. But to get to that point, you will have to vent your “pecuniary situation” and may ask, well, may be we should just visit Niagara Falls, or go camping in my tent?

In some cases, this may work, but you will be underestimating the power of the “pecuniary princess” analogy that has been “stamped” into this North American female’s brain since she was old enough to talk and watch TV. Even if this female agrees to go with you on this mini-adventure, you will be paying the bill, or at least expected to, and chances are, even if this adventure goes seemingly well with hot sexual activity (red flag), your ass will be in her rear-view mirror come Monday. She is done with you chump.

The female wants to be treated like a lady, and get all the benefits attached, even though they forfeited this privilege when they established equal rights with the male

What is wrong with treating a woman like a lady? Opening doors for her, buying her flowers, paying the bill? I will answer that question with a question. Who sounds like the chauvinist now? And that is because you as a male have been brainwashed to think in the “pecuniary princess” analogy.

But why would commercial North America have the male think like this, you would think they would want the male and female to think the opposite, to keep a certain equilibrium to the brainwashing. Wrong. Commercial North America found out in the 60’s what great sellers alcohol and cigarettes are, even though the health industry says otherwise. These great sellers, especially alcohol, are the social lubricants to divorce and mayhem. What better way to sell these products by destroying the family unit.

If you divorce, you are depressed, when you are depressed, you start smoking, then you start drinking. Sales increase across the board, and makes it now even easier to keep the male and female placid and brainwashed, even though they are now separated living on their own.

What happened to the middle class? Commercial North America destroyed it for some quick extra money. What better way to keep the unions broken, and males and females alike to work for less money. Break the family unit, the middle class, thus creating financial, credit abusing slaves, ensnared into a financial maze that will keep the commercial North American 1 percenters in total, financial control.

Creating financial, credit abusing slaves

Sounds like an opinion rather then a fact. Wrong again. We, that are not 1 percenters or wealthy, have to live on credit. To not, means hardships, like no cable TV, no cell/smart phones, etc. No commercialized entertainment. No brainwashing. Wait, is that not a benefit?

Yes and no. Have you ever tried to take heroin away from a junkie? A bottle of alcohol from an alcoholic? If you have, then you know it is not a cakewalk. How do you deprogram yourself and loved ones? Is there a place you can go to do this?

Simply put, you do not have to go anywhere. Just get off the drug sort of speak. Cold turkey is the only way. It only takes the desire to see the truth. Once seen, your brain will reject all the brainwashing, and your psyche will systematically dispose of all the useless information that has been “stamped” into your brain for decades, like a tree shedding it’s leaves in the fall, feeing up memory and brain cells to be used more productively. Try it, what have you got to loose?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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