The Integral Steps of Producing a Shamdemic

Provide no Proof that the Covid 19 Virus Exists, and Do not Question the, ah, Experts?

Covid 19 is the symptoms developed from the Sars Covi II disease. The Sars Covi II Virus as claimed, has never been isolated as in purified or identified as an actual living entity. There are simulated computer models that attempt this assembly however never get closer than eighty percent when matching with actual DNA found in any human via PCR testing. The human and the monkey are 3 percent difference in DNA structures (Chromosomes), thus making 20 percent a vast difference; like the difference between a human and the platypus? I am sure I have never seen a bill on a human unless it was from Visa or Mastercard charging their usury (interest) fees, thus can rule out we were somehow related to the platypus or even a monkey for that matter. However, because I am not a scientist, I cannot display any common sense to what seems extremely logical. I have to trust the, ah, science. The only flaw in that theory is, that many eminent scientists and doctors share the same decerning logic as in, this is a whole lot of tripe. As in cow stomach, and no relation to a human stomach seeing humans have one stomach and the cow has seven. But what they Hay, we are all mammals, right?

Exosomes or Sars Covi II, that is the Question; and They will Never Suspect a Thing, Dumb Masses

Exosomes or viruses are solvents, like soaps, virally created by our body to flush out poisons and harmful substances we take in our bodies that are far too toxic for our bacteria and fungus to eat. When the bacteria and fungus start to die from eating the contaminated dead tissues exuviating from our infected cells, our body creates a particular solution specific to that poison and virally releases these exosomes to clean our cells. These exosomes are specific to the toxins that have infiltrated our cells and will dissolve these toxins out of the cell without compromising the cell’s integrity. The fact that these exosomes are solvents means they are not alive and have no nucleus or respiratory system, similar to water which is classified as earth’s number one solvent. Because they are produced virally is why they are called viruses but can only be produced in the host and are not transmittable nor contagious. Of course, if you are a necromancer, possibly you could animate these exosomes to be alive, but even a necromancer knows that inanimate objects or substances like exosomes never were alive in the first place thus they would not waste their time trying to revive something that never lived. But necromancer or not, what about gain of function? What about it? It is just a way to make you afraid that someone like Fauci and his henchmen could actually get a dead virus material or particles to animate and jump six feet and crawl up your nose.

Testing or Wheel of Misfortune?

The PCR test used for DNA testing allows amplification that will, if done very well, produce a DNA trace of any molecule because your body most likely has encountered every molecule known at one time or another. However, it counts on less amplification to be accurate meaning, the more accurate DNA match you are looking for, the less amplification required to reliably find the DNA match. Anything over 24 cycles of amplification used is inadmissible in a court of law. During the early stages of the pandemic, they were using 40 to 45 cycles which produced the well know 98% false positive reputation when looking for that particular DNA match. Simplified, it means the higher cycles used in a PCR test, the more likely you are to find even miniscule traces similar to that DNA, which in light of what they are looking for only has to match 80% of the computer modeled sequence, thus could be almost any molecule that exists. However, Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR testing stated, when he was still alive, the PCR test cannot tell us anything about infectious disease therefore cannot be used to diagnose infections. In fact, PCR testing has gained a reputation for being inaccurate because of the amplification capability, especially in criminal forensics. So much so that in Canada and United States, they passed laws protecting people that did not want to participate in the PCR testing with the Genetic non-discrimination Act. If you don’t know this, then you are probably watching to many CSI reruns. Bottom line is you won’t have some cute blond bimbo from CSI swabbing your brain mesh. It will be some haughty nurse dressed in full PPE jamming a swab up your nose.

The chances of death are very low if infected with Sars Covi II, but hey, Every Life Matters, right?

Interestingly, the WHO, World health Organization, lowered the bar of how many fatalities it takes to declare a pandemic as in virtually none. The WHO, whom could never be confused with The WHO British rock band, that interestingly their songs were used for the intros of CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, television series where in virtually every episode, were swabbing various orifices of suspects to use the PCR test to prove them guilty or innocent. It was plastered inside the brains of those who watched this series faithfully every week and also reruns, that submitting to swabbing for PCR is your duty as a good citizen. It was the new fad thing to do to be cool. It is not a wonder that people were lining up to get their brains scratched. According to the CDC, the Survival rates of Sars Covi II go like this:

Ages 0 – 19: 99.9% chance of survival Ages 20 – 49: 99.98% of survival Ages 50 – 69: 99.5 % of survival Ages 70 – 100: 94..6% of survival

Looking at this, one would have to determine that the pandemic was a total sham. In fact, the only way they could inflate the Sars Covi II death rate was to steal the deaths from other categories, even motor vehicle accidental deaths.

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