Freedonia, The Illusionary Greedy Capitalistic Wet Dream, excluding the Drudgery

Freedonia, land of the brave and free, or so did Groucho Marx attempt to illustrate in a satiric multi line punch phrased skit, sort of speak. However, because people most likely prefer to watch moronic TV or Netflix series, like The Big Bang Theory, or some other sexually compromised series, featuring an array of characters in challenge of their own sexuality, they forget about grandpa. Yeah, remember grandpa who is still imprisoned in that certain nursing home, being fumigated with an array of Johnson and Johnson toxic cleansers and aerosols? Gasping and choking for some air, as some haughty nurse pumps Grandpa’s vein with some remdesivir , ultimately setting him up for ventilation (intubation) because the pension plan he is on needs a quick release from all these baby boomers, that are drawing from the pensions they have worked for all their lives, so the pension bankers and housing providers can line the pockets off these defaulted pensions and assets already in their possession . Of course, the Marx Brothers may seem like mindless humor and can certainly aggravate bankers, executives and elitist alike who would also cringe listening to a Frank Zappa guitar solo. Why are they so enthralled on the idea of world domination? Because it affords them their vast wealth and leisure they are accustomed to, being lazy loafers they truly are, as in, being waited on hand and foot by their servants. The real issue is, the populists are gaining wealth and momentum which hardly allows the elitists the distinguishability they crave, having to share first class seats in a plane with farmer John and his odorous manure compressed treads of his Kodiak styled work boots. I mean, how much can a true elitist endure anyway? These scummy masses must be eradicated from this planet, leaving only slaves behind who know their place and will be obedient serfs.

In this present situation, the elitists have pulled out all the stops, calling in all their favors from countless politicians, judges and officials, to impose a totalitarian rule to straighten out these scummy masses to do as their told and know their place, whilst succumbing to a good sodomy and asset pilferage. Just be happy you are privileged enough to have a true elitist administer the sodomy and flogging you deserve because of your subordinate status in the human race. Make yourself useful and become an elitist’s lap dog and you may be saved from the depopulation required to keep the cellulite prominent on their elitist corpulent asses. Or should I say superfluous assets? In any event, both are in need of a good stripping. Most people have a good heart and want to give the government a chance to atone. But this will never happen unless we make these useless presidiums accountable. Washington DC, Ottawa, and other country capitals have reached a total state of irreversible corruption and are totally compromised to the point, that the country populous must simply declare a new capital, replacing these criminals, imprisoning them to await their inevitable fates. In other words, build a wall surrounding these capitals and allow them an autonomous zones of corruption and deceit, competing and ultimately killing themselves off, in a greedy corruptive spectacle. Now, if televised, I would most certainly tune in to watch these ravenous scalawags debaucherously eradicate each other.

Even though watching Klaus Schwab take on Donald Trump in a wrestling match representing the PWP, the Political Wrestling Procreation, it would hardly compete with a mud wrestling match featuring Nancy Polsi and Camila Harris, as they morass together, head to head, whilst the gyration of Nancy’s oversized prominent mammalian protuberances would guarantee to launch a few erections in the hetero male audience, hardening the nipples of the sexually challenged females in conflict to their libidos. Whomever the top billing would go to, it would be more than they would deserve as to the “Crimes against Humanity” that the elitists and their corporate puppeteer who have marionetted these useless politicians into uttering their facades and capricious solutions to problems that do not exist. I hope they all enjoy their illusions of power and dominance as it lasts because it will be coming to an abrupt end. They would most likely of been better off perpetuating their autonomous zones of libertinism and aberration so we could lock them in to savor their sadistic joie de vivre of fatuity.

The winds of change always rustle the established and rightfully so, to examine the integrity of their foundations. If the substratum is composed of bunkum, then its life expectancy will be sure to perish within a season or two of putrefaction, further sinking into the abyss of insanity and decimation until it is a figment of the imagination. Inconsequential but never forgotten as to the heinous crimes perpetuated on the masses, mostly the innocents. Nuremburg II, is on the horizon, in initiation of the Corona Investigative Committee, flagship of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich backed by countless lawyers, organizations, plaintiffs and firms around the world, and a mixture of intellectuals and politicians (who were not corrupted) in Warsaw Poland. What does this mean? The light can never be totally eliminated and even though things may get worse, it will only strengthen the light to illuminate the darkened crevice’s occupied by these caliginous corruptive, plague driven sociopaths that seemingly have a stranglehold on humanity. If you care about humanity, it is time to awaken from false promises of safety of control and come back to reality of choice. There is no freedom without the hazard of choice and to allow another to make your choices binds your soul to their will and beliefs which only makes you a slave to the bidding of the greedy, who have no desire to toil for themselves. Fear of travail is the elitist’s true downfall. From the garden of Eden we strayed, promising humanity new life, knowledge and responsibility without borders and control. If you stay within the darkness and confines of control, you will fall into damnation.

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