Catastrophic Demonic Evasive Possession

Scientific Forebodes of Evil

Demons are recreations of blame. The devil made me do it. I must of been possessed to do that. I heard voices. In the end, that is what Satan wants everyone to believe. That he and his legions of demons do not exist. The law and science do not take stock in God, Heaven, Satan, or Hell. In fact, most scientists would never think of publishing a paper on Demonic Possession, or spiritual phenomenon that have occurred and reoccurred from the beginning of time. Why do they reject these events? Because they cannot explain how it happened. Cannot decipher the physics that caused it to occur. Beyond their control and understanding. So they cast it aside as folklore, or old wives tales. Fiction. But then, that is the key element is it not? Control. Because they cannot control these occurrences. They cannot make demons and their legions adhere to man’s mortal laws of materialism. If you had any idea how special the 1 percent of society think they are, then you would most likely run for the hills. Because, the 1 percent of society do believe they are the sacred, chosen ones and that is why they live in opulent divinity. Because they are deserving, the best people of society to be waited and served upon by the bourgeoisie. Yes, and if there were demons and/or angels, these entities would most certainly grace the 1 percent of society with their exclusive presence, or so the 1 percent of society would believe. Intellectually, people that believe they are the divine, also believe they have superior intellect and bloodlines, and deserve to survive above all others. Logically, why would anyone else be saved?

Divine Possession of Opulence

If you look at the possibility that there is a divine order, then it would most certainly have nothing to do with being greedy and opulent. But we cannot tame our own aggressions therefore are doomed to the master/slave analogy until your last dying breath. If you were stuck on an island with another person, naturally, at first, you would test each other to set limits. Eventually, you would either divide the island, or share the island. If there were a man and a woman, there may be interaction on a different level. But even then, there would be a struggle to see who is the dominant person. Generally, it comes down to the person that possesses the most aggression. Aggression, then would cause fear. Whoever becomes afraid first, will tend to be subservient to the dominance. Being male or female has nothing to do with this struggle. Man or woman, they both have a need to dominate naturally. If both are equal in aggression, then it would come down to intellectual thinking. Who is smarter. But, there are people that are smart enough not to create this atmosphere. These people create a reality of equality. Something that does not fit in our opulent society, but possibly could survive on that island. In the end, that is the true reason why we were sent to live on earth. To learn how to share and be equal, To shed our desire to dominate in exchange to cooperate. That is the only real lesson we can learn. But, most of us just do not get it at all. If we did, why would we elect a President on the basis that he will build a wall between USA and Mexico? What possible event would one have to do next to top that stunt? World War? Marshall Law? Concentration camps? Genocide? Why would we elect a leader to take us backwards?

Political Sodomy

The current President of the USA is indeed a social and publicity climber. You can bet your last defaulted mortgage payment that this new president will screw things up worse then Bush ever did. Hopefully, the senate and congress will slap him down. Any president that endorsed such policies while campaigning had to have a golden horseshoe up their rectum to actually be taken seriously or be elected for that matter. I fear for the citizens of the USA and hope they will see that his motives are truly self centered, nothing more. But where do these derelicts of power surface from? How do they actually live as long as they have? Why would anyone in their right mind actually vote for them? Where is one’s brain when they check off these derelicts  of power’s name in the voting booth? Only the brainwashed would consider such a vote. And if the reader of this blog voted for this last derelict of power, then seek deprogramming immediately. Because the only people that would vote for this derelict of power, in their right mind, would be the 1 percent puppeteers that would  be pulling the strings, or the large corporations and opulently wealthy individuals and/or families that will most certainly benefit from this derelict of power’s selective generosity. Politics in commercial corporate North America is somewhat an obvious prediction. Democrat or republican seem to be the popular parties, (Canada, liberals or conservative). Every 8 to 10 years it seems to be a party change of these 2 parties. Once in a great while, the changeover is in a four year span, but that is usually a leader that tries to change policies too fast for the brainwashed public’s mind to handle. Thus, the brainwashed go running home to mama. Any event, it has been predictable and boring for the last 200 years.

Crystal Ball of the Persecution of Execution

Hilary Clinton may not of been a wise choice either, not because of what the current president said or says about her, but because she really had no solid direction in her campaign, at least not a memorable one. Hilary may of been a marginally better choice, but because of the predictability of commercial corporate North America’s political system, Hilary would of been wise to wait eight years to run. Any person that challenges the current president’s integrity and morals, is sure to be slandered and falsely accused of something “trumped” up to make the brainwashed portion of society shun and disgrace. Kind of like stoning, when it was legal in a Biblical sort, where ignorance fueled the first casting of the stone. Then of course, barbarism and aggression followed suit, making sure that the person being stoned did not have one square centimetre of skin or tissue that was not bloodied or bashed. But of course if you have every brainwashed soul afraid of you, then you would have solid beginning of a dictatorship.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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