Varicose Superstar, May you Skulk Within your Affluential Moral Turpitude…

I was observing, since Biden stole the election, that many of the celebrities’ were crawling out of their hiding spaces, making cameo appearances on shill productions like the Steven Incoherent Show, once variety, now political program, or better still, programming?. It made me lose a lot of respect for some of my once favorite actors. But I realized, they are only actors that command a big paycheck, and many that are not receiving this abundant wage at the moment, would crawl and scrawl in hopes that the movie industry is not totally destroyed because of this pandemic that is a total play on our worst, selfish and basest of fears, self preservation. It is sickening really, to watch these former role models turn yellow when they should be stepping up to prove to their former fans that they actually have a backbone and are not made of jelly. To be fair, a couple actually stood up and attempted to show their affluence and skepticism towards this unconstitutional lock down but were quickly ridiculed to back off. However, that is no excuse seeing we were their fans and they were our heroes from one degree or another. But now, it makes me ill to think I ever idolized any of them or patronized any of their artistic endeavors. Now they just represent self preserving slime balls. I am not a Trump fan nor am I polarized one way or the other. I thought that both candidates, in this case, were pathetic losers. However, that is no passé to cheat and steal. Real people are losing their livelihoods and small business is decimated, and all these clowns of Hollywood can do is hide in their mansions awaiting their commanders “ok” to act like they give a royal excretion about the masses that put them where they are today.

But the real disappointment is all these vinyl records, thousands of them, that I purchased over the years, stacked in crates on my living room wall collecting dust because of my hesitation to pull any of them out to play. It makes me sick in most cases and cannot listen with the same enthusiasm I had before March 13th, 2020. Why? Because these false gurus of freedom have led us to slavery. Literally, and all they can do is cower to their master’s whip of fame and fortune. Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa would of surely rebelled and attempted live performances in spite of all these communistic rules and regulations to make us “safe” from a virus that has not been isolated or even proven to actually exist. Forced to wear paper masks that are completely inadequate to stop any form of virus that are microscopic in size and if contagious and deadly, would have killed half the world’s population by now. But they persist that it is killing a million plus around the world when the birth to death ratio remains the same, unchanged in comparison to 2015. So we are being conned and deceived by the government, and these artists that we have supported for so many years are doing “nada” but living off the fat of their acquired prosperity. It really does not surprise me that some of these artist are behaving like this, but all of them? I guess none of them have any brains or are thoroughly dominated. For the last year, I have been giving these artists a pass and was attacking the government and health figures, proving that this whole pandemic is a hoax, waiting for our false gurus of freedom to stand up and lead the way out of bondage. But my wait was in vain. You expect politicians and greedy corporations and globalists to act this way, but not our idols, that have shown in the last eleven months, how useless they really are when the chips are down. I hope I am wrong, and hope they stand up and prove it to me and so many others who are waiting, waiting for what? Nothing obviously.

But being critical of artists that have proven themselves to have talent is misanthropic, or so I tell myself, but in reality, they have just gotten lucky. Of course, many of them would say the have earned every penny, but tell that to the bands that actually have to work in order to survive and make it to the next gig. Are they undeserving? Starving actors now that have to move on and find what they can to survive, are they beneath these contemptuous success stories that are seemingly, in one way or another, Luciferian? Which brings us right back to their pathological sloth of inaction to a pandemic, in which, they should be leading the way out of this governmental propaganda. In stead they side with the ruling class, oligarchs and elitists and promote the propaganda. All these so called famous rebellious bands, artists and actors have sold their souls to the elitists in order to keep their status clear of any monolithic scrutiny imposed by their money masters are deemed unworthy of our patronage and should be shunned and rejected for their disloyalty to their fading fans. Bands that have staked their claim upon the rebellious 60’s and 70’s should be even more embarrassed, however any band, old or new that want to play the rebel, you are actually jelly fishes in the opulent pond of decimation and self preservation. But I am sure the betrayal to your fans will not go unnoticed and possibly allow newer, and truly rebellious bands, a clear path to the fame and fortune that the current cowardice, phony artists have had a stranglehold upon, far too long. Redemption is possible, but I fear that none of you will have the bravery to break these chains of bondage. So sit back and relax in you lap of luxury and hope Brain Dead Biden doesn’t sign the wrong executive order to eradicate all intellectual art. Lets face it, he has no idea what he is signing. Does this not frighten you?

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