Gad, What a Rinky-Dinky Canadian Election

Liberal Candidate, Justin Trudeau, also known as, Sheik Yer’ Doobie or Frankie

On the Canadian campaign trail, all the candidates are looking for an edge, a cutting edge to win over the populist’s vote this next federal election. Has Justin done anything in the last four years? I mean, really done anything other than saturate our labor force, universities, and colleges with refugees and immigrants from Asia and the Middle East? Oh, I almost forgot, legalize marijuana. Other than that, has he done anything? No, I cannot say he has. In fact, if the Canadian public were not all (or mostly) stoned, he would be voted out, if not removed from office. A no confidence vote should have be on the agenda a year ago when he legalized marijuana, but instead, everyone got stoned and forgot about it, truly. Because of its money making potential, it sits right up there with pornography. So what if it destroys young adults lives and disgraces them. It makes a lot of money. How does marijuana and drugs like methadone disgrace younger or older individuals? Well if you ask this question, you are definitely stoned, or on the receiving end, making money on weed, like they did in the seventies when places like Columbia and Mexico were selling tonnes of marijuana dirt cheap and all the dealers alike, large or small, were doubling or tripling their money. Now that the government grows marijuana (or regulates it’s cultivation), all these jerks that made millions in the seventies, are now making billions today, legally, at the expense of your son’s and daughters brain cells, money and most importantly, motivation and future. Way to go Justin, your father is most likely spinning in his grave. Then again, what kind of parties did Pierre Elliot Trudeau have anyway back in the day, seeing Margret Trudeau was caught sleeping with Mick Jagger.  Well, the fact that this happened in 1977 does not make Justin an offspring of Mick, but you would have to wonder. So I guess the question is: Does Justin take after his mother, or father. I seriously recommend that everyone vote this immature brat out of office.

Green Party Cadidate, Elizabeth May or also known as, The Beach Geek

Elizabeth May, hmm. Has she changed her platform at all? Has she gained any popularity? She is good looking in a geeky sort of way, ah well maybe not. I don’t know. Other than dealing with climate change, what does she have in store for us financially? Does anyone have a clue? Does she have a clue? Or is that something she’ll bake up if she amazingly gets elected? Only God knows because really, does she know? But to be fair, she is extremely active for women’s rights, particularly abortion, where women can “just have one”, because well, they are women. Well, I guess that eliminates any religious votes she could get if she stayed away from controversial, touchy subjects. But she is definitely an advocate for women’s rights, so if you are a man, well, what is the motivation to vote for her? However, men are just scum or slaves to the feminist’s movement thus men really have nothing to say about that, other than men still have the right to vote, I think. Will they have any rights if she supernaturally becomes Prime Minister? In truth, if she promised to prohibit marijuana and make it illegal, I would vote for her. But somehow, I do not think that would happen, because she is a politician and all politicians love money, even drug money. So unless she comes up with some real promises or something new and original, and with her platform, taxes are surely going to increase and eliminate jobs when pollution controls start sending large companies to other countries without pollution controls, I think she will most likely do the same, possibly a few more seats. I recommend not voting for her until she shows us a real political platform.

The NDP Candidate Jagmeet Singh or warmly referred to as Sheik Polygamy

So, from Jack Laden to who? Jagmeet Singh? Does anyone even know this guy? No matter what his ethnicity is, who is he, really? I never heard of him. What does he stand for? Not on the tip of my tongue. Usually, they find candidates that people know. But I cannot even guess, so I have to research this man. If he is truly NDP, well I have a clue what he stands for, but we all know, the party one runs for, does not tell the tale. People have compared the NDP to the socialist party when in fact, if you know what NDP stood for, you would not be confused. “New Democratic Party”, the key word being Democratic, which means democracy, liberalism or freedom loosely. Jack Laden was extremely well known, no one can deny that fact. But new leaders have to start somewhere I suppose.  However, the more your read about this candidate, the more middle of the road he seems, and he really is not offering anything new to the NDP. Jack Laden was a rebel, a man the did not worry about ruffling feathers. He scared the dung out of the corporate community, including the very wealthy. Now, however, the party is sinking into ambiguity, rebels without a cause, not even a solid thorn in anyone’s side. Perhaps Jagmeet will come out of his shell, but thus far, he is still an unknown. I recommend voting for this man because of his entrancing eyes that have hypnotized me, and to give him some confidence and bring the NDP out of ambiguity. I love unknowns because you never know.

The Conservative Candidate Andrew Scheer, or also know as Bull-it.

And there is Andrew Scheer, another unknown. They say he looks like a young Harper, but I disagree. He looks like Steve McQueen and is sure to capture some of the female votes from Justin. Besides, Harper was a master bard. This guy Andrew, well he seems pretty young to be running for Prime Minister let alone a master bard capable of playing Harpers magic harp. But hey, they legalized marijuana, so what the hell do I know. This guy is also dancing in the middle of the road and is offering no new original ideas about what can be done for the populist of Canada. He is not attacking the liberals, yet. He should, be ripping them to pieces and he would have a world of ammo, like legalizing marijuana and cultivating drug abuse in Canada. We all know that a strong candidate takes real risks to get elected because they know the underlying attitudes of the population really is not impressed with drug legalization and drug solutions to eradicate addiction, unless they are drug abusers themselves. But this vote seems to be geared towards anything but what the tax payers want, other than trying to bribe them with tax cuts, something we all know that, if they do not get the money from your front pocket, they will be picking your back pocket to make up the difference. Well, yeah, vote for this guy, sure. He is American but so what? If we became the 53rd state, we would at least be able to go to the US without a dammed passport. Other than that, I guess there is really no reason to vote for this guy other than to get rid of the Liberals and their Drug Party.

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