Provincialism for Hasidic Peerless Incisiveness

Sheik Yer’ Doobie and his mostly Caucasian Harem

As Metaphor to Mutual Suffering?

If you look at the media and Justin Trudeau’s recent exposure using the black face makeup technique for a costume surfacing from his past, you really have to chuckle because, who really cares? It is not the first time it has happened and certainly not original. Mimes for example, with half black half white faced but viewed as acceptable. How about Alice Copper and his green face? That could be racist towards Olive skinned cultures, particularly the Mediterranean’s. But he can continue because why? But Justin Trudeau gets black balled (excuse the racial insinuation of black balled individuals) because he went to a mascaraed party. If I wanted to dress as a black man and color my face black, that is my right. It does not make anyone a bigot. Does this mean, if I sit in the sun and get a sunburn, I am prejudice towards the North American native culture because of my newly acquired red skin? Or if I get a tan, I am prejudice against Indians?  How about if I wrap a towel around my head after I take a shower, does that make me prejudice against the turban wearing cultures?  But they try to justify Al Jolson’s Blackface act because he was Jewish?   Color is a pigment of the skin, nothing more. So all you that are mounted on the racial bandwagon criticizing others for attending a masquerade ball and dressing up, perhaps you should wonder why you are attempting to limit other’s rights to freedom of expression, because you have no right to do such a thing.  I guess then being a Batman fan, I am a bigot against vampires? Or a Superman fan, I am actually being a bigot against Aliens from outer space? Or if I wanted to dress like a woman, I guess I am a chauvinist. Or if I remain dressed like a man and act slightly feminine, I am downgrading homosexuals? Or if I am happy all the time and parade around smiling and unusually happy, I am putting down the Gay community as a whole?

God Dammed, The Prime Minister Pusher Man

Wake up and smell the burnt brain cells, because this is just pot smoke and cocaine mirrors to keep your mind off what the government, or the Trudeau administration is really doing. So as you laugh and giggle at that picture of Justin Trudeau disguised as a Arabic Al Jolson, See through the thin mask of deceit. Trudeau has done a far worse thing, and everyone seems to commend him for such a despicable act in legalizing marijuana. He has created an idealism that it is ok to be on welfare, social assistance, disability and collect money for doing nothing. To sit at home and smoke your brains out using medicinal weed acquired legally for basically nothing, or when that runs out, they can simply run to the new breed of backyard cultivators that grow their own legally, but sell it illegally. What, you did not think that would happen, Justin? Duh, yeah! Now these so called legal personal cultivators are under cutting the government and selling their home grown. Now WTF are you going to do, Just? You stepped in your own pile of newly created socially assisted horse manure, enabling people that have a head cold to go on disability and remain stoned on weed and/or methadone for free. Cool move, dude! So, are we really considering the possibility of letting this clown in as Prime Minister for another four years? I think I would rather put up with Harper again, listening to his harp, leading us to be the 53rd state. But instead, the Canadian public is actually thinking this remedial, immature Prime Minister is doing a good job. Why? Because they are all stoned. Far worse, he’s enabling the aboriginal cultures of this country to remain drunk and stoned instead of setting up real treatment centers that actually force individuals off the drugs either gradually or cold turkey. Instead, we continue to endorse being a “pot head”, that in the real working world, is legally useless, unless you want stoned individuals working at your firm.

The Reader’s Indigestion Version

As the murky pool of disillusionment clears, we are starting to see the necessity for drug tests across the board, infringing on our rights and privacy, all because people want to remain stoned? How to control the masses 101. I guess Justin figures no one understands philosophy, or the hidden volumes of How to Rule the Masses for Idiots. At the same time, smoking one marijuana cigarette is the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes as far as your lungs are concerned, or so preached FDA and Health Canada for many a years. What, it is all of the sudden safe? How so? Corner to corner, on any metropolitan street, you smell the stench of marijuana reeking off people, smoking in public places, where in itself, is illegal. But what will the cops do? Basically nothing because they are probably smoking it too on midnight shifts. Will they arrest themselves? What is this, a bad Cheep and Bong movie? Or basically a drugged out nightmare, where the dealers are now the government and very wealthy businesses that were lucky enough to win their vendors permit from the government’s so called lottery, designed to put responsible vendors in the business of distributing medicinal and over the counter marijuana. Kind of a conflict of interest where a medicinal outlet is selling marijuana for purposes other than medicinal when the FDA and Health Canada says it is extremely hazardous to your long term health. Is that not why the government disallowed the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies? Cigarettes are not a drug? Does it not contain nicotine? Case closed.

Facts, or Burnt Out School of Apologia

Marijuana contains THC (Horse Tranquillizer) and other chemicals that travel from your bloodstream to your brain. THC intoxicates your system and brain functions. You’ll have trouble thinking, bloodshot eyes and  Dry mouth (cotton mouth), increased appetite, faster heart rate, retarded coordination, paranoia, loss of short term memory, increased body temperature, mild hallucinations, just to mention a few. Marijuana smoke contains sixty chemicals called cannabinoids. Even vaping marijuana is developing its own sets of fatal health issues. 53% of marijuana users reported experiencing a loss of motivation. Research is surfacing that marijuana can cause depression, mostly in young people. “Cannabis is a psychoactive drug which activates the same brain reward regions as do other abused drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, etc.,” explains Dr. David Gorelick, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. What does this mean to the layman? It attacks your endorphins (a brain released substance that is responsible for elation), similar to cocaine and other drugs, causing severe depression after not using this drug for  a period of time. In basics, it retards your natural capacity to feel happy. What is worse, when something emotional happens and causes you to cry, your natural endorphins, will not release for pacification making the need for the drug (marijuana) far stronger. Some people cannot function without being stoned. Is that who is working at your business, smoking a joint on their smoke break?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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