Portrait of a Puppet Master, Greedy Goblin Gobblers

As the Clock Strikes the Ritching Hour

As the clock strikes the ritching hour, all the greedy goblin gobblers count all their acquired ritchs they usurped from the multitudes of brainwashed masses, spending countless hours counting and recounting to make sure it is not a penny short of their expected due for their provided service/product jettisons.  Making sure all their enslaved dealers, franchises, corporate affiliates are not taking any extra hokum from their corporate collection bursa. Money, money, toil and honey, they squeeze out of every collective “mom and pop shop” they conned into carrying their service/product jettisons for a mere percentage with lots of twisted, nightmarish contractual clauses and fine print.  At the same time, their municipal corporate buddies make sure the taxes of these businesses are just high enough to keep the independent business owners enslaved to the corporate provided, advertised service/product jettisons that the enslaved businesses solicit to  receive a nominal percentage, fee or markup. The goal is, of course to not only squeeze out all the honey, but squeeze out the entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, and independents from the market square’s Temple of Greed. This also pushes the labor force, made up from the masses, to the corporation for job insecurity, although the employee is brainwashed to believe otherwise, to fear the great, mini-monarchs wrath of unemployment, cowering away, giving up their rights, freedoms and labor laws for a few scraps of procured credit fueled prosperities, which will add up to absolute negative tallies. Just make sure you make your minimum payment.

Regurgitated Hokum Coated Apples, Trick or Deceit

As the intellectually sound looks for the positives, the mini-Monarchs, puppet masters and enslaved slave drivers make sure their is always a negative in your pocket. You have $5.00 dollars in your pocket? To vacuum that plus out of your pocket, they will give you a procured $50.00 in financial-ensnaring credit because there is nothing on this planet you can buy with $5.00, except possibly a swill-fully brewed cup of caffeine water and a guaranteed to rot your teeth out jelly glazed, icing sugar covered piece of fried bread. What this means is for every dollar you manage to make from your enslaved, slave driven job, the bank will provide you $10.00 of credit, on average. That way you can go and buy that over-priced house, over-priced vehicle (guaranteed to rust after the payments are done) and that astronomically over priced home entertainment system with hookups to all the brain-washing channels to watch all the stars of The Big Bang Theory grow old and unpleasant. In the mean time, while you choke on your hokum, and wash it down with some brainwashing social lubricant, you are well on your way to be a enslaved, credit drowning alcoholic peasant. “Hey honey, grab a plate of hokum spew! I made special for you! Let’s eat in the living room and watch TV! And bring me some wine!” said Jessica waiting. But no one comes with the wine or hokum spew. Being half in the bag already from over-priced wine, due to her over-stressed, slave driven job, she remembers that she kicked out Joe six months ago because he lost his slave driven job due to curtailment (greed). Joe, who is also an alcoholic, was forced to travel to the northern territories for a job and on a daily basis after work, he sits in the bar in the over-priced smelly hotel getting wasted on over-priced social lubricant, getting solicited by the over-weight, over-used hookers that gain their lively hood from saps like Joe who has lost all confidence and is still heartbroken over Jessica. Sounds like a nightmare? Divide and conquer and keep the family unit’s counterparts divided, hopeless, enslaved, broke, and inebriated. Brainwashed.

Cloak and Beggar

Large World Corporate Financial Groups that control (or procure on behalf of our friendly 1 percentage of the globe) invest in cons, virtual prostitution, scamming social media, sexually induced phishing, bank information pirating, theft, abuse, sexual abuse, humiliation, rape (ritch). If a man and a woman dates and start making out, but the woman or the man decides they do not want to continue the sexual encounter, most reasonable people will stop the interaction with respect. But if you watch a porn film of a young college girl being abused, slapped and choked, enforced to continue the sexual act with verbal abuse even though the woman is crying and resisting for real, that is ok because it makes lots of money. As long as she signed the waiver, which basically waived her rights from being a human being, to be treated like a farm animal, makes it ok. It is acting.  Although she is vomiting, crying and in painful duress, she is acting? If you believe that then I guess you must be a share holder of that particular pornographic producing website corporation. May be they should play that particular clip at the next share holder’s meeting and they can all masturbate while their profits and dividends projections are announced for the next fiscal year. Or that bank information phishing call center in Nigeria, Russia, Virginia, or anywhere thanks to the VPN technology. These information phishers set up phoney profiles on most or all free dating sites, even some of the paid sites, and prey on men and women alike, focusing on the age bracket of 45 to99 years, specifically the 50’s male bracket because most men in that bracket are in their financial peak, more or less. These scammers, through proposed sexual, emotional companionship or interaction allurement, will attempt to get some form of personal or banking information or money. Once that is accomplished, they will continue to scam you until you stop or close down all financial ties.  But by then it is probably too late. It is just too lucrative for world banks and financial groups not to invest in, or capitalize. But if they had any morals other then pecuniary morals, they would not condone these illegal activities.

The Bumpkin Headless Horseman

However, we are developing into a society on non-accountability. No one in power, and certainly not the 1 percenters, want to be accountable for anything that would interfere with the flow of money to their fat pockets. We can be tried and convicted as the masses, because for some reason, we have to be accountable for our actions. But any person on the mini-Monarch level will not be held accountable for anything. Just pin it on the masses, and hope everyone will forget who was really responsible for 911, or the slaughter of women and children in the Gulf wars, not to mention the soldiers that died from commercial-corporate North America. They will take no responsibility for anything. They will have everyone believe they didn’t do anything. Innocent. Meanwhile they were  filling their oil barrels and wallets with stolen prosperity. And they will keep doing it because no one in commercial-corporate North America will question them in fear of losing their careers or livelihood. We are beat if we allow our fears to create a bubble of conformed security ultimately self serving to the 1 percent of the population’s profit margin.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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In the Canonization of the Archfiend, We the Financially Preponderated, Demurral You!

Golden Corporate Undulation of Disillusionment

The Trumpets sounding the Mini-Monarch’s Jingle, well be known to the subjects in the commercially conquered community, cardboard silhouettes of the Owner’s Royal family stand, overseeing its courtyard, filled with the mini-Monarch’s subjects anxiously awaiting the daily scrolls, featuring the latest charitable discounts the fair mini-Monarchs dictate to us as the current corporate law of the land, until a better charitable discount arises and is scribed on new commercialised scrolls in their branded mini-Monarch calligraphy. Later, the min-Monarchs ride in their horse-powered drawn carriages down the old business sector streets, now filled with vacant business buildings for rent, with municipal corporate tax levis impervious to the barbaric entrepreneurs abating the chance to vie. Scornfully, the mini-Monarchs look through their dark tinted coach windows, turning their snob noses up at the sights of deferred people, derelicts,  bag ladies, junkies, drunks, thieves, pimps, prostitutes, single mothers with their poorly dressed children, as they pass by broken and shattered display windows, now covered with boards or featuring empty shelves and baron merchant counters, illuminated only  by sunlight that manages to penetrate the dust incrusted windows of the rat infested decanted store rooms. As their coaches’ golden rimmed wheels are pushed swiftly by the asphalt down the broken street, two dragoons, from the local prefecture, severely beat a homeless man to submission, with their batons, spectating, as the delict blood torrents down the curb, into the sewer. Portrait after portrait is taken of this seemingly atrociousness of justice on media devices by 90 % of the guttersnipes in portrait vicinity, only to be discarded evidence by an overpaid (debauched) lawyer magistrate under the direction of the royal commercial municipal corporation.

A young boy, dragging an old dismantled crib across the street to the local pawnshop where the pawn vendor will ungenerously give the young boy 7 dollars, whereby he, as instructed by his welfare stricken mother, to purchase a direly needed loaf of bread and condiments, perhaps some milk if is afforded by the illiberal generation from the pawned crib. The horse-powered drawn carriage with gold rimmed wheels comes to a stop before this annoying obstruction, only for the carriage driver to climb off the carriage to inspect and clean the delict blood off the gold rims. The dragoon swiftly runs behind the carriage entourage , stopping traffic so a distance can be kept between the horse-powered drawn carriages with gold rimmed wheels, whilst yelling at the young boy to “lug the crib faster across the street, you are impeding the mini-monarch progress and safety!” Within moments, the annoyance (boy) manages to struggle his blockage off the path of the mini-Monarch horse-powered drawn carriages, allowing the dragoon escorted royal entourage to continue its plague inflicting journey of brainwashing and deceitful conglomerating. In its wake, it leaves a destructive path of falsehood and mayhem. Discouragement and brutality starts to spread aggressively and virally. People on the streets start attacking each other, destroying and luting, trying to understand the hopelessness that they are feeling, retaliating because of emptiness in their souls that is being stolen in exchange for the coveted materialisms that we are mesmerised to believe will bring us dignity and stature , being left behind to rot in the refuse that was once a prosperous community that the mini-monarchs stole and are now hording to get as much gold as they can reap from the distraught and the humble who are the remaining populous that have the will to strive forward.

Quickly, after the remaining dragoons withdraw because of the might of the mob, more dragoons appear along with militant reserves and conscript soldiers whom were quickly recruited in case of an uprising, dress in full armored riot gear, shields and weapons of dominant inflicting persuasion. The dragoons and their arrived counterparts, form strategic lines to push and separate the chaotic mob, followed by large wagons to stack the dead, and larger caged wagons to confine the captured or innocent. For seemingly hours, the mob continues its retaliation, and the dragoons and their counterparts push, divide and conquer little by little, piece by piece, until they subdue and disperse the frantic mob, with the remaining that managed not to get beaten to death or captured, run and hide in fear. The dragoons in their blackened triumph, instruct the remaining people of the commercial dominated city that they are under martial law and are to stay within their huts and shelters until further notice. Anyone caught on the street will be imprisoned without trial. Anyone already captured will remain in the prison camps until they are similarly tried and convicted. In the mean time they can live and work in their respective prison camps ergo the community can remain productive at the benevolence of the mini-Monarchs, whom conspired and construed to the local dragoons and their authorities, that for everyone to remain a productive member of society, this is the only viable solution. No need for a monetary system inside the barbed walls of these prison camps because everything that is necessary will be provided on a rationed basis to promote the importance of following laws set forth by the mini-Monarchs and their royal families.

Marriages that anyone within these walls are part of will be abolished because anyone that is in these prison camps are deemed guilty, thus the only determination that will be determined is whether the criminal will die for their conspiracies against the mini-Monarchs and their royal families or to serve in these camps for the remainders of their natural lives. Anyone related to the captured inside the barb walls of these prison camps will also be subjected to the same conspiracy trials to determine whether they will die or serve, and if found guilty to serve, will be in separate prison camps and not allowed to visit their former family members. Any children left orphaned because of the delict behavior of their former guardians will be submitted to orphan institutions and retrained and educated to the emancipation and proclamation of the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, and may, if astute enough in their training, be offered the honor to a life of servitude in the mini-Monarchs and their royal families homes and establishments. Certain females that are orphaned that fit the genetically intellect and skeletal structure will be employed as surrogate birthing mid-wives, to provide pleasure for the royal barons and provide infants for the royal baronesses. Any of the lesser astute males and females will be genitally severed and will serve as drones for the municipal corporation performing the lesser and laborious duties. As for the criminals in their respective prison camps living out their lives in servitude to the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, they will be allowed the privilege to line up daily and bow in respect to the mini-Monarchs entourage in revel of its gleaming gold rimmed wheels.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Duress from The Sumptuous and Inculcation


We are inclined everyday to not achieve. From the first day at school we are taught that we are definitely under control. They give you impression that you are free to do what you like, act the way you like, dress the way you like, but in the end, we are enforced into fop-ness. How do they achieve this? Well, it is certainly not the teacher who’s income barely impresses anyone to become a teacher. People that become teachers are naively drawn to this profession in hopes to “change the world”, or to “inspire youths to greatness or happiness”, but the teachers learn very quickly that they are far from being in control to inspire any such thing. They are there to “brainwash”. Even if they do not know it, but learn soon enough. Out of all the teachers I have had as a youth, I can count on one to two fingers, maybe three of the teachers that made any sort of freedom impression on me. But those teachers are few and far between. Most teachers develop themselves into “serfdom procurers”. They start following the Principal’s agenda and streamlining. In one word, “control”. They say that education today has evolved into a more free forum but it is the same “slave-driven’ environment it has always been. Just a few more study periods. What were me and my friends doing during study period? Anything but studying. But if caught, off to the MLC (Modified Learning Class)”. Now you are thinking, they actively do something in this class to convince you that you should follow the school’s policies and agendas, but in reality, the teachers that were assigned this burdensome duty just sat there and read a book, or caught up on their class’s assignment corrections and grading. You come in the morning, and sit in this class, you cannot leave until first break, where you and your inmates take all your breaks at alternate times when no one else breaks, so you cannot socialize with anyone other then your MLC inmates. On the most part, it was very boring. When school was out, you were free to go until the next day depending on your sentencing. During the time in the MLC, you could do what ever you wanted, in the confines of your assigned desk. If you had to have a washroom break, you had to be escorted there and back. I took advantage of this time and did all my assignments and future assignments. By the time I was released, I was ahead of the whole class. Most people however, just sat their and read books or newspapers, did crossword puzzles, slept, anything but school work.

Rebellion Hall Pass

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. But if you consider prison, it is about the same thing. Once you are in prison, no one really cares what you do while you are confined. Because, you are imprisoned, out of sight, out of mind. This either induces the individual to be more productive and stay out of prison, be a good serf, or it enables them to continue to rebel in a foolish manner, always getting caught and sent right back to prison. You expect this to happen, subconsciously, because of school. You are conditioned, brainwashed into thinking that is where people belong when breaking the law or not following the rules, policies, narrow-ism.  Control. Like in school, as long as you follow the rules and policies, even if you are a total dunce, or an over-achiever, society has use for you because you are brainwashed in the basics of serfdom-ism. You will be a good slave. Once out in society, you will work, then come home and get further brainwashed by the main con-stream media that you will crave on a daily basis to validate that “you are still a good little serf”. If you did not follow this pattern, then the brainwashing would wear off in time, and you will be lost for a short period. Alone. Ergo, you will either jump right back into the brainwashed bandwagon, or progress as a free individual. Like falling back to heroin, or morphine. The key to stay off is to eliminate it from your life. Because it is not needed to survive. If a person spent a year and did not watch any commercialized media or TV, then suddenly watched it again, they would be amazed they were ever drawn to watch such sewer-scribble-scribed televised nonsense in the first place. It would, I guarantee, insult your intelligence.

One Flew Over The Conformity Nest

Rebellion starts not by force. It starts in the mind. The only force you will experience is the counter-force that everyone around you will apply to your seemingly derailment of thought. They will think that you have lost your mind. They will not understand and attempt to pull you back to the aneurism infiltrated excrement that you have rejected from your thought process. You will look at them as the crazy ones. But they are not ready for this enlightenment, therefore will label you as the “looney tunes”. The best way to handle this counter-force is to play the game, and slowly draw them out of their “comfort zone of compliance”. Before they know it, they will start to experience freedom of thought and individuality without the fear because you are with them. Something that they were always afraid to do because of the status quo of thought enforcement. Remember, you are not forcing them to do this because it is a natural response to a taste of an unrestricted beginning. Freedom is a natural emotion, but like all emotions, they can be controlled, or even, nearly, eliminated. Buried. That is what brainwashing of our North American Society does. Eliminates the desire for freedom. Ridiculing the need and desire, thus discouraging, beating people into compliance. Beating you ask? Yes. Have you ever seen a demonstration or protest broken up by force? I think everyone has. The main con-stream media makes sure you see this force applied to ensure you will forget your little rebellion or protest and go back to sleep. Be a good serf and go back to your slave driven job and existence. But to protest to the government on any level, municipal, state or provincial or federal is a total waste of time. Yes we have the right to protest, but that is all. Don’t think they will succumb to your protest. That is the last thing on there mind. Mostly, it aggravates them into being more evasive to the issue at hand and you can bet, your last covet level favorite possession that you have managed not to pawn yet, that the police and riot squads, possibly even the army reserve will be present or on standby in full riot gear. Hoping for an excuse to slap all of the protesters down witnessed by all to see the government’s display of forceful resolve. Our attitudes and thoughts are the power. If we consecrate our mindful will and take back our individuality, then the rest will follow.

Society Does Not Need Control. It is Control That Needs Society.

The biggest nightmare that the 1 percenters and their serf driving corporations have, waking, rolling in sweat, is that society, you and I will realize how simple it is and we simply do not need them. That we do not have to raise a fist, gun, club, stick, canon, tank, missile, or any other death device or war machine. All we have to do is let our individualism take control of our own paths and destinies. All one has to do is remove these chains voluntarily, face the ridicule and seize control of their own existence. Prisons keep filling up with people rebelling in a childhood induced mannerism, brainwashed to think that to rebel is to raise your fist.  Take what you want by force, and as long as you do not get caught, keep taking until you do get caught. But that is the biggest con of them all because they have convinced people that open rebellion by force is the only thing that could work. But, it is the least likely to work because it is in the open and stupid. No smart military commander would ever lead their army into a predictable battle. School is where we all go to take classes on different essential subjects. But it is the forum where these classes define the classes. A “stained class” (Judas Priest) if you will. It starts with the clothes that your parents can afford, labeling you into a class that will be imbued into your psyche for a lifetime, ultimately carving the path you will follow. Break that path. It is not the correct path to follow because you as an individual did not choose that path. So for those still in school, rebel the silent rebellion that will illuminate your true individuality. After that, you will not be in their control.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Genesis, Mendacity, Aborticide


Abortion is nothing new and has been widely practiced in commercial corporate North America, and other countries, legally and illegally, for a century or more. Of course, I am almost positive it has been practiced for millenniums, just in a more hushed, crude mannerism. Biblically, it is an absolute no no. However, we have scholars and study groups that attempt to twist the Bible’s word for their own purposes. These skeptics usually ride on the LTDEWWITBTCATHF (let’s tear down every word written in the bible to contradict anyone that has faith) wagon. It is currently a pretty big wagon. Lets face the fact that there are a lot of “sinners” that cling to this sinister, perfidious, barouche. The main argument for abortion is, in my opinion, pretty lame.

Murder, She Rout

Sperm is ejaculated from the penis into the vagina or artificially inseminated into the womb. The sperms then begin their journey (race) towards the egg to impregnate. Once a lucky sperm manages to get to this low percentile target, and penetrates the egg, the fetus starts to grow. Not before. Not after. Right at that moment of conception. Done deal. Pretty simple concept. Not rocket science. Pro-abortionists would have you believe that because it is not classified as a real human being yet, you can kill the fetus. Like eating a fertilized chicken egg. Wrong. Anyone that has cracked open a fertilized chicken egg that received the correct amount of heat (98 degrees), for a about eight hours, will see blood in this egg. No, that is not voodoo. It is the fetus starting to grow and form. Because the human egg, instantly, recieves the correct amount of heat, the fetus starts growing immediately.

No Brains, No Pain

Pro-abortionists hinge on the fact that the brain has not developed. They believe there is no real living being to worry about, thus it can be killed without remorse. They maintain that the fetus is somehow not conscience therefore has no worth. Any woman that had an abortion, or miscarriage, most likely would have a different opinion. Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage develop great remorse and emotional issues after the fact. They have feelings of great loss in the “spiritual” and voided sense. However, that is not allowed in commercial corporate North America because it does not “fit” into a ruthless, capitalist, greed-orientated society.

Dictated Pro-Choice

Yes, you read correctly.” Women that are “victims” of abortion/miscarriage”. I do not believe any woman is in the proper state of mind to make that decision when pregnant. I am not suggesting they cannot make their own decisions, but it seems when a woman makes this decision, it is rarely, solely, their own because of the emotions involved. These women always seem to have others around them, family, friends, doctors or professionals pushing them into this decision. Saying that it is for the best. Best for who? If these women would of consulted a cleric, minister or priest, they may of had a different light shone on the situation. More balanced. Clerics, ministers and priests (if competent) would not tell the woman what to do, rather point out the positive aspects of pro-life. This can create a more stable decision-making environment allowing her the power to make the right choice rather than being pushed into a serious decision that may scar the woman’s psyche for life.

Only You Can Prevent Feticide

But the “barouche” pushes on into the depths of idiocy, not respecting other countries’ morals, values or traditions, force-feeding everyone with their capitalist, self-righteous propaganda-pabulum. Genocide. Feticide. Lets call it what really is and not attempt to twist the meaning of established philosophy. In fact, we seem to frown more on “herbicide” then “feticide”. We are being told not control what plant forms grow in certain areas with herbicides because it is not “natural”, yet we are encouraged to abort a fetus from a woman’s body. Something terribly wrong with that picture. Has anyone ever camped in a controlled camping site/area and collected dead wood laying about in the bush to make a camp fire? Then, have some “retard park attendant/ranger” come out of no-where and say “put that wood back where you found it because you are “disturbing” the natural reforestation”. Yes, that happened to me once. I then asked the park attendant “do you want me to place every piece of dead wood back in it’s exact, original location?”. Unfortunately, you cannot do that with an aborted/miscarried fetus.

eJACulation the Ripper

Illustration-wise, dead wood really has no relation to a dead fetus, other then being good fertilizer, but it does show the stupidity of what we are “brainwashed” to think is important. Dead wood important, new human fetus not important. This does not suggest all women that have had abortions should be metaphorically “burned at the stake”, or even censured. It means our value system is so corrupted and manipulated by whatever the current, 1 percenters, agenda propagates through our learning systems like a computer virus. Dismantling the Bible and the faith it invokes. Tearing away our spirituality, with small, sharp, fish hooks, ripping your soul into tiny little smidgens of distorted belief. Yes, like “Hell Raiser”. However, it is not the “prime evils” that are coming to rip your soul apart. It is a bunch eccentric, egotistical, snobbish, money grubbing 1 percenters monetarily subverting our beliefs and spirituality. If you want money? Drink from the poison well and become “agents of misfortune”. Or just sell your soul.

Put a Rubber on it

Women that want (have) the choice to abort a child should think about the responsibility of having such a choice. Moralistically, abortion is not a sound choice because it implies carelessness. Contraceptives are available so, really, there is no excuse not to use them, even in 3rd world countries because they are not that expensive. But, because of capitalism, they have not figured out how to turn a profit by educating and supplying people that, have no knowledge and/or, cannot afford contraceptives. That would mean they would have to give them away as “charity”. So what is the solution? Legalize abortion in all countries and apply pressure on countries that refuse to legalize abortion. That way they can push more health care and make more money! Sell more drugs back to the countries they steal the drugs from in the first place.

Viral Cloud of Disdain

Viruses, that are linked to birth defects, seemingly convey the justification for abortion. There are many substances that are linked to birth-defects that we ingest or breath-in everyday. No matter what the health or viral concerns may be in whatever country, respect has to be shown for life and should not be treated as a disposable product at any stage of existence. Once the fetus starts to grow, it is alive, brains or no brains. To think otherwise is irresponsible and nefarious. But of course, commercial corporate North America has already normalized abortion so what do we have to worry about? Just kill it before it spreads.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 30, 2016

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The Bravura of Competition Piquant

Exposing Private Lies

We as human beings compete from natural instinctiveness. So it may seem. Has it been bred into us, inbred into us, or is it a greedy need to grasp something before someone else does? I do not believe this personally because I think, when we are born, we have no competitive nature other then to survive. We were given brains like no other species. Thus why do we still act like jackals scrounging and fighting over a gazelle killed and half eaten by a neighboring lion family. Is this a desired behavior, or a side effect of social decimation. We, as humans, everyday, think and act in terms of competition. We behave in this mannerism like it is natural instinct. That is a potentially dangerous scenario that, in most cases, ends in some form of languid conflict.

Children that come up through the school system are taught that competition is good for the spirit and character. From kindergarten, and up through high school, this idealism is forcefully forged into their impressionable brains. Everyone in the classroom is aware who is the top student, and who is the dunce. The teacher is the culprit that usually exposes the weaknesses and strengths of all the students. What is the exact reasoning for this exposure? Why does this progression have to be evident to everyone in the classroom? Is it because we as adults, want to push our children to these idiotic extremes that were never attained when we were young? Thus we allow the school system to employ the competitive empowerment that is more destructive then getting the strap from the principle.

The Foully of Forged Evolution

Has the school system and their teachers progressed? I would think that they have most likely regressed and are far worse then ever before especially in the capitalist environment. If you look up the definition of “competition” you will be negatively informed, contradicting your brainwashed impression of competition. When a child wants to play a sport, the school system only has room for a certain amount of participants to play on the “school teams” therefore, pick the cream of the recruits of all who apply to play. What percentage of students get to be on these teams? Depends on the size of the school. In a sense, everyone gets to participate in physical activity during “gym class” and that is the forum that the competitive destructiveness and constructiveness begins. All at he hands of the haughty, drill sergeant mentality, serf driving gym teacher.

Some children progress in this precarious environment and most children become scarred for life in this “boor huddle of torment”. Why then do it at all? Because, the school system has to provide a certain amount of physical activity for your children, therefore use this opportunity to sift out the undesirables and promote the 1 to 2 percent that may make the school teams. Usually this is a performance based criterion, “natural ability”, that is utilized, therefore systematically decimating the other undesirables’ will to compete. This also means that any children that could of been “taught this ability potential” will most likely not develop the motivation to evolve because their will has been “shot down in flames” by the process. Teaching involves patients, encouragement, and nurturing. Most gym teachers that have these qualities are not employed.

Social Disgrace 101

Schools in the last 20 to 30 years have become social runnels, ultimately leading the majority of students to mediocracy. Is this a desired social result? To the 1 percenters and wealthy, it is a successful deviant necessary to keep the majority of the population to remain without hope or prosperity. In basics, you become a slave mentally and physically because you will have no notion that you are enslaved and will work until you die or until you are just not useful anymore. What does this say about our education system? Not much, thus if you send you children to school because you need day care and do not stay attuned to their progress and mental well being, you might as well send you child right to the street to survive as social outcasts. Because that is where they may end up as prostitutes, porn actors, gang members, drug pushers, and/or junkies, or just plain homeless and destitute.

The “professional bum” analogy may exist, but is used as an excuse by certain individuals to avoid the mental need to help the helpless. Thus, you can see how competitively twisted out social thinking is when we evaluate who the “top bum or bums” may be. Perhaps we could develop a “bum championship system”. This synopsis probably would get ratings and would have more then enough participants. This would also increase the suicide ands murder rate, in turn, thinning out our population of social undesirables because lets face it, if you cannot be evaluated as a “top bum” or even a “ranking bum”, drastic measures would be utilized because what is left to lose? This thought is far from original because there are many movies, current and past, that use this epitome.

The Thrill of Agony, the Victory of Defeat

Sports, from grade school to university, ultimately leading to professional, minor or major, teams keep this contorted vying spirted and augmenting like a cloud of airborne viral contamination, infecting all who breathe this essence of voraciousness. We have all cheered on our home professional team populated with possibly 1 or none local players, in a championship series, in a mob like presence, possibly breaking into a riot if our team wins or loses all in the name of capitalist competition. On the other hand, it could be just an excuse to lute local businesses for the “covet level possessions” the most people struggle or cannot afford to buy. But let us not forget Olympic type sports and endeavors that basically produce the same reckonable causatum. The ultimate gag-reel for the wealthy and 1 percenters.

We that Reject Brainwashed Residuals

There are a lot of parents that are wise to this downfall of public or mass populated schools no matter if they are public, private, religious or not. These smart parents homeschool their children in attempt to teach their children proper values and educate them in stress free environments free of stupid competitive attainment. Does this work? It works because children learn better in controlled, happy environments when allowed to evolve and chose freely to aspire the directions that they would “naturally” take when given these opportunities free of bullying and tyrannical suppression. Parents that are smart enough to take this venue also teach their children the realities that they will face instead of sheltering the child, using (screened) current news events to show what society can be like negatively and positively. (Screened meaning no brainwashed main con stream media, advertising, programming with advertising or any medium sponsored by commercialism.)

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on January 5, 2016

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Renewable Energized Corporate Prototyped Nepotism

I Just do not Have the Power, Captain!

What is renewable energy anyway? Energy that is somehow recaptured? Recycled? Or is it just a way of saying, “In order to make renewable resources cost efficient, we have to tax the royal ordure out of the tax payer”. Yes, if you look at the trending bandwagon on renewable energy, or anything recyclable for that matter, commercial corporate North America has to make sure it turns a profit before it can be adopted to save the environment. I mean, in a capitalistic society, making money is the first and foremost priority. They just would like you to think they really give a “night soil”.

We have had renewable energy capabilities for about a century. We have wind and solar power that is anything but new. I remember, a science project in the 6th grade. Our project was making solar cells from the bottoms of old beer bottles that would capture and retain heat, to transfer this heat into an electrical charge, through a wire (induction) to light up a small watt light bulb. It did not require anything out of the ordinary or illusive like technology corporations would like everyone to think, thus enabling these corporations to put astronomical price tags on solar and wind systems. These systems are very simple technology. Besides, energy cannot be destroyed. Only change form. Ergo, who gave corporations the right to over-charge us (the masses) for naturally produced energy technology.

From REO Speedwagon to Greenie o Bandwagon

However, the issue is, if they (corporations) sell these systems for an affordable price, whereby the “average joe” can buy a system and be 90% off the grid, what will that do to their profit margins? That would be unacceptable. They need to keep the masses “hooked” on petroleum energy so they can keep the “pecuniary strings” attached. Keep control of the peasants for the 1 percenters. You know, keep the carbon foot print large enough so they can start taxing us (the masses) to pay for their “Greenie o Bandwagon”, which is a feeble attempt to make anything with “Green” stamped on it’s label something new and vibrant that will save the earth. Sounds like “fools gold” turning our fingers “green”.

Made by Flower Power.

These systems most likely (solar and wind) would take a huge bite out of the carbon foot print. Why then make them expensive? Why not offer government subsidies (real subsidies) that kick back some money to the “average joe (or jane)” that goes into astronomical hock when purchasing these systems? This does not seem to be an obvious incentive or a incentive at all for the masses, making this only affordable for the wealthy and the 1 percenters. When shopping for these systems, you can quickly see that they are charging people about $800.00 to $1000.00 per kilowatt of generation. IE: You will pay about one dollar per watt for the initial system. That does not include the storage batteries, system integration to your electrical panel, etc.. This ratio is much higher for solar systems.

Anyone that says these systems are affordable, are selling these systems. There are plenty of ways to make these systems from scratch, and a lot of people are sharing this information, some for a profit, enabling people to attempt to get off the grid, but are not likely solutions for the layman. Tesla, in his time devised a way to generate free power for people and was successful, but anyone familiar with that story, knows how that story ended. Large fortunes, at that time, were made from the generation and selling of power, so why give it away? Commercial corporate North America, or any profit orientated country, just could not fathom that concept. Thus, the rest is history, or at least what the banal history books say.

Recycled Psycho Technology

In the 50’s and earlier, there were recyclable bottles and containers that people had to pay a deposit and as long as they returned these containers, would not have to repay this deposit and buy just the product. Great system. Thus, how did the disposable container take priority over the returnable (recyclable) container? Did they not think that this would create a disposal problem? Or did they even think at all other then how much more money they could make and how many jobs they could eliminate and increase their already large profit margins. Brilliant! Just bury the disposable, non-biodegradable substances in the ground and let future generations worry about the problem.

Who is Going to Pay For What I Already Paid For?

Even now, with dump sites encouraging people to recycle certain recyclable materials, setting up recycle bins and/or areas, does not go far enough because it is only encouraged and not mandatory. EI: Some people just do not get it and still dump recyclable material to get buried. Incentives could be used to encourage more recycling because, lets be honest: if I buy something that has a recyclable container, I paid for that container, thus I should get something back for that container when I recycle that material. Therefore, I would go out of my way to recycle more because I am getting some money to recycle what I paid for in the first place.

However, recycle collectors and dealers that are corporations, would have to kick back some money for these collections. Could this happen? Sure it could, but then, our government is the only entity that could enforce such a policy. Instead, our government (commercial corporate North America) infringes eco fees on certain things like tires, electronics and other products. Great strategy. Piss off the consumer. That way, a portion of these consumers, will dump these products to be buried, just out of plain spite.

The Eroding Cornerstone of our Community

In a nutshell, corporate and profit mentality is why we are in this mess in the first place. So, why would we (the masses) have to pay for their brilliant idiocy? Because corporations cannot, by policy, pay for cleaning up their own messes that would cut into their hard earned profits. That would make no sense and would overload their corporate slide rule, cookie cutter apperception. One could attempt to use the argument that these large corporations employ lots of people, therefore have the right to use this scrutiny. But that opinion is only shared by people that have the good fortune of retaining their jobs over the many that have been victims of curtailment and downsizing. You must also realize that cities, including the one you live in, are nothing more then corporations, so it is easy to see how other corporations can enter you city gates, to rape and pillage. They all (Corporations) speak the same language. Greed.

Company Recycled Union Reunion Communion

Yes, there are unionized labor forces in some of these companies. But if you look closely at these unions, they are highly integrated with the corporations (companies). Unions are corporations, so this integration is easily manifested. And, everyone knows that most union officials are very easily bought. Companies basically own any union that represent their labor force. I guess it would be fitting to say, “Recycled Unions”. Because, everyone knows that most of the “real unions” were busted up in the eighties and nineties. Thus, the companies (corporations) seen an opportunity to pick up the union pieces and recycle them into the “company owned unions”.

This enables the company (corporation) to pull the strings from behind the “cloak room” and spy on their employees at the same time, getting rid of the troublemakers that know the labor legislation. In other words, purge anyone out that would have a backbone and stand up for there labor rights before they are “officially” accepted into the union. This can turn into an infinite amount of time, depending on how much money you have to pay to be a permanent union member ($1000.00), and/or how long they can keep you on part time status, which would not entitle you to be a full fledge member. What is worse is they steal union dues from you, in the mean time, because it comes right off your paycheck.

Quid Pro Status Quo

To put it plainly, large corporations just do not support municipal communities anymore. They do not employ the numbers they did in the past, therefore really have no entitlement to the “pillar of the community” title once enjoyed before they cut the throats of the blue collar, backbone workers in exchange for computerized, automation, robotics and/or labor outsourcing (using other countries with little or no labor laws for slave labor). Nothing really new. They have been doing this since the 80’s. There are many corporations that hire a fair number of people, IE: department store chains, call centers, but nothing like the numbers employed in the past. The final analysis would not be favorable to these corporations. Most of these places do not pay much more then minimum wage. These corporations really do not promise people, that have this misfortune of working there, much more then a fop suit, and possibly a matching hat or silly dress codes. These corporations do not offer prosperity or pensions. Therefore, setting up a futuristic, social, disastrous nightmare. Who will clean that up? You can bet the 1 percenters and corporations will scheme around that social decimation.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 8, 2015

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