Renewable Energized Corporate Prototyped Nepotism

I Just do not Have the Power, Captain!

What is renewable energy anyway? Energy that is somehow recaptured? Recycled? Or is it just a way of saying, “In order to make renewable resources cost efficient, we have to tax the royal ordure out of the tax payer”. Yes, if you look at the trending bandwagon on renewable energy, or anything recyclable for that matter, commercial corporate North America has to make sure it turns a profit before it can be adopted to save the environment. I mean, in a capitalistic society, making money is the first and foremost priority. They just would like you to think they really give a “night soil”.

We have had renewable energy capabilities for about a century. We have wind and solar power that is anything but new. I remember, a science project in the 6th grade. Our project was making solar cells from the bottoms of old beer bottles that would capture and retain heat, to transfer this heat into an electrical charge, through a wire (induction) to light up a small watt light bulb. It did not require anything out of the ordinary or illusive like technology corporations would like everyone to think, thus enabling these corporations to put astronomical price tags on solar and wind systems. These systems are very simple technology. Besides, energy cannot be destroyed. Only change form. Ergo, who gave corporations the right to over-charge us (the masses) for naturally produced energy technology.

From REO Speedwagon to Greenie o Bandwagon

However, the issue is, if they (corporations) sell these systems for an affordable price, whereby the “average joe” can buy a system and be 90% off the grid, what will that do to their profit margins? That would be unacceptable. They need to keep the masses “hooked” on petroleum energy so they can keep the “pecuniary strings” attached. Keep control of the peasants for the 1 percenters. You know, keep the carbon foot print large enough so they can start taxing us (the masses) to pay for their “Greenie o Bandwagon”, which is a feeble attempt to make anything with “Green” stamped on it’s label something new and vibrant that will save the earth. Sounds like “fools gold” turning our fingers “green”.

Made by Flower Power.

These systems most likely (solar and wind) would take a huge bite out of the carbon foot print. Why then make them expensive? Why not offer government subsidies (real subsidies) that kick back some money to the “average joe (or jane)” that goes into astronomical hock when purchasing these systems? This does not seem to be an obvious incentive or a incentive at all for the masses, making this only affordable for the wealthy and the 1 percenters. When shopping for these systems, you can quickly see that they are charging people about $800.00 to $1000.00 per kilowatt of generation. IE: You will pay about one dollar per watt for the initial system. That does not include the storage batteries, system integration to your electrical panel, etc.. This ratio is much higher for solar systems.

Anyone that says these systems are affordable, are selling these systems. There are plenty of ways to make these systems from scratch, and a lot of people are sharing this information, some for a profit, enabling people to attempt to get off the grid, but are not likely solutions for the layman. Tesla, in his time devised a way to generate free power for people and was successful, but anyone familiar with that story, knows how that story ended. Large fortunes, at that time, were made from the generation and selling of power, so why give it away? Commercial corporate North America, or any profit orientated country, just could not fathom that concept. Thus, the rest is history, or at least what the banal history books say.

Recycled Psycho Technology

In the 50’s and earlier, there were recyclable bottles and containers that people had to pay a deposit and as long as they returned these containers, would not have to repay this deposit and buy just the product. Great system. Thus, how did the disposable container take priority over the returnable (recyclable) container? Did they not think that this would create a disposal problem? Or did they even think at all other then how much more money they could make and how many jobs they could eliminate and increase their already large profit margins. Brilliant! Just bury the disposable, non-biodegradable substances in the ground and let future generations worry about the problem.

Who is Going to Pay For What I Already Paid For?

Even now, with dump sites encouraging people to recycle certain recyclable materials, setting up recycle bins and/or areas, does not go far enough because it is only encouraged and not mandatory. EI: Some people just do not get it and still dump recyclable material to get buried. Incentives could be used to encourage more recycling because, lets be honest: if I buy something that has a recyclable container, I paid for that container, thus I should get something back for that container when I recycle that material. Therefore, I would go out of my way to recycle more because I am getting some money to recycle what I paid for in the first place.

However, recycle collectors and dealers that are corporations, would have to kick back some money for these collections. Could this happen? Sure it could, but then, our government is the only entity that could enforce such a policy. Instead, our government (commercial corporate North America) infringes eco fees on certain things like tires, electronics and other products. Great strategy. Piss off the consumer. That way, a portion of these consumers, will dump these products to be buried, just out of plain spite.

The Eroding Cornerstone of our Community

In a nutshell, corporate and profit mentality is why we are in this mess in the first place. So, why would we (the masses) have to pay for their brilliant idiocy? Because corporations cannot, by policy, pay for cleaning up their own messes that would cut into their hard earned profits. That would make no sense and would overload their corporate slide rule, cookie cutter apperception. One could attempt to use the argument that these large corporations employ lots of people, therefore have the right to use this scrutiny. But that opinion is only shared by people that have the good fortune of retaining their jobs over the many that have been victims of curtailment and downsizing. You must also realize that cities, including the one you live in, are nothing more then corporations, so it is easy to see how other corporations can enter you city gates, to rape and pillage. They all (Corporations) speak the same language. Greed.

Company Recycled Union Reunion Communion

Yes, there are unionized labor forces in some of these companies. But if you look closely at these unions, they are highly integrated with the corporations (companies). Unions are corporations, so this integration is easily manifested. And, everyone knows that most union officials are very easily bought. Companies basically own any union that represent their labor force. I guess it would be fitting to say, “Recycled Unions”. Because, everyone knows that most of the “real unions” were busted up in the eighties and nineties. Thus, the companies (corporations) seen an opportunity to pick up the union pieces and recycle them into the “company owned unions”.

This enables the company (corporation) to pull the strings from behind the “cloak room” and spy on their employees at the same time, getting rid of the troublemakers that know the labor legislation. In other words, purge anyone out that would have a backbone and stand up for there labor rights before they are “officially” accepted into the union. This can turn into an infinite amount of time, depending on how much money you have to pay to be a permanent union member ($1000.00), and/or how long they can keep you on part time status, which would not entitle you to be a full fledge member. What is worse is they steal union dues from you, in the mean time, because it comes right off your paycheck.

Quid Pro Status Quo

To put it plainly, large corporations just do not support municipal communities anymore. They do not employ the numbers they did in the past, therefore really have no entitlement to the “pillar of the community” title once enjoyed before they cut the throats of the blue collar, backbone workers in exchange for computerized, automation, robotics and/or labor outsourcing (using other countries with little or no labor laws for slave labor). Nothing really new. They have been doing this since the 80’s. There are many corporations that hire a fair number of people, IE: department store chains, call centers, but nothing like the numbers employed in the past. The final analysis would not be favorable to these corporations. Most of these places do not pay much more then minimum wage. These corporations really do not promise people, that have this misfortune of working there, much more then a fop suit, and possibly a matching hat or silly dress codes. These corporations do not offer prosperity or pensions. Therefore, setting up a futuristic, social, disastrous nightmare. Who will clean that up? You can bet the 1 percenters and corporations will scheme around that social decimation.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

Originally Published on December 8, 2015

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