New York Times says a total of $43,000 paid out for covid vaccine Injury? Kennedy Vows Transparency

A New York Times story about vaccine injury is released, showing that things are inevitably being turned around, and also shows how cheap the federal government is in its payouts to a mere 12 people that were injured, not exceeding $3600.00 each, a grand total of $43,000 dollars paid out, at the same time, giving billions to the phony war in Ukraine? Kennedy Vows transparency if elected.

The Hollywood all Globalists Squares

Yes, they are all globalists to be sure, and one can be sure that globalism will be ushered in by one of these candidates. Why Hillary? Well, let us just say she is just one of the wizards behind the curtain, pulling the globalist levers and the strings on Biden. One only has to select their “Brand of Globalism”.

Little Does your Nose Knows about the Calamity of the Pied Piper Led Destitution and Red Tapestry of Slavery; A Matter of Faith-ism, Paganism, Cyborg-ism and Propaganda-ism

It is clear that Canada has bitten on the Globalist phishing lure of conquest, hook, line, and sinker. Even our local governments as in Municipal, all “useless” officials are merely regarded as empty vessels to be filled with the latest Globalist propaganda of the moment, as in, what will deceive the masses today and how much can we really wring out of the latest globalist grift.

Sixty percent of our House of Commons are filled with politicians that attended the YLP (Young Leaders Program of the WEF, the World Economic Forum. Traditionally, the WEF has always had some form of monetary grip on many political leaders and if you talk to your local municipality who are convinced they cannot retaliate against the provincial or state governments, it will not take long to see that many of these municipal officials have been tainted monetarily speaking. However, there is no proof to this and you will never get a corrupted politician to admit their transgressions merely because it affords them a lifestyle beyond your level of existence.

So where is the faith? The demonization of CERN Particle Acceleration is a well planned elitist ploy to fool the common man to think that the only viable solution to petroleum on this planet is Nuclear Power, and is needed to power that over priced electric car that you were conned into purchasing by your friendly neighbor hoodwink car sales representative who vows on a stack of New Age Bibles that the electric car is worth the investment, but fails to mention the exact details on the cost of charging these vehicles and the frequency of charging needed to go over 100 miles.

You ask yourself, why would the religious community endorse this crazy phenomenon that CERN is the gateway to hell? Why would they get the so called “truther community” that advocates Christianity, tell tales of fire and brimstone that CERN particle acceleration is conjuring demons to enter our plain of existence? The truth of that matter boils down to financial incentives that are as corrupt as the TV Evangelist movements of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. And by way of YouTube and other social mediums, they obscurely publish these videos through so called Christianity members of advocates similar to the now debunk “Vigilant Christian”, or more obvious “cracker” truthers, like “Jason A” and others, that spread this religious propaganda of demons crashing into our world via manmade portals, basically emulating the social media’s version of “That’s Incredible”.

All this new form of “entertainment” tailored for the “slight of mind” via their 5G cell phone, during their lunch, at their job provided lunchroom, poster labeled with health propaganda, eating their McDonald’s hokum spewed burger and fries, washing it down with their hokum spewed version of soda water, that is 90% sugar and 10% artificial flavor. In essence, that is how they con the average Joe, or Jane, as to their de-power-ment of their brain overload, guaranteed to leave this individual with dementia as an elder, if that individual was lucky enough to survive the Covid 19 kill shots and all of their lethal boosters, shaving your lifespan by five years, every time they are injected with this hokum spewed, so called, MRNA injection, that implants self organizing circuits, and graphene in your body, that attracts signals, and in harsh cases, metallic objects, that will totally magnetize this Mac addressed emitting fool, a shell of a once natural human, enabling their brain neurons to accept mind controlling manipulation.

And if that serf-induced individual grows old and gets dementia, which is 100% guaranteed with all of the hokum fast foods, brain honing elixirs and weed inducing impediments, lacking vitamins and minerals that are, at this very instance, being demonized and legally discredited in favor of the kill shots, will be offered the MAID program to check out of their indoctrinated self induced systematic destruction of their health and mind pathetic existence.

Religious or not, you will find more than enough “truther tailored propaganda” to suit your so called indoctrinated beliefs, that will lead straight to hell on earth, mode of existence, or political extremist beliefs, that you are pelted with daily, depending on your “brand” of social medium-ism, or IQ-ism. And as our Trusty Dusty, redundant, should be mothballed, or dismantled or decimated or arrested or imprisoned or put to death intelligence groups, that are in need of improving their IQ’s, since the Bush administration, because any agent before Bush, actually had a brain-ism, we continued to get milked for our tax dollars that is converted into a mere fraction of what actually goes to government administration and services, the rest going to black ops.

Even though you have no idea of how many underground cities exist, or even if they exist at all, and the disappearance of so many children and people, supposedly to the inflated idea of human trafficking, that is just a front to obscure where these children and individuals really end up, not in slavery, but as advocates and high paid workers in these underground cities that will summarily take over once they rid of all people on the surface that do not have a clue as to their schemes and depopulation agendas. They only reason we are still here is because they are not in the full gear of depopulation, and still need us as propaganda filled shells to continue paying and supplying their black operations to build a new world order, that has no inclusion of you, only that they will dispose of you when they are done and ready to unleash the “real” depopulation  method of a full scale assault using our own compromised armies as pawns to usher in this new existence on top of your bloodied bones as they crunch under the tank tracks of dehumanization and depopulation 1-O-1. The bottom line of particle acceleration is clear, and it would replace all fossil fuels and Nuclear as a viable abundant clean source of energy that would save the earth and support our current populations and beyond. The only hindrance of this seemingly pipe dream-ism is Greed-ism.

Test testing 123, are we ready for Totalitarianism?

Donald Trump, leader of MAGA, make America great again, has lost his momentum since the last election.  Although many people think it was an unfair decision when he lost the vote, it was precisely because of the Spanish vote that he lost this Presidential ballot.  People that support the wall at the American and Mexico border fail to realize that it was a decision made by Trump to build this wall, ergo, would make it impossible for him to retain the Spanish vote in America.  And the Hispanic vote is numerous, and any candidates that have not received these votes, are in danger of losing the election.

Although Joe Biden is a total flake and should not be in the president’s office, he did receive the Hispanic vote for his support to remove the wall.  It was also supported by many of other Americans in the United States that view this wall as fascist.  However the Republicans being conservative have never been in favor of mass immigration because it takes benefits away from the American citizen, things like jobs, college and university funding, and vocational training programs.  The over saturation of the job market and the lower wages it invokes overall degrades the American way of life and her prosperity.

Therefore it is a total no brainer why there’s such opposition to mass immigration as far as the country’s citizens are concerned.  However if you take it up one level whereby large corporations and medium sized businesses benefit from mass immigration that perpetuate lower wages and wage funding paid by tax payers, supporting foreign people to receive jobs that would have been taken by an American citizen, it is not a wonder why characters like Trump would be favored in the election.

Normally, Trump or characters like him would be viewed as a corrupt individual, and Trump had known ties with Epstein whereby his latest wife, Melina Trump, was introduced to him by Epstein.  People seem to forget where Trump comes from and only look at the old money associated with his family.  The only reason Donald Trump is rich is because of his family nothing more.  If it wasn’t for the old money that stems from his family he would be on a street broke and penny less begging for quarters and washing dirty windshields on the freeway, because Trump is not a good businessman and has fostered many bankruptcies of many businesses.

For people to be under the illusion that Trump is a good businessman should really look into his past performances as a businessman and should shudder to think what he would actually do for a country like United States.  Recently, the Supreme Court of Colorado has ruled that trump has committed insurrection and is not eligible to be president of United States.  This of course relates to the January 6th, 2021 act of insurrection by MAGA in Washington, DC.

MAGA, Boys in Blue, BLM, ANTIFA are all extremist groups formed by the CIA and other intelligence factions.  The purpose of these phony groups is to cause misdirection, creating false bread crumb trails that lead absolutely nowhere, and set up the environment for more laws to be imposed, shrinking the common citizen’s rights, picking away at the over tattered constitution, like, the January 6th incident that was widely adopted as an act of insurrection.

Check and mate, as the noose of totalitarianism becomes tighter and tighter, choking the common citizen of their rights and freedoms and basic fundamental needs like jobs.  This of course, is to set up a basic universal income and 15 minutes cities, the philosophy that sprung from the new map delegation according to FEMA, of United States and other countries to be sure.  This method was created to ensure that people will concentrate in the inner most portions of the United States, away from the coastlines to ensure no one escapes the claws of depopulation.

To the common citizen this is a mass murder and genocide, but to the elitist, is a necessary evil to ensure the survival of the most important people which of course, are comprised of the 1% of society and their spawn scum. In any event, all of these events were simulated one way or another to keep the common citizen stupefied and afraid.

The only way to get people to accept fascism (the wall) is to create the environment that promotes fascism, as in, protecting the construction of a wall between two countries, exactly like East and West Berlin, which was criticized and frowned upon by the free world for decades.

In fact, a Republican President, Ronald Reagan, was the one that said, quote; “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall.” End quote. So why is it exactly, OK for an American Republican President to tell other countries to tear down their walls because of immigration, and OK for another American Republican President to build a wall because of immigration?

If you have a logical mind, there would be no sense to the latter other than “Elitist Privilege” dictating to our owned governments what agenda is correct or not correct. Thus, if this wall gains the support it had, as in MAGA support, a bullying of what Americanism really is, then the time will be ripe to introduce a totalitarian government, forsaking other parties for a “one party system” run by the “corporation” puppeteer, the 1 percent of society, camouflaged as the illuminati, enforced and protected by the masons.But is this something the slight of mind can actually see as they run to the beer or liquor store, and now, weed store to purchase their favorite, brain honing elixir, followed by some head shrinking marijuana to ensure they remain paranoid and sit in front of their indoctrinating 70 inch, wide screen of deceptive, far vision, lacing their brainwashed minds with more indoctrination, pacifying these witless souls, that everything is ok, so go back to sleep, moron and get an erection over the last sexually diverted fake female cheerleader, or get jealous of it, depending on what your preferred pronoun would dictate, as in if you would get jealous at all, or laugh your ass off…

The Unholy Wars of Dominance, Submission; There is nothing to fear but Greed itself…

Israel and the USA have been trying to start a holy war in the Middle East for decades, perhaps for the last hundred years. All of this seems to have repeated itself over and over again. Many have watched the indoctrination since the 70’s. It is always the same ole story, nothing new, really. Palestine extremism, plants a bomb or a suicide bomber killed a bunch of people in a restaurant etc, etc… Or in this case, launches missiles unprovoked into Israel and sporadic terrorist attacks, whereby there is proof floating around the internet that some of the films used by media about this so called attack are from controlled demolition in Israel in 2021.

Does not seem to be a credible beginning to what is transpiring now. However, it seems all media is taking the same theme to this predicament. Israel and the US have been partners in crime for a long time. So why should anyone take this story as an extremist maneuver? It sounds like a war that was started amidst suspicious circumstances, as usual.

To be sure, some of these so called protests are exaggerated or even fabricated. Nazis, Nazi sympathizers; this is a desperate maneuver to gain the attention of the slight of mind, wearing their Covid mask, sitting behind a bio-shield, then leaving the confines of their bio-shielded area, removing their mask to have a smoke, being sure everyone can notice the brand of cigarettes, as they pull the faggot from, exploiting the manufacturer’s package, displaying numerous health resultant pictures of what could happen if one continues to smoke. Where is this all leading? Attempted domination of the Middle East that will start world war 3? One must admit, using Nazism as the motivations of a Muslim attack (so called attack) or at the very least, trying to group Muslim into Nazism, is a desperate global ploy.

This is about world domination and who rules. So called Truther and alternative News is now siding with mainstream media and are not coming up with their “original brand” of rebellious reporting, not to take sides, only report the facts. And the facts are suspicious and have the same tone about the Middle East that has been for as long as one has been old enough to read/watch news stories. Certain reports show, that children are being killed, and if they are, would motivate a cease fire that Israel refuses to make permanent.

Is this a Mossad maneuver? If not, then why not a permanent cease fire? Or is there something else that does not meet the eye. The death of children on either side is enough for a cease fire. But that does not seem likely seeing that did not stop the US from invading and conquering Iraq, killing untold amounts of civilians and children when the Iraqi military complex (supplied by the US) was rusting into the desert storm perpetrated by the US military and US and Israeli Air force…

Thus anyone who thinks this sort of analogy is anti-Semitic would also have to say it is anti-American on the Federal and espionage level, where mutual interests of the two countries exist within cohort community, IE Mossad, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc…. The fact that they ignore a cease fire proves that it is a cohort operation with an agenda of creating a world war struggle. Once they create that form of chaos, where countries within will be split, and armies will be attacking its own citizens that protest the war, it will create the ultimate chaos, a chaos needed to create the New World Order.

Thus, any mainstream news outlet, no matter what country will utter on about this propaganda, and thus will all the alternative media channels, picking sides, either with Nazism, Islamism or Jewish-Americanism, mostly Semitism as Israel wages war with the world, with the help of select countries, mostly bullies and buyable countries, like free enterprise systems, largely America. How is this done? Conglomerations no longer lobby the government because they “own” the government and/or controlling interests in most corporations in that country, not to mention, owning the very politicians of that governmental system.

With that much power, it makes a government for the people ineffectual to the point of total injustice when a citizen attempts to apply their rights that, during the lockdowns and pandemic were arbitrarily abused and ignored by bought off people in all, or most, key positions in the tribunals, courts and governmental institutions, making these judgment calls, whether a human rights case fit the narrow criterion that is telescoping daily. As time goes by, these corrupt individuals will only allow cases that are to the benefit of the government’s overreach of that time period, as in, whether they prevail.

Keeping the masses occupied with worries of who will win the next election in hopes to distract from what is really transpiring under everyone’s noses, hoping that no one wakes up and continues their commercial pacification of covet level possessions and trivial social media tripe that is designed to consume as much as one’s time as possible, making that individual totally ineffectual, at the same time, being a well performing serf.

They despise freedom of thought and intelligence, unless they can control it, and is why they demonize liberalism. If they are successful in that venture, people will not need an election because everything will become far right. The liberal movement of late has been infiltrated by surrogates employed by billionaires to accomplish one simple goal. To ensure the masses comes to the conclusion that there is no choice and give up on freedom. That is where the whole world is headed because the billionaires of this planet do not want to share their wealth with anyone but their own spawned scum. But, because you think that someday you will get rich, will never open your eyes to the reality that if you did take that vaxx and all of its boosters, you will have a very short life span, and most likely become a total slave to the Utopian regime, unless you wake the fuck up.

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The Gateway to Hell, or the Demonization of Technology That Would Free the World

What is a particle beam? It is the same technology as particle acceleration. Particle acceleration was invented in the late 70‘s early 80’s. Scientists and Technical Publications revered this invention as the new clean power source that would replace fossil fuels and atomic energy, but there was a problem, the elitists, one percent of society. They had no intentions of allowing this new technology to flourish. So they buried it into ambiguity, now viewed as technology that is providing the new dimensions, or as religious propaganda would put it; as the gateway to hell, or better known as CERN. explanation to particle accelerations is, Quote: “A particle accelerator is a machine that accelerates elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, to very high energies. On a basic level, particle accelerators produce beams of charged particles that can be used for a variety of research purposes. There are two basic types of particle accelerators: linear accelerators and circular accelerators. Linear accelerators propel particles along a linear, or straight, beam line.” End Quote.

So is it really that mysterious what happened in Maui? It would be to the slight of mind worker watching YouTube videos, during his lunch, at his slave driven job’s provided lunchroom, where the curled up old covid posters have been replaced with new covid posters, as his blue mask hangs on his chin, taking a bite of his Taco Bell Taco or Big Mac burger, dripping Thousand Island sauce or Taco pap, all over his company provided shirt, staining the company logo permanently.

However, the governments of the world know perfectly well that particle acceleration can be used for clean energy without any known environmental or health drawbacks, but in preference, would rather proprietize the technology as secret energy weaponry, for secret security and weaponry purposes only, similar to the star wars technology, or the fabled fusion technology, that has been buried and discredited as a viable energy generation technology in favor of science fiction stories for the masses watching TV at home, eating the 2 for 1 special pizza deal from their local franchise pizza shop, greasy and dripping, staining their newly purchased, overpriced , liquidated sofa from their local franchised furniture liquidation warehouse.

However, the research into particle acceleration assumes onward, hiding the great energy propulsion potential, in favor of dimensions and the recreations of sun flairs and different plasma (fire) states. Quote: ”Fire is neither liquid/solid/gas, instead, it is another form called PLASMA, the universe is made up of 99% of plasma, plasma is made up in extremely high temperatures like the sun and stars” End Quote. The destructive behavior of particle acceleration is what has been focused on in the last 44 years and mostly hides in the corridors of CERN, which has been demonized as a demon portal, another dimension, similar to the ramblings of the movie “Star Gate”, to scare the common folk to disregard, and at the same time, be entertained while they chug back their favorite brain honing elixir during half time, displaying the sexually divertive half time, seemingly cheerer leaders, but really, are transvestites dressed as women, possibly arousing the sexually confused male as he looks at his wife, then looks back at the screen, not really knowing what to think, thus takes a long drag of his doobie, that was just delivered by the local “Son’s of Anarchy” approved “legal weed” store, chasing it back with a cool carbonated, brain honing elixir.

Animals and particularly, a frog, being petrified on contact from this giant simulated solar flare, incinerated or petrified people, leaving no time to attempt to exit their vehicles. This has been all covered up, but pictures remain in the wake of what happened. Most notable, was the strange acceleration of metals molting and burning, leaving other flammable materials seemingly intact, as if they were acting as insulators of a hot disintegrating wires which illuminates that the particle inducement from the particle beams were targeting metal molecular structures, specifically aluminum, melting them, in turn, incinerating flammable objects if the particle acceleration (atomizing) was sustained long enough at that particular event. If the government wants to prove climate change is this dangerous, they would have to explain why metal was the most susceptible to heat radiation during this simulated event.

The inconsistency of where these fires burned and where they did not is more than enough evidence to place this into the “Planned Event” category for the stupefied. Nonetheless, people will disregard it and move on a few steps closer to the total enslavement of people kind, body, mind and soul, as is, bio-digital convergence, where your soul could be trapped for eternity, within the confines of a virtual reality of electrons. In any event, what possible faith could one have anyway, when they step up for a experimental vaccine and boosters? Where in the scholastic years did that person lose touch with his own intellect and soul? Is this because school for ages have been propaganda tools to brainwash young minds into old “order following” thralls, indoctrinated at every turn when seeking out entertainment?

To every person that has woken up, you have a duty to break the programming enthralled upon your friends, attempt to deprogram them of their commercialized trance, so they can heal and become true human beings again, living their lives for themselves. You have a duty to challenge all slave masters mentally to show them they have no real power, only simulated. You have a duty to save those you can and talk to anyone who will listen to plant the seeds of freedom in their mind. They will grow, and if you cultivate their brainwashed mind, they will break out of that indoctrinating prison created by our commercialized governments on behalf of the one percent, the illuminati, the ones that have the supposed secrets of control. Their control will crumble because their secrets are built upon illusions.

And if they come for you, all you have to say is, I am free and you are the true slave of material, the material that will consume your soul for eternity.

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Pied Pipers and Master Bards, Leading you into the “Valley of Death”

As we attempt to begin our lives in the direction we were headed before the plandemic, watching mainstream TV again, as if they have justified the last 3 years of deception and dissent to our rights and freedoms, watching a sexually divertive halftime during your favorite indoctrinating sporting event, pushing more propaganda through your well trained, brainwashed mind, as you sit back and snap open a cold one, your favorite brain honing elixir, choking back the thick smoke from a doobie of your freshly bought, legal weed, thinking how free you are, living the “Free Life Illusion”, so long as you can get a beer and a joint of your favorite high test that, was gown in a hydroponics lab by a former meth lab cook who was busted a few years ago, and now released and retrained as a weed horticulturist, growing more intense weed, to keep the public stupefied and “Lame in the Brain”, at the same time, pacified from all the intense EMF radiation propagated about, thinking that all the censorship laws being devised, is solely to stop medical misinformation and accusations about genocide, using experimentally approved vaccines for something no more than the common cold, a reaction the body takes when exposed to intense EMF radiation, that they are imposing via 5G and other cellular generations of technology 24-7.

Doctors, nurses, or whomever else endorsed this killer vaxx, at least the ones with a conscience, are moving to Switzerland, thinking if they reside near the “World Economic Forum”, world based location, they will evade justice, once the public figures out WTF is up, just like the Nazi’s did, when they were squeezed out of Germany by the Allied Forces who were funded by the elitists, who were also funding the Nazi’s, just in the remote case they won the war, so they could continue to profit from the death camps and slave labor, fabricating their products for a mere fraction of the price they would have to pay a person in a self-deceptive, self-governing society, or better put, a democratic, capitalist system.

Thus as they kayak and take pleasure in their illusive freedoms enjoyed, riding on the coattails of the WEF, hoping that they will stamp out those nasty masses and put them in death camps, better known as FEMA camps, to eradicate the lot of them, ensuring there is enough resources kept for the elitists and them, their slaves, so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle, being guaranteed as more people drop dead from the vaccine, watching the obituaries in every town or city bloat, reporting record deaths for that week, meanwhile thinking that the masses are too stupid to figure it out, mistaking that it is due to the baby boomers.

All good things come to an end, even for the elitists, as they sit in the White Room, populated by the most indoctrinated world leaders, or simply put, self centered and greedy, sit in their white housecoats, at a glass table, lit by only candlelight, ensuring no spies can infiltrate and leave with evidence, being they are all nude underneath these white housecoats, as they plan what to do with that 10 to 15 percent of people that just do not buy their scams and indoctrination, who they cannot bribe or coerce via blackmail. However, election time is coming, and not a moment too soon, so they can distract the stupefied with lies that Trump is some sort of Elitist martyr in the wings, who will save America from these “freedom orientated democrats”, who, at the moment, seem to allow extra freedoms to illegal immigrants and sexually divertive individuals, at the same time, attempting to stomp out freedom of choice (vaccines) or freedom of speech, speech against the experimental “killer” vaccine, which is described erroneously, by all governments of the world, as safe and efficacious, saying the benefits outweigh the risks, continuing the lie and production of more vaxxes and boosters, continuing the coercion and deception that people persist to buy, having no clue of what is really happening. Even if they catch a glimpse of the truth, they run home to their 70 inch screen and continue the indoctrination to make them feel right again, that everything is normal and hunky dory.

And if they do venture into the restricted zone of the so called truth movement, they will be even more indoctrination and misdirected by organizations like the JCCF, the RCMP infiltrated Trucker Convoy, and other constitutional rights centers, that are only in it for the bursas fueled by donations and court cases funded by the small to medium sized businesses who were being stomped out by the municipal governments, who are bought and paid for by Bloomberg and other WEF associated organizations who own all the newspapers, large or small, controlling the advertising of the small to medium sized businesses, who revived the century old “League of Municipalities” for their own selfish ends and control, ensuring that small to medium sized businesses bleed more and more, at the hand of their own Municipality, if they do not cooperate with the farce lockdowns, meanwhile charging every small to medium sized businesses full taxes, ensuring to bury them in more and more debt, as they curtail their ability to conduct business with the public, ensuring their slow and agonizing death. So as people pay $40.00 to see Tamara Lich perform, attempting to popularize the RCMP infiltrated Trucker Convoy, or pay $90.00 to $130.00 to see a personality from the JCCF talk about our disintegrating rights, or pay $19.99 for your copy of the “Freedom Passport”, whilst filling their so call charitable bursas so they can all “get paid” to tell something that you can see as plain as the next phony freedom advocate with a price tag intruding, right in your face, they will go down in history as folk heroes, or more like pied pipers leading you astray, and selling out your rights for a few donations and a price of a ticket, to keep them doing what they are doing as controlled opposition. Sounds like greasy advocates to the shamdemic? You Betcha!

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The Great Forest GumperFickle, a CBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and other mainstream production, Perpetuating Gender Confusion

Watching Mainstream media is a real challenge, and for the last 25 years, it has dipped to abysmal depths in pursuit of the all mighty ratings. For people that actually still watch mainstream news, or anything else for that matter, would be a real stigma to their reputation, as in, would anything they utter in a sentence, whole or in part, be their own willful idea? Or would it be programming they received that evening, ringing out, hurting the tender ears of those who have broken free from this programming and propaganda.

Not only does this propaganda assaults one’s intellect, like steel claws scraping on the  old style, slate chalkboard, the retro instrument of brainwashing and misinformational education, it creates “mutants of the monster”, the monster being “Big Government ideology and values”. Values that change with the current marketing campaign of the biggest funders and lobbyists representing the largest conglomerations, which spoon-feed anyone stupid enough to consume, their propaganda pabulum of the stupefied.

Indeed this manipulated educational system taught us our ABC’s and Mathematics, but always contained the governmental “Easter Egg” of instructional idiocy and compliance. This seemingly is accepted by the working parent who barely has time to scrutinize the curriculums subjected to their children that are sent to school, which in reality is used as a daycare so they do not have to be responsible for their child’s safety when pursuing the 9 to 5 slave driven job that just perpetuates more indoctrination that solidifies his young son’s or daughter’s request to become the opposite sex, treated now as trivial as getting a couple of D grades on their report card with a “try to do better” standard lecture, and encouragement to become that opposite sex, if that is really what their young offspring really wants to do, so long as the parent does not have to pay for the surgery, and their current health care insurance will cover the transition.

As random as it may seem, although it would appear, as you are driving down the street on your way home from the supermarket, that sold you a couple of boxes of Sexual Diversify styled breakfast cereal, that hooked you on the rainbow colors all over the box, not realizing it is more propaganda to enable your child to, in basics, become a sexless drone, trained to do the bidding for the elitists and their spawned scum offspring, that will certainly be allowed to repopulate the earth with their own line of greedy, self-serving derelicts, that in the end, will perpetuate the extinction of the human race.

Carl Marx developed the ideology of Socialism in its purest form, untouched, sublime, explaining how all men and women in a community can be equal and receive an equal share of the spoils, so long as they participated in one shape or another to the society as a whole, as in, in part of their labor, efforts and skills to contribute to the society’s sustainment. This ideal of course, was perverted into communism, which in basics, is the same thing, ergo, contains a ruling military class which had absolute control over this army and the society underneath. Very similar to Monarchy, wouldn’t you say? This of course, was the ruling’s class answer to Marxism, that transpired into Marxist Leninism, whereby a parliamentary rule of the “parties”, whereby the Party in control had absolute rule over the army, hence over the populist enslaved into that societal philosophy of party dominance, and submission, being the worker’s state really had nothing to say about anything, only continued to toil for the restructured elitists. From there, of course, Stalin took this newly conspired, dictatorial Government and created the Military Elitist, hence communist state.

This is why when certain so called truthers always draw the Marxism Card, when in reality, do not have a clue of the political scientology it sprouted, merely spouting off, that anything that is non-capitalistic like, is Marxism, Marxist-Leninism, or socialism, as in Communism, as if they were all the same thing, when clearly, they have little to do with each other, rather the corrupted relationship in which the transgressed into what the ignorant see’s as Marxism. The promise of Marxism has been eluted for more than a century and is always used as “bait” to capture the activists, the ones that would, in the end, see this through to the purest form of socialism, which is, Marxism.

Defenders of Capitalism whom are the Conglomerate Gatekeepers, the entities that will fill your head full of socialism, communist style, perpetuating the fear of such a government, when the government you should fear most is the Capitalistic Democracy. Capitalism is certainly not compatible with democracy because Capitalism houses the greediest families on the planet.

Although Capitalism attempts to promote freedom to choose so long as you have the coin, it also promotes freedom to dominate and manipulate others financially. Hence, democracy has little to do with the constitution, a constitution that reflects the socialistic approach to wealth equity and sharing. That is why the current parties, left or right, want to do away with the constitution that protects the common person’s rights to equitable shares of the spoils, or at least to their dignity as a citizen.

Thus we are lost as to the correct direction to take being there is still, a redundant “Two Party” system, even though there are other parties, mainstream media, left or right, indoctrinate you as to these two narrow choices, which in essence, is no choice, or “none of the above”. This was glaringly apparent during the Corona Virus health scare propaganda, used for, in essence, to cover up the possible sickness and death produced by the current electrical change of the earth which would be 5G technologies, or more so, the release of the millimeter waved broadcast and transmission utilizing the once restricted, higher bandwidths.

Unlike the Spanish Flu, whereby the sickness was caused by the newly introduced radio waves released upon the earth (electrical change), originally thought to be an actual biological sickness, which was definitely discovered to be non-transmissible from host to host. Of course when they finally realized it was from the radio waves now being transmitted worldwide that was causing mass death, they covered it up to protect their collective lily-white asses from the shark effect litigation of mass death and injury.

Thus, keep buying those lotto and scratch tickets in hopes to become an elitist, merely wasting money that could have been given to the homeless person panhandling outside the store, in favor of supporting this inequitable system that would rather see you starve to death before they actually told you the truth. The truth being, you are an expendable slave, fool.

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The Mean Green Particle Beam, Arsonists of the Century

As the masses continue their blissful Smartphone slumber, gambling, watching pointless fail videos and liking idiotic posts on Facebook, the Elitists take another shot at our gullibility. As we watched numerous videos of Maui burning, a book was already being published, obviously written using crystal scrying or the flux capacitor, blaming unnatural climate change for the disaster, which was obviously an elaborate act of arson, using particle beam technology to ignite the fires to ensure their continued destructive vitality.

It is not enough that the Elitists want to destroy the middleclass and small business infrastructure, including the death of over 100 people, they have to profit and pat these provincial authors on the back, when in the real world, these authors would be considered hacks and plagiarists. The city officials shut off the water while Maui was burning and refused to turn it on, ensuring mass destruction, displacing the common folk out of their homes and in basics, pushing these people towards the mainland, closer to 15 minute cities or in better terms, detainment camps.

Take a good look at the old fema maps which feature the restructuring of all the states into sectors, concentrating people away from the shores of every ocean and large bodies of water, inward into the middle states of North America, ensuring their devastation and dependence upon handouts from the elitists who will ensure that the majority of this displaced population will die. The rest will be kept for slaves to serve the elitists.

 Incinerators will burn day and night, ridding the bodies, then burying the bones and ash into large pits, most likely created by the massive strip mining operations that will commence once they dissolve all ownership of lands and property to accommodate this mass destruction of our terrains and forests, creating a un-breathable harsh environment for all who will be forced to reside in these conditions while slaving and dying, working these massive strip mining and clear cutting operations.

As all the woodlands and rain forests disappear, they will still blame it all on the masses and their carbon output, justifying the acceleration of the depopulation that was already underway. And whilst the polarized people await their savior Trump to save them from this plight, he will be having a martini on the beach located within the newly rebuilt Maui, featuring behind him, a Utopian Smart city where every elitist will enjoy countless slaves to do their drudgery and keep them sexually satisfied.

They will employ the young underage desirables, who were not culled or sent to slave in detainment camps, as their concubines or sexless drones. Bowing and groveling, submitting to the elitists every sick and depraved whim of sexual perversion, they will fill one purpose of depraved servitude, or die in the slave camps once found uncooperative and rebellious, whilst recruiting another batch of young innocent desirables, who were displaced from their families, whose ashes and bones crunch audible, under the boots of the slave drivers, utopian armies, and mercenary platoons.

See things how they are before you take another bite of that sloppy Burger King Burger, oozing and dripping special sauce and simulated mayo all over your company tee-shirt displaying some cheesy logo and lame phrase of stupidity that advertizes your moronic brainwashed slavery to the grind.  This has all been established for decades and all they need is an excuse to use the foundational principals already passed into legislation.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months. Sound familiar?

As Written By Medeea Greere on

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers in every aspect of the nation. General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA’s Civil Security Division stated in a 1983 conference that he saw FEMA’s role as a: . “new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis.”

“The first targets in any FEMA emergency would be Hispanics and Blacks, the FEMA orders call for them to be rounded up and detained. Tax protesters, demonstrators against government military intervention outside U.S. borders, and people who maintain weapons in their homes are also targets.”

Thus, this has been planned for the past century, how to best remove you from the planet in order to save the 1 percent of society and spawned offspring scum that somehow deserve a place in this world over you, the masses. Don’t be fooled by their false flags and counterfeit warnings. Use the intellect God gave you, instead of honing your brain with their cheap booze, prescription narcotics, and legal weed. Time to WTF up.

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Controlled Ops, Right in your Face, Plan = You are the Mark, Demic = A dysfunctional Masses in Fear = The Oxymoron of a Fraudulent Shiller

Plandemic series is in completion, and it seems that there has been a lot of money that has exchanged hands, however being very careful to not be captured by Mainstream Media, which will be the success of this film. Why would that matter, would one ask? Because once mainstream media, it would not be trusted by this target group, the group that is drawn to places like Alex Jones’ Info Wars and Del Bigtree’s Highwire, and now Brian Rose, who seemingly washed his hands with the plandemic and anyone associated with it after his unsuccessful Mayor campaign in London England.

It is obvious that this is funded by places like the Highwire and Infowars, two entities that are questionable to their origins and motivations. But a discerning mind would know these inconsistencies and ultimate goals, which would be Biowarfare, featuring the unproven virus, Sars Covi 2, symptoms being, Covid 19. That will remain in the history books as this computer generated signature of 80% or less match to something that most likely did not exist. Even though there was never one microscopic slide that ever housed this so call virus, Sars Covi 2, symptoms, Covid 19, the ignorant will still buy this hype as “history” and buy another 50% off diamond ring for their partner named “Karen”, once again trusting the mainstream media as a valid source of information, thanks to these info bridges, like Infowars and Highwire, that are designed to lead the Controlled Opposition, you, right back to the Mainstream of things..

If there was no other purpose to these CIA motivated films that are simply, Controlled Opposition, steering the masses away from chasing the government and demanding accountability, to chasing ghosts in Wuhan China and Mysterious Labs in West Virginia, Ukraine and other clandestine locations, some not far from CIA Head Quarters and other cohort military facilities, it would be to “entertain” the slight of mind that may be eating their lunch , watching videos on their smart (dumb) phone, at their slave driven job, the job they agreed to take the killer vaxx an all of its boosters to keep.

Now that a lot of vaxxers have woken up and simply do not trust this experimental vaxx and all of its even more redundant and deadly boosters, need a scapegoat to point the finger at, and simply blaming the government will not be in the scheme of things and will throw a wrench into the elitist’s plan of world domination and depopulation. Although this may be good for further polarization of the masses, to the left or right, they need the people to point the finger at the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Syrians, or anyone else who could satisfy the slight of mind, as they take another bite of their burger or taco they bought at McDonalds, or Taco Bell, during their lunch break, watching videos on their smart (dumb) phone, in a room decorated with old faded Covid posters, curling up on the walls and lunch tables, in their slave driven job’s provided lunchroom.

But the current Plandemic film does mention depopulation so why would anyone think Mikki Willis is not on the level? If you have to ask this question, then you have not read Agenda 21, 2020, 2030, or any other numerous papers written and paid for by you, the tax payer, now featured on puppet websites like the World Economic Forum, about the need to cull the population and save resources for people kind, mainly for the elitists and all their spawned families and friends, who are still stripping you of all of your assets, dowries and any possible legacies you could of left your children, but were too interested in buying some legal weed and drinking your favorite brain honing elixir to care.

In order for depopulation to work, they need a meek population that will follow in line and enter these detainment facilities (15 minute cities), willingly. So what better way than to control the opposition to spout off biowarfare and biological viruses created in a darkened foreign lab by rogue scientists funded by greedy CEO’s so when they announce another virus that has an unknown origin, you will believe that viruses exist and run to take the first available experimental vaccine, unless of course, you have not already died from the first experimental vaccine and all of its experimental boosters, verified by an unproven PCR or antigen test that will be supposedly adjusted for the new lab created biowarfare virus.

Once in these 15-minute cities, you will not be free to come and go as you please and will be expected to work to earn your keep in this newly designed prison that you will think is a home. It will be just a matter of time before they start more pandemics, demanding you take more petroleum based, experimental vaxxes and boosters, and will be culled as to noncompliance, disappearing innocuously one by one, randomly, like being plucked out of a controlled fish farm and terminated, innocuously enough, and replaced by more slaves, that you will not notice and ring the alarms.

The key is simply non-compliance to their counterfeit warnings and fear porn of biological viruses and spurious UFO campaign currently in the works to get people fearful of a Alien invasion, that will be simulated of course by sophisticated hologram technology to further corral everyone ignorant enough out of fear into these containment areas (15 minute cities), and once the majority succumbs to the need for a world government to fight these “spooks” identified as Aliens for Outer space, the depopulation will be put into high gear, blaming it of course on the phony Aliens and their Alien Invasion.

Think this is over the top? Wake up and smell the cappuccino that is being brewed right under your over swabbed nose. Time to see things for what they really are and if you are married to a male or female version of “Karen”, it is time to hit the road Jack, make a new plan Stan, just set yourself free.

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