Blatant Ballista Hog Washed

Nowhere, Over the Rainbow…

November is closed and we are almost near another year end, and that makes me sad. Sad because we have not gotten any further away from the stupidity of Capitalism. Cynically,  one has to dig deep to keep punishing themselves to strive forward in this monetary maze of greed, to find our pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. But it is not there. It has already been stolen by a bunch of greedy 1 percenters and corrupted politicians. When you reach that end of the rainbow, you will have to have a very good sense of humour because you will definitely need it to prevent yourself from totally losing your mind. Not that you will be young enough anymore to enjoy it anyway, so at the very least you can bask in that cauldron of consolation prized pasticcio. By that time, your spawned offspring will be showing you pamphlets from prospective retirement homes. These pamphlets will have beautiful pictures of these homes of delusionary solace that are enticing, but are just lures to convince you, and to free yourself from your spawned offspring’s constant badgering, disguised as empathetic concern, which really is just a ravenous attempt to get your legacies and dowries early, or at least gain control. If you are in that age bracket, you know exactly what I mean, hopefully not out of experience, but by just saying, “NO!”. We have to teach our brainwashed offspring the truth and put them in their place, and you do not have to be polite about it. Elders are the ones that have the true experience and knowledge. Not the other way around. Why do our offspring act as if they are more intelligent and knowledgeable then you, when you are old? Because the Capitalistic society has brainwashed them to think elders have no place in a productive society and should be “locked up” in the havens of domination. And anyone unfortunate enough to be in these places know, and are under the thumbs of the administration and haughty nurses that dictate their daily routines as if they were all in kindergarten. And those are the good establishments. The bad ones, well, we have all read about them and how they treat elders.

Strife Sentences

People go through life being “institutionalized”. Work is the culprit and we work our lives away to turn a profit for the owners of these pecuniary vocational scrutinizing establishments, sucking all of your idealism, energy and self worth for their bottom line, which gets siphon off by greedy corporations and the 1 percent of society. And what little pittance you manage to make, the government further sucks away 20 to 30 percent. When you need clothes or materialisms, the government is right there with their greedy velvet gloved iron fists ready to smash you into obscurity if you do not comply with their product tax levies. Thus, we become institutionalized as if we were imprisoned in any penitentiary. The only difference would be the fact that we have illusive and allusive freedoms on the outside. Illusive is the con, and allusive is the push. They con us to think we are free because we are free to vote for this guy/gal, or that guy/gal. The two or three party system, the third party is there only to show how extreme anyone not from the first or second party really could be allusively. Rarely that third party will get in power, but to make you believe this is a free system, you have to have a choice. But this is a very controlled choice and the people in power, the politician’s puppeteers, have already decided who will be the next puppet before you even vote. People will actually fight to protect their allusive party choice which creates a languid separatism, us or them, to keep us divided for ease of control. If we peacefully protest against the latest “fixed election”, the politically planted surrogates will create unrest and agitation, that will usually end in a violent display, enabling the dragoons of our Capitalistic system to demonstrate their forceful resolve, ergo creating fear causing everyone to run back into the cloakroom and cling to the teacher’s dress. Fear is the “Capitalistic Demented Dream” that is used to allusively cause us to point our fingers to the lone, rogue scapegoat so we can all feel secure in our “Hollywood Propped” existence as they extinguish the simulated isolated threat. Just go back to your propped existence and return to you institutionalized job and be prudently incommunicado.

Garroted Doyenne/Doyen

Thus, the “Old Folks Home” is where you are ultimately headed as an elder, wise beyond anyone else, to be controlled and lassoed into securitized enslavement, not free to roam, just rot. That way, you are really not taken seriously whatsoever when you talk and develop the air of dementia and foolishness when you have the opportunity to give some well needed advice to your offspring that infrequently visit who are well on their way to being brainwashed, institutionalized pawns for the system only to end up where you are, which would explain their sporadic tarriances. Why does the establishment need to imprison our elders? Because they have it figured out. They know they have been indoctrinated and have seen beyond the manipulation. Ultimately, they would steer you in the correct direction to take your life back and shed the brain scrutiny of our daily Main Con Stream media. They would prove to be a vast resource of counter knowledge and would be worthy as a family addition where they belong. Not because they are old, but because we owe them our life and they can lead us out of this dominated ill willed society of greed and aggression.  Just listen, really listen to what they say. If you do that, you will understand and be influenced in the correct manner, rather then being bludgeoned into marionettes of Capitalistic iniquity. So, go ahead and wave your flags of commercial propagandism on behalf of our Commercial North American Continent controlled by the 1 percent of society to keep them very wealthy so you can carry on the demented dream of being a greedy wealthy culprit of Capitalism right to your overpriced coffin inhumed in a plot indwelled by the encumbered.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Dating Sites Reloaded

Kay Sourer, Sourer, Whatever….

Personally, I have nothing against women, If fact, I love women. I love being around them. I love talking to them. However, when you are looking for a potential suitor on the internet dating site, it is way too much work and anxiety. For women, it is easy, usually. No matter what the look like or what personality they have. That is because, in the area I live, men out number heterosexual women 5 to 1. This is not an exaggeration, at least not where I live. This means the average woman on these dating sites get swamped with emails from men attempting to date them. And yes, a good portion of these men are married looking to fool around on their wife. Why they just don’t phone a call girl is beyond me. It is discreet and you get the job done fast. Perhaps too fast. None the less, why? Because they are C-H-E-A-P. Don’t be confused if some these married males are rich. The richest people in the world are usually very frugal. So, not only are you competing with single and divorced guys, you are competing with cheating male spouses.  But I get lucky once in a great while and get a date after appeasing the women for a period before she decides to date. I like to write poetry, and sometimes when I am in the right frame of mind and really like the woman, I will write her lots of poetry. I found such a woman and wrote her and she loved the poetry a lot. She agreed to see me on a date, we went for a simple meet me date, liked each other, and then, she would not respond to my messages. Or at least, the ratio was 3 to 4 to her one message. So I toned it down and only wrote her 1 to 2 messages and waited for her to respond, which took days. Now I was beginning to think she was not interested, but suddenly, she messaged and  agreed to go out on a second date. So we went for supper, and I paid, of course. Personally, I hate staring at the bill in expectation that the other person will grab it and pay. Because it becomes a stare down, she is looking in your eyes, then the bill, then back at you, and you are looking in her eyes, then the bill, then back in her eyes, and you know she is just waiting for you to “give in” and grab the bill. Meantime, the waiter is standing there thinking, “come on, one of you pick the dammed thing up! I have other tables, man.” I usually just grab the bill and pay the money. I mean really. By the time a woman reaches for the bill, the waiter will be asking, “who will wash and who dry?”

During this date, we talked about what both of us liked, and disliked and we seemed to hit off quite well. I even bought her a rose quartz medallion and she seemed to like it which thawed the ice quite nicely. She told me about this guy she was seeing and how he turned out to be married and how disappointed she was. She told me she was glad she found out and how she was also glad we were both unattached. I was very attracted to her and she was a great conversationalist. She said she was attracted to me as well, so everything was hitting on all cylinders. All until we left the restaurant. Like a magical door that led into reality. She allowed me to give her a kiss, but pulled away leaving it as a “quick peck”. She seemed to grow cold. I was not really worried about that and was happy anyway and said goodnight. As I drove home, we were texting sweet nothings to each other and it seemed very remarkable and promising.  The next day, I wrote her a nice text and she responded with a proposal for a 3rd date. I agreed and was really excited. She was just my type and intelligent. So what was not to get excited about? But, after that, no communication. Nothing. I sent her 2 probing texts, but other then that, waited. I got absolutely nothing. I waited almost 5 days, and all I got out of her is how sick her mother was and how she promised to help her friend with a clothing stand at a street sale. The weekend came and she cancelled the date telling me she promised her friend that she would go boating that weekend and will not be available at all. Thus the whole weekend, nota dammed thing. When Monday rolled along, I decided to send her a “goodbye” text. How I really liked her but felt she was not at all into this scenario and how I would like to just end it here and now. I left it as easy as possible. But she elected to text me back and ask me why I want to break it off and how she wanted to still date. So, like a dummy, I went for it and we planned a second 3rd date to go to the movies. I thought that I had this under control and that she must like me to pull me back after I gave her a way out. When we were at the show, I bought the tickets and was heading towards the theater. She stopped me and handed me a 20 dollar bill. I asked her why, and she said she wants to pay for the show. So I said “Thanks” and we went into the theater.  We were holding hands and stroking each other and I though we were on our way. She responded to my touch and felt like we may have a chance. But the moment we left the magical door of the theater, she refused to give me a kiss, saying there were too many people around. She did not strike me as a shy woman, but thought it was ok. We left in our respective vehicles, and we texted sweet nothings to each other that evening into the night. The next day, I sent her a nice text and was optimistic about our possible relationship. She did not text me back right away, but when she did, it was a “Dear John” text. How she wanted to cool it and see other people and remain friends, which I was sure she was seeing someone else anyway, most likely that married guy. Cool what down? We were not in that stage yet. And she further contradicts herself by saying she felt no spark in our interaction so she wants to cool it a bit? Huh? It was not heated, only in the incubation stage, and when she said that, I was done and told her I did not want to talk anymore. She kept texting me apologizing but I just ignored her. Finally I said if you ever change your mind, call me and we can date. I rarely do that. But I liked her a lot. However that was a sad end to a relationship that I knew was going N-O-W-H-E-R-E and was foiled by a cheating male spouse. Oh how I hope he gets caught and his wife takes him to the cleaners. Well, that is it, and possibly later, I will tell you about the last date I had with a overweight, bisexual, group sex attic female. But that is another story. Ciao for now!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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