New Age Religious Idiocy

Faith in Evil

We are living in changing times, where Churches and faiths are being decimated by the government and minority cultures, sexual preferences and lifestyles, that the new testament shuns and warns us about. But in reality, I as a new testament believer have no ill forebodes against any minority, culture, sexual or otherwise. However, these same cultures would not hesitate to throw anyone in prison for a verbal or written remark uttered by someone in jest or otherwise. Ergo, we, for some reason, can still make fun of “rednecks”, Christians, or any other religious group that is based on the Christian bible, the writings of the Apostles according to Jesus. “Hate Crimes” tend to limit ones freedom of thought and speech, written gestured or verbal. Sounds a bit like Nazism, the rise of the anti-Christ for that period, forsaking the Jewish beliefs and religious establishments to the point of eradication and genocide. Religiously, this would be a transitional elimination, because taking away faith, as in a whole population, would be detrimental to any ruling class foolish enough to attempt such a move, at least in an sudden, immediate manner, further substantiating the rules of “How to control the masses for Dummies 101”. Satan worshipers reside in our political corridors of power and are gradually pushing religion out of the School systems, at least in the public school sectors and have succeeded to the point, that students of public schools, your children, will not have a clue who God or Jesus was. Children will look upon Christmas in an absolute Pagan philosophy. Satan prefers everyone ignorant and faithless. In fact, Satan could care a less if you know anything about him. You are more useful as soulless dummies, prime candidates for rituals and sacrifices, destitute for hell. Your salvation depends on your belief in God and the Devil, which affords you a choice in the end.

Pull the Plug

The Old Testament really has no forgiveness for blasphemy of any flavor. It is no wonder that Jesus was sent down in attempt to simplify things for us, at least in the fire and brimstone department, which entailed ultimately, the eradication of all humans on the earth. Noah was his witness and savior of the species and animals, but in concept, perhaps God was hoping that Noah and his family would just die off, with no offspring, at least which seemed to be the plan, depending what story you believe. It most likely would of been a good thing because if you evaluate our progress, one would have to wonder why they hell we were allowed to continue. We are no better then the decedents of Cain, being selfish, money grubbing, faithless souls of humanity. We are serving evil anytime we go to work. Anytime we see desperate souls, drunk and destitute on the streets, we know we have failed as a culture and a society. We have failed miserably. So what is in store for us now? Well, God has turned his back and decided to let us figure it out. Once he looks back at us again and sees our progress, he will most likely send his son back as the Lion. If you believe, and at least try to show some empathy for others, possibly you may be saved. But most of us will be eradicated. He will look upon his pillaged churches and temples and surely know we have lost our way. He will judge who is living within the ten commandments and surely see that most are ignoring his laws. He will see our ruling class is full of liars, deceivers and haters, witnessing there is no moral leadership. Most people do not believe, being totally forsaken, easy prey for evil.

Lost Souls of Damnation

The problem lies whereby, we are not worshiping the correct values. We think being rich and having fame is the way to bliss. But it is surely the way to damnation. We still listen to so called classic rock written by the old thought of Gurus of freedom, but they have only led us to this philosophy of prison mindlessness that just allows our leaders to enslave us. Yes they have sold us out, all of them. We are so afraid to retaliate in fear of ridicule and inconvenience. We are afraid to start over and make our own decisions, something that many of us are far too brainwashed to accomplish. We go home and drink our favorite brain honing elixir,  smoke brain numbing legal marijuana, watching our favorite indoctrinating programs or mini-series, being spoon fed all the propaganda pabulum you can stand, or at least until you fall asleep. Once sleeping, it continues in a full dream like state. The best way to evaluate if you are brainwashed is, try deleting your de-Faced-book account. If you do, then stay away from it for 30 days until it actually deletes. If you can do that, you are one step in the right direction of shedding the indoctrination. Next, kill all your social media accounts and simply visit people face to face. Talk to them about the weather and simple things. Much more interesting and satisfying than sitting at a computer screen waiting for some idiot to like or tweet your nauseating posts. In fact, once you are off the medium for a while, you will see how ridiculous and phony it really is, only serving indoctrinating commercialism and mind control philosophies, kind of like the movie, 1984, but way more disorganized, being much more powerful at the same time. de-Faced-book, half-Twitter and the rest of those so called social media franchises are censorship tools of mind control that will ridicule you for thinking for yourself, causing you to be a mindless pathetic fool making foolish comments and posts that are repugnant and childish. But don’t worry. Maybe someone that has broken the program will throw you a lifesaver and pull you out of the sea of indoctrination. Or, maybe it will just hit you in the head while you were laughing at the latest abhorrent post. If you were God and you witnessed this, would you throw these pathetic souls a lifesaver? Hmmm?

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