Aliens are Demonizing and feeding off our Youth; Welcome to the New World Order, Burnout…

With the increase of violence from planned/paid riots, using our children to destroy small business and the inherently valuable, we are seeing strange behavior from our leaders all over the world. No matter what party, or governmental system, they are all on board to eliminate the middle class and small business, that keeps a large thorn into the elitist’s side of totalitarianism and absolute rule. But why 2020? Why now? Is it because of Earth Day and its obscene agenda to save the earth? Is it the elitists that want even more of the wealth that they are not sharing (stealing)? Do they even want people to prosper? Is it because of 7 billion day and Ted Turner’s ridiculous Georgia guide stone’s ten commandments that somehow replaced the Holy Bible’s Ten Commandments? Are they really on a quest to depopulate the earth to the level of the sixteen hundred’s that was around 500 million people? Is that why the idiot Mayor of Minneapolis cited the 400 years of slavery which brings us right back to the sixteen hundred’s. Is it aliens who are already residing beneath the earth and feeding on the adrenal glands of our youth? Was Phil Schneider telling the truth before his murder? I think that his prediction about depopulation by 2029, is very close to the 2030 predictions and we are definitely being controlled at this time by the Global 2000 agenda. If we were not, then why is the whole world on total lockdown? By who’s order? Whom would carry such power? What diabolical mastermind (villain) has orchestrated the take over of our planet? Will Austin Powers come to the rescue? Will his secret agent babes seduce all heterosexuals to death thus allowing the alternative belief systems, demonize the earth into non-religious blasphemy whilst converting the world into a totalitarian regime of idiocy and madness? All countries of the world are being conquered into a dictatorship, all in the name of an overblown virus that couldn’t kill my grandmother even if I held a pillow to her face for 5 minutes. Seems extreme? Well that is exactly what our trusted leaders and so called health experts around the world are doing to old people, especially in controlled environments like nursing homes, enforcing mandatory face mask policies. They are murdering people by the thousands and we, like dummies, believe it is some stupid cold virus that has the relative potency of a 24 hour flu bug. We, as a population, have become so uneducated that we cannot even dispute the simplest of physics questions that would defy every law of physics and common sense as so amply displayed by 911 and their fictitious terrorist theory that airplanes caused these towers to collapse, that only a true moron stoned out of their tree would believe. Anyone that endorses this story is a shill and an abomination to the human race, justifying any alien race to eradicate immediately. And you wonder why they want to erase our asses from this planet. No intelligent person or alien race should have to put up with that amount of stupidity.

But this stupidity is all around us and like morons, the same idiots are still watching the same indoctrinating programs as if somehow they will be educated and saved from the tyranny, even after they were physically assaulted by an array of paid protestors, surrogates, provocateurs, CIA, FBI, and NSA agents alike. How else would organizations like BLM, ANTIFA, Black Bloc, etc. would even be allowed to terrorize people, annexing parts of cities and advocating lawlessness and fear inflicted upon tax paying citizens. Because the government, Trump, Trudeau, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives etc., depending on your country’s political system at the moment, have sold out to the New World Order. There is a New World Government that has seized the entire world, and if your government was based on a constitution of freedoms, they have already been abolished. You just do not know this yet because you are still watching the constant indoctrination spewing out your TV or media device, laughing like a total, stoned moron. Well laugh away, the majority, because you as the stupid majority, have lost your liberties and rights to your destroyed constitutions. Some people, like myself, have written our political representatives, filed human rights complaints against the infringements of our constitutional rights. But the rest of the people are too busy running to the beer or liquor store or buying their medicinal or recreational weed, or opiate pacifiers, to remain drunk, stoned, inebriated or a combination thereof, watching some idiotic mini series full of brainwashing indoctrination, guaranteeing substance abusers to go right back to sleep.

If this describes you and your life, well there is no hope for you really, only waking up once the NWO takes complete control and decides to take away your drugs, TV and booze. They have already taken away all sports, the right to publicly gather, churches, bars, live entertainment, music, culture, libraries, museums, all except commercialized marred televised content where they decide what is good and what is not. But you will probably froth at the mouth watching that too while choking on your weed, washing it down with your favorite brain honing elixir, remaining brain dead as ever. I have no sympathy really, but do feel bad that the so few that have not fallen for this brainwashed swill, being inflicted by this mass regime change of where the commonly stupid will preside, and the stoned and the drunk will have the ultimate voting power, meaning they will vote for whomever they are indoctrinated to vote for via social media and televised commercial mediocre brain pacification. And if somehow, enough people vote for the wrong person, they will just fix the election anyway, causing a controversy that will last in your stoned brain for approximately 2 minutes, or until the next brain honing mini series starts, which ever comes first. As our society of fools are easily led into slavery, ripping down monuments, pissing on the constitution and basically being played like a puppet, remember, it is because of the 1 percent and the elitists why our society is falling. They have stolen everything the can from you, and all that is left is a few mom and pop shops, some people with ownership or the brains to save for a rainy day. The rest are burdens to society and are prime candidates for eradication. The elitists are not going to spend their wealth to keep you afloat. You will be disposed of unless you wake up and push away their faithless spoon fed pacification to oblivion.

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