The Gateway to Hell, or the Demonization of Technology That Would Free the World

What is a particle beam? It is the same technology as particle acceleration. Particle acceleration was invented in the late 70‘s early 80’s. Scientists and Technical Publications revered this invention as the new clean power source that would replace fossil fuels and atomic energy, but there was a problem, the elitists, one percent of society. They had no intentions of allowing this new technology to flourish. So they buried it into ambiguity, now viewed as technology that is providing the new dimensions, or as religious propaganda would put it; as the gateway to hell, or better known as CERN. explanation to particle accelerations is, Quote: “A particle accelerator is a machine that accelerates elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, to very high energies. On a basic level, particle accelerators produce beams of charged particles that can be used for a variety of research purposes. There are two basic types of particle accelerators: linear accelerators and circular accelerators. Linear accelerators propel particles along a linear, or straight, beam line.” End Quote.

So is it really that mysterious what happened in Maui? It would be to the slight of mind worker watching YouTube videos, during his lunch, at his slave driven job’s provided lunchroom, where the curled up old covid posters have been replaced with new covid posters, as his blue mask hangs on his chin, taking a bite of his Taco Bell Taco or Big Mac burger, dripping Thousand Island sauce or Taco pap, all over his company provided shirt, staining the company logo permanently.

However, the governments of the world know perfectly well that particle acceleration can be used for clean energy without any known environmental or health drawbacks, but in preference, would rather proprietize the technology as secret energy weaponry, for secret security and weaponry purposes only, similar to the star wars technology, or the fabled fusion technology, that has been buried and discredited as a viable energy generation technology in favor of science fiction stories for the masses watching TV at home, eating the 2 for 1 special pizza deal from their local franchise pizza shop, greasy and dripping, staining their newly purchased, overpriced , liquidated sofa from their local franchised furniture liquidation warehouse.

However, the research into particle acceleration assumes onward, hiding the great energy propulsion potential, in favor of dimensions and the recreations of sun flairs and different plasma (fire) states. Quote: ”Fire is neither liquid/solid/gas, instead, it is another form called PLASMA, the universe is made up of 99% of plasma, plasma is made up in extremely high temperatures like the sun and stars” End Quote. The destructive behavior of particle acceleration is what has been focused on in the last 44 years and mostly hides in the corridors of CERN, which has been demonized as a demon portal, another dimension, similar to the ramblings of the movie “Star Gate”, to scare the common folk to disregard, and at the same time, be entertained while they chug back their favorite brain honing elixir during half time, displaying the sexually divertive half time, seemingly cheerer leaders, but really, are transvestites dressed as women, possibly arousing the sexually confused male as he looks at his wife, then looks back at the screen, not really knowing what to think, thus takes a long drag of his doobie, that was just delivered by the local “Son’s of Anarchy” approved “legal weed” store, chasing it back with a cool carbonated, brain honing elixir.

Animals and particularly, a frog, being petrified on contact from this giant simulated solar flare, incinerated or petrified people, leaving no time to attempt to exit their vehicles. This has been all covered up, but pictures remain in the wake of what happened. Most notable, was the strange acceleration of metals molting and burning, leaving other flammable materials seemingly intact, as if they were acting as insulators of a hot disintegrating wires which illuminates that the particle inducement from the particle beams were targeting metal molecular structures, specifically aluminum, melting them, in turn, incinerating flammable objects if the particle acceleration (atomizing) was sustained long enough at that particular event. If the government wants to prove climate change is this dangerous, they would have to explain why metal was the most susceptible to heat radiation during this simulated event.

The inconsistency of where these fires burned and where they did not is more than enough evidence to place this into the “Planned Event” category for the stupefied. Nonetheless, people will disregard it and move on a few steps closer to the total enslavement of people kind, body, mind and soul, as is, bio-digital convergence, where your soul could be trapped for eternity, within the confines of a virtual reality of electrons. In any event, what possible faith could one have anyway, when they step up for a experimental vaccine and boosters? Where in the scholastic years did that person lose touch with his own intellect and soul? Is this because school for ages have been propaganda tools to brainwash young minds into old “order following” thralls, indoctrinated at every turn when seeking out entertainment?

To every person that has woken up, you have a duty to break the programming enthralled upon your friends, attempt to deprogram them of their commercialized trance, so they can heal and become true human beings again, living their lives for themselves. You have a duty to challenge all slave masters mentally to show them they have no real power, only simulated. You have a duty to save those you can and talk to anyone who will listen to plant the seeds of freedom in their mind. They will grow, and if you cultivate their brainwashed mind, they will break out of that indoctrinating prison created by our commercialized governments on behalf of the one percent, the illuminati, the ones that have the supposed secrets of control. Their control will crumble because their secrets are built upon illusions.

And if they come for you, all you have to say is, I am free and you are the true slave of material, the material that will consume your soul for eternity.

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