Black Heart (Political Science Fiction)


We are dead as the free, now home of the coward. Self preserving and petrified of fictitious narratives as dictated to everyone (who is stupid enough to purchase the data to actually watch this swill) on their smart phones and 60 inch smart TVs, serving up nourishing propaganda pabulum to their indoctrinated minds, as to lap it up insatiably like brainless fools, unable to think or decipher reality, totally dependent on the pacifying approval of their masters from media world. Nauseating is it not? If you find this statement insulting, then go watch Netflix or HBO or whatever cable system you still are stupid enough to plug into and melt your brain. I get it, it is easier to be a mindless tool, not having to make any decisions about what is real and what is not and believe in fictitious viruses and diseased fables, wearing your mask at home, fool, so you can breathe in some more CO2, depriving your brainwashed brain of oxygen. But, you are being safe! That is the important thing, even though you are killing yourself and your children wearing masks of the truly retarded, meanwhile, the elite are laughing their asses off while masturbating, watching you suffocate. Believe BLM and Antifa are actual organizations for the masses, whilst they lead you further and further away from the truth, like pied pipers of deception, which is 5G being implemented on every block and city, municipality, county, community, rural, so they can infiltrate you skin cells with millimeter waves, altering your skin cell’s nucleus, causing your cells to repair this damage, forming virus like structures that resemble covid-19. Yes, and that is where this virus originates, from your own body, in attempt to cleanse itself from this millimeter wave electrification. So if you are actually stoned enough to believe this is a evolutionarily biologically produced virus from a snake, bat, to pig then you have to believe that 2400 years of evolution simply produced itself in a 10 year span of time. Are you really that stoned? Are we in some sort of time flux or time machine? Did someone actually invent the flux capacitor? Yeah, ok.

The Dimension of Dissention

As most of the world repeats the same narratives, over and over again, like a skipping vinyl LP, nauseating everyone to the point of vomiting all over the newspapers, the publishers distain with their lies everyday, attempting to keep everyone indoctrinated that, there is actually a deadly biological virus floating around out there, that evolved from a bat, into a human, claiming that 800 years of this evolutional leap was accomplished in 10 years. No, you cannot be that stupid to believe that fantasy, right? They cannot even keep their lies straight. I think it would be more believable if this covid-19 came from an outer space alien. That way, we could send the enterprise and captain Kirk to kick some ass and get this virus under control, or find the antidote. That way, Operation Warp Speed could be changed to Operation Warp Speedy Impeachment and get that fool out of the Whitehouse. But there are still morons out there endorsing Trump even though he is the biggest threat to the American way of life. It so obvious this pandemic is a hoax, that the ruling class is doing everything it its power to lead everyone astray to be occupied by the phony race wars they are starting around the globe, in virtually every major city on the planet. Antifa and BLM are CIA (or other international secret agency) funded organizations that infiltrate the pandemic protest groups, destabilizing free countries, pushing them into a deranged, Satanic form of Marxism. To get there, their mission is to destroy the middle class and devastate small business. Already, they have bankrupted at least 30% of the middle class, not including what businesses that were destroyed and financially toppled, mostly mom and pop shops. It has gotten to the point that no one trusts the mainstream media (which is a good thing) and distrusts any thing that happens, digging their heads in the sand, trying to hide from the obvious influence that is pretty much, in your face. Once they succeed in getting everyone at each other’s throats, fighting and killing each other, they will drop the hammer of hades upon us.

X Marks the Marxist

However, it still grinds on, pushing the same narratives that covid-19 is an actual biological virus that actually does some worthy killing, only to give way to how resilient humankind is, that in most cases, can withstand the ill effects of 5 G EMF radiation poisoning or millimeter wave induction of our skin cells, causing damage to the nucleus, being patch with virus like structures that resemble covid-19. This makes perfect sense because PCR viruses only replicate within the living host and cannot be transmitted to another host, similar to the Avian Influenza strains (See invisible Rainbow). But it is the truly greedy and ruthless that stands to gain from this pandemic and biological virus indoctrination and are pulling some ultra high ones on the common people to keep them distracted and led astray, fighting phony race wars and Marxist movements that hold no promise of prosperity, only oppression and despair. Does this mean Trump is a patriot? It means he is a liar and thief, stealing away all of your freedoms and destroying the constitution. This is probably the first time in history that they have politicized pandemics, controlling the treatment, equipment, procedures and remedies, which several have been eliminated from the shelves because it contradicts their Operation Warp Speed vaccine (forced) agenda. Permanent lobbyists in Ottawa and Washington DC that are pushing (buying) congress and elected officials to keep the pandemic lies afloat by lying themselves, betraying the masses, while using us as test subjects to see how it can potentially control our every move. Control is illusive and once the government discovers who really possesses the power, they will crack down and attempt to steal it back.

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