Commercialistic Commerce, Contiguous to the Heart Attack

The Rook, the Cad, and the Greedy Thicker Lash, by Ney-von

We cannot escape the ads of compliance, looking at that smiling model fool used for an advertising campaign to sell some May-Bullying or Loather Gur-l makeup, featuring that opulent pop star, or that semi-over-the-hill TV personality putting on their best extremer phoney smile. We look at these people as if they have some sort of mystic message to enlighten us with, but subliminally these ads are saying, “buy more makeup, and don’t forget to buy my latest migraine producing intellectual art CD, DVD, or stream, and don’t forget the Tylenol, or Advil, or Generic if you prefer, possibly laced with some codeine, washed down with your favorite brain shrinking elixir, after choking from cotton mouth from that huge toke of the now legalized brain honing weed of wistful-dumb.” Just think, you can look almost as good as the model in these exasperating ads of compliant-ology, cosmetology. You may even, someday, be “just like them”.

Bloody Scabbed Skin Tracks Nail Polish , by Ramble-On

Who are the new breed of drug dealers? That can be a tough one. We still have Sweet Willie, slinging his overpriced, laboratory made, synthetic crack balls. Or he may sell you some supremely trounced upon cocaine with a mere 7 to 10 percent purity. Try boiling that down. The newest, well not so new, but newer, is  (some of) the disabled from some industrial accident or severe back problem patients selling their excess morphine (Opioids) pills on the street for, depending on milligrams of content, up to $150 per pill. The purchaser (needle junkie) will cook it up via spoon and main vein. Why do these injured people do this? Because they are broke most likely and/or hooked on morphine, heroin and many other drugs. Possibly they see it as a way to make a retirement plan. In the end, these people are responsible for many new breeds of junkies. The worst being the morphine (Opioids) and crack attics (free-baser). Who is the supplier, the source? Your friendly neighborhood doctor! All you have to do is permanently maim yourself and they will prescribe what you need just to get you out of their office. Want to know how to make crack from everyday available over the shelf products? It is all over the internet. Even videos from National Geo-graphite. And, lets us not forget the methadone program, not that we could forget.

Closet Hooker Lipstick, by Suburban Dismay

How to become a prostitute? there are 32 million search results.  Reasons not to become a prostitute? About 4 million hits. Thus there are 87.5% more reasons to become a prostitute? We are in a world that is deteriorating by the moment. That gives you an idea how much swine pen scribble scribe is infiltrating the young minds of our children. Truth is, we keep falling into that trap of closet-ology. We are lured to the things that seem rebellious. That may piss-off our parents, or authorities. However, being a rebel has nothing to do with destroying your brain, body, reputation and motor functions. The illicitness of things are there to amuse the wealthy and the 1 percent of society. Keep you spinning in circles of plunder and destitution. They enjoy watching you squalor and hurt. They figure, you deserve your fate. That way, they can feel superior and justified to keep their amassed, opulent, lavish lifestyle and proliferating bank accounts that flourish from this programmed, rebellious behavior. The idea is to steal your money, your dowries, you family wealth, your home, your prosperity, your future prosperity, your offspring’s prosperity, your offspring’s, offspring’s prosperity. In one simple word, slavery.

Rebels of the Despotic Blush, by Estate Launderer

Rebellion is a good word. However like everything else in this opulent fueled world, it has been twisted into brainwashed perceptions of what rebellion means. It has been twisted because the 1 percent of society does not like it’s true meaning. To successfully rebel is to turn off their constant streams of suggestive, commercialized behaviour and regulation constraints. How to act, what to eat , what to wear, what to listen to, how to walk, talk, and how to be compliant to the so called laws and by-laws of the enforced society that cause your nightly headache that you take over the shelf medication you were induced to think you need to get rid of the pain. Really, all you have to do is turn off the dribble fumigating into your living room from those channels and feeds brought to you by commercial corporate North America and their main con stream media via their semi-talented abrasively charismatic, annoying personalities and broadcasters. If you call that entertainment or information then on the scale of 1 to 10, you are in the red according to the brainwashed meter. To rebel from the status quo, all you have to do is think and act for yourself. It may seem isolating but you will find others that are smart enough to see through these studio props of mind control.

Fiefdom of Proselytized Dupes Eye Shadow, by Low-real

People seem to be waking up. People have their ears to the ground, listening for that “rumble of disruption”. It is smart to wait for others to appear before you make your move to freedom. Or is it? I think that if you change your own belief system, you will attract like minded people. So no need to wait. It is your gift from God, freewill. Whether you are religious or not, you possess freewill. We all seem to be weary of the critique from the Gatekeepers of oppression and slavery. However it is the use of this humility they inflict upon you that makes you stronger. Because in the end, that is the extent of their power. To enforce you to adhere to their bidding that makes their positions of ambiguity more powerful because if you cannot express your opinion in an intelligent manner then really, what do you have left? If you lash out in violence, that is exactly what they want justifying their strong arm antics and marshal laws. If you rebel in a brainwashed resultant mannerism, you justify their prisons and inflated court systems that in the end, just keeps lawyers, the 1 percent of society and mini-monarchs rich, being protected by their dragoons housed in their feudal kingdoms populated with department stores and Mansions of despair and profit. Nothing new. You already know this, don’t you?

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Spiky and Eleemosynary, Vivaciously Quiescent

The Hermit’s Hermit

Quietly the revolt is underway, thought patterns start a slow process of evolutionary change. We are not so gullible as in the past. But there just enough sidetracks of man-made illusionary distractions, that will derail even the most studious of thought. When I want a drink, I do not drink, When I want to buy that  newest and best covet level possession, I do not buy that covet level possession. If I need something and I hear in my mind “you need downy, or Javex”, I look for no name fabric softener, or a brand of bleach I never heard of before. So even though you have been programmed as a child by the boob tube, you can use it to do something other then what your brain suggests. If I cut myself, I will not buy a Band Aid, I will by another type bandage. Why am I so obstinate? Because I refuse to follow the “program” of brainwashing inflicted on me since I was old enough to comprehend what I was seeing and hearing. The prisons are full of people that defiantly and openly challenge the system by breaking laws of control and constraints. Once they are in prison, rarely do any of them get rehabilitated and successfully reintegrated back to society without ending right back in prison for the same or similar crimes. Prison life itself can be addicting and brainwashing, to think you cannot survive on the outside. Institutionalized. And once on the outside again, they usually run into so many obstacles and resistances that cause them to start doing the same things that could put them in prison again, and will continue until they get caught.

Horror Incarceration

The system of Commercial Corporate North America loves prisons and loves them better when they are full. People that end up in prison serve as “examples” to all the rest of us that; “this is what happens to people that are not good serfs and do not follow the “program”. So be a good serf and do as you are brainwashed to do”. Like it or not, you are slave. Like it or not, you do not live in a free society. Like it or not, your daily existence is played out exactly how it is programmed. If it were not, you would be living on the street, homeless and destitute, or in prison being sodomised, or at least that is what they would like you to think so you will try a little bit harder each day to show the system you are a worthy and good little serf. They will tell you horror story after horror story what happens to people that “break the law”, or better put, “break the program”. “Hey, remember Jimmy? He ended up in Stoney and was ganged raped several times by four inmates. He ended up trying to fight them off the last time but was beaten almost to death and spent a month in the infirmary.” Does this happen? It happens, but not as much as they would like you to think. Usually it happens to younger inmates. But that is how it is designed. They know exactly how prisoners will react in confinement with no access to women.

Elixirs of the Slave Procurer

It is exactly how young roosters act that are put in a pen together with no access to female hens. The male roosters will fight for dominance and rape the lesser dominant males. It is a natural reaction when males of any species are confined together with no females, especially in close quarters. Thus, what can the experts say? “Oh jeeze, we had no idea that would happen! No one ever told us this would be the natural reaction.” Yet they have been designing prisons the same for centuries. The only reason they are slightly more humane is because of our so called human rights. But we on the outside say, “Who cares, they probably deserve it anyway.” Where would that type of attitude spring from? From brainwashing 101 when we were in serfdom schools having all this garbage implanted in our brains. Follow the program or else. Scared Straight. Work for minimum wage and after, go to your shanty and keep your mouth shut, unless you are drinking some legal brainwashing elixir found at your local elixir store, while watching your favorite brainwashing episode of your favorite “programmed” mini or TV series performed by usually burnt out or half rate actors. Yes, booze, cigarettes, and soon marijuana, all legal elixirs for brain shrinking.  They tax the hell out of these commodities and sell them for semi-affordable prices (except in Canada being barely affordable) and encourage you to eat, drink, and be placid, all in the confines of your depressing, undersized apartment/home that you pay through the nose for or owe a lifetime of payments for, until you pass out or die, whichever comes first.

Break the Machine with Nascent Thought

If you cannot see your life is programmed, then break the program. Break the routine. The routine you are most likely bored with anyway and see what happens. When you start changing things around you, people still stuck in that system will look at you different and try to pull you right back. You will loose friends but you will see a clear indication that the system depends on compliance and obedience. Once you break these allusive constraints and do your own thing, you will open a new, lonely world. But do not be fooled. Keep going and you will get closer to your true life’s path. It is not the defiance we have to show, it is our true desires to be individuals and follow our own light that has been dimmed by the 1 percent of society. Why do they do this? Because it is your true destiny they need clouded to remain the 1 percent of society. If we all followed this, the 1 percent of society would dilute like salt in a rain storm. All these things can be done merely by thought and attitude. You do not have to strike another or show any violence. All you have to do is control your own brain with your heart, the true house of your soul.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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Denizen of Intemperance Aura Dismemberment

Sleeping Wallow

Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Only words for the privileged of society. Have you ever felt special? The North American Con Dream? We are conned to think we have a unique destination in life. But that is just to con the youth to aspire towards their serfdom dream lives, just waiting for them, all pre-determined by the 1 percent of society. White collar or blue collar, it is all pre-planned, and the system is so cock sure, that you can bet your last borrowed 20 dollar bill you still owe to your neighbor for the last 10 months, that you are living the exact life that was carbon copied out of some economic serfdom ledger held sacred by the 1 percenters in a vault too well guarded to find, let alone penetrate. How do they determine what cookie cutter existence you will live? From the constant brainwashing serfdom schools we have the misfortune of being enforced to attend during our youths. So as you live and pretend to enjoy your cookie cutter existence, make sure you hold on to that cookie cutter job, and your cookie cutter wage, and enjoy your brain washed entertainment after a hard day’s of predetermined  work load that seems to get bigger and bigger as our fictitious labor laws seemingly start to deteriorate before our brainwashed eyes.

Wakeup Call, Anyone?

I have truly come to believe that there is hardly anyone that can see through this rubbish they call freedom. If you do not believe me, try talking to someone and challenge their brainwashed, predetermined views. They will defend their serfdom lives to violent outbursts of predetermined responses they were brainwashed to utter if their predetermined, cookie cutter life is ever challenged. After the outburst, they will not even know what they have truly said and will sit there with a blank look on their faces. When anyone is challenged and truly believes they are not brainwashed, that will be their reaction. Out of ignorance? Yes. But more so, from the possibility they have been betrayed and brainwashed. This is a defence mechanism implanted by the brainwashing. You may say to yourself, I don’t remember any brainwashing? But brainwashing has nothing to do with remembering the violation. All brainwashing consists of suggestive , subliminal training and repetitive activities. Brainwashing is control. And that is why you think you are not brainwashed. If you were brainwashed, then why do they not warn us on the news or the newspapers, or a magazine? In a nutshell, you never heard it from any main con-stream media,  medium or publication. So why think you are brainwashed? If you ask yourself those questions, then you are brainwashed.

Invasion of the Reality Snatchers

The venture for Mars is on. But hardly anyone knows who is actually responsible. This entrepreneur is doing what NASA failed to do whilst wasting our tax dollars in the process. He is making rockets that can land back where they were launched without dismantling or falling into an ocean.  This person, a fan of Tesla’s work and Creator of Space X,  is indeed rich, and possibly a 1 percenter because of his wealth. But the government, because of his strides to make this trip to Mars a reality, is trying to control what he is doing. First by mock-publicity (Sistine Minutes), trying to discredit him mildly by saying there are people in the government that do not feel this type of work should be handled by a private enterprise.  But all in all, I do not trust anyone that is the 1 percent of society, and I do not believe a word of what the main con-stream media says, and whatever the government implies or insinuates, is only a reflection of what the 1 percent of society implants because they are the government’s puppet master. Why would they try to attack a fellow 1 percenter? Because he is not following the protocol of the pre-determined North American Fantasy. Have they gotten to him? Hopefully not. If you do not know who created Space X, then look it up on the internet. He is also doing a lot of other things that may irritate the 1 percent, like electric cars with free charging stations?

Invention Prevention

There are many people that have been discredited or reduced to folklore. You know, that guy that worked for a large auto company and designed the most successful muscle cars of the 60s/70s who went on his own to create a stainless steel car? A car that does not rust?  Or that man that created a power station that could provide free power to all the residents of a very large community? He also created many patents that to this day have not been realized.  Or that man at the turn of the 20th century, that created a self-generating engine that relied on no fuel or external power (the patent apparently bought out by a very large auto company and buried)? There are many other stories of large corporations stealing from the inventors. That is the game of brainwashing. Because in the end, you will just listen to the status-quo, the main-con stream media because that is what you have been programmed to believe. Why would the 1 percent suppress progress or inventions that would benefit society and the common man? For control. How else could they keep you working your cookie cutter serfdom job that ultimately keeps you broke and keep the 1 percent of society rich? Could you imagine if all of these creations could of been sustained? We would be living a much different life and technology would of surpassed the reality of technology today. Instead, they were restrained and discarded/destroyed/stolen to keep control of society’s purse strings

Marriage Miscarriage Mascara; by May-bullying

With more freedom comes more innovation and imagination. With more control and restraints comes more oppression, depression and aggression. However, the establishment attempts to control these side affects of control with drugs, which of course you have to pay for. Why else would they legalize (decriminalize) recreational drugs like marijuana? To keep you drunk, stoned and stupid. If everyone in society sobered up, I think things would change lightening fast. However, booze, drugs and sex have been tools of control in most oppressed societies. Keep the divorce rate high, which keeps the prostitution level high, that feeds the need to be inebriated with alcohol and drugs to perform these dirty deeds on a nightly basis. It also keeps the crime rate high that in turn keeps tax dollars feeding our inflated court and prison systems that are needed for processing crime and free labor. This keeps the rejects of society (people that are not employed and cannot find work because the government has failed us in so many ways to keep people, all people in a prosperous environment) prostituting, stealing, pawning, drinking and doing drugs, ultimately strung out while still feeding the one percenter’s pockets with illicitly gained money.  Nothing new. That is why it is so pathetic. Because the greedy of society do not care about your broken marriage. They certainly could care a less about a woman forced to prostitute to gain an income. They really do not care about that man that is selling drugs or breaking entrees to survive. And, they most certainly do not care about you or your destined life of serfdom. Wake-TF up!

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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The Arcane Princess in the Dolorous Boscage

The Pledge of Secure Perlustration

Born onto plenty and divinity, there is a promise of aegis and altruism. We are overwhelmed with this as children and grow to expect this constant affirmation. However, what they fail to tell you in the serfdom 101 classes and courses, is that you are a slave. You are not divine. You are not protected. You are not promised prosperity. You are cast aside like refuge and expected to eat dung meal. And if your family had enough dowries and property to send you to University, then you  are the chosen few, if you are successfully brainwashed to be groomed as a possible 1 percent of society. You may not make it to that plateau, but this insures that no one that has not been brain honed can make it into this rapacious, self serving circle of greed.  You have to be “just like them”, and out of fear of not being accepted and possibly loosing your wealth, you will become, “just like them”. Reality crashes through this illusion of covenant security. When this happens, you will really know that you are truly alone in this world and must be reliant only on one’s self to be truly free.

Soft Angel Waiting in the Wings of Vengeance

A young woman, radiant of beauty and purity, comes home one day to her modest suburban home. None of her brothers and sisters are home yet. Her mother is out running errands. Within walking distance, she left school a hour early because she skipped a study class which was the last class of her Tuesday curriculum. She was 13, going on 14 and she was developing into an alluring young woman. She went straight to her room where she closed her door, undressed down to her under garments, then laid on her bed to continue reading her half finished romance novel. A few minutes later, she heard some stumbling noises. Not thinking anything about it, she continued reading. A few moments later she then heard noises outside her door. She got up off her bed and placed her novel faced down opened so not to loose her page. She grabbed her thin, short house coat, put in on and walked slowly towards the door. Almost right in front of the door, she reached cautiously for the door knob. Just before she could grab the door knob to open, the door flung swiftly ajar, hitting the left side of her head hard, catapulting her to the floor. Being dazed, she saw a blurry image. She reached and felt her forehead. Pulling her hand back, she seen she was bleeding. Her vision cleared up enough to see her father standing over her, dressed in his oily coveralls, holding a almost empty 40 ounce bottle of Jack in his left hand. Unexpectedly, she seen him draw back his right hand, already formed into a fist. He brutally smashed her jaw with one hard hit from his large fist. She felt the sharp pain to her face and became unconscious. Later that night, she abruptly awoke and seen she was in her bed covered. For a brief moment, she thought it was a bad dream. She tried to move and found that she was very stiff. The more she moved, the more pain and stiffness she felt. She managed to reach up and turn on her nightstand light. She pushed her blanket off and saw she was nude, lying in a small puddle of dried blood near her vaginal area. She noticed she had smudges of grease and oil about her breasts and thighs. She slowly but painfully stood up and walked towards her vanity mirror. Her left side of her face and eye was swollen, black and blue. She started to whimper and cry from the mess of her face and felt sharp pains ignite from her broken jaw. Then she heard a knock on her door. “Are you ok? Can I come in?” asked mother through the door. Not being able to talk, she whimpered and cried louder. Her mother opened the door and saw her daughter standing there nude, holding the left side of her face, looking into the mirror crying. Her mother swiftly grabbed a blanket and covered her bruised and grease smudged body. Looking at her daughter’s pelvic area, she saw large bruises on her thighs. Covering her and holding her firmly, she caught a glimpse of an empty bottle of Jack lying on the floor next to the bed. She guided her out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, she drew a hot bath for her daughter and helped her in the tub, giving her a sponge. She left the washroom closing the door, then headed to her daughter’s room, pulling the soiled linen off the bed, and picking up her daughter’s torn garments along with the empty bottle of Jack. She put everything into a garbage bag, went to the garage, and threw it into the trunk of her car. The mother then went back to her daughter in the bathtub and helped clean herself thoroughly, got her out of the tub, dried her off and dressed her in some clean clothes. She guided her daughter to her car in the garage, and drove her to the hospital. After a complete examination, they managed to reset her daughter’s jaw and bandaged her head to keep her jaw still. They wanted to keep her daughter for observation for the night. The doctor was in the hall talking to her mother. “Did you give her a bath before you brought her here?” asked the emergency doctor. “Why do you ask?” asked the mother. “Because, from the bruising apparent from her thighs and vaginal area, the only explanation would be  she was forcefully raped and sodomized. We found bleeding ruptures in her vaginal walls and rectum. We can assist the police and do a rape kit exam, but I am afraid they will not find anything due to her being thoroughly bathed and cleaned. Do you have any idea where it may of happened?” continued the doctor. Her mother delayed in her response. “I, I am not, not really sure. I think it may of happened on the way home from school. She likes to take short cuts through the wooded area. She never said anything and was in her room all evening. I got concerned when I heard her crying. So I brought her here once I seen her face.” said her mother in attempt to cover up the truth known to her. The doctor looked at the mother waiting for more explanation. “Well, we will keep her overnight for observation. She has a slight concussion. We want to make sure she does not slip in to a full concussion or coma. We think she will be ok, but want to do some tests to be sure.” said the doctor as he wrote on his clip board and walked away to continue to do his rounds.  “You can stay in her room tonight if you like.” said the attending nurse walking towards her. “No, I will come back early morning and check on her. Please call me if anything changes.” said the mother as she started to walk towards the exit. “Yes ma’am.” said the nurse watching her walk away. Driving down the city streets, the mother seen a large green dumpster. She stopped the car, got out and popped the trunk. She grabbed the garbage bag full of the soiled linen and empty Jack bottle then tossed it into the half filled dumpster.

Her mother never trusted her daughter again. She accused her of seducing the father. After about 4 months of accusations from her mother and major fights between her mother and father, the daughter packed up one day after pretending to go to school, waiting and making sure everyone left the house. She then left and walked to the local coach bus station and bought a ticket that would take her as far as she could afford, never to come back again.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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