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Sleeping Wallow

Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Only words for the privileged of society. Have you ever felt special? The North American Con Dream? We are conned to think we have a unique destination in life. But that is just to con the youth to aspire towards their serfdom dream lives, just waiting for them, all pre-determined by the 1 percent of society. White collar or blue collar, it is all pre-planned, and the system is so cock sure, that you can bet your last borrowed 20 dollar bill you still owe to your neighbor for the last 10 months, that you are living the exact life that was carbon copied out of some economic serfdom ledger held sacred by the 1 percenters in a vault too well guarded to find, let alone penetrate. How do they determine what cookie cutter existence you will live? From the constant brainwashing serfdom schools we have the misfortune of being enforced to attend during our youths. So as you live and pretend to enjoy your cookie cutter existence, make sure you hold on to that cookie cutter job, and your cookie cutter wage, and enjoy your brain washed entertainment after a hard day’s of predetermined  work load that seems to get bigger and bigger as our fictitious labor laws seemingly start to deteriorate before our brainwashed eyes.

Wakeup Call, Anyone?

I have truly come to believe that there is hardly anyone that can see through this rubbish they call freedom. If you do not believe me, try talking to someone and challenge their brainwashed, predetermined views. They will defend their serfdom lives to violent outbursts of predetermined responses they were brainwashed to utter if their predetermined, cookie cutter life is ever challenged. After the outburst, they will not even know what they have truly said and will sit there with a blank look on their faces. When anyone is challenged and truly believes they are not brainwashed, that will be their reaction. Out of ignorance? Yes. But more so, from the possibility they have been betrayed and brainwashed. This is a defence mechanism implanted by the brainwashing. You may say to yourself, I don’t remember any brainwashing? But brainwashing has nothing to do with remembering the violation. All brainwashing consists of suggestive , subliminal training and repetitive activities. Brainwashing is control. And that is why you think you are not brainwashed. If you were brainwashed, then why do they not warn us on the news or the newspapers, or a magazine? In a nutshell, you never heard it from any main con-stream media,  medium or publication. So why think you are brainwashed? If you ask yourself those questions, then you are brainwashed.

Invasion of the Reality Snatchers

The venture for Mars is on. But hardly anyone knows who is actually responsible. This entrepreneur is doing what NASA failed to do whilst wasting our tax dollars in the process. He is making rockets that can land back where they were launched without dismantling or falling into an ocean.  This person, a fan of Tesla’s work and Creator of Space X,  is indeed rich, and possibly a 1 percenter because of his wealth. But the government, because of his strides to make this trip to Mars a reality, is trying to control what he is doing. First by mock-publicity (Sistine Minutes), trying to discredit him mildly by saying there are people in the government that do not feel this type of work should be handled by a private enterprise.  But all in all, I do not trust anyone that is the 1 percent of society, and I do not believe a word of what the main con-stream media says, and whatever the government implies or insinuates, is only a reflection of what the 1 percent of society implants because they are the government’s puppet master. Why would they try to attack a fellow 1 percenter? Because he is not following the protocol of the pre-determined North American Fantasy. Have they gotten to him? Hopefully not. If you do not know who created Space X, then look it up on the internet. He is also doing a lot of other things that may irritate the 1 percent, like electric cars with free charging stations?

Invention Prevention

There are many people that have been discredited or reduced to folklore. You know, that guy that worked for a large auto company and designed the most successful muscle cars of the 60s/70s who went on his own to create a stainless steel car? A car that does not rust?  Or that man that created a power station that could provide free power to all the residents of a very large community? He also created many patents that to this day have not been realized.  Or that man at the turn of the 20th century, that created a self-generating engine that relied on no fuel or external power (the patent apparently bought out by a very large auto company and buried)? There are many other stories of large corporations stealing from the inventors. That is the game of brainwashing. Because in the end, you will just listen to the status-quo, the main-con stream media because that is what you have been programmed to believe. Why would the 1 percent suppress progress or inventions that would benefit society and the common man? For control. How else could they keep you working your cookie cutter serfdom job that ultimately keeps you broke and keep the 1 percent of society rich? Could you imagine if all of these creations could of been sustained? We would be living a much different life and technology would of surpassed the reality of technology today. Instead, they were restrained and discarded/destroyed/stolen to keep control of society’s purse strings

Marriage Miscarriage Mascara; by May-bullying

With more freedom comes more innovation and imagination. With more control and restraints comes more oppression, depression and aggression. However, the establishment attempts to control these side affects of control with drugs, which of course you have to pay for. Why else would they legalize (decriminalize) recreational drugs like marijuana? To keep you drunk, stoned and stupid. If everyone in society sobered up, I think things would change lightening fast. However, booze, drugs and sex have been tools of control in most oppressed societies. Keep the divorce rate high, which keeps the prostitution level high, that feeds the need to be inebriated with alcohol and drugs to perform these dirty deeds on a nightly basis. It also keeps the crime rate high that in turn keeps tax dollars feeding our inflated court and prison systems that are needed for processing crime and free labor. This keeps the rejects of society (people that are not employed and cannot find work because the government has failed us in so many ways to keep people, all people in a prosperous environment) prostituting, stealing, pawning, drinking and doing drugs, ultimately strung out while still feeding the one percenter’s pockets with illicitly gained money.  Nothing new. That is why it is so pathetic. Because the greedy of society do not care about your broken marriage. They certainly could care a less about a woman forced to prostitute to gain an income. They really do not care about that man that is selling drugs or breaking entrees to survive. And, they most certainly do not care about you or your destined life of serfdom. Wake-TF up!

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