Spiky and Eleemosynary, Vivaciously Quiescent

The Hermit’s Hermit

Quietly the revolt is underway, thought patterns start a slow process of evolutionary change. We are not so gullible as in the past. But there just enough sidetracks of man-made illusionary distractions, that will derail even the most studious of thought. When I want a drink, I do not drink, When I want to buy that  newest and best covet level possession, I do not buy that covet level possession. If I need something and I hear in my mind “you need downy, or Javex”, I look for no name fabric softener, or a brand of bleach I never heard of before. So even though you have been programmed as a child by the boob tube, you can use it to do something other then what your brain suggests. If I cut myself, I will not buy a Band Aid, I will by another type bandage. Why am I so obstinate? Because I refuse to follow the “program” of brainwashing inflicted on me since I was old enough to comprehend what I was seeing and hearing. The prisons are full of people that defiantly and openly challenge the system by breaking laws of control and constraints. Once they are in prison, rarely do any of them get rehabilitated and successfully reintegrated back to society without ending right back in prison for the same or similar crimes. Prison life itself can be addicting and brainwashing, to think you cannot survive on the outside. Institutionalized. And once on the outside again, they usually run into so many obstacles and resistances that cause them to start doing the same things that could put them in prison again, and will continue until they get caught.

Horror Incarceration

The system of Commercial Corporate North America loves prisons and loves them better when they are full. People that end up in prison serve as “examples” to all the rest of us that; “this is what happens to people that are not good serfs and do not follow the “program”. So be a good serf and do as you are brainwashed to do”. Like it or not, you are slave. Like it or not, you do not live in a free society. Like it or not, your daily existence is played out exactly how it is programmed. If it were not, you would be living on the street, homeless and destitute, or in prison being sodomised, or at least that is what they would like you to think so you will try a little bit harder each day to show the system you are a worthy and good little serf. They will tell you horror story after horror story what happens to people that “break the law”, or better put, “break the program”. “Hey, remember Jimmy? He ended up in Stoney and was ganged raped several times by four inmates. He ended up trying to fight them off the last time but was beaten almost to death and spent a month in the infirmary.” Does this happen? It happens, but not as much as they would like you to think. Usually it happens to younger inmates. But that is how it is designed. They know exactly how prisoners will react in confinement with no access to women.

Elixirs of the Slave Procurer

It is exactly how young roosters act that are put in a pen together with no access to female hens. The male roosters will fight for dominance and rape the lesser dominant males. It is a natural reaction when males of any species are confined together with no females, especially in close quarters. Thus, what can the experts say? “Oh jeeze, we had no idea that would happen! No one ever told us this would be the natural reaction.” Yet they have been designing prisons the same for centuries. The only reason they are slightly more humane is because of our so called human rights. But we on the outside say, “Who cares, they probably deserve it anyway.” Where would that type of attitude spring from? From brainwashing 101 when we were in serfdom schools having all this garbage implanted in our brains. Follow the program or else. Scared Straight. Work for minimum wage and after, go to your shanty and keep your mouth shut, unless you are drinking some legal brainwashing elixir found at your local elixir store, while watching your favorite brainwashing episode of your favorite “programmed” mini or TV series performed by usually burnt out or half rate actors. Yes, booze, cigarettes, and soon marijuana, all legal elixirs for brain shrinking.  They tax the hell out of these commodities and sell them for semi-affordable prices (except in Canada being barely affordable) and encourage you to eat, drink, and be placid, all in the confines of your depressing, undersized apartment/home that you pay through the nose for or owe a lifetime of payments for, until you pass out or die, whichever comes first.

Break the Machine with Nascent Thought

If you cannot see your life is programmed, then break the program. Break the routine. The routine you are most likely bored with anyway and see what happens. When you start changing things around you, people still stuck in that system will look at you different and try to pull you right back. You will loose friends but you will see a clear indication that the system depends on compliance and obedience. Once you break these allusive constraints and do your own thing, you will open a new, lonely world. But do not be fooled. Keep going and you will get closer to your true life’s path. It is not the defiance we have to show, it is our true desires to be individuals and follow our own light that has been dimmed by the 1 percent of society. Why do they do this? Because it is your true destiny they need clouded to remain the 1 percent of society. If we all followed this, the 1 percent of society would dilute like salt in a rain storm. All these things can be done merely by thought and attitude. You do not have to strike another or show any violence. All you have to do is control your own brain with your heart, the true house of your soul.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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