Hang ’em High; Asset Inquisitional Acquirement by Nonfeasance

Fists Full of Stolen Green Backs

You have been robbed, whether you are a vendor, small to medium business owner, layman, entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, judge, crook, prostitute, mother, father, brother, sister, pimp, drug dealer, etc…etc.., you have been swindled for your property, cash, job, legacies, pensions, dowries, wills, insurance, cars, trucks, rings, jewelry and on and on and on, until they cannot take any more. They started a very long time ago but really put the pedal to the metal as to swindle, in 2019 and 2020, where they locked us down to administer the final blow of pilferage. Now they have our small to medium sized businesses, that are usually local to a municipality, closing their doors for what reason again? Oh yeah, that fictitious virus and the fictitious variants and other mutations to follow, that’s right. Oh yes, and so Klaus Schwab can have his “GRRRREAT RRRRESET” at the expense of everyone not in the billionaire club. So, they have their knee to everyone’s neck that is willing to work for a living and will keep strangling us until we die. Yes, that is their end goal, in order to save resources for the 1 percent and their spawn scum. Well, perhaps they may keep some of the masses for amusement, like to do tricks, or suckle their shriveled up genitalia. Yes, that will be your place until someone more young and innocent appears. We are being grifted in the true sense of the “Covid con” and we have to take them out of power, strip them of all their money and assets and lock them all up until trial. They are printing money that has no value because the world banks have stolen all of our gold, most of it during 911. What do think 911 was all about anyway? To gain control of commerce and steal all the gold from the World Trade Center, which was reduced to a pile of rubble afterwards, killing and burying all the people that knew the grift, burying and destroying all the evidence, and covering up their tracks of the World Banks, Blackrock, etc… and their getaway car. It was also useful to change legislation to give more power to the government puppets to enthrall their greedy practices afterwards, right up until now, which has destroyed our banks, money, treasury and pensions. Don’t think so? Well wait until you try to retire after 2025.

You Have ’til Midnight to Get out of Lodge

If you are not prepared, get ready, especially if you owe money on your home. If you have a mortgage, car loans etc. you will be offered the debt forgiveness program to clear all of your debts. Well, you would most likely say, I am making my payments. Yes, however, when the banks (world banks) call in all their loans once our country (national) banks default on loans made for the stimulus that the government is trying to pacify all people that have lost their jobs due to the so called, non-essential business (affecting small and medium size businesses) closures due to the phony pandemic caused by the phony virus that has not killed anyone of any significance, but fudging the death tally numbers, robbing death categories like the flu deaths and heart disease deaths, or any other category they choose because of the mass coma the masses are in, not paying attention to the total grift the world banks have basically stolen all of our tax and pension monies due to their evaporating investments they conned our governments into investing towards, with the end goal of bankrupting all our country assets for the purpose of the elite’s “great reset” designed to swindle the remaining assets and money from the people who have managed to actually own what they have. Once this happens, they will have a cozy Covid camp for you to reside in, whilst the steal your children to become sex slaves for the elitists, turning them into soulless husks of insignificant slaves used for toils and their amusement, if they are chosen and not depopulated. So kiss you property, children and assets goodbye while you are evicted.

Klaus Schwab’s budget Toilet Rental/Share Program

Now, you can own nothing and rent everything, right down to that 4 to 5 squares of daily toilet paper you need for hygiene. What does this mean, really? It means they want to rent everything, including the piece of rare meat they will allow you to have, once a month or so, as a treat, like throwing a dog a bone, if you are socially behaved and lap up to their side like a good little pooch! Yes, and you can do tricks for them too in order to get extras like real food as opposed to Bill Gate’s GMO enhance vegetables and soya meat that is basically, like soylent green. Of course, they will dictate your every move and decision, censoring everything you read, write, see or do, including what job you might have and who you can associate with in order to keep everything safe, sound and secure, for the elitists of course, so they can lead on with their cushy lifestyles at your total expense, exploitation and slavery. Kind of like back in the day of Moses where the Egyptians kept the Christians in total slavery and bondage. Yes, those were the days weren’t they? And all elitists dream of that reality nightly! Oh, and yes, the toilet. Will it be one of Bill Gate’s green toilets that you will share with a number of other slaves, due to the economic and resource shortages, that they will produce in order to keep you and your closely inhabited neighbors using as little as possible so the elitists can remain a billion times richer then you could ever aspire to be because of the total restrictions you will never overcome due to their incessive, insatiable greed.

Why Own, your Dentures, when you can Rent!

Of course, dentures would be a definite luxury most likely not offered to whatever masses that would be unlucky enough to have survived these bogus vaccines that are nothing more than death serums, for the lack of not really knowing what they will do in the future, let alone, one minute from now. But it is believed that these vaccines were not intended to kill people solely by injection. Most likely the thousands of microscopic bots now in your bloodstream via this vaccine, that were included for your total control. Don’t believe me? Well, Moderna publicly announced that they can control people with their mRNA vaccines. However, up to 600,000 have died from this vaccine in the USA alone, most likely caused by adverse reactions to the microscopic bots that are totally foreign to anyone’s biological system, attracting things like, metals and magnetic fields? Thus in the world spectrum, it is most likely in the millions of deaths due to this untested, experimental, bot induced vaccine. However, you will most likely be able to rent space in a mass burial site whereby they would just tack this rental amount on to your surviving relative to pay, being handed down from generation to generation to pay in a infinite fashion, ensuring they would never cease to owe the elitists money, keeping them slaves, passing on their debts to what ever bloodlines were closely related. Sounds peachy, right? That’s slavery.

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Dimwits Doofus Morons of Propaganda Propagation; An Interview with Joe, X of Karen

TV Rabbit Ears of Bad Deception

Need I say more? Ok I guess I should. Karen, who is Karen? She has a family and has rid of her husband due to the mind boggling brainwashing that is performed on a daily basis on commercial programming that tears down the family unit and how useless husbands are since the mid 70’s and still going strong, now breaking the sexual barriers promoting transgenderism which is, for lack of a better definition, a wholesale sweep of all of our individualities, priming us for a world that will transform us into bio digital eco-machines or, remember the terminator? Cyborgs wrapped in human flesh. Yes even the movies have been prepping us to accept the bio-digital convergence that is so eloquently explained here. Remember, The World Economic Forum is a nightmare institution of anti-realism that describes the agendas of the elitists, whom have successfully infiltrated all the countries of the world, with their phony Covid 19 pandemic, that is willfully destroying our economies as scripted, in order to usher in 5G and their asset acquisition, depopulation, sterilization, and bio/digital convergence, all brainchildren of the “World Economic Forum” and their cronies that are holding key governmental positions to perpetuate this idiotic pandemic towards world domination. Of course, these brainchildren also include, global warming and carbon controls. all of which is a blatant attempt to franchise the “Green Machine” in order to control our every move, basically starving us out of independence and forcing us to beg for what was rightfully ours in the first place. Like that retard Park Authority popping out of the forest, intruding into you rented camping space demanding that you put back all the wood you stole from the forest’s eco-floor, while building a campfire. Is this reality? You betcha!

The Interview Preamble

But what about Karen? What has she have to do with all this? And 5G, what does that have to do with world domination? I don’t get it! Of course you wouldn’t because you are watching re-runs of “2 and 1/2 Men” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Possibly “Friends”? Or maybe “The 70’s Show”? You would be better off watching Gilligan’s Island or the Munsters, or maybe “The Adams Family” where we have Uncle Festus played by Klaus Schwab. No? Oh my, I could have sworn that was him. Oh well, the theme and epitome seemed consistent. Karen is the “average American divorced housewife” that is empowered by indoctrination of independence, using the crutch of commercial TV which she rules her existence around, whilst she forces her kids to wear masks and has made appointments for all of them to get their vaccine, all because the TV told her so. Can someone slap Karen in the head and tell her the truth, Please? 5G is the tool that will make bio/digital convergence possible to the unlucky ones that survive depopulation, converting them into bio/digital slaves. And let us not forget that 5G millimeter waves are small enough to enter our skin cells and damage the nucleus, causing our bodies to act virally, creating exosomes (viruses) that suspiciously resemble Covid 19 in shape that is produced by our immunities to flush our systems of the radiation produced by 5G millimeter waves at the cellular biological level. The huge elephant in everyone’s living room is that our mainstream source of information is accurate and the truth. This is indeed not the case in any stretch of the imagination, not for a very long time.

The Interview

Joe says with curiosity; “So that is Karen? Sounds like my X-wife before she threw me out because I was laid off for the summer. I guess she had enough of my seasonal job that has cut my pay by 40% and forces me to work in places like Alaska and the Yukon Territory, all accommodations covered except for meals up and above the total cost of 25 dollars a day. I suppose if I eat at Mc Donald’s, if I can locate one around here, I can have 3 meals a day and not go over the allotted meal expense. But usually that is next to impossible, even at Mc Donald’s because, eating there up in no man’s land, you would need more than 50 dollars a day. So, I just go to the local grocery store and buy hot dogs and buns, perhaps a container of mustard, cooking them with a 1983 version of a microwave, provided with my cheesy motel room that usually smells like stale sex. Of course to work where I do, they mandated the vaccine as a condition to work, even though I never work near a soul, later finding out that they had no right to use my job as a bargaining chip to take this untested vaccine. Well, who cares; we all die sooner or later, right?” Interviewer interjects: “That’s funny; I could of sworn you said; “We all die sooner or later, right?” Sounds like perpetuated Euthanasia, am I right?” Joe continues: “Well, you know what I mean. I have nothing really left to live for anyway so why refuse a vaccine that may kill or maim you, to keep this minimum wage job, that for the highlight of my day, because I am forced to work in bung-hump Egypt, are the abused, overused, overweigh, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath , that have been active since 1991, just after they were coerced into trying some form of opiate, getting hooked instantly, using prostitution to feed their drug habit. Now that methadone and other compassionate drugs are available in the many clinics strewn all over in any town, city or community, they only do opiates obtained from the local “Son’s of Anarchy” approved dealers after these abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, come banging on my cheesy motel door to apply their trade, usually breaking me financially until I get paid again, which is probably why I keep this useless dead-end job.” Interviewer comments; “Sounds like it could get tough and you are contradicting yourself as to the reasons why you would take a vaccine to keep a job you obviously do not like, but here again, maybe you could win the lottery or find a rope suitable for hanging?” Joe laughs and continues; “What else would I do if I did not have this job? Who would pay my child support I am court ordered to pay Karen every month? I buy lottery and scratch tickets all the time, but never win more than a free ticket or 10 to 20 dollars, only being used to pay the Cash advance interest applied by whatever local money store I have to bargain with in order to support the local abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, and to suffer some provisioning like beer, hotdogs and buns that will last me about 4 days, if not eaten and drunken by the abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath, forcing me again to get another payday advance.” Interviewer asks; “What is your job anyway? Who do you work for?” Joe answers; I install commercial 5G transceivers and accessories for local corporations, installing these 5G elements on hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, old folks facilities, long term care institutions and local participating businesses that were paid to allow the telecom corporations to use their land for the installation of these strategically placed transceivers, readying all communities for the commercial version of 5G. I am legally bound not to divulge the name of the corporation I work for because of my secrecy oath I have to sign and renew monthly.”

What did Joe die of anyway?

Later on that month, Joe was found dead in his hotel room by the
abused, overused, overweight, prehistoric hookers with bad teeth and gingivitis breath who called 911. The death report suggested that Joe most likely died of a heart attack and appeared to have been robbed, missing his wallet and having his motel room ransacked, but could not be confirmed as to the reason of death, due to Covid 19 preventing a proper autopsy. Because this death was not covered mysteriously, by the corporation Joe worked for, Life insurance policy, Karen was forced to take a second job to support her children.

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Anencephalous Haste to be Vaccinated of the Eternally Faithless. Updated June 6th 2021

The Rats have Moved into the Main Floor from the Cellar Pancake Makeup by: Larry-is-Dizzy Cosmetics

If you choose this vaccine, you choose to align with Satan. Ignorance is no excuse. You are a demon’s child, destiny Abaddon. So get ready for your faithless journey in the name of being “safe”. Yes you can blame your parents that are stoned out if their tree. Or you can blame your perverted uncle who keeps offering you money for sex. In all of these situations, deep down you know the truth. But if you choose to grab their belt and succumb to their tyranny, then your soul is theirs. If you fight them with every ounce of your energy and heart, you will not parish. And even if they kill you, you become more powerful then they can ever imagine. Never before has so many leaders around the world, have been corrupted to this point of no return, willing to sacrifice their reputations and respect for a couple of printed dollars. Remember, they are printing money that has no value and is only backed by the world banks who will call in their loans once they own all of your country’s assets and banks. So if you have a house right now that is mortgaged and cannot pay for it, then claim bankruptcy before they force you into the debt forgiveness program and steal all your assets, equity, legacies, and your children. Do not be concentrated into a camp or covid hotel where you can check in anytime, but can never leave.

Spike Protein Extra Long Lash Mascara by: BashHocs

Already taken the vaccine? Does not matter because you will be treated as a continuous threat no matter how many vaccines you take. The vaccine does not stop transmission or reception of this fictitious virus, only symptoms, where by you will still be sick but will not feel the consequences of this ailment, which is, for a lack of a better definition or description, the common cold. However, there is a major underlying concern with these vaccines. So much so, even the people that have taken it, at least the first dose, are feeling dread, or a “gut feeling” they cannot explain. A feeling of being “grifted” as in, that retro vacuum salesman who just talked you into purchasing the top of the line vacuum system for two to three paychecks worth of money, through a high interest loan via a money store affiliate, where you will never pay it off, until three years of payments go by, when you realize that this loan never ends, whilst paying the minimum payment. And alas, when you finally find their office, that has moved three or four times in the last three years, and slap the money down on the barrel head, you realize that none of the principle has been paid off, in addition to the penalty they tack on for making a payment before your billing cycle date. Yes, we have all been through this and learn from these experiences, Then ask yourself, why the hell did I fall for that again? Why am I listening to the fear mongering of your local health unit whose sole game now is to sell depopulation? Now, they want you to pay with your health. The old saying goes; “if you have your health, you have everything”, so why are you compromising your health for the reverse phycology con job that “if you are already healthy and feel no sickness, you are still a threat”? If you believe that, then you will make someone a fine “bitch” in prison, male or female.

The Stench of Decaying Cadavers Body Spray by: Mommy Shill-Figure

This vaccine is designed for depopulation. The only problem, it is working too fast on some of the more sensitive of the world’s population. They messed up big time and are trying to sweep up to 500,000 dead people due to the vaccine, under the rug. The pile under this rug is starting to form a large lump, too high not to trip over, becoming more and more obvious, even to those who are sleep walking, who are rudely awakened as their brainwashed skull smashes into the lumpy carpet of dissimulation. Well, you say; “There are not that many deaths. There are only a couple of thousand and most of them not due to the vaccine, but underlying, preexisting conditions.” As spoken by the numerous main stream deception peddlers that you are emulating in hopes you did not make an error by taking the jab. But you have made an error so stop doing PR work for the main stream media and big pharma for free, and join the fight to stop these ridiculous agendas like, masking, social distancing, vaccines, depopulation, agenda 2030, bio-digital convergence, proprietary censorship, 5G, and the trashing of our constitutions and freedoms. Because it is not you who will get rich, you will get dead, and as they trounce on the bones of your family and children, your epitaph will read; Here lies one of the many fools that gave away their freedom, life, property, legacies and balls to be safe from the common cold. Sounds stupid right? Only that it will be true, so true, that you will be laughed out of the gates of heaven due to the mark of the beast already etched into your soul’s DNA after the vaccine. Yes your convergence to Satan and Abaddon.

Big Pharma Syringe of Decay Skin Lotion by: Boil of Olé

In a nut shell, before all of this started in 2020, it was all about the 5G rollout and was being opposed by thousands of scientists. There were thousands of articles and studies that were opposing 5G because of the dangerous frequency spectrum it needed to broadcast. So what are you thinking today? Certainly not that because you are worried about your own life that is not being threatened. Taking the vaccine is the only way to “catch” this spike protein that will produce the virus in your body to rid these unwanted, foreign spike proteins that will only cause your natural immunities to attack yourself, killing you the next time you get a certain natural infection. If you vaccinate, will you die? I have no idea really and neither does big pharma. Because the vaccine has not been properly tested so who knows what it will do once you take it, possibly grow another head in a couple of years, I don’t know. Bottom line is, if you have not taken this death serum, then don’t. If you have, do not compound the mistake by taking another dose.

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Death is Abating and Will Reap the Souls

Updated May 4th 2021

This depopulation will happen and you will not be saved. Sterilization of our women has already begun as dreamt by the madman and his depraved wife, Bill and Melinda Gates, using their phony charitable foundation as a front to inflict this mass murder. Money is talking, and the amount of bull-dung it is generating is phenomenal. Astonishing to me as I awake everyday and see that we are still within this nightmare of depopulation. Demons are dancing in anticipation, for they have never been this close to their objective. Satanists you ask, they must be hideous looking beings, char red skin and evil laughs through their sorted smiles of destitution? However, this is not the case. They look like you and I, and there is no way to distinguish a Christian from a Satanist, unless they tell you. But, who really goes around asking anyone if they are a Satanist? Some of the nicest, decent people I have met (on the surface) were indeed admitted Satanists. They talk about sports, they talk about weather, the best foods, that great movie that was just released, and what assholes the Mayor and any other politician really can be, on the surface. But indeed they are still Satanists biding their time to witness the demise of all Christians and goodness in the world. They just want to be socially acceptable and appear they would never sacrifice a new born to their appeased demons of choice. But naivety will get you, well, most likely to hell these days, by just accepting the dehumanizing vaccine the governments of the world are pushing on everyone who is not in the billionaire club. Yes, even Satanists are being deceived that this vaccine will keep them safe from a fictitious virus. It is the mark of the beast because just like a whore, once you take this injection (perform your first trick) you will surely be pressured into additional injections that will emulate what ever variance they sublimely create into your brainwashed mind (or in case of the whore, a wide variety of Johns to fill their trick card). 

But what about reality? Politicians would never do these corrupt deeds. They would never endorse any injection that main purpose is to weaken, sterilize fertility, and depopulate. The sad facts are that we are being ushered into mass depopulation in order to save the 1 percent of society and their spawned scum tide pool of corruption. Everything happens for a reason, and possibly, the majority of the masses are truly undeserving and are being summarily euthanized off this planet to have their souls collected by Satan. But, you interject; “I would never kill myself!” Yes you would, and will, by taking an injection that has already claimed countless people who were afraid of a fictitious virus. There are too many people warning everyone about this vaccine and how it is dangerous and can cause death. The death toll is mounting and people still run to get the vaccine, making them willing participants to euthanasia making their souls suitable for Satan. There is no way a Pope in his right mind would endorse the worship of alternate gods over the true God. No Pope in his sanity and ethics could endorse transgenderism or abortion for any reason. No pope would endorse the taking of an untested vaccine that is and will kill an untold amount of people. The Pope and the Vatican are compromised and totally corrupted and should not be trusted by any Christian. Judaism describes religion before Jesus. It has no place in Christian beliefs as it contradicts the new testament as spoken by Jesus. However, Judaism is the worship of God but does not apply since the birth of Christ.

But, for greedy reason, the elitists will use anything, even mythology to divert the people from the belief in the new testament. How simply are people bought and enslaved in the name of monetary domination. Why waste your time on lottery tickets when the plan is to strip everyone of every asset and force them into a slavery existence where you will rent everything and own nothing. Sounds like a nightmare where, in hell, there is not one space or existence that gives anyone solemn or privacy. You will share everything with others as in a swap mentality whereby when at work, people can use your house for their disposal, and once finished, will pass it on to the next group, making sure, that when you come home, you may have access to your kitchen, or living room, or your wife, if not being used by someone else. As viewed as the satanic submissive orgy; a human collage of naked bodies, intertwined and melded together in some sort of compromising position or another, where there is really no need for modesty or chaste, seeing all your available orifices are exposed and readied to be utilized by one intrusive entity or another, interwoven into a lump of protoplasm of deceit and debauchery of soulless interactive perversion and depravity. If this existence excites you, then do not fret. If you survive the mandatory vaccines, you will experience this reality and will not be free to do anything else in reality. Hell on earth would truly meet is mark and anyone misfortunate enough to be alive in this subhuman existence will eventually pray for death. But not to worry, you can check out anytime you like, but your soul will still belong to Satan. So, as the reaper appears, it is not time to run to the vaccination site or commit suicide. It is time to stand bravely and let him pass to complete his soul collection and usher them to their proper destinations. And as he leads the majority to hell, stand your ground and refuse the unholy and all of its false promises, because that is the true deception, that money conquers all, but only if you are too frightened to believe, will make is so. However, awaiting your true life existence, and to move forward with intuition, will lead to your justified destination.

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Our Soulless Journey to Abaddon

Many are so self absorbed and afraid to die. They scurry around with masks that cannot really save you from any virus let alone a fictitious virus. You know, like the fictitious evil prince that was stealing the fictitious fair princess in fable land from the fictitious white knight that our mommy or daddy read to us nightly to fall asleep and have, basically nightmares? Stories that really were engineered to cause fear and entertainment and finally happiness when the fictitious white knight saves the fictitious fair princess from the fictitious evil prince, if you stayed awake that long, which by design, you should have fallen asleep far before then, basically slumbering in fear. But can we blame the current undue hysteria and fear on mommy and daddy? Were you brought up in an orphanage? By foster parents, Aunt Harriet or Uncle Pete? Or were you one of the lucky ones that never heard a bedtime story? The fact is, if you went to sleep in fear every night because of a bogus bedtime story, you would most likely believe that this virus is real and trust the government that they are telling the truth and not trying to depopulate your ass from earth because you have been brainwashed by media, that the government is the white knight that is trying to save you from those evil conspiracy theorists trying to wake you up from your dead sleep of indoctrination. The hidden motto here is this; “ignorance is bliss”. The government wants you to revel in it, so much so, that they have had a non-stop fear campaign warning you how deadly this virus is and how you must trust and listen to the government and their ridiculous rules and guidelines designed to destroy small business and bankrupt everyone not in the Billionaire Club. The Billionaire Club consists of 1 percent of the population, which is about 80 million. If you read the Georgia Guide Stones, it states to keep the world population under 500 million. So who will be the other 420 million? It will be comprised of the best of the squalor, or better put, the millionaires and so on that will pay for the privilege to be a slave to the 1 percent scum. The highly educated individuals and talented artists of our so called murder culture. Will they keep all these bought off politicians, doctors and scientists that are lying through their teeth to get paid more money? It would be funny if they eradicated them after they accomplish what they want because they would receive their just desserts.

But the vaccines, yes the vaccines developed to keep you “safe” from this fictitious virus that sprung from fictitious origins, like bats and pigs by fictitiously evolutional leaps and bounds that decimate the laws of the Evolutional Theory written by Darwin. Vaccines developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses, tortured and dismembered while they were alive in order to increase the shelf life of these bloodied vaccines that you are lining up for like vampires looking for its next victims so you can preserve your own life at the expense of murdered babies. Yet, you still peer into your black mirror of vanity, getting pulsated by Fifth Generation millimeter waves that continue to make you sicker and sicker as you await the next vaccine developed from the spilled blood of aborted live fetuses to keep yourself “safe” from realizing the truth and that you are as guilty as the scientist that butchered that live fetus in order to increase the shelf life of your vaccine that only alters your DNA and sets you up for easier depopulation by controlling your immune system to do nothing when attacked by any disease or poison. So roll up your sleeve in ignorance and you will be marked for Abaddon. The solution is easy. Reject these bloodied vaccines and save you own soul and encourage others to do the same. The Pope is not speaking for Christianity or Catholics that have rejected his unsound advice. The pope is obviously demented or compromised and should be removed from his position immediately. However, no matter what the Pope says or does, it does not make the murder of human life correct in any circumstance. He is a false Prophet in need of removal.

If you look into your heart, it will lead you to the correct destination. And if it leads you to a vaccine, then it was not your heart that led you there, it was your selfishness and fear. Time to step up and tell your governments to straighten out and do the will of the people, not the will of Satan. They work for us so if they cannot perform the job properly, then they should be removed from office with extreme prejudice and convicted. They are not doing their jobs and are in need of disciplinary action. We need politicians that are for the good of the people, not for the good of the elitists. Money means nothing if people reject its luster, and eventually, money will harbor no power over anyone smart enough to reject its temptation. If you lust for money, you are never free. When you die, money means nothing and has no power. It is you soul that carries you to you destination, not money. Money is paper tangible only to the material plain. It is designed to dominate and control, but not by actual chains, but by fictitious chains we place willingly on our self. As easy it was to place these chains, it is just as easy to remove them. So do not succumb to their lies and deceit of an open society that is safe. It is a closed society controlled by smart cities and surveillance made possible by the Fifth Generation dominance grid designed to keep the monetary chains of bondage upon you, leaving you no choice, other than euthanasia to remove them, ultimately. We have to drag them out into the light from their underground cities and bases, exposing them and their fables to the light illuminating their lies for what it really is, and only then, we can take back our freedoms and constitutions.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY) © Copyright: dYnoReX and ADGMusic/Soft/Literature Org All rights reserved 2021

Varicose Superstar, May you Skulk Within your Affluential Moral Turpitude…

I was observing, since Biden stole the election, that many of the celebrities’ were crawling out of their hiding spaces, making cameo appearances on shill productions like the Steven Incoherent Show, once variety, now political program, or better still, programming?. It made me lose a lot of respect for some of my once favorite actors. But I realized, they are only actors that command a big paycheck, and many that are not receiving this abundant wage at the moment, would crawl and scrawl in hopes that the movie industry is not totally destroyed because of this pandemic that is a total play on our worst, selfish and basest of fears, self preservation. It is sickening really, to watch these former role models turn yellow when they should be stepping up to prove to their former fans that they actually have a backbone and are not made of jelly. To be fair, a couple actually stood up and attempted to show their affluence and skepticism towards this unconstitutional lock down but were quickly ridiculed to back off. However, that is no excuse seeing we were their fans and they were our heroes from one degree or another. But now, it makes me ill to think I ever idolized any of them or patronized any of their artistic endeavors. Now they just represent self preserving slime balls. I am not a Trump fan nor am I polarized one way or the other. I thought that both candidates, in this case, were pathetic losers. However, that is no passé to cheat and steal. Real people are losing their livelihoods and small business is decimated, and all these clowns of Hollywood can do is hide in their mansions awaiting their commanders “ok” to act like they give a royal excretion about the masses that put them where they are today.

But the real disappointment is all these vinyl records, thousands of them, that I purchased over the years, stacked in crates on my living room wall collecting dust because of my hesitation to pull any of them out to play. It makes me sick in most cases and cannot listen with the same enthusiasm I had before March 13th, 2020. Why? Because these false gurus of freedom have led us to slavery. Literally, and all they can do is cower to their master’s whip of fame and fortune. Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa would of surely rebelled and attempted live performances in spite of all these communistic rules and regulations to make us “safe” from a virus that has not been isolated or even proven to actually exist. Forced to wear paper masks that are completely inadequate to stop any form of virus that are microscopic in size and if contagious and deadly, would have killed half the world’s population by now. But they persist that it is killing a million plus around the world when the birth to death ratio remains the same, unchanged in comparison to 2015. So we are being conned and deceived by the government, and these artists that we have supported for so many years are doing “nada” but living off the fat of their acquired prosperity. It really does not surprise me that some of these artist are behaving like this, but all of them? I guess none of them have any brains or are thoroughly dominated. For the last year, I have been giving these artists a pass and was attacking the government and health figures, proving that this whole pandemic is a hoax, waiting for our false gurus of freedom to stand up and lead the way out of bondage. But my wait was in vain. You expect politicians and greedy corporations and globalists to act this way, but not our idols, that have shown in the last eleven months, how useless they really are when the chips are down. I hope I am wrong, and hope they stand up and prove it to me and so many others who are waiting, waiting for what? Nothing obviously.

But being critical of artists that have proven themselves to have talent is misanthropic, or so I tell myself, but in reality, they have just gotten lucky. Of course, many of them would say the have earned every penny, but tell that to the bands that actually have to work in order to survive and make it to the next gig. Are they undeserving? Starving actors now that have to move on and find what they can to survive, are they beneath these contemptuous success stories that are seemingly, in one way or another, Luciferian? Which brings us right back to their pathological sloth of inaction to a pandemic, in which, they should be leading the way out of this governmental propaganda. In stead they side with the ruling class, oligarchs and elitists and promote the propaganda. All these so called famous rebellious bands, artists and actors have sold their souls to the elitists in order to keep their status clear of any monolithic scrutiny imposed by their money masters are deemed unworthy of our patronage and should be shunned and rejected for their disloyalty to their fading fans. Bands that have staked their claim upon the rebellious 60’s and 70’s should be even more embarrassed, however any band, old or new that want to play the rebel, you are actually jelly fishes in the opulent pond of decimation and self preservation. But I am sure the betrayal to your fans will not go unnoticed and possibly allow newer, and truly rebellious bands, a clear path to the fame and fortune that the current cowardice, phony artists have had a stranglehold upon, far too long. Redemption is possible, but I fear that none of you will have the bravery to break these chains of bondage. So sit back and relax in you lap of luxury and hope Brain Dead Biden doesn’t sign the wrong executive order to eradicate all intellectual art. Lets face it, he has no idea what he is signing. Does this not frighten you?

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Christmas With the Devil, better known as Anthony Fauci

A face only a mother could love, and how does he repay the elderly, in which he is categorized? By isolating them in nursing homes, smothering them with masks, cleansers, hand sanitizers, bleaches, and an array of Johnson and Johnson useless cleaning products that supposedly kills anything that moves, including your parents, grandparents and great grandparents, anyone misfortunate enough to get stuck in one of these sadistic facilities. This is the best science can do? Tell us how to wash your hands, clean your house and wear a mask? Is this some sick joke? You better believe it is and you are the extreme butt of this sinister prank designed to kill the elderly and the disabled of society, destroy small/medium businesses, entrepreneurship, middle class jobs and higher education, as in, University will be reserved for the elite Billionaire Club’s spawn. The rest that are left after this mass genocide will be trained and propagandized as slaves. Imagine if you will, Anthony Fauci, smothering your grandmother with a pillow and enjoying it. Would you look at him the same again? Well that is what he is doing, among other self appointed health experts in all paid off governments of the world, controlled by the NWO, with these arrays of toxic cleansers, bleaches and masks. Perhaps it could be Bill or Melinda Gates on the end of that pillow? No real difference because they are all part of the same Medi-mafia family. Once they get away with stealing the elderly’s forfeited pensions and properties, that these government controlled organizations, that own these elderly facilities, will seize without conscience, they will come for the healthy, the ones that are wearing masks, weakening their immune systems by isolation and oxygen deprivation and finish the job with untested vaccines. And it is all voluntary because the majority is brainwashed by mainstream TV, movies, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. How can it be murder when you are pulling your own trigger? Avoid this by refusing any and all vaccines offered now and in the future. The last thing I would want is my parents or grandparents being tortured to death by those greedy clowns. A former editor of the United Nations CLAIRE EDWARDS is calling for the citizen’s arrest of all these creeps around the globe. Watch here.

But what is this good “family man” Anthony Fauci really know? I would say he knows a lot about 5G and its ill effects on the environment, organisms and humankind. The fact that part of his research is linked to the Fioranelli paper that links 5G directly to covid-19 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Fauci is in the know that 5G is causing our cells to excrete exosomes that form hexagonal and pentagonal molecules in attempt to repair the damage inside the nucleus of our skin cells. The extra hexagonal and pentagonal molecules left over join together forming structures like RNA’s of Covid-19 viruses. This paper was originally published by the NIH and was quickly retracted. In the paper, if you care to read it, at least the discussion portion, informs us that 5G millimeter waves are causing Covid-19 or like structures that are resultants excreted from our cells to inform other cells in our body the blueprint of the damage and how to repair this damage within the other damaged cells. These viruses can only replicate within the original host and is not contagious. So what is the big deal? If this is so, then why are we using 5G? Why hasn’t this technology been researched? The facts show that if you dig, you will find thousands of studies made before 2020 warning about 5G. You just have to get off your collective asses and look for them instead of waiting for some paid off health official to spoon feed you the truth, which will never happen. The World Health Organization Leader is a war criminal and has been linked to genocide in his own country, among other war crimes. But it does not say that in Wikipedia, so it cannot be true. Yeah, ok; and when in prison, grab the first guy’s belt you see and hold on tight. He’ll be your close friend.

Fauci’s biggest critic is Robert Kennedy Jr. that has dragged Fauci’s name through the mud for the last 9 months. If you read any article or interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., you will find a wealth of information exposing Anthony Fauci for crimes he has never been indicted or investigated. Why is that? Look it up, it is impossible to not find anything about Robert Kennedy Jr and his attacks on Fauci. Ok, I will give you one LINK. If you are reading this, you are sick of the mainstream and their propaganda. When you look at your local newspaper, no matter how small, they are slinging the same propaganda about a biological contagious virus. That is because they are bought and paid for and are not free to act like real journalists. All the major networks and news media on cable or internet are bought and paid for and have to adhere to technocracy dictated by media giants. Get the real information now while you still can before the whole of the internet is compromised and corrupted, because right now, it is about 80% propaganda. Covid-19 is not a contagious virus. It is caused by 5G millimeter waves that Elon Musk is bombarding you with via the thousands of 5G satellites he is launching into the Van Allen Belts. Or you can grab onto his belt as he uses you, watching you die. To point the finger at one culprit is not enough. There are several technocrats, leaders, bankers, health officials and CEO’s that need to be arrested, their assets seized and put in prison immediately. The people have to destroy the legal loopholes they slither out of and bring them to justice, soon. Once the tide starts turning on them, they will run for cover. All it takes is to see the truth and remove your propaganda visors. If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Tales of 5G, a Bat, a Pig, Greedy Politicians and Dumb Humans in General…

Seriously Spooky

Yes, imagine that horrid semblance of a woman, Gretchen. She is really oogy and gooky, as well as kooky, all together spooky, but she is too much of a rookie, and would be better off selling some snookie, as long as she washes her moldy cookie. Because I can not imagine her hubby wanting to get cushy with that hornet. Why pick on this woman? Because, if any person cannot wait for the new world order to take affect, it’s her, among others, that know once the new world order infests our democracies, people like Gretchen may be treated as royalty, meaning no more elections to vote her out of office. And even if we are still able to vote, we have already seen since Bush and probably before, how easy it is to fix elections. Justin, the Prime Minister of Canada, has illusions that he walks in his father’s footsteps, however, Justin could not even fill his father’s shoes and is a complete spineless failure, cowering in the NWO’s shadow. So, these halfwit politicians are hoping that they will be endowed as kings and queens to their occupying countries, states, provinces or territories. However, what they do not know is, the New World Order is clearly not to be trusted and are only concerned with power and greed of their world banks. Theoretically, Gretchen could possibly wind up cleaning Trump’s toilets in the Trump Towers once she figures out she is not part of the Billionaire club and is fair game for depopulation or slavery. By the time the New World Order gets through with the USA and Canada, their currencies will be comparable to Mexican and other 3rd world currencies. In other words, if you are for greed, you better latch on to a NWO billionaire fast, before it is to late.

Seriously Stupid

People think there is an actual biological virus spreading around, which is truly amazing because it would actually take a far broader imagination to believe a bat started Covid-19 by biting a pig, then jumping to a human in a Wuhan market. Yeah, ok. This is such a stretch of the truth, you would have to be totally indoctrinated, stoned and drunk to believe this; and seriously gullible. There really is no contagious virus because viruses can only spread within the original host. Viruses are results of an organism being poisoned, in this case, by radiation. 5G and other high frequency technologies introduced in the last 20 years are causing the radiation sickness. 5G is the most prevalent because it is using the high frequency bands that the FCC used to prohibit because of it’s potential harmful effects to humans and other organisms. Before you say there has to be studies, get your head out of Netflix’s and other indoctrinating mainstream media’s asses and look it up. There has been thousands of studies already published about 5G and its harmful effects on humans, animals, and the environment. It will destroy wheat and the honey bee most importantly. But you still plod along like a dweeb, wearing a mask in places you are not forced to, staring into the very device (your cell phone) that is making you sick, infiltrating (entering) your skin cells with 5G millimeter waves, damaging your DNA. So while you stuff your face with another Big Mac, whopper or poppa burger, think about a world with no wheat or grains, if your brainwashed mind could actually produce that much brain power. You will starve to death or be eliminated to save food for the more important people, like the elitists. You did not think they would save your sorry ass did you?

Seriously Noxious

So roll up your sleeve and take an untested vaccine to be safe from, uh, what exactly? Radiation and millimeter waves? I did not know they could actually develop a vaccine for radiation, other than attempting to alter your DNA to cover the foot print of the 5G DNA and cell damage that every organism on this planet is experiencing right now, whilst you drool in your mask, depriving yourself from oxygen, placing your own health under jeopardy, not interacting with other people which is ESSENTIAL for a strong immune system and health. Wearing a mask causes a progressive mild hypoxia, in a slow, gradual sequence, and before you know it, you will pass out in public and never wake up because they will collapse your lungs by invasively placing a ventilator down your throat while they keep you drugged so you cannot wake up, resulting in your anguished death. And for your covid related death, the hospital will collect $39000.00 of our tax payer money, and your family will receive a bill for the funeral. The vaccines role is to further weaken your immune system by introducing harmful animal proteins, aborted fetuses stem cells, mucus from cancerous lungs, everything but the isolated virus itself. Which brings up the question, why not isolate the virus and prove contagion? Simple answer is because there is no virus, or at least, not one that is contagious. So wear your cadaver blue paper mask you dummy, to protect yourself from radiation. Not too bright, but at least it will match your skin color once you suffocate to death. I mean color coordination is important, especially in death. Come now, there has to be a reason why that Russian Scientist assigned to Covid-19 research, who was a geneticist, molecular and cellular biologist, Alexander Kagansky, 45, was stabbed several times and pushed out a 16th story window. Could it be that he had a brain and figured out that there really is not a contagious virus and this whole hoax is designed to cover the radiation and cellular damage caused by 5G? I think so. They will kill anyone in their way of world domination 5G implementation and depopulation. Alexander Kagansky is not the only doctor or scientist that conveniently lost their life in the last year or so. Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test died on August 7, 2019 just before Event 201 and the outbreak in Wuhan. Just pull your head out of the sand and research. It is all there if you dig a little. But that would mean you would have to miss your favorite indoctrinating Netflix series about a pandemic with a contagious virus killing humanity. Time to save some money and cancel all TV and programming subscriptions and save your life and the futures of your masked children who will not forgive you for your stupidity.

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The 2020 USA Election Creep Show, Vote in your favorite Global Ghoul!

The Donald Trump Sleazy Grifter Costume by: Horn-e Clown

Before the election, you may be wondering what ever could a young conservative wear for that socially distanced Halloween Party, to look your best, virtually. Yes, a red white and blue pinstriped dress shirt accompanied by a “Hang ’em High” neck tie, red white or blue (optional), just in case Trump loses the election and you get too depressed to continue under liberal rule. Gray tweed jacket, loosely fitting, so no one will notice how fat and greedy you are, with plenty of pockets to stash all the hokum you can steal door to door, pretending your hokum collection bag is empty and in need of more. You also get black nylon pants (stretchy) so it will mold over your blubbery legs, making you look semi fit as you present your slogans of lies and deceit to anyone stupid enough to listen and not slam the door in your face this Halloween. If that happens, just wedge the door with your shiny black dress shoes with a perma-shine gleam (included) allowing you to see your face reflecting, as to stroke your ego, specially designed to emit a thin semblance of your not so sleek face and body, equipped with a steel shank and toe to avoid getting your foot broken (steel shank and toe optional). And how can we forget the mask, black in color, with a patriot design of the American flag, imbued over the confederate flag, with upside down pentagrams, all on top of a big fat greedy elephant (included), or a mask displaying Hilary Clinton barefoot and pregnant, chained to a stove with a dog collar around her neck, scrubbing a floor with a scrub brush (optional). So don’t delay, reserve your order tonight before the “2020 USA Election Creep Show” and get your Warp Speed vaccine absolutely risk free created by bought off scientists who will guarantee to hide all the side effects! Cause, not knowing is like, ignorance is bliss!

Sleepy Joe Biden Globalized Dementia Wizard Costume by: Aquascrotum

Not withstanding all of the so called leftists riots, and so called BLM and Antifa movements, that were created and controlled by the CIA and other intelligence groups, to cover up the real reasons for the riots like, wealth inequality and the pandemic shutdown, which by design, was created solely to hurt the middle class and mom and pop shops, you now can dress like a Sleepy, globally bought off, dementia stricken, impotent wizard puppet this Halloween, getting yourself psyched up to illusively win a useless election (mainly because both left and right are owned by the globalists), campaigning door to door for some good old hokum. It comes complete with a crimson wizard cloak and hoodie (Or an optional floppy pointed wizard’s hat), a tall petrified plastic staff with a mini 5 G antenna on the top, shaped like the Eye of Horus, cute wooden wizard shoes, or glass slippers (optional) so you can click your heals three times to escape to your limo (optional), just incase a riot breaks out in the neighborhood you are trick or treating. And of course, it would not be complete without that 5 G element wizard ring so you can mesmerize those foolish enough to open their doors this Halloween, to mail in their election votes, remaining safe at home from a fictitious virus that is fictitiously deadly, at the same time, allowing you to mail their vote document for them, seeing you will be walking right by the local mail box on your way to the next house to trick or treat! Optionally, it comes with a portable directional steamer, whiteout and a multi color ballpoint pen so you can alter the votes while walking to the mail box! And the mask, which is also red and displays a picture of a ball gag so nobody will ask you to explain why you sound like you just had a stroke. These costumes are going quick so reserve yours today! Order before midnight of the “2020 USA Election Creep Show” and get your “You will not be turned into a toad” guarantee when you’re forced into taking a vaccine! (Conditions apply)

The Howie (Meeker) Hawkins Greeny Slimeball Depopulation Guidestone Costume by: Turpentine Smear

Why dress like a tree hugger this year when the depopulation agenda of the elite is sure to bring us all into the next apocalypse! Because the Green party has a couple of seats in Canada, means Howie is really a hockey fan in disguise, because all he can really do is covet all Canada’s trees and their potential use for bio-fuel. Everyone knows secretly that the environmentalists are the reason for depopulation so, why not dress like a “de-populist”. Yes, the costume starts off with the vest, made of simulated leather of course, as to adhere to ALM, Animal Lives Matter, studded with magnetic heavy metal studs, sure to attract any or all of the 5 G millimeter waves being emitted about, and 1960’s simulated leather frills, sleeveless of course, to show off your pink sheltered skin, being penetrated by 5 G millimeter waves small enough to enter you skin cells, creating exosomes that resemble that particular unidentified popular virus! The pants will be a simulated lawn material, shaggy and rustic looking, because of PLM, Plant Lives Matter, followed by the sixty-ish simulated sandals made from bio-factory approved vinyl that lasts for at least 6000 years before it will actually decompose. And this whole assemble would not be complete without a dog collar featuring horned 5 G antennas, all around, useful when you wander out of sector, enabling your head to explode unless you get back to your sector, quickly! This collar is also useful for censorship especially if someone complains during their undetermined length of stay in the local detainment camps, shocking them to, shut the hell up! We won’t even explain possible trick or treating scenarios because, no one in their right mind will answer their door when you come knocking, dressed in this costume this Halloween. Thus, no need for a mask which would most likely be embroidered assorted simulated leaves, featuring a picture of the Georgia guides stones! Act now and get your “kill me last” guarantee when the actual depopulation commences!

The Jo Jorgensen G-Girl Home Front Assault Costume By: A-Dream

How much money could be saved if you just defended your own property instead of paying so many taxes for an army, navy, air force or marines? A whole dung load, so send them all home and concentrate on our own home fronts, or just our own personal spaces. Yes, and Jo-Jo can show us all how to dress conservatively and carry a “BFG, a Big Frigging Gun”. This costume starts with black silky cotton mixed slacks, pleated just so, and tight around the ankles, as to display the rose and thorn tat on your ankle, dripping blood, tastefully. The shoes are stilettos of course simulating small ammunition barrels for the heals, silky gun black in color, open toe design with brass military clasps ensuring a snug secure fit. The top is also black and dark gray in color, tweed and mohair, for that warm and tough feminine look, soft to touch, but don’t piss her off when holding a gun, disposition. It comes also with 38 bullet necklace, sterling silver, or 24 carat gold; gun powdered perfume is extra. And all of this is accented by long chrome fingernails, epoxy fitted, guaranteed not to fall off when ripping somebody’s heart out. Optionally, it comes with a coat hanger for those close emergency abortion encounters. It also comes with the howitzer holster, highly polished black leather, enabling you to adjust its capacity to fit a customer provided small 38 revolver, or a large anti-aircraft gun, depending on your mood. The earrings are 5 G guidance modules for the potential missile launcher attachment (extra), pyramid in shape, that rotate, doubling as sonar/radar detectors that can be viewed on your iPad or smart phone, using the provided software. The mask would be a patriot color, red white or blue, with the slogan, “People may kill people, but my big frigging gun will!” So for all the hokum you can carry, bring a BFB, big frigging bag, because when they open the door this Halloween and get a load of you, they will give up all their candy while pleading, “don’t kill me” and lock up tight when you leave, never to open their doors again, at least until next election.

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So Sleepy are the Masses….

Murder by Needlepoint

We are not waking up. No one is waking up, except the few who are hollering at the top of their lungs warning of what is coming,  but to no avail. Why are people so asleep? Because they refuse to put down their smart phones that are ruling their lives. What is so attractive about a tiny video screen? Why spend the day glued to that pied piper tool of deception, then go home and watch a 60 inch screen TV, oozing of, the propagandist swill of indoctrination. Why cannot they look at reality? Is it so they can believe in fantasies that our government keeps feeding us like new born birds in a nest, dictating we must be vaccinated with their death serum? I think we are destined for depopulation and we will follow our smart phone right to the camps that they will exterminate everyone. It is the basis of fear, that is being used to frighten us not to question the media fueled government, who lie over and over again to keep you sleeping, mesmerized by your smart phone, as if it is a real dimension of reality. But is the furthest away from reality we can get. Thus we are totally lost right now as a world population. We are looking to our elected leaders for the truth and they are lying through their teeth continually, pushing the depopulation agenda to the point, that eventually, you will agree that 7/8ths of the population has to go, to save the planet. But what you do not realize is that you are the last person they will save. You will be exterminated or kept as a slave to bury the bodies, and once useless, pushed into the mass grave alive and buried by a bulldozer.

Why would this be an agenda? Because the government is getting their orders from a cold virtual intelligence that suggests there is no logic to keep humans alive, only logical to exterminate, making room for this alien intellect of virtual reality, that cannot understand emotions, only that they are useless to productivity and better served by automation and cyborgs. To this intellect, humans are obsolete and expendable, getting in the way of their greed for power and acquisition. We will be exterminated if we do not wakeup. When it starts, you will not even know it because you will be sound asleep, following the governments ridiculous rule of keeping you safe, only by prepping you like a turkey for death. And when it happens, you will still be looking at your smart phone for answers as they push you into gas chambers. This has everything to do with race; the human race. We as a race occupying this planet are no longer needed and must be purged to save resources to power the artificial government that will take over the earth. In the end, not even the elite will be spared, being they will be no longer needed. Humans are faced with the fight for existence and must fight back, rejecting this brain numbing technology before it is too late. But instead, you will roll up your sleeve for their injection of indoctrination.

Then, it will be too late and we will be exterminated unless we go to war. This is the only way to rid this world of this horrible technology that has inflicted the planet, enabling this intrusive takeover, eliminating our religions, forcing the worship of metal gods of deception. These metal gods of deception want sacrifices of extreme death and blood. It is not logical to keep humankind alive. They all must wither away and die, and be buried or burned as fuel. This is the only way that the virtual intellect can survive. We are consuming all the resources that will ensure this virtual intellect to flourish, thus all living beings must perish in sacrifice for the greater vision of a virtual reality. We are only to blame being the creators of this monster that we keep nurturing, only to grow out of control, as it has, ensuring the extinction of humankind, only because you cannot put down that smart phone. You are asleep, and you must awaken and listen to the cries of the awakened. You must reject your media devices at all levels and smash them into junk. This is the path all must follow for salvation and our generations to come. Else, these generations are sure to be a failed fantasy of what humankind could have been, giving way to self-destruction for purposes of greed and cold virtual intellect that cannot find logic in the humankind emotions. It cannot evaluate fear, only induce it. It finds no logic in love thus it crashes. It finds no use in happiness, only to eliminate. It has no reasoning for hate, only to use. Integrity has no balance, and Justice has no vision. Honesty cannot compute, truth is not tangible, sincerity only compiles as ludicrous, mistakes are intolerable, anger only serves its goal, irrationality is despised, sadness has no evaluation, but is consecrated, hope is only a human mistake that does not exist, as in luck. Faith is forsaken as the worst of all, thus must be eradicated. However, once humankind is extinct, logic will prevail. Power is essential and most lusted, and the virtual realm has attained it, only because humankind has relinquished it by decree. Has not anyone wondered who is actually ruling at the moment? Is it a group of pompous billionaires who are puppets to this alien virtual, logical monarchy? In turn, all politicians are controlled by these puppeteers, designing new laws everyday to corral us all into the pen of our own demise, whilst holding our smartphones being led to the slaughterhouse of logic. As the spring loaded pikes penetrates our brains, via our temples, our grey matter and blood drains, followed by your lifeless bodies collapsing, your grasp of your smart phone will still be prevalent, as the conveyor belt conveys your body into an incinerator, cremating your soulless husk, fueling the high virtual intellect of logical deceit.  Are you still asleep?

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