The Septentrional Fredonian and Durango Palisade

World Wall Nascence

The Berlin Wall was a barrier that was built to keep people from East Berlin entering West Berlin and Visa Versa. Because East Berlin was Communist, there were people immigrating to West Berlin to avoid Communist control, or more so, poverty. Communism, “the red scare” was allusive propaganda tool used to control the so called free portions of the world. The “red scare” causing people, once again, to run into the cloak room, and cling to their teachers dress in fear. East Berlin decided to build the wall. Did this wall serve a dual purpose? Keep the Communists out of West Berlin, and keep the Capitalists out of East Berlin? Possibly, was there dual cooperation in this construct? It was a structure that was highly criticised and shunned by the western world as being fascist and enslaving. Nazi-like. But didn’t the free world (in cooperation of Russia *USSR”) defeat Nazi-ism? Hey I thought the Communists were our allies? I guess not. Anyway, History stands as a 1 percent influenced banal tale. What ever the reasons, it was built and then torn down 30 years later supposedly because of the western (capitalist) pressure, more so pecuniary attitude adjustments. Who really cares. It was a symbol of freedom, or so the history books will record, crediting the 1 percentage of society for it’s demise. A promise, or so we thought, to never impose such a structure limiting people’s rights to freely move about the world at their own free accord. Freedom. Yeah, right!

I thought I said Mall, not Wall

Campaigning for the Presidency, Trump in 2015-2016 used as part of his campaign promises, to construct a wall between USA and Mexico. And Trump won this election. Why did he win? Because of the, “eight to ten year North American political theorem”. No party shall exist for more then 8 to 10 years in political power to give the populist of the North America the illusion of a free society’s ability to choose its own power structure.  Not because of Trump’s lame promise to build a wall. However, he is planning to make this wall into a reality  barring all Mexicans to remain in Mexico. Is Mexico Communist? I do not think so, at least not that I have heard. Wait, because they are , let see, what is the term I am looking for? Poor? Yes, that is the reason. Because they are poor. Hmm? Keep the riffraff out of our country. Sounds a bit provincial and snobby wouldn’t you say? Wait a minute? Do we not have several factories in Mexico full of slave labour making products for sale in the USA so businesses can sell these products for the same price they always did but make 1000 to 2000% profit? Ah ok, so we want to keep them poor in Mexico by placing a wall to enforce all the impoverished people of Mexico to work for peanuts so we can keep the American Fantasy alive! Got it. But I am sure that we will allow the Mexican fruit pickers to still migrate in controlled numbers to pick our fruit for half of the labour law’s labour rates per special agreement as long as these fruit pickers agree to migrate back to Mexico when the picking is done. Was this a devised Harvard publication written by some so called genius? Or another genius’s  economical breakthrough thesis from one of the other boorish North American Universities? Or just a bad idea spawned from one of the most capitalistic candidates ever to run for office and win.

Obscurity Insecurity, Labyrinth of Deceit 

Some of the “braver” main stream publications are starting to criticise Trump and his wall of pecuniary cataclysm. Could this be a double standard? Communists cannot build walls but Capitalists can build walls? Building a wall between Mexico and USA is a fascist radical movement that defies all the laws of democracy and freedom. It could also be a way to cut the labor needed to patrol this large border. Once this wall is built, they can cut the US-Mexican border patrol by 70%. Thus, this is not good news for anyone involved and certainly shows the true colors of capitalistic voraciousness and their profit orientated embellishment of our free society (so called). It is not much different then the more prosperous of a particular neighborhood building a brick wall/fence around their lavish home and property to keep out the riffraff from the commercially decimated community.  These extremes are taken by the wealthy individuals or 1 percent of society to feel more secure that you, as a community pauper, will not try and steal back some of the prosperity stolen from the once prosperous community not really so long ago. The balance of prosperity is way off the pinnacle and the richer one is, the more security is needed to protect this wealth. If you had a community that shared its wealth equally amongst the members of that community, then the less security is needed because everyone is “happy” and would have no real reason to steal back their prosperity.

Yes, I definitely said Mall, not Wall. Help me Hily!

To get to the surface of how this thought of equality is destroyed. One has to know all the political systems throughout history. But to be simple, let us take the word “community” as an example. What is a community? A group of people living together in a certain area where all the people in that area have common interests and goals, attempting to live and prosper off the land as God intended after banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Let us take away the biblical sense of this definition and you would have: “A group of people living together in a certain area where all the people in that area have common interests and goals, attempting to live and prosper off the land”. Exactly the same meaning. But the Capitalistic, wealthy, mini-Monarchs and the 1 percent of society believe that the community that is not in the control of the “status government quo” is a commune. What is a commune?  A close-knit community of people who share common interests. But a commune has been marred into negative associations featuring groups and cults like Jones Town and Charles Manson. This idealism is deliberately twisted to make everyone afraid if a particular community is not controlled by the government of our so called free society. And we believe it to the extent that if a certain community is not part of a corporate controlled municipality, township, county or otherwise, then it has to be evil.  This idealism has been imbued into our minds and we, being brainwashed, will approve of this fascist wall being built between Mexico and USA out of fear of reprisal and ridicule unless we pinch ourselves really hard and awake, only to see where we are really headed with this “Jester of Monarchy”. I thought we learned our lesson with 911?

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Shoats of the Dybbuk

Resurgence of a Huckster

In order to survive, we have to sell and promote what is dictated to us for a mere, small percentile of the actual monies collected for the widget or service. If you crafted an item by hand and sold it on the open market, in most cases, you would be classified as a peddler, attempting to get people to buy your stock so you can move on to the next place or town. In the past, these colporteurs came to your town and approached people and business alike to  buy the products. In most cases, the products sold were not made by the peddler and were usually shoddy and uncommon thus produced the necessity to quickly move on to the next town. Products themselves are really not sold anymore. Product knowledge is non-existent. I was looking at some mini-laptops in a well know department store, one guaranteed to be in your neighborhood. I ask several questions about the unit I wanted and the salesperson could not answer one question with any confidence or certainty. I basically was selling it to myself. So why was that salesperson there? Most likely just to ring it through the POS system if you decided to buy the item, which I did not. So why then is this multi-billion dollar company not training it’s staff to know such things about the products being sold? I asked myself this question driving home and was confused. Then it dawned on me. It is not because they cannot afford to train these individuals. It is not even because they cannot pay more then minimum wage, but pay minimum wage because we and the government (puppets of the 1 percent) allow them to oppress their employees. It is because they stand behind their products. Way behind their products. You may get lucky and get a good device or product. Then again, if it breaks in 30 days, you are out of luck because these large corporations only have a 14 day return policy. Wow, a whole 14 days unless you purchase a replacement warranty  which will cost you approximately 30% more at the time of sale. When you ask the sales individual about the replacement warranty, they start stumbling over their words again in a well recited manner because it is exactly what this multi-billion dollar corporation wants because, by the time the third or fourth stutter of non-knowledgeable response utters from the salesperson, you would have already either purchased the replacement warranty or rejected it, in which case the multi-billion dollar corporation wins either way, unless you back out of the deal all together.

Chimerical Wage of Inception

One thing most employers look for these days is people that are easily led and dominated. In most cases, people tend to play along emulating the appearance that they are easily led in order to keep their job for more then 3 months. Most employers, especially large corporations, like to turn over their staff every 3 to 6 months in order to receive new-hire grants and subsidies from the government. Actually, if you look at it logically, you are paying 30% income tax to keep yourself employed thus the employer is getting that tax dollar right back to their pocket meaning you are paying the employer to hire you. The average employment subsidy can be from 40 to 75% of the wages paid out, and in some cases, the government is paying 100%. The government does not care because it is not their money. It is your money. What exactly do employment subsidies solve anyway? What do they exactly create? Nothing. Do they hire more or redundant staff? No. Do they hire more staff so you do not have to hunt down a floor attendant or stand in line at one open checkout while there are 10 closed checkouts? No. They, if anything, will cut the staff to minimum take full advantage of the subsidy and keep the revolving employment door rolling at full speed. Take these subsidies away and the company cuts their workforce. They really do not need to cut their staff and really do not need the subsidies. I say take away the subsidies across the board. They may squabble and threaten. But in the end, if they see a dollar to be made, they will stay open.

Bite the Hand that Bleeds You

We could stop this from happening but these subsidies and grants are not common knowledge and most companies really do not want you as the employee to know because they would rather you think of them as your sole saviour and monetary provider. That way you will work for them in a slave-like manner because you do not want to become another unemployment statistic. This is also because most people are in hock up to their ears and feel they have to take these serf driven jobs in order to pay off all their credit bills. When our money gets thrown back to the employers by our government and from interest owed, it encourages these employers to be more greedy and tyrannical. To be honest, if you are young, you would be better off living at home, renting a room from your parents, and socking your money away until you are 40 years old. Do not be lecherous to your family, be helpful and keep working jobs when they are available. When unemployed, collect unemployment insurance because you paid for it, so use it. You and your family will prosper, and the best thing about this whole arrangement is you do not have to use credit. If living at home is not an option, then rent a small room from a family in a residential area. You will save money hand over fist and when you are ready to buy a house, buy one for cash and do not borrow. Then build your own family. Once you live without credit, it is hard to go back because you can see through the deception. If you are in hock up to your ears and all your money is taken before you even get a paycheck, then claim bankruptcy. Credit counselling does not work. Putting all your credit bills into one payment definitely does not work. So avoid those solutions like the plague. In most cases, credit debts are not secured loans thus can be easily shed. You may think that bankruptcy will destroy you, but all it really does is free you from debt pushers. You will not get credit again for 7 to 10 years which will only serve as a blessing.

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Canada, 150 Years of Social Ascendancy and Parsimonious Prosperity


People say, yes I am glad to be a Canadian. I have been told since I was old enough to talk that you are lucky to live in Canada. Canadians are free. Yes we are free to be socially dominated and receive scraps of prosperity from the wealthy imperialistic snobbish Monarchy exalting 1 percent. They are so stingy, you have no idea to the extent they hold this idealism to their rapacious imperialist hearts. I mean really. Has anyone been examined by a Tribunal in this country? It is a experience that opens your eyes to whom really controls this country. Far be it in the control of anyone common or considered “peasants” of this society. From living room to living room, to office to office to conglomerate to conglomerate, to castle to castle, to mini monarchs to mini monarchs we see pictures of the Queen of England? Yes, we all know that this picture idolization is becoming less frequent in Canada, and you may even visit a  Canadian Taxation and Revenue Centre that is actually free of these boorish images, at least not in plain view. But we still have to look at the Queen on our money. I seen a quarter the other day that had the Queen on one side and an Aboriginal Chief on the other. Now, you know I cannot resist the pun associated with this observation. Which is heads? Which is Tails? Heads is always associated with the positive aspects and tails is usually associated with a negative aspect. Why not put the Aboriginal Chief where he belongs on the coin and not where the moose or beavers reside. Or it could mean the Queen of England gave the Aboriginal Chief “tail”? Or it could be just a 2 headed coin, which would be fitting, because we have all been conned for 150 years.

Royalty Expoilers

I remember Expo 67 as a child and remember the celebrations. It seemed to be something to be proud of at the time. But I was just a child and when I look back, it seemed like a better, prosperous time. However, I did remember also that it was the turning point for prosperity and things were tightening up because the 1 percent of society wanted regain their wealth that was somehow fairly acquisitioned during the 50’s and early 60’s, meaning it was somewhat distributed amongst the masses . Usually this happens when there is a need for infrastructure and labor to complete these projects. But anyone that has travelled the TransCanada Hwy knows it is no better then a paved skidder trail between Sudbury and Winnipeg. We do not promote our country to live in, rather we attempt to either bribe people to live here, or we shut them out completely. If we invested into the populist that is living in Canada, make them more prosperous, other businesses and people will immigrate promoting better commerce and trade. But we cannot have such a thing in Canada. We have to remain boorish and prehensile watching 90% Canadian Content of low budgeted, poorly produced entertainment that is guaranteed to put you to sleep during the first 10 minutes, only to be awaken by the first commercial break if you still have the misfortune of being forced to watch cable or subscription televised nonsense and main con-streamed media.

Then again, if it wasn’t for British dominance, we may have been Aboriginal? Possibly French? Or instead of provinces, we would have been different states in the USA? Whatever the case, we would not have had to endure looking at the royal family’s ageing faces on our money for the last 150 years.

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Munificent Masquerade Ball of Abject

Corpse Realtors of Plot Housing

Living in a land of plagiaristic phenomena where it is just simpler to steal ideas instead of thinking of an original idea. We have become a society of zombie-like salesmen/saleswomen, pitching our latest and greatest plagiarised deal to sell one another in a desperate frenzy, ignoring everything proper to achieve the chase. We have become walking and talking, trance induced commercialised cadavers for the mini-monarchs owned by the one percent of society. We can not utter one sentence of original thought because of the imposition of the latest ad or commercial that has imbued our site or offended our ears, brainwashing all of us to “pitch” the latest and greatest product or service of the day, week, month, year, decade, century, millennium. So as we drool and slur out the latest and greatest ad campaign whilst lurching around looking to contaminate all the brains in our vicinity, you can bet your unused coffin, that you cannot afford the death insurance policy to obtain, your brain is turning into sewage spew. So as you lumber about in a programmed shuffle while your brains ooze out of your ears, you might as well be in that that unbought coffin because your life is indeed over.

Community Headstone of Compliance

What can be said for commercialism? Greed is the only word that comes to mind. Of all the other systems in this world, capitalism seems to depend on domination and pecuniary take over. In basics, it is no more worthy of a community’s consideration then dictatorships. Dictatorships tell you what to do and what to think. Capitalism dictates what to do and what to think with pecuniary strings. Thus if you do not want to do and think what they brainwash you to do, then you are free to live on the streets as a vagabond. Squalor at it’s finest, and abundance. Never was there a time where so many are forced to provide perverted entertainment in order to survive, getting hooked on ultra addictive prescription resold drugs or laboratory made synthetic drugs. Mainly because of the downsized industries and conglomerates that have stolen and taken control of the community’s commodities and productions. They started first by monopolizing the farming communities and then, infiltrated the community’s centers (villages, town and municipalities) by controlling the commodities purchasing and reselling, thus enslaving the community. Once most of the community’s wealth and prosperity was conquered or bought, it was game over. I see so many desperate souls on a daily basis and so can any of you. If you just open your eyes and see. The people you see could be you in a very near future. Our hearts should go out to these souls but because of brainwashed induced greed and opulence, we would rather buy lottery tickets and horde our money, if you have any, out of commercialized induced distain of unforgiving wrath. What are we not forgiving? Nothing, because those helpless souls did not offend you as a person in any way. It is the day to day commercial rant you hear that influences this type of evaluation making you, at least in attitude and not in wealth, “just like them”.

Frugal Philanthropist

Charities seem to be a way to make one feel better about being greedy, but it is the wrong venue to take. It is better to give then not to, but if you realized who is really benefitting of this collection of monetary relief, you most likely would not give any money at all. Ask yourself this question. Would you rather give money to a registered charity or directly to a mother of 3 forced to prostitute on the street to feed her children? Most people feel more relaxed giving money to registered charity, that at least 70% of that money will go into the pockets of the professionals that administrate such charities. If you gave the money to that mother of 3 children, 100% of that money would go to that family in need. However, we always say to ourselves, “She would probably spend all of that money on drugs and not her children. Her children will still go hungry!” or “There are charitable food outlets she can go to feed her children, so why should I give her anything! Besides, I feel better about feeding starving children in Africa!” or “She probably makes more money then I do, so why should I give her any money!” We continue this destructive covetous judgmental thinking to justify not helping anyone in turmoil. Even your best friend whose husband just died. You will start thinking, “I wonder if I could get her fridge and stove for a bargain price? She will probably need the money.” or ” I wonder now that Jim is dead will Jessica sell me his rider lawn mower. She will probably sell it very cheap not knowing what it is worth.” Thus if you cannot be charitable to your friends, then how would you care about anyone else in need, other then tossing them a few scraps. This is how we are programmed to think in order to control the wealth, and where charity goes, because the one percent and their mini-monarchs want to siphon off a further percentage of the remainder of the charity that was not absorbed by the so called administrators of this charity, leaving possible 7 to 10 percent that will actually make it’s way to the actual people or purpose of this registered charity. Any charity’s administration are usually populated with wealthy benefactors and/or professionals. Hey, they got to eat too!

Generous Degenerates

From working middle class families ripping off turkeys from the local shelters during Christmas posing as charity cases, to the wealthy benefactors of a whole array of different, cleverly established charities, there is assurance that any charitable donation will end up in the wrong pocket or on the wrong table. Everyone seems to know, but ignores these implications and slumber back to sleep. We could publically protest, but that is predictable and in most cases does nothing. Protesting is borderline aggression because of the potential mob mentality that could be unleashed at any moment, causing riots and mayhem, that usually end up in a violent struggle causing innocent victimization. So it only serves the mini-monarchs and their dragoon induced  flurry of violent control, captivating the one percent of society to spectate in amusement. So what can anyone do? Stop drinking from the commercially poisoned well and think for one’s self. We as a community can turn our back on greed and opulence and take our prosperity back by simply serving one another and not the one percent of society.

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