Munificent Masquerade Ball of Abject

Corpse Realtors of Plot Housing

Living in a land of plagiaristic phenomena where it is just simpler to steal ideas instead of thinking of an original idea. We have become a society of zombie-like salesmen/saleswomen, pitching our latest and greatest plagiarised deal to sell one another in a desperate frenzy, ignoring everything proper to achieve the chase. We have become walking and talking, trance induced commercialised cadavers for the mini-monarchs owned by the one percent of society. We can not utter one sentence of original thought because of the imposition of the latest ad or commercial that has imbued our site or offended our ears, brainwashing all of us to “pitch” the latest and greatest product or service of the day, week, month, year, decade, century, millennium. So as we drool and slur out the latest and greatest ad campaign whilst lurching around looking to contaminate all the brains in our vicinity, you can bet your unused coffin, that you cannot afford the death insurance policy to obtain, your brain is turning into sewage spew. So as you lumber about in a programmed shuffle while your brains ooze out of your ears, you might as well be in that that unbought coffin because your life is indeed over.

Community Headstone of Compliance

What can be said for commercialism? Greed is the only word that comes to mind. Of all the other systems in this world, capitalism seems to depend on domination and pecuniary take over. In basics, it is no more worthy of a community’s consideration then dictatorships. Dictatorships tell you what to do and what to think. Capitalism dictates what to do and what to think with pecuniary strings. Thus if you do not want to do and think what they brainwash you to do, then you are free to live on the streets as a vagabond. Squalor at it’s finest, and abundance. Never was there a time where so many are forced to provide perverted entertainment in order to survive, getting hooked on ultra addictive prescription resold drugs or laboratory made synthetic drugs. Mainly because of the downsized industries and conglomerates that have stolen and taken control of the community’s commodities and productions. They started first by monopolizing the farming communities and then, infiltrated the community’s centers (villages, town and municipalities) by controlling the commodities purchasing and reselling, thus enslaving the community. Once most of the community’s wealth and prosperity was conquered or bought, it was game over. I see so many desperate souls on a daily basis and so can any of you. If you just open your eyes and see. The people you see could be you in a very near future. Our hearts should go out to these souls but because of brainwashed induced greed and opulence, we would rather buy lottery tickets and horde our money, if you have any, out of commercialized induced distain of unforgiving wrath. What are we not forgiving? Nothing, because those helpless souls did not offend you as a person in any way. It is the day to day commercial rant you hear that influences this type of evaluation making you, at least in attitude and not in wealth, “just like them”.

Frugal Philanthropist

Charities seem to be a way to make one feel better about being greedy, but it is the wrong venue to take. It is better to give then not to, but if you realized who is really benefitting of this collection of monetary relief, you most likely would not give any money at all. Ask yourself this question. Would you rather give money to a registered charity or directly to a mother of 3 forced to prostitute on the street to feed her children? Most people feel more relaxed giving money to registered charity, that at least 70% of that money will go into the pockets of the professionals that administrate such charities. If you gave the money to that mother of 3 children, 100% of that money would go to that family in need. However, we always say to ourselves, “She would probably spend all of that money on drugs and not her children. Her children will still go hungry!” or “There are charitable food outlets she can go to feed her children, so why should I give her anything! Besides, I feel better about feeding starving children in Africa!” or “She probably makes more money then I do, so why should I give her any money!” We continue this destructive covetous judgmental thinking to justify not helping anyone in turmoil. Even your best friend whose husband just died. You will start thinking, “I wonder if I could get her fridge and stove for a bargain price? She will probably need the money.” or ” I wonder now that Jim is dead will Jessica sell me his rider lawn mower. She will probably sell it very cheap not knowing what it is worth.” Thus if you cannot be charitable to your friends, then how would you care about anyone else in need, other then tossing them a few scraps. This is how we are programmed to think in order to control the wealth, and where charity goes, because the one percent and their mini-monarchs want to siphon off a further percentage of the remainder of the charity that was not absorbed by the so called administrators of this charity, leaving possible 7 to 10 percent that will actually make it’s way to the actual people or purpose of this registered charity. Any charity’s administration are usually populated with wealthy benefactors and/or professionals. Hey, they got to eat too!

Generous Degenerates

From working middle class families ripping off turkeys from the local shelters during Christmas posing as charity cases, to the wealthy benefactors of a whole array of different, cleverly established charities, there is assurance that any charitable donation will end up in the wrong pocket or on the wrong table. Everyone seems to know, but ignores these implications and slumber back to sleep. We could publically protest, but that is predictable and in most cases does nothing. Protesting is borderline aggression because of the potential mob mentality that could be unleashed at any moment, causing riots and mayhem, that usually end up in a violent struggle causing innocent victimization. So it only serves the mini-monarchs and their dragoon induced  flurry of violent control, captivating the one percent of society to spectate in amusement. So what can anyone do? Stop drinking from the commercially poisoned well and think for one’s self. We as a community can turn our back on greed and opulence and take our prosperity back by simply serving one another and not the one percent of society.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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