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Commercial Carnival of Cadavers

Life in the capitalist society is oppressive and burdensome to the point of exhaustion. When we are young, we tend to take this in stride, as it slowly strips away all enthusiasm and ambition, which lays the path to routine and boredom, that in turns drives us to the swine swilled manure scribed brainwashed pretentious programed  commercialised entertainment. Programming that is  suppose to pacify the brainwashed to think they are being good and following the program. This further increases the need to remain in your comfort zone and not venture off too far from the program. Meaning they will control you subliminally where you go even when you leave your house, thus guides you to controlled areas allowed by the programming. Where are these places? Mallwort, Stuperstores, Restaurants, bars, liquor stores, beer stores, and friendly neighborhood dealers. Generally, you will visit friend’s homes, or they will visit your home, but eventually these alcoholic and drug fuelled endeavors will give way to just staying home to be brain honed by a wide variety of programming brought to you by, your friendly regional cable provider, or internet and phone provider. Oh yes, places like SpewTube have become commercial runnels and have the “stamp” of pecuniary approval. Why? Because people and businesses, large and small, on these alternative, self publishing media streams are taking advantage of the residuals and are gladly dipping into the “Commercial Poisoned Well”. Where does this all lead? Destruction of the family unit. As this arduous life takes it toll, the family counterparts are being divided slowly and subliminally. In the days before easily accessible entertainment, for a price, was available in you living room, the community had it’s own entertainment, possibly in a community hall where all were welcome to unite and mingle. Seemingly, this was less destructive to the family unit and families tended to stick together more because the family bond was, in most cases, strong and free of commercial brainwashing. As communities were annexed by commercial conglomeration, people started to compete with their neighbors in a covetous manner, proving the biblical philosophical warnings. This in turn isolates the families of the commercially annexed community. This also increases abuse within the home to the point of separation whereby nothing appears sacred anymore, just an inconvenience.

Chameleons of Perfidy, Eradication of an Angel

Kalie, who is 9 years of age, lived in a small suburban home in a seemingly everyday neighborhood. There were many children in the neighborhood that Kalie loved to play with and the group was inseparable. Because Kalie’s house had cable TV which was rare at the time, most of the children flocked to her house to watch different programs targeted to children. Her mother and father never minded this interaction because it kept Kalie and her sibling happy being the center of attraction. As time went on, Kalie’s father and mother were arguing more and more. Being young, she was not really sure what the arguing was about, but nevertheless, was upset by this turmoil and found solace with her group of friends. Kalie did notice that her father was intoxicated most of the time returning home from work. This seemed to coincide with the increased escalating arguments that were mostly coming from the her parents bedroom. Kalie was deeply bothered by the arguing and at this time adored both her mother and father. As the arguments escalated, the father and mother both decided it would be better that the father slept in the lower half of the home whereby the mother could lock the door to the main home at night, thus opening the door during daylight hrs allowing the father to access the house during that time. Kalie, who slept in a room in the main home area with her sibling, was confused from the arrangement but did notice that the arguing became less frequent. With that however, the father seemed more aloof, remaining more and more in the lower half of the home becoming intoxicated for longer periods of time. One afternoon, Kalie’s mother was cooking supper. At the same time, Kalie’s father came up and into the kitchen. The father attempted to hug Kalie’s mother but the mother retaliated and pushed him away. He again attempted to hug Kalie’s mother only to further infuriate Kalie’s mother. “Please, Hamill, you are drunk. Leave me alone, please!” said Kalie’s mother pushing Hamill away. “Please forgive me Sheela, I am so lonely. Please let me hold you just for a minute.” said Hamill in a desperate tone as he attempted to hug Sheela again. “Do not touch me again or I will call the police!” said Sheela as she pushed Hamill away then moving towards the phone. “Please, Sheela, I love you. We have not been together in months. Please!” said Hamill now sounding more desperate. Sheela picked up the phone and started to dial 911. “Ok, ok, I will leave.” said Hamill as he left the kitchen and stumbled away towards his designated area of the home. Sheela, seeing that Hamill was leaving, hung up the phone and continued cooking supper.

During the next couple of weeks, despite the constant rejections and arguments Hamill received from Sheela, Kalie was visiting her father frequently in the lower level of the home and was enjoying the praise she received from keeping him company. He would buy Kalie different toys and jewelry suitable for a young girl. One of the last things he bought her was a collectable doll in a red bathing suit, encased in a collectable packaging. “Now, Kalie, I think you are a special girl and this doll represents you as I see you. You should always keep this doll in the case and keep it in your room. It will be worth a lot of money when you are older. That way you can always remember your father in a good way.” said Kalie’s father as they both sat on his bed in the lower part of the home. The next couple of days, the arguing started to escalate again. Kalie found her father later in his room in the lower level. He appeared to be in good spirits despite the arguing. “Kalie, my sweetheart. I bought you another present.” said Hamill as he handed Kalie a, wrapped in red paper, package. Kalie excitedly opened the package. It was a red bathing suit, similar to the one on the collectible doll he bought her, and some red lipstick. “Thank you Daddy!” said Kalie looking excited. “Now Kalie, you have to leave this down here. We will put it in this drawer. When you come to visit again, you can try it on!” said Hamill as he placed the red bathing suit and the lipstick in his bottom drawer. “Ok Daddy.” said Kalie, not really understanding why she had to hide he present in the drawer. The next morning, Sheela was cleaning up in the lower area while Hamill was at work. She folded some of his clothes that were strewn about and was placing them in different drawers. Opening the lower drawer, she noticed the small red bathing suit and the unopened red lipstick. Having a look of suspicion, she merely left the objects there and closed the drawer.

Later that evening, Hamill came home late, and was intoxicated as usual. He went up to the kitchen where he seen Sheela left him a plate of food. Kalie and her friends were watching TV, and Sheela was sitting in another chair knitting in the living room. After Hamill ate his supper, he went to Sheela and tried to hug her while she was sitting. She pushed him away harshly and got up quickly. “I am warning you Hamill, go to your room or I will call the police!” said Sheela with a serious look. Hamill reluctantly stumbled out of the living room with all Kalie’s friends watching. As he finally reached the door to go to the lower part of the house, Kalie and her friends resumed watching TV. About 8:00 pm, Kalie walked towards the doorway to go to her father’s room and say good night. Sheela who was in the kitchen cleaning up watched her go downstairs. Immediately, Sheela went to the doorway and closed the door gently and locked it secure, then went to the living room to resume her knitting. Down in Hamill’s bedroom, Kalie seen her father was sitting on his bed. She approached him and kissed his cheek. “Goodnight Daddy.” said Kalie as she turned to walk out the room. Hamill grabbed her arm lightly but abruptly. “Don’t leave just yet. Why don.t you try on your present?” said Hamill as he got up and opened the bottom drawer. He picked up the red bathing suit and handed it to Kalie. “I have to go to bed Daddy.” said Kalie worried about getting scolded by her mother. “Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes. Now go into the bathroom and change.” said Hamill as he handed the red bathing suit to her once again.  “Ok Daddy.” said Kalie a bit nervous, taking the red bathing suit then walking into the bathroom, closing the door. A few moments later, Kalie walked out of the bathroom in the red bathing suit that fit snuggly around her immature body. “It feels too tight Daddy.” said Kalie.  “That is how it should fit, don’t worry honey. you look beautiful.” said Hamill as he opened the lipstick. “Now come here and I will put some of this on your lips. You are a young lady now and need some lipstick.” said Hamill as Kalie slowly walked towards him. Hamill sat her on the bed and caked on the lipstick to her small lips, over applying to make her seem more mature. “Now, go look in the mirror.” said Hamill closing the lipstick and placing it on the bed. Kalie walked towards the mirror and looked at herself, not really understanding what was happening. “You see Kalie, when you come down here, you can dress like your doll and we can play.” said Hamill as he sat on the bed again. Still looking in the mirror, Kalie got scarred and ran up to the door leading to the upper level only to find the door closed and locked. She pounded on the door and screamed. “Mommy, please open the door please.” Not hearing anyone approach, she pounded again. Meanwhile, Sheela remained seated in the living room and continued to knit, ignoring Kalie’s pleads to open the door. Still pounding, Hamill gently grabbed her hands and led her back to the lower level. “Don’t worry Kalie. I will protect you. Come with me. You will be safe.” said Hamill in a gentle tone as he led her back to his room and closed the door.

The next morning, seeing her father was gone to work, she got up and took off her bathing suit, washed up, and redressed in her clothes that were on the floor in the bathroom. She carefully placed the red bathing suit, now neatly folded and the lipstick, into the bottom drawer. Being late for school she ran upstairs through the now opened door, changed, and ran off to school, not talking to her mother at all. She continued to visit her father in his room and the sexual abuse continued. She finally decided that because her mother did not want to pay attention to her father, that is was her place now to play the role of her mother and keep her father happy seeing when she did go down to his room after a certain time, her mother would lock the door ensuring Kalie could not leave and remain with her father. Kalie was slowly, but surely understanding, and after Kalie started to realise what she was doing was wrong, she started to not visit her father as much. He would plead to her on occasion and she would give in to his request. She felt ashamed but loved her father. As far as her mother was concerned, Kalie was developing a great hatred for her and would only interact with Sheela when it was absolutely necessary. Kalie knew her mother was aware of what was happening to her when she was down in her father’s room, and could not understand why her mother never objected or tried to protect her. Losing her childhood innocence to a purposely locked door, Kalie was maturing fast mentally. After the last time she visited her father overnight, she  avoided being seen by her father for about 4 weeks. One morning, about the time after Hamill usually went to work, Kalie and her sibling were awaken from screams from her mother echoing from the lower level of the house. Quickly, Kalie and her sibling ran down the stairs and went into Hamill’s room where her mother was standing in shock. Swinging from a rope tied to a ceiling rafter, was Hamill’s lifeless body with a noose around his neck . Kalie and her sibling sobbed uncontrollably.

Kalie never truly got over the fact that her father killed himself and absorbed all the blame. She carried this guilt into her adulthood and never could come to terms with these episodes when she was victimised. She began a pattern similar to her father’s alcoholism. Although she managed to put herself through college and was successful, she could never come to terms with her mother’s neglect and despised her mother until her death.

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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