The Folly of the Political Poles, Tennis Anyone?

A Left, a Left, a Left Right Left

Things are getting worse and it is mainly because the masses keep falling for the same old political game. If Trump did win the election, people con themselves that everything would be so different. The swamp would be drained, the ethical capitalists would be in total charge, minimum wage would go back to chump change, the Trump wall of Fascism would be re-erected, and the social programs would be cut to a minimum, just enough that they are there, but barely afloat to appease the poor just enough so they can get by another day. Health care would be back to “normal” and astronomical in price. As it is now, however, who is actually going to hospitals now unless they were ran over by a truck and in a coma? No one is going to the hospitals anymore unless they absolutely have to because of the Covid malpractice of remdesivir and invasive ventilators you would be treated with if you so much as display a sniffle. Yes and this was occurring under Trump’s watch, yes indeed. I watched a 2020 news reel that featured Trump and his plans to allow vehicle manufacturers to get into the business of making invasive ventilators to make sure there were enough murder weapons at the hospital scenes of these “crimes against humanity”. Remember the 2020 riots and Trump’s response to confronting Soro’s minions at the gates of Washington DC where they came, took and burned, all under Trump’s watch? Where was Trump anyway? He was hiding in his underground bunker tweeting that he and his family was safe. Meanwhile, he allowed Soro’s riot to rape and pillage cities all across the US of A without as so much as a decisive military deployment. Small to medium store owners were being beaten and killed protecting their proprietorships. Gangs under Soro’s funding were following provocateur’s instructions, no matter how insane. Contractors were paid to place pallets of bricks strategically for the rioters to grab and smash storefront windows. People forget that because they are too busy listening to pro-Trump propaganda from truth media outlets smeared all over the alternative YouTube channels, mainly on Brighteon, Info Wars, Rumble, and others too many to mention. Yes, they have successfully polarized the truth movement. All the more popular channels, with a very few exceptions, promoting that sleazebag Trump. If you are a Trump supporter, and have read this far, you are probably programmed to determine that I have to be a far leftist. You would be wrong in that decision because only a moron would have voted for any of these clowns, left or right. You would have been better off getting something done at home like planting a garden or placing a rain barrel instead of wasting the time and effort voting for either of these corrupted parties. So as your brain gets bounced left and right like a tennis ball, remember if you can, that political corruption knows no borders or directions, left or right, fool.

Millimetered Waves of Deception. The Criminals remain Untarnished or Noticed.

Big Telecom has virtually been let off the hook for the health damage and death they are and continue to be responsible for, invasively filling our atmosphere with damaging millimetered waves, better known as 5G, 6G. 60 gigahertz was and still is the oxygen absorption spectrum that has left many victims breathless and left to die on remdesivir and invasive ventilators. Remember Wuhan China in 2019, just before event 201 scenario, when people were dropping like flies on the street, later covered up by the phony Bat to Snake to Pig spillover phenomenon in a Wuhan market, later changed to the bat spillover phenomenon in the Wuhan Market, then to the bat biting a human in a lab spillover phenomenon, then to the extracting the virus from bats from a mysterious cave and Fauci’s gain of function phenomenon, to the virus does not exist phenomenon? All incorrect. To hell you say! Virology is debunked! Not quite my friend. Remember ancient history? The Dr. Cowan video? (Please download then view). Yes, I cannot keep this video reliably active so you might as well download it and share because it basically speaks the truth. However, Cowan merely rips a page out of Vonderplanitz theory, explaining that viruses are excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are produced by your own cells in attempt to cleanse the cell from these tissues that are too toxic for the parasites and bacteria to eat, thus are cleaned out of the cell with viruses which are merely solvents developed to clean out these specified toxic tissues within the cell resulting from intrusive millimetered waves entering your skin cells. How do they enter your skin cells? Simply by their size which allows them to penetrate and enter, poisoning the skin cells which in turn, the cells produce the virus (solvent) to clean the cell from these toxins. This is why they avoid blood tests in favor of PCR testing. Simply because the blood will not yield the correct results in order to bamboozle the public into believing this is a virus that came from a bat which is simply, Hocus Pocus.

Abra Capocus, Pocus Cadabra?

This is the truth no matter how they try to push this spillover phenomenon bogus theory that breaks all the laws of evolution, or at least in this Law’s time factors. They cannot even follow their own rules. But that is because they think everyone fell asleep during science class when covering the evolution theory. Perhaps it was the monotone voice of the boring instructor? Who knows really but, that would give you an idea how easy it was to slide through the secondary schools system and come out basically knowing, NADA. But, that is not a real excuse because if you look hard enough, even now with all the censorship, you can find hordes of information on Darwin’s Original Evolution Theory minus the patch work to accommodate the tripe they are molding science into to prove these idiotic revelations that we caught a virus from a bat. However, religiously, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is satanic in nature and not proven. Wrong again my friends because the Masons believe in God and Lucifer, thus makes the evolution theory a book of lies, which it is because Darwin was an accomplished Freemason who believed in God and Lucifer. But they believe Lucifer is the light bearer and God is Vesper. So if you can think in reverse religiously, you will have the Masonic bible down pat. But what about these vaxxes? What about them? They are just more poisons to screw up you body and to hide what millimetered wave poisoning is doing to your health. Sue the Big Pharma companies? Yeah ok, whilst they enjoy the protection of the FDA’s emergency approval. But if I did not take the vaxx, I would of lost my job! Too freakin’ bad. I lost my job because of not taking the vaxx, so join the club. However, all of this is just smoke screens to keep the masses following bread crumbs away from the simple truth that Big Telecom is the bandit that has robbed the entire planet while they were following ridiculous spillover phenomenon viruses, that keep leading you away from the truth. If you too are for sale, I guess you will buy into their tripe and roll up your sleeve. See you on the flip side!

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