Test testing 123, are we ready for Totalitarianism?

Donald Trump, leader of MAGA, make America great again, has lost his momentum since the last election.  Although many people think it was an unfair decision when he lost the vote, it was precisely because of the Spanish vote that he lost this Presidential ballot.  People that support the wall at the American and Mexico border fail to realize that it was a decision made by Trump to build this wall, ergo, would make it impossible for him to retain the Spanish vote in America.  And the Hispanic vote is numerous, and any candidates that have not received these votes, are in danger of losing the election.

Although Joe Biden is a total flake and should not be in the president’s office, he did receive the Hispanic vote for his support to remove the wall.  It was also supported by many of other Americans in the United States that view this wall as fascist.  However the Republicans being conservative have never been in favor of mass immigration because it takes benefits away from the American citizen, things like jobs, college and university funding, and vocational training programs.  The over saturation of the job market and the lower wages it invokes overall degrades the American way of life and her prosperity.

Therefore it is a total no brainer why there’s such opposition to mass immigration as far as the country’s citizens are concerned.  However if you take it up one level whereby large corporations and medium sized businesses benefit from mass immigration that perpetuate lower wages and wage funding paid by tax payers, supporting foreign people to receive jobs that would have been taken by an American citizen, it is not a wonder why characters like Trump would be favored in the election.

Normally, Trump or characters like him would be viewed as a corrupt individual, and Trump had known ties with Epstein whereby his latest wife, Melina Trump, was introduced to him by Epstein.  People seem to forget where Trump comes from and only look at the old money associated with his family.  The only reason Donald Trump is rich is because of his family nothing more.  If it wasn’t for the old money that stems from his family he would be on a street broke and penny less begging for quarters and washing dirty windshields on the freeway, because Trump is not a good businessman and has fostered many bankruptcies of many businesses.

For people to be under the illusion that Trump is a good businessman should really look into his past performances as a businessman and should shudder to think what he would actually do for a country like United States.  Recently, the Supreme Court of Colorado has ruled that trump has committed insurrection and is not eligible to be president of United States.  This of course relates to the January 6th, 2021 act of insurrection by MAGA in Washington, DC.

MAGA, Boys in Blue, BLM, ANTIFA are all extremist groups formed by the CIA and other intelligence factions.  The purpose of these phony groups is to cause misdirection, creating false bread crumb trails that lead absolutely nowhere, and set up the environment for more laws to be imposed, shrinking the common citizen’s rights, picking away at the over tattered constitution, like, the January 6th incident that was widely adopted as an act of insurrection.

Check and mate, as the noose of totalitarianism becomes tighter and tighter, choking the common citizen of their rights and freedoms and basic fundamental needs like jobs.  This of course, is to set up a basic universal income and 15 minutes cities, the philosophy that sprung from the new map delegation according to FEMA, of United States and other countries to be sure.  This method was created to ensure that people will concentrate in the inner most portions of the United States, away from the coastlines to ensure no one escapes the claws of depopulation.

To the common citizen this is a mass murder and genocide, but to the elitist, is a necessary evil to ensure the survival of the most important people which of course, are comprised of the 1% of society and their spawn scum. In any event, all of these events were simulated one way or another to keep the common citizen stupefied and afraid.

The only way to get people to accept fascism (the wall) is to create the environment that promotes fascism, as in, protecting the construction of a wall between two countries, exactly like East and West Berlin, which was criticized and frowned upon by the free world for decades.

In fact, a Republican President, Ronald Reagan, was the one that said, quote; “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall.” End quote. So why is it exactly, OK for an American Republican President to tell other countries to tear down their walls because of immigration, and OK for another American Republican President to build a wall because of immigration?

If you have a logical mind, there would be no sense to the latter other than “Elitist Privilege” dictating to our owned governments what agenda is correct or not correct. Thus, if this wall gains the support it had, as in MAGA support, a bullying of what Americanism really is, then the time will be ripe to introduce a totalitarian government, forsaking other parties for a “one party system” run by the “corporation” puppeteer, the 1 percent of society, camouflaged as the illuminati, enforced and protected by the masons.But is this something the slight of mind can actually see as they run to the beer or liquor store, and now, weed store to purchase their favorite, brain honing elixir, followed by some head shrinking marijuana to ensure they remain paranoid and sit in front of their indoctrinating 70 inch, wide screen of deceptive, far vision, lacing their brainwashed minds with more indoctrination, pacifying these witless souls, that everything is ok, so go back to sleep, moron and get an erection over the last sexually diverted fake female cheerleader, or get jealous of it, depending on what your preferred pronoun would dictate, as in if you would get jealous at all, or laugh your ass off…

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