Test testing 123, are we ready for Totalitarianism?

Donald Trump, leader of MAGA, make America great again, has lost his momentum since the last election.  Although many people think it was an unfair decision when he lost the vote, it was precisely because of the Spanish vote that he lost this Presidential ballot.  People that support the wall at the American and Mexico border fail to realize that it was a decision made by Trump to build this wall, ergo, would make it impossible for him to retain the Spanish vote in America.  And the Hispanic vote is numerous, and any candidates that have not received these votes, are in danger of losing the election.

Although Joe Biden is a total flake and should not be in the president’s office, he did receive the Hispanic vote for his support to remove the wall.  It was also supported by many of other Americans in the United States that view this wall as fascist.  However the Republicans being conservative have never been in favor of mass immigration because it takes benefits away from the American citizen, things like jobs, college and university funding, and vocational training programs.  The over saturation of the job market and the lower wages it invokes overall degrades the American way of life and her prosperity.

Therefore it is a total no brainer why there’s such opposition to mass immigration as far as the country’s citizens are concerned.  However if you take it up one level whereby large corporations and medium sized businesses benefit from mass immigration that perpetuate lower wages and wage funding paid by tax payers, supporting foreign people to receive jobs that would have been taken by an American citizen, it is not a wonder why characters like Trump would be favored in the election.

Normally, Trump or characters like him would be viewed as a corrupt individual, and Trump had known ties with Epstein whereby his latest wife, Melina Trump, was introduced to him by Epstein.  People seem to forget where Trump comes from and only look at the old money associated with his family.  The only reason Donald Trump is rich is because of his family nothing more.  If it wasn’t for the old money that stems from his family he would be on a street broke and penny less begging for quarters and washing dirty windshields on the freeway, because Trump is not a good businessman and has fostered many bankruptcies of many businesses.

For people to be under the illusion that Trump is a good businessman should really look into his past performances as a businessman and should shudder to think what he would actually do for a country like United States.  Recently, the Supreme Court of Colorado has ruled that trump has committed insurrection and is not eligible to be president of United States.  This of course relates to the January 6th, 2021 act of insurrection by MAGA in Washington, DC.

MAGA, Boys in Blue, BLM, ANTIFA are all extremist groups formed by the CIA and other intelligence factions.  The purpose of these phony groups is to cause misdirection, creating false bread crumb trails that lead absolutely nowhere, and set up the environment for more laws to be imposed, shrinking the common citizen’s rights, picking away at the over tattered constitution, like, the January 6th incident that was widely adopted as an act of insurrection.

Check and mate, as the noose of totalitarianism becomes tighter and tighter, choking the common citizen of their rights and freedoms and basic fundamental needs like jobs.  This of course, is to set up a basic universal income and 15 minutes cities, the philosophy that sprung from the new map delegation according to FEMA, of United States and other countries to be sure.  This method was created to ensure that people will concentrate in the inner most portions of the United States, away from the coastlines to ensure no one escapes the claws of depopulation.

To the common citizen this is a mass murder and genocide, but to the elitist, is a necessary evil to ensure the survival of the most important people which of course, are comprised of the 1% of society and their spawn scum. In any event, all of these events were simulated one way or another to keep the common citizen stupefied and afraid.

The only way to get people to accept fascism (the wall) is to create the environment that promotes fascism, as in, protecting the construction of a wall between two countries, exactly like East and West Berlin, which was criticized and frowned upon by the free world for decades.

In fact, a Republican President, Ronald Reagan, was the one that said, quote; “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall.” End quote. So why is it exactly, OK for an American Republican President to tell other countries to tear down their walls because of immigration, and OK for another American Republican President to build a wall because of immigration?

If you have a logical mind, there would be no sense to the latter other than “Elitist Privilege” dictating to our owned governments what agenda is correct or not correct. Thus, if this wall gains the support it had, as in MAGA support, a bullying of what Americanism really is, then the time will be ripe to introduce a totalitarian government, forsaking other parties for a “one party system” run by the “corporation” puppeteer, the 1 percent of society, camouflaged as the illuminati, enforced and protected by the masons.But is this something the slight of mind can actually see as they run to the beer or liquor store, and now, weed store to purchase their favorite, brain honing elixir, followed by some head shrinking marijuana to ensure they remain paranoid and sit in front of their indoctrinating 70 inch, wide screen of deceptive, far vision, lacing their brainwashed minds with more indoctrination, pacifying these witless souls, that everything is ok, so go back to sleep, moron and get an erection over the last sexually diverted fake female cheerleader, or get jealous of it, depending on what your preferred pronoun would dictate, as in if you would get jealous at all, or laugh your ass off…

The Unholy Wars of Dominance, Submission; There is nothing to fear but Greed itself…

Israel and the USA have been trying to start a holy war in the Middle East for decades, perhaps for the last hundred years. All of this seems to have repeated itself over and over again. Many have watched the indoctrination since the 70’s. It is always the same ole story, nothing new, really. Palestine extremism, plants a bomb or a suicide bomber killed a bunch of people in a restaurant etc, etc… Or in this case, launches missiles unprovoked into Israel and sporadic terrorist attacks, whereby there is proof floating around the internet that some of the films used by media about this so called attack are from controlled demolition in Israel in 2021.

Does not seem to be a credible beginning to what is transpiring now. However, it seems all media is taking the same theme to this predicament. Israel and the US have been partners in crime for a long time. So why should anyone take this story as an extremist maneuver? It sounds like a war that was started amidst suspicious circumstances, as usual.

To be sure, some of these so called protests are exaggerated or even fabricated. Nazis, Nazi sympathizers; this is a desperate maneuver to gain the attention of the slight of mind, wearing their Covid mask, sitting behind a bio-shield, then leaving the confines of their bio-shielded area, removing their mask to have a smoke, being sure everyone can notice the brand of cigarettes, as they pull the faggot from, exploiting the manufacturer’s package, displaying numerous health resultant pictures of what could happen if one continues to smoke. Where is this all leading? Attempted domination of the Middle East that will start world war 3? One must admit, using Nazism as the motivations of a Muslim attack (so called attack) or at the very least, trying to group Muslim into Nazism, is a desperate global ploy.

This is about world domination and who rules. So called Truther and alternative News is now siding with mainstream media and are not coming up with their “original brand” of rebellious reporting, not to take sides, only report the facts. And the facts are suspicious and have the same tone about the Middle East that has been for as long as one has been old enough to read/watch news stories. Certain reports show, that children are being killed, and if they are, would motivate a cease fire that Israel refuses to make permanent.

Is this a Mossad maneuver? If not, then why not a permanent cease fire? Or is there something else that does not meet the eye. The death of children on either side is enough for a cease fire. But that does not seem likely seeing that did not stop the US from invading and conquering Iraq, killing untold amounts of civilians and children when the Iraqi military complex (supplied by the US) was rusting into the desert storm perpetrated by the US military and US and Israeli Air force…

Thus anyone who thinks this sort of analogy is anti-Semitic would also have to say it is anti-American on the Federal and espionage level, where mutual interests of the two countries exist within cohort community, IE Mossad, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc…. The fact that they ignore a cease fire proves that it is a cohort operation with an agenda of creating a world war struggle. Once they create that form of chaos, where countries within will be split, and armies will be attacking its own citizens that protest the war, it will create the ultimate chaos, a chaos needed to create the New World Order.

Thus, any mainstream news outlet, no matter what country will utter on about this propaganda, and thus will all the alternative media channels, picking sides, either with Nazism, Islamism or Jewish-Americanism, mostly Semitism as Israel wages war with the world, with the help of select countries, mostly bullies and buyable countries, like free enterprise systems, largely America. How is this done? Conglomerations no longer lobby the government because they “own” the government and/or controlling interests in most corporations in that country, not to mention, owning the very politicians of that governmental system.

With that much power, it makes a government for the people ineffectual to the point of total injustice when a citizen attempts to apply their rights that, during the lockdowns and pandemic were arbitrarily abused and ignored by bought off people in all, or most, key positions in the tribunals, courts and governmental institutions, making these judgment calls, whether a human rights case fit the narrow criterion that is telescoping daily. As time goes by, these corrupt individuals will only allow cases that are to the benefit of the government’s overreach of that time period, as in, whether they prevail.

Keeping the masses occupied with worries of who will win the next election in hopes to distract from what is really transpiring under everyone’s noses, hoping that no one wakes up and continues their commercial pacification of covet level possessions and trivial social media tripe that is designed to consume as much as one’s time as possible, making that individual totally ineffectual, at the same time, being a well performing serf.

They despise freedom of thought and intelligence, unless they can control it, and is why they demonize liberalism. If they are successful in that venture, people will not need an election because everything will become far right. The liberal movement of late has been infiltrated by surrogates employed by billionaires to accomplish one simple goal. To ensure the masses comes to the conclusion that there is no choice and give up on freedom. That is where the whole world is headed because the billionaires of this planet do not want to share their wealth with anyone but their own spawned scum. But, because you think that someday you will get rich, will never open your eyes to the reality that if you did take that vaxx and all of its boosters, you will have a very short life span, and most likely become a total slave to the Utopian regime, unless you wake the fuck up.

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The Gateway to Hell, or the Demonization of Technology That Would Free the World

What is a particle beam? It is the same technology as particle acceleration. Particle acceleration was invented in the late 70‘s early 80’s. Scientists and Technical Publications revered this invention as the new clean power source that would replace fossil fuels and atomic energy, but there was a problem, the elitists, one percent of society. They had no intentions of allowing this new technology to flourish. So they buried it into ambiguity, now viewed as technology that is providing the new dimensions, or as religious propaganda would put it; as the gateway to hell, or better known as CERN.

Energy.gov explanation to particle accelerations is, Quote: “A particle accelerator is a machine that accelerates elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, to very high energies. On a basic level, particle accelerators produce beams of charged particles that can be used for a variety of research purposes. There are two basic types of particle accelerators: linear accelerators and circular accelerators. Linear accelerators propel particles along a linear, or straight, beam line.” End Quote.

So is it really that mysterious what happened in Maui? It would be to the slight of mind worker watching YouTube videos, during his lunch, at his slave driven job’s provided lunchroom, where the curled up old covid posters have been replaced with new covid posters, as his blue mask hangs on his chin, taking a bite of his Taco Bell Taco or Big Mac burger, dripping Thousand Island sauce or Taco pap, all over his company provided shirt, staining the company logo permanently.

However, the governments of the world know perfectly well that particle acceleration can be used for clean energy without any known environmental or health drawbacks, but in preference, would rather proprietize the technology as secret energy weaponry, for secret security and weaponry purposes only, similar to the star wars technology, or the fabled fusion technology, that has been buried and discredited as a viable energy generation technology in favor of science fiction stories for the masses watching TV at home, eating the 2 for 1 special pizza deal from their local franchise pizza shop, greasy and dripping, staining their newly purchased, overpriced , liquidated sofa from their local franchised furniture liquidation warehouse.

However, the research into particle acceleration assumes onward, hiding the great energy propulsion potential, in favor of dimensions and the recreations of sun flairs and different plasma (fire) states. Quote: ”Fire is neither liquid/solid/gas, instead, it is another form called PLASMA, the universe is made up of 99% of plasma, plasma is made up in extremely high temperatures like the sun and stars” End Quote. The destructive behavior of particle acceleration is what has been focused on in the last 44 years and mostly hides in the corridors of CERN, which has been demonized as a demon portal, another dimension, similar to the ramblings of the movie “Star Gate”, to scare the common folk to disregard, and at the same time, be entertained while they chug back their favorite brain honing elixir during half time, displaying the sexually divertive half time, seemingly cheerer leaders, but really, are transvestites dressed as women, possibly arousing the sexually confused male as he looks at his wife, then looks back at the screen, not really knowing what to think, thus takes a long drag of his doobie, that was just delivered by the local “Son’s of Anarchy” approved “legal weed” store, chasing it back with a cool carbonated, brain honing elixir.

Animals and particularly, a frog, being petrified on contact from this giant simulated solar flare, incinerated or petrified people, leaving no time to attempt to exit their vehicles. This has been all covered up, but pictures remain in the wake of what happened. Most notable, was the strange acceleration of metals molting and burning, leaving other flammable materials seemingly intact, as if they were acting as insulators of a hot disintegrating wires which illuminates that the particle inducement from the particle beams were targeting metal molecular structures, specifically aluminum, melting them, in turn, incinerating flammable objects if the particle acceleration (atomizing) was sustained long enough at that particular event. If the government wants to prove climate change is this dangerous, they would have to explain why metal was the most susceptible to heat radiation during this simulated event.

The inconsistency of where these fires burned and where they did not is more than enough evidence to place this into the “Planned Event” category for the stupefied. Nonetheless, people will disregard it and move on a few steps closer to the total enslavement of people kind, body, mind and soul, as is, bio-digital convergence, where your soul could be trapped for eternity, within the confines of a virtual reality of electrons. In any event, what possible faith could one have anyway, when they step up for a experimental vaccine and boosters? Where in the scholastic years did that person lose touch with his own intellect and soul? Is this because school for ages have been propaganda tools to brainwash young minds into old “order following” thralls, indoctrinated at every turn when seeking out entertainment?

To every person that has woken up, you have a duty to break the programming enthralled upon your friends, attempt to deprogram them of their commercialized trance, so they can heal and become true human beings again, living their lives for themselves. You have a duty to challenge all slave masters mentally to show them they have no real power, only simulated. You have a duty to save those you can and talk to anyone who will listen to plant the seeds of freedom in their mind. They will grow, and if you cultivate their brainwashed mind, they will break out of that indoctrinating prison created by our commercialized governments on behalf of the one percent, the illuminati, the ones that have the supposed secrets of control. Their control will crumble because their secrets are built upon illusions.

And if they come for you, all you have to say is, I am free and you are the true slave of material, the material that will consume your soul for eternity.

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The Halloween of the Vaccinated, Things that Grow “Chumps” out of fright!

The Folly of Greedy Capitalist Costume by: Kim KarTrashian’s Felon’s Cage

Why dress up this Halloween like a specific person when you can dress like a general greedy Capitalist bastard or bitch? Yes, with the “Folly of Greedy Capitalist Costume”, you can be sure that the houses you are trick or treating this year will rush and roll out the red carpet towards their middle classed door, extending to your gas guzzling limo, having all the hokum available for you to snatch away greedily, as they crawl and kiss your black ruby stiletto slippers (for men, highly polished black gum shoes), being careful not to get any spittle on them, remaining on their hands and knees until you signal them to rise waist high and kiss your platinum and gold rings, populating all your fingers, covered by thin leather black gloves, protecting your hands, as to ensure these commoners will not contaminate you with the “who knows what diseases these peasants carry” paranoia infections, that is induced into your superior bred brain, enhanced with the Bill Gates Pentium Elitist’s Cerebral chip (included) that will guide you through these middle classed neighborhoods,  without getting close to biological hazards that these middle classed peons dribble and spew, never allowing them to rise higher than your waist so they can at the very least, kiss your fat ass, squeezed down with the included black laced leather tights, guaranteed to haul down all that blubber with the suction pump attachment (extra). It comes complete with the reaper’s deathhoody, black or dark purple, to signal fear into their brainwashed minds as to the death they are obligated to endure to keep your fat ass rich. Also, the ensemble includes the reaper’s cloak, same colors available, with a bustle prop for the lassies, to enhance and prop up their breasts; and for the floppy, hanging and shriveled breasts, it can attach to the suction pump attachment (extra) to squeeze and shape them into form as to entice all the male peons to masturbate to your memory when you leave. The essential mask is the same color of the chosen package, which ensures that no infectious billows breathed out from these scummy masses will infect your airways. Black mascara and long eyelashes included as to make your stare ominous and daunting.  Act now and receive the reaper’s scythe, highly polished and razor sharp, handy for those random beheadings of certain insubordinate rebels who may try to take any of your hokum you greedily, rightfully grasped.

The “1917 Ripper Styled Plague Doctor Costume” By: Streamdunk

In these days of plague infested paranoia, where imaginary fictitious viruses lurk about, contained inside aerosolized excreted vapors and sneezed mists, it is a wonder anyone can trick or treat this Halloween in illusionary safety. But wait, hold the press, there is a new costume in town, well, old costume really; that will exceed your villainy expectations, making you the absolute envy of the neighborhood.  It comes with the Plague Doctor Mask, Black or white in color, eye outlets featuring the binocular style or the mirrored bird eyes, for that cool but discreet look, so no one can identify you or connect you to any “Ripper” styled murders that are becoming fashionable in these ambiguous times of depopulation. I mean really, who is going to miss them anyway, and the bonus is, they cannot do any autopsies, thus will not look for hair follicles or slobber that may drip from your Plague Doctor Mask’s large extended beak, connecting you to any murders using the PCR testing, that will be swamped until all the conjured virus testing’s are complete, which would be most likely 2030! It comes with a “Ripper” styled, long black plague cloak with a embroidered red plaid lining with plenty of pockets and compartments to stash all of your surgical paraphernalia (customer provided) used for possible random mysterious “Ripper” styled murders that are sure to arise during your “trick or Treat’ tour of the unfortunate neighborhood you so choose to inflict with your ominous plague stricken presence. It comes with black baggy slacks with plenty of extra hokum pockets, unsexed in design for those plague wanton women that crave to spate stricken all whom she encounters this Halloween. The black or tan “Plague Doctor Knee High Boots” are inclusive, featuring either the seven buckle version, spanning from ankle to knee, for that adjustable comfort fit, or the two buckle version, at ankle and knee, featuring several pouches in between for your ill stricken remedies and poisons that can be used on unsuspecting victims you may encounter in dark alleys or deserted parks. The essential gloves provided can be latex gloves or thin leather, black or tan, to eliminate possible finger prints that could incriminate you to any number of plague stricken murders you will propagate throughout all the neighborhoods you choose to inflict! As they open the door this Halloween and catch a quick glimpse of your ensemble, you could slice their throat, stab their heart, carve out their spleen or de-limb them into a festering bloodied pile of surgically precision dismemberment, enabling you to grab all the hokum you deserve, which was not tainted by the numerous blood splatters and gobbets. Act now and receive for free, the official “Covid19” universal death certificates that will allow you to label these murders as Covid19 deaths as to eliminate any temptations to initiate pesky investigations, or autopsies.

The Schwaby World Domination and Pedophile Costume by: Ceiling Baboon

It’s’ the season to be Klausy, falalalala, lalala, er wait. This is the Halloween Costumes blog right? I got confused for a second. But wait, Schwaby is the Halloween Santa Klaus, right? And this costume is the epitome of Depopulation and Demonetization that would make Bill Gates drool in excitement and envy. It starts off with a designer trench coat, grey in color, that can be worn when you first awake and get the urge to hop out of bed, naked of course, leaving your nightly pedophile remains slumbering off the knock out drugs used to make him/her compliant, slipping into your trench coat to go flashing all the unsuspecting ladies that happen to be walking about that fine morning. Once tired of scaring all the old ladies in the neighborhood, you return and dress into your silk undies, red of course, black dress stockings, held up by a black garter belt that makes an excellent aphrodisiac, enticing like sex offenders, once acquainted, disrobed, and  carrying on in some deserted back alley, or limo, like a couple of genuine perverts.  The dress shirt will be a light beige or white, made of silk to offset your black tweed trousers, slightly baggy and confining, to hide any blubber that is sure to exist on your cellulite covered legs. The shoes are shiny blue or tan, made of alligator skin, exploiting the fact that you are insanely rich and will pay anything for what your pedophile heart truly desires. The dress coat would be tweed of course, matching the color of your trousers. The bow tie is optional, or for that more progressive Schwaby wanabe, a Mississippi String Tie, enhancing your hip character, even though you are as square as a pedophile could be. Once dressed in this ensemble and trolling through the neighborhood, the limos would be lining up for the privilege to give your fat ass a ride down to the red light district, now expanded throughout the city do to the covid19 farced lockdowns and the demonetization of business, residences, and institutions alike, where you troll to find your next pedophile victim. No need to discuss trick or treating scenarios because most of the residents, that are not tricking themselves on the streets, under a 5G streetlamp nightly, are residing in detainment camps awaiting their de-populous fate, at least in the areas you like to hang out. Wait, what about the mask? Masking laws don’t apply to Schwaby! Act now, and get a free bottle of chloroform to make knockouts and abductions nonviolent, hassle free and easy!

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