Anencephalous Haste to be Vaccinated of the Eternally Faithless. Updated June 6th 2021

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If you choose this vaccine, you choose to align with Satan. Ignorance is no excuse. You are a demon’s child, destiny Abaddon. So get ready for your faithless journey in the name of being “safe”. Yes you can blame your parents that are stoned out if their tree. Or you can blame your perverted uncle who keeps offering you money for sex. In all of these situations, deep down you know the truth. But if you choose to grab their belt and succumb to their tyranny, then your soul is theirs. If you fight them with every ounce of your energy and heart, you will not parish. And even if they kill you, you become more powerful then they can ever imagine. Never before has so many leaders around the world, have been corrupted to this point of no return, willing to sacrifice their reputations and respect for a couple of printed dollars. Remember, they are printing money that has no value and is only backed by the world banks who will call in their loans once they own all of your country’s assets and banks. So if you have a house right now that is mortgaged and cannot pay for it, then claim bankruptcy before they force you into the debt forgiveness program and steal all your assets, equity, legacies, and your children. Do not be concentrated into a camp or covid hotel where you can check in anytime, but can never leave.

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Already taken the vaccine? Does not matter because you will be treated as a continuous threat no matter how many vaccines you take. The vaccine does not stop transmission or reception of this fictitious virus, only symptoms, where by you will still be sick but will not feel the consequences of this ailment, which is, for a lack of a better definition or description, the common cold. However, there is a major underlying concern with these vaccines. So much so, even the people that have taken it, at least the first dose, are feeling dread, or a “gut feeling” they cannot explain. A feeling of being “grifted” as in, that retro vacuum salesman who just talked you into purchasing the top of the line vacuum system for two to three paychecks worth of money, through a high interest loan via a money store affiliate, where you will never pay it off, until three years of payments go by, when you realize that this loan never ends, whilst paying the minimum payment. And alas, when you finally find their office, that has moved three or four times in the last three years, and slap the money down on the barrel head, you realize that none of the principle has been paid off, in addition to the penalty they tack on for making a payment before your billing cycle date. Yes, we have all been through this and learn from these experiences, Then ask yourself, why the hell did I fall for that again? Why am I listening to the fear mongering of your local health unit whose sole game now is to sell depopulation? Now, they want you to pay with your health. The old saying goes; “if you have your health, you have everything”, so why are you compromising your health for the reverse phycology con job that “if you are already healthy and feel no sickness, you are still a threat”? If you believe that, then you will make someone a fine “bitch” in prison, male or female.

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This vaccine is designed for depopulation. The only problem, it is working too fast on some of the more sensitive of the world’s population. They messed up big time and are trying to sweep up to 500,000 dead people due to the vaccine, under the rug. The pile under this rug is starting to form a large lump, too high not to trip over, becoming more and more obvious, even to those who are sleep walking, who are rudely awakened as their brainwashed skull smashes into the lumpy carpet of dissimulation. Well, you say; “There are not that many deaths. There are only a couple of thousand and most of them not due to the vaccine, but underlying, preexisting conditions.” As spoken by the numerous main stream deception peddlers that you are emulating in hopes you did not make an error by taking the jab. But you have made an error so stop doing PR work for the main stream media and big pharma for free, and join the fight to stop these ridiculous agendas like, masking, social distancing, vaccines, depopulation, agenda 2030, bio-digital convergence, proprietary censorship, 5G, and the trashing of our constitutions and freedoms. Because it is not you who will get rich, you will get dead, and as they trounce on the bones of your family and children, your epitaph will read; Here lies one of the many fools that gave away their freedom, life, property, legacies and balls to be safe from the common cold. Sounds stupid right? Only that it will be true, so true, that you will be laughed out of the gates of heaven due to the mark of the beast already etched into your soul’s DNA after the vaccine. Yes your convergence to Satan and Abaddon.

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In a nut shell, before all of this started in 2020, it was all about the 5G rollout and was being opposed by thousands of scientists. There were thousands of articles and studies that were opposing 5G because of the dangerous frequency spectrum it needed to broadcast. So what are you thinking today? Certainly not that because you are worried about your own life that is not being threatened. Taking the vaccine is the only way to “catch” this spike protein that will produce the virus in your body to rid these unwanted, foreign spike proteins that will only cause your natural immunities to attack yourself, killing you the next time you get a certain natural infection. If you vaccinate, will you die? I have no idea really and neither does big pharma. Because the vaccine has not been properly tested so who knows what it will do once you take it, possibly grow another head in a couple of years, I don’t know. Bottom line is, if you have not taken this death serum, then don’t. If you have, do not compound the mistake by taking another dose.

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