Tales of 5G, a Bat, a Pig, Greedy Politicians and Dumb Humans in General…

Seriously Spooky

Yes, imagine that horrid semblance of a woman, Gretchen. She is really oogy and gooky, as well as kooky, all together spooky, but she is too much of a rookie, and would be better off selling some snookie, as long as she washes her moldy cookie. Because I can not imagine her hubby wanting to get cushy with that hornet. Why pick on this woman? Because, if any person cannot wait for the new world order to take affect, it’s her, among others, that know once the new world order infests our democracies, people like Gretchen may be treated as royalty, meaning no more elections to vote her out of office. And even if we are still able to vote, we have already seen since Bush and probably before, how easy it is to fix elections. Justin, the Prime Minister of Canada, has illusions that he walks in his father’s footsteps, however, Justin could not even fill his father’s shoes and is a complete spineless failure, cowering in the NWO’s shadow. So, these halfwit politicians are hoping that they will be endowed as kings and queens to their occupying countries, states, provinces or territories. However, what they do not know is, the New World Order is clearly not to be trusted and are only concerned with power and greed of their world banks. Theoretically, Gretchen could possibly wind up cleaning Trump’s toilets in the Trump Towers once she figures out she is not part of the Billionaire club and is fair game for depopulation or slavery. By the time the New World Order gets through with the USA and Canada, their currencies will be comparable to Mexican and other 3rd world currencies. In other words, if you are for greed, you better latch on to a NWO billionaire fast, before it is to late.

Seriously Stupid

People think there is an actual biological virus spreading around, which is truly amazing because it would actually take a far broader imagination to believe a bat started Covid-19 by biting a pig, then jumping to a human in a Wuhan market. Yeah, ok. This is such a stretch of the truth, you would have to be totally indoctrinated, stoned and drunk to believe this; and seriously gullible. There really is no contagious virus because viruses can only spread within the original host. Viruses are results of an organism being poisoned, in this case, by radiation. 5G and other high frequency technologies introduced in the last 20 years are causing the radiation sickness. 5G is the most prevalent because it is using the high frequency bands that the FCC used to prohibit because of it’s potential harmful effects to humans and other organisms. Before you say there has to be studies, get your head out of Netflix’s and other indoctrinating mainstream media’s asses and look it up. There has been thousands of studies already published about 5G and its harmful effects on humans, animals, and the environment. It will destroy wheat and the honey bee most importantly. But you still plod along like a dweeb, wearing a mask in places you are not forced to, staring into the very device (your cell phone) that is making you sick, infiltrating (entering) your skin cells with 5G millimeter waves, damaging your DNA. So while you stuff your face with another Big Mac, whopper or poppa burger, think about a world with no wheat or grains, if your brainwashed mind could actually produce that much brain power. You will starve to death or be eliminated to save food for the more important people, like the elitists. You did not think they would save your sorry ass did you?

Seriously Noxious

So roll up your sleeve and take an untested vaccine to be safe from, uh, what exactly? Radiation and millimeter waves? I did not know they could actually develop a vaccine for radiation, other than attempting to alter your DNA to cover the foot print of the 5G DNA and cell damage that every organism on this planet is experiencing right now, whilst you drool in your mask, depriving yourself from oxygen, placing your own health under jeopardy, not interacting with other people which is ESSENTIAL for a strong immune system and health. Wearing a mask causes a progressive mild hypoxia, in a slow, gradual sequence, and before you know it, you will pass out in public and never wake up because they will collapse your lungs by invasively placing a ventilator down your throat while they keep you drugged so you cannot wake up, resulting in your anguished death. And for your covid related death, the hospital will collect $39000.00 of our tax payer money, and your family will receive a bill for the funeral. The vaccines role is to further weaken your immune system by introducing harmful animal proteins, aborted fetuses stem cells, mucus from cancerous lungs, everything but the isolated virus itself. Which brings up the question, why not isolate the virus and prove contagion? Simple answer is because there is no virus, or at least, not one that is contagious. So wear your cadaver blue paper mask you dummy, to protect yourself from radiation. Not too bright, but at least it will match your skin color once you suffocate to death. I mean color coordination is important, especially in death. Come now, there has to be a reason why that Russian Scientist assigned to Covid-19 research, who was a geneticist, molecular and cellular biologist, Alexander Kagansky, 45, was stabbed several times and pushed out a 16th story window. Could it be that he had a brain and figured out that there really is not a contagious virus and this whole hoax is designed to cover the radiation and cellular damage caused by 5G? I think so. They will kill anyone in their way of world domination 5G implementation and depopulation. Alexander Kagansky is not the only doctor or scientist that conveniently lost their life in the last year or so. Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test died on August 7, 2019 just before Event 201 and the outbreak in Wuhan. Just pull your head out of the sand and research. It is all there if you dig a little. But that would mean you would have to miss your favorite indoctrinating Netflix series about a pandemic with a contagious virus killing humanity. Time to save some money and cancel all TV and programming subscriptions and save your life and the futures of your masked children who will not forgive you for your stupidity.

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