Covenant Witches and Warlocks stealing the Keys of Our Communities disguised as Greedy Politicians

Weasels or the Death Hound Bust

In Minnesota, during the seventies, there were record amounts of Satanist’s Covenants and Communities in the outskirts, mainly in the farmlands where they could practice Satanism without interference and critique. Mostly, in those days, nobody really believed that witches and warlocks even existed, let alone Satan worshipers. However, I had a different perspective on this because my sister was a practicing witch apprentice (self taught) and my best friend’s parents were Satan worshipers. He explained that there was nothing to fear from them because they were basically like any other parents. When I met them, he told me not to bring the subject up, and being surprised, they did seem like relatively normal typical parents. I did not think of the subject much after that but asked my friend questions like, “Do they get naked and offer blood to the Devil within a red pentagram?” He would chuckle and say, “They never practice their rituals at home and attend masses to participate in that sort of activity.” Never did he really elaborate and frequently gave brief explanations. Most of the time we were talking about far more important things like “girls” and how we were going to get our next case of beer, or how to scrape up enough money to attend the upcoming “kegger” as we called the event, trying hard not to miss any of these important activities, at least in confines of our adolescent minds.

Ritched and Freezing

One particular time, we were driving down a freeway along the rural areas of Anoka County. Along the way, we seen 2 young women hitchhiking, so being red blooded males, we offered them a ride. At first they looked a bit strange, plain, slightly unattractive but well built. I figured they must of been cornfed rural girls naïve and innocent . But to our surprise, when we pulled over in attempt to seduce them, they were all over us. Surprised but not detoured, we allowed their advances and pressed a few of our own. After a while it was apparent that they were holding out on us and were not ready to go all the way. Becoming frustrated, one of them suggested that they had a place we could go to that would make them more comfortable to continue. Both of us being game, they directed us to what looked like a long one story, fenced in building. Not appearing to be a residence we asked them what the place was and if they actually lived on these premises. They both explained in a round about way that it was a covenant and they were members of that community. Of course, I asked, what sort of covenant, and they explained the type of covenant it was, and it was not a nun’s covenant. I will leave it to you as to whether we entered. The bottom line would be that it is all around us and to turn a blind eye to this will not make it go away. In fact, turning a blind eye is exactly the environment of belief they want as to protect their activities and motives. These girls were merely young recruits, bored probably, wanting to have some male interaction.

Cold and Pleasing

Perhaps they were looking for recruits, possibly getting brownie points for the endeavor, or perhaps even so willing as to give up their virginity to retain you as their zombified pet, to do their bidding, fortifying their presence while rising through the cauldron hierarchy during their apprenticeship. In any event, young males could also be suitable sacrifices, or at the very least, suitable for blood and fatty tissue extraction, not to mention the many organs for other types of witches’ brews and ointments. Still think I went into the covenant? Would I be writing this to attract more young males to seek out these promiscuous femme fatales, trolling around possible covenant locations? Although I was baptized, could that be the reason why I am still alive, or was it my overcautious demeanor? When we drove away, promising these scallywag’s we would return another day to continue our rendezvous, I was absolutely relieved we left and did not take a chance. Or maybe, we just gypped ourselves out of a very hot evening of adolescent sex and promiscuity. However, some women do not have to be satanic to be a witch, and I am sure that I have met a few during my life time, but nothing good can result from fraternizing with young witches, especially if you been warned to stay away by their guardian witch. But that would serve better as a story of its own.

Stranded in Ottawa?

Personally, nothing could have set home any better than being misguided to follow a bunch of freemason truckers into the bowels of Canadian Imperialist Politics, in Ottawa, and clearly, once I seen that “decade or so old Simpson’s cartoon” of Trudeau crawling out of his office, scaling down the wall and away on the grass like a slithering lizard, I felt like a controlled opposition fool, and began to “kickstart” my own ass back home. It made no difference at this point, so I started to walk, hitchhike, stowaway, beg, steal, anyway to get me away from that idiom of a protest which was just a conservative flagship. What does this have to do with the theme of this story? Everything because ultimately, it was a freemason psyop which is just the secret society of witchcraft. Of course, no one believes in the esoteric arts and think that people like Fauci actually know something. But what they don’t realize is, that Fauci is a freemason too. Everything that has been perpetrated in the last 2+ years has an evil origin, mainly masonic. Masonry is the front. That is how they conceal what they do and slither in and out of the goodness of the community, They control both sides of the argument, and if you think that maybe this guy politician or that woman politician will change it all back to pre-pandemic times, then you are in for the worst awakening. The only answer is to drag them out into the sunlight and let them burn.

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