Going Gaga over Nada, The Whimsically Departed

Catholicon for Voracity? More!

Money holders, banks, employers, financial providers, the rich, greedy, opulent, debt pushers, credit mongers, interest dealers, land grabbers, carpet baggers, municipal monopolisers, opportunists, capitalizers. capitalists, venture capitalists, prosperity stealers, “patent, intellectual, artistic, literature  plagiarizers”,  slave drivers, investment capitalists, pension robbers, “below the minimum wage enthusiasts”,  prosperity stealers, land grabbers, property hijackers, business pirates, conglomerations,  incorporations, corporations, franchises, “Lets bring in fruit pickers from foreign countries on temporary Work Visas to work for half of minimum wage, conniving farm and food corporations”,  “Lets pay so called refugees $2500.00 to $3000.00 per month (which well exceeds the North American’s old age pensions that may amount to $1800.00 per month if you work to 65 or 67 years of age) to move to Canada because the cold weather of Canada outweighed the fictitious CIA generated danger from CIA developed terrorist groups (ISIS) and implanted surrogates created solely for North American’s brainwashing, and the prosperity monopolization of Syria and other selected countries, in the way of the oil pipelines to Saudi Arabia.”, government migration ministries, culturist groups and associations. In other words, the 1 percenters and all their world wide buddies, wanabes, slaves, and slave masters, agencies, mercenaries, and international law enforcers.”

Excise Levy Conformed for the Prosperity of the Extralocal

Any one that would dispute this is conned by the government that everything is “A” ok and they are spending your tax dollars in a humane mannerism. It is our turn to toil and suffer even more now to make way for these, already wealthy and/or educated refugees so they can be implanted in our jobs and steal our birthright to our country’s prosperity. This is nothing new. It has happened time after time. But this time  it has exceeded sane levels of restraint and reason. I have no problem with any culture but if I have to work for them now because the government has decided to give them my prosperity, I believe that it is antagonistically purpose minded to divide the cultures and people even more to lasso more control over an awakening public that know something is not right with our political systems when they offer our prosperity to our neighbors. Personally, I do not care who they give the money to but it is a clear signal that the political systems in North America are missing a couple of marbles and are not fit to run our countries. The US, now with 2 equivocal candidates that in either event, will destroy the county, blitzing any freedoms and rights we have left.

Prime Evils

It is the election of the 2 evils. It is actually being called that. Vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. Pretty lame. I say vote for “none of the above”. Or a no confidence vote. The only solution to ensure that by some miracle, somebody competent may take the throne. But the choice is clear. Vote for a chauvinist pimp, or a money grubbing whore. Wow, what a choice. I feel sorry for the US citizens that will be standing in the voting booth, scratching their heads, wondering what candidate would produce the lesser evil. Back and forth with negative political ads about the other candidate, like two school yards brats, calling each other names during recess. I think men and women are on level terms. There will always be debate who is smarter or more capable, but in a sense, this battle is done. This campaign is just a revive of an old argument designed to further create more divorce, separatism, alcoholism, substance abuse and the dismantling of the family unit. But, while the 1 percenters live in their  million dollar homes, acting like they are above it all, floating on a white cloud of saintly hood, they watch and laugh, looking down as they witness the humility of the masses they created and are maintaining by endorsing no hope to prosper, or progress as a family unit. I would like to say the 1 percenters are headed for hell, but I think they would be rejected because of their boorish snobbism, causing extreme boredom, only to be enthralled and doomed to a eternity of neutralism (purgatory).

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Labyrinth of Artifice, Oligarchy of Inveiglement

Rated “B” for Bull-dung

History is written to pacify the reader that past decisions or actions taken were made for the best. Kind of like a rating system for movies. Depending on the content, it would be labelled with a rating system signify hieroglyph. Thus history is subjected to censorship. Even books and movies written to contradict historical events, usually is culturally fueled, depending on one culture’s version over another’s, making it even more ambiguous and cumbersome to really give a dung. Like a debate between groups of 1 percenters and their over-glorified, bombastic scholars. If you do not fall asleep within the first 5 minutes of that deliberation, then you are hopelessly a 1 percenter, or a postulant. The most scary part of history, or the scribes that write history, is the scribes base it on so called reliable news sources and media of that chronology. Some media, as we well know, is thrown away, discarded, or ignored. EG: A black man being beaten to almost the hereafter, with several cameras recording the video, that caused one of the worse riots in Commercial North America’s history because of the authorities refusal to properly deal with the marauding constables . However, videos, taken by a commoner are always tossed aside, or ignored, unless it fits the 1 percenter’s agendum of dominance and brainwashing.  So what is real? An old saying says, believe 1/4 of what you hear, 1/2 of what read, and 3/4 of what you see. Or 1/2 of what you see and nothing that you hear. I say, believe your own experiences and learn from them, do not doubt what you see, scrutinize what you hear, and if written by a 1 percenter, it is probably fustian, and is for certain, not written for your advantage or plenitude. Just to con you.

Rated “G” for Genocide

All in all, historical events about other competing cultures, can be somewhat believable. I do believe that Nazi Germany is responsible for the death of millions of Jewish people. But I do not believe the rest of the world was powerless to stop the growing genocide. The Nazis’ merely gained their wealth, power and productivity that revived industries, by stealing gold and money from the rich portions of the Concentrated Jewish communities in Germany? Even if they did, why would the rest of the world continue to monetarily trade with Germany? Ignorance? No because of greed. The rest of the world’s corporate 1 percenters continued to trade and fuel the genocide out of greed, claiming ignorance, making the whole world guilty. History is carefully written, not for accuracy, but for accountability. If no one wants to be accountable, or there is no one to pin it too, then, so let it not be written, so let it not of been done. Isolation of the truth leads to isolation to the noncompliant. Divide and conquer. Because how long can one stay lonely? I have read story after story in newspapers that amounted to mundane words that described nothing but a one sided tales, leaving in wonderment of what the other side of the tale was. Tale? Yes, I call them tales because a true story requires two sides of the of the account. The only time you get a true story out of a newspaper, magazine, or some other corporate, profit orientated, dung dripped, cess-recital, scrawled, over-censored journal-nod-ism, is when it is about a sporting event or an election. However, the story, to be sure, will be embellished towards the victors. Why is journal-nod-ism written in this manner? Because, it is censored towards the corporate, profit oriented, 1 percenter narrow-ism of enforced thought provocation.  Whether it is in a newspaper, magazine or broadcast by radio or television, it always leaves the same after tones. Hopelessness. Well, at least to the non-brained-honed of society.

Rated “OO” for Opulently Oppressive

But biblically, God says we are fed. “I feed the seagulls, I feed the crows, which carries importance, but not the worth of you, so why would I not feed you?” (Not an exact quote) But we still cling to possessions and stature inducing riches like they are our life’s blood. Do we carry these oppressive burdens of possessions because they keep us alive? Make us happy? Or do we cling to these ornaments of materialisms out of brainwashed need. I stand as a man to be noticed, to be loved and respected because I notice, love and respect you. If you hit me with your rock of aggression, I will fall and bleed. But it is just tissue that I lose, and not my individuality. Thus I will not strike you back in anger. And if I survive the blows you have intruded onto me, I will heal, get up and scribe them as they happened and not bare false witness, only to say, you stuck me down, and I forgive you. Is this weakness or strength? I call it strength because for one to carry the humility caused from an aggressive action, and stand up, and still love, that is strength no one can combat. Our minds will protect our soul. Ergo, as long as we can keep our intellect aggressively shielding against other’s will to dominate and bewilder, conning you to do their bidding and enslave, your freedom of decision and emotion will lead you to your true life path.

Rated “F” for Fear

Fear is the common tool 1 percenters use to keep people in their servitude. In the old south, they kept the slaves of that time fearful, using brutality, murder and bondage. Fear is a strong emotion, because even if you yourself do not fear, people you care about are fearful, causing you to fear for them. Their anguish, if you decide to break the chains of slavery, will keep you in those chains for your family’s safety. This is why, if you lead your family out of bondage, direct confrontation will not work. The most successful rebellions are secret, intellectual and non-aggressive. Once the mind is convinced we are going the wrong way, then the battle is finished. Rebuilding our morals and how we live is the real challenge. We have to live for life, and not for so-called progress that is capitalizing everyone’s freedoms and individuality. I would trade the progress attained tomorrow, to keep my freedom today. People of wealth simply do not understand the concept of freedom, other then their own. People of wealth would do anything to keep their wealth, and do on a daily basis. They look down on the commoners like they are diseased sycophants that do not have rights. They hate labour laws. They hate any service, controlled or not, that provides money to the indigent. They hate liberalism, but will support it in the sense of capitalism, but only conservatively . If you collect welfare, they think you do not deserve the money. If you draw on your employment insurance, they think you a indolent cadger. If you file a compensation suit against an industry or conglomerate they think you are a quisling and perfidious, just scamming the system. They hate Green Peace and label them as terrorists. If you had any idea how they really viewed you as a commoner, your illusions of this world would shatter revealing reality, allowing yourself to pick up the pieces of your broken idealism and become productively free. The Towers of New York were a masterpiece of fear inducement. This fiasco of corporate bunco killed thousands of people during, and for years after. They ruined countless careers and lives of people that proved scientifically it was a controlled eradication. They kept everyone fearful, in order to invade foreign countries to control their prosperities, for a price of course. What price was that? Their freedoms.

Rated “S” for Slavery

But the banal cess-mill of arrogance rolls along in a circular motion, shrinking our brains, influencing us to become dormant and abeyance. On call to do their bidding, conveying more brain-rotting swill of useless education of compliant-ology. It is all for the progression towards the 1 percenters vault of sadistic, domineering, cataclysm that rewards the  esurient and the hoodwinkers. Battle after battle of deceptiveness and pilferage, beating each other to submissive floundered shells of progressive or regressive enslaved chaos. There can never be permanence in the victories in this vault of sadism, because of the volatile structure, always changing to suit the profligate of this rapacious induced community of lost souls.  If you grab the stem of a rose avariciously, you will be punctured by the thorns, and drip blood needlessly to the soil. Perhaps that is a lesson to be gentle in our grasp for prosperity.

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The Macrocosm is Planate, You will Trundle off the Periphery. Benison!

Columbus Day

Ever wonder why an Italian explorer would be exploring in Spanish ships? That is the real question of that voyage in my mind. But Columbus was just another 1 percenter looking for glory at the expense of others. Spanish royalty granted these ships in the exchange for wealth and untold  treasures. Columbus was convincing enough to get 3 ships, some say 4, when his homeland’s holy emperor/republic refused.  But we all know what a mess the Italian Senate was, not to mention, being under holy rule. Ignorance was the big factor why he did not get Italian ships. Even though there was scientific and physical proof the earth was round. Pythagoras created the technology (information), mathematical proof that the world is a sphere (round) much earlier, around 330 BC. And the Vikings, I guess, because they were ignorant, sailed to North America much before any other culture. But I believe they knew, or at least believed that Odin would protect their Voyages, and if the runes said sail, they sailed. But to the holy Roman Empire or Republic, the Vikings were considered barbarians. In the end, whether the Italian senate believed the world was flat or round, really does not matter. It is control. Each culture has their own control, laws, and penalties. Even though Italy was rich in culture, science, and art, they were under the holy emperor/republic whom were renowned for their narrow-ism and pompous biblical analysis. Meaning, because Jesus happened to be crucified because of Pontius Pilate’s decision induced by the holy Jewish community, they had some direct connection to God? Who knows. But science in these times was viewed as borderline witchcraft, and we all know what happened to witches and warlocks AC. Thus, Columbus was most likely prudent to search elsewhere for his navy. As far as Columbus causing an Apocalypse in South America, that Apocalypse was well under way caused by local tribes warring, dominating, and killing each other. Thus, the invasion of the Spanish fueled expedition, did not have much fortified resistance from the already scattered and internally conquered natives dominated by more powerful and corrupted native tribes. As far as Columbus Day? Well, you can be the judge. Columbus did lead Europe towards the Americas. And because there was a wealth of riches to be had, the European Monarchs, holy or not were attracted to the Americas like flies to dung.


Canadian Thanksgiving has no real significance to the rest of the world, only to signify the harvest following fall equinox. Not much controversy, thank God, surrounding this Canadian Holiday, or even the American Thanksgiving which occurs on November 24th. Just a hopeful prayer for abundance of the harvest.

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Presidium Rat Race Residuum, the Abeyance of the Plebeian, Animus Against Anima

Kiss My Royal Sash

People with wealth and power see the commonalty as low, beastly, uneducated and useless, unless they can perform remedial acts of servitude and abjection. They see us as their slaves. Monetarily chained to their purse strings, and fearful of destitution and vagabondage. But it is nothing to fear. We have nothing to fear turning away from their enslavement of honorarium. It is something everyone can do but are afraid of it. The only thing that keeps them secure is our desire to be like them? But we are not like them. We are far more superior. Because those of us that see, know they are a bunch of children with inherited powers. But their power is allusive, being stamped into your brain every time you turn on that idiot box of serfdom-ism.  “Idiot box” is an old term to describe the television, possibly even radio. But it is boredom that draws us to these devices of conformity.  All we have to do is live our own lives and if you have a fire pit, burn all these devices that carry the commercial imprint. The internet, unfortunately, is being dominated by commercialism, making it harder and harder to find commercial-free content. I have seen when the internet was born. It was created with other innocuous intentions, then distributed as a tool for information storage and retrieval. It had many unknown uses, and evolved into a powerful informational library. For the last 20 years it is been marred and distorted into tools of profit. You cannot go anywhere on the internet without getting garbage advertising on every page. It is safe to say the internet has been successfully, commercially dominated. But here again, we could use the internet for informational purposes and not worry about the “WDIGOOT?” (What do I get out of this?) syndrome. Con after con, shill after shill, profiteer after profiteer, hijacking knowledge and information and trying to get rich from plagiarism. Stealing knowledge from libraries and re-selling it via video, because, lets face it, a lot of people are too lazy to read. So we watch senseless video after video about, in basics, the humiliation of the commoners. Because as each of us watch this, we somehow think we are better then the person being degraded or exploited.

Pompous Crass of Prominence

Fame is the buffer between the 1 percenters and the classes. They are the heat sink. The people that actually work in government and law enforcement are not our enemies. They are the manipulated strong arm that is protecting the 1 percenters and their greed. We have to hold the source accountable. We cannot lose focus on the greedy millionaires and billionaires that love the royal treatment they receive daily. Famous people are our enforced roll models. Why do you think they have every sewer stench-scribed nasal discharged blether rag on display at virtually every grocery store checkout till? For your entertainment? No, for your brain honing. Subliminally being convinced that, we want to be them. They are the upper crust that we want to be, to have worth. But, wake up. You do not want to be anything like them because they are bought and paid for, and they couldn’t care a less about you, their serfdom fans, only that you idolize them. But don’t get to close, or you will get clobbered by several police batons as they get escorted off to a more secure (peon-less) area. No slaves allowed in the Royal chambers. Authorized servants only. Idolize them or resent them. They are not the ones we should focus on. They are there to distract, brainwash and bewilder and keep our eyes off the 1 percenters as the continually pick our pockets clean. This method stretches back to ancient Egypt. Nothing new. Just amazing they still use this method to docile (con) the masses. Politicians are in the same category. The famous ones. The ones that run for the top office for every municipality, state, province, or commercial North American country (federal).

Hearts May be Trump, But Diamonds are Forever

The current presidential race is somewhat of an over-endorsed, fable driven fiasco. It can only illuminate the depths that commercial North America has stooped, attempting to get the populous to view this slap-stick comedy routine of  malicious, brain insulting, outhouse seepage, verbalism of plague infested, festering media. Trying to revive the feminist movement/male dominance dispute that is so old and moldy, that the hopeful female presidential counterpart (Queen of Hearts, reversed) is confusing this with the odor fumigating from her labia. And the male presidential counterpart (King of Diamonds, reversed) that has died his hair blond, making a feeble attempt to appear young and more progressive, and trying to arouse the female counterpart of the vote with his portrayed masculinity? This guy is seriously out to lunch. Both candidates are out to lunch to be frank. I think they would make a great couple actually. They are so desperate trying to appeal to the younger generation, and really have no clue how to do that, but if they got married, or had a torrent affair, they would both get publicity. And, who ever wins, can be the animus or anima of the relationship. That way, they would both win! Donald and Hilary! Don and Hil! Or just “Down the Hill!”, a tale about “A Bankrupting Commercial Love Story. Starring the 1 percenter’s Poster Boy, The King of Diamonds, reversed. Also starring, the Female non-accountability trait Poster Girl, The Queen of Hearts, reversed. Oozing out of a commercial theater near you, soon!

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In the Canonization of the Archfiend, We the Financially Preponderated, Demurral You!

Golden Corporate Undulation of Disillusionment

The Trumpets sounding the Mini-Monarch’s Jingle, well be known to the subjects in the commercially conquered community, cardboard silhouettes of the Owner’s Royal family stand, overseeing its courtyard, filled with the mini-Monarch’s subjects anxiously awaiting the daily scrolls, featuring the latest charitable discounts the fair mini-Monarchs dictate to us as the current corporate law of the land, until a better charitable discount arises and is scribed on new commercialised scrolls in their branded mini-Monarch calligraphy. Later, the min-Monarchs ride in their horse-powered drawn carriages down the old business sector streets, now filled with vacant business buildings for rent, with municipal corporate tax levis impervious to the barbaric entrepreneurs abating the chance to vie. Scornfully, the mini-Monarchs look through their dark tinted coach windows, turning their snob noses up at the sights of deferred people, derelicts,  bag ladies, junkies, drunks, thieves, pimps, prostitutes, single mothers with their poorly dressed children, as they pass by broken and shattered display windows, now covered with boards or featuring empty shelves and baron merchant counters, illuminated only  by sunlight that manages to penetrate the dust incrusted windows of the rat infested decanted store rooms. As their coaches’ golden rimmed wheels are pushed swiftly by the asphalt down the broken street, two dragoons, from the local prefecture, severely beat a homeless man to submission, with their batons, spectating, as the delict blood torrents down the curb, into the sewer. Portrait after portrait is taken of this seemingly atrociousness of justice on media devices by 90 % of the guttersnipes in portrait vicinity, only to be discarded evidence by an overpaid (debauched) lawyer magistrate under the direction of the royal commercial municipal corporation.

A young boy, dragging an old dismantled crib across the street to the local pawnshop where the pawn vendor will ungenerously give the young boy 7 dollars, whereby he, as instructed by his welfare stricken mother, to purchase a direly needed loaf of bread and condiments, perhaps some milk if is afforded by the illiberal generation from the pawned crib. The horse-powered drawn carriage with gold rimmed wheels comes to a stop before this annoying obstruction, only for the carriage driver to climb off the carriage to inspect and clean the delict blood off the gold rims. The dragoon swiftly runs behind the carriage entourage , stopping traffic so a distance can be kept between the horse-powered drawn carriages with gold rimmed wheels, whilst yelling at the young boy to “lug the crib faster across the street, you are impeding the mini-monarch progress and safety!” Within moments, the annoyance (boy) manages to struggle his blockage off the path of the mini-Monarch horse-powered drawn carriages, allowing the dragoon escorted royal entourage to continue its plague inflicting journey of brainwashing and deceitful conglomerating. In its wake, it leaves a destructive path of falsehood and mayhem. Discouragement and brutality starts to spread aggressively and virally. People on the streets start attacking each other, destroying and luting, trying to understand the hopelessness that they are feeling, retaliating because of emptiness in their souls that is being stolen in exchange for the coveted materialisms that we are mesmerised to believe will bring us dignity and stature , being left behind to rot in the refuse that was once a prosperous community that the mini-monarchs stole and are now hording to get as much gold as they can reap from the distraught and the humble who are the remaining populous that have the will to strive forward.

Quickly, after the remaining dragoons withdraw because of the might of the mob, more dragoons appear along with militant reserves and conscript soldiers whom were quickly recruited in case of an uprising, dress in full armored riot gear, shields and weapons of dominant inflicting persuasion. The dragoons and their arrived counterparts, form strategic lines to push and separate the chaotic mob, followed by large wagons to stack the dead, and larger caged wagons to confine the captured or innocent. For seemingly hours, the mob continues its retaliation, and the dragoons and their counterparts push, divide and conquer little by little, piece by piece, until they subdue and disperse the frantic mob, with the remaining that managed not to get beaten to death or captured, run and hide in fear. The dragoons in their blackened triumph, instruct the remaining people of the commercial dominated city that they are under martial law and are to stay within their huts and shelters until further notice. Anyone caught on the street will be imprisoned without trial. Anyone already captured will remain in the prison camps until they are similarly tried and convicted. In the mean time they can live and work in their respective prison camps ergo the community can remain productive at the benevolence of the mini-Monarchs, whom conspired and construed to the local dragoons and their authorities, that for everyone to remain a productive member of society, this is the only viable solution. No need for a monetary system inside the barbed walls of these prison camps because everything that is necessary will be provided on a rationed basis to promote the importance of following laws set forth by the mini-Monarchs and their royal families.

Marriages that anyone within these walls are part of will be abolished because anyone that is in these prison camps are deemed guilty, thus the only determination that will be determined is whether the criminal will die for their conspiracies against the mini-Monarchs and their royal families or to serve in these camps for the remainders of their natural lives. Anyone related to the captured inside the barb walls of these prison camps will also be subjected to the same conspiracy trials to determine whether they will die or serve, and if found guilty to serve, will be in separate prison camps and not allowed to visit their former family members. Any children left orphaned because of the delict behavior of their former guardians will be submitted to orphan institutions and retrained and educated to the emancipation and proclamation of the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, and may, if astute enough in their training, be offered the honor to a life of servitude in the mini-Monarchs and their royal families homes and establishments. Certain females that are orphaned that fit the genetically intellect and skeletal structure will be employed as surrogate birthing mid-wives, to provide pleasure for the royal barons and provide infants for the royal baronesses. Any of the lesser astute males and females will be genitally severed and will serve as drones for the municipal corporation performing the lesser and laborious duties. As for the criminals in their respective prison camps living out their lives in servitude to the mini-Monarchs and their royal families, they will be allowed the privilege to line up daily and bow in respect to the mini-Monarchs entourage in revel of its gleaming gold rimmed wheels.

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