Going Gaga over Nada, The Whimsically Departed

Catholicon for Voracity? More!

Money holders, banks, employers, financial providers, the rich, greedy, opulent, debt pushers, credit mongers, interest dealers, land grabbers, carpet baggers, municipal monopolisers, opportunists, capitalizers. capitalists, venture capitalists, prosperity stealers, “patent, intellectual, artistic, literature  plagiarizers”,  slave drivers, investment capitalists, pension robbers, “below the minimum wage enthusiasts”,  prosperity stealers, land grabbers, property hijackers, business pirates, conglomerations,  incorporations, corporations, franchises, “Lets bring in fruit pickers from foreign countries on temporary Work Visas to work for half of minimum wage, conniving farm and food corporations”,  “Lets pay so called refugees $2500.00 to $3000.00 per month (which well exceeds the North American’s old age pensions that may amount to $1800.00 per month if you work to 65 or 67 years of age) to move to Canada because the cold weather of Canada outweighed the fictitious CIA generated danger from CIA developed terrorist groups (ISIS) and implanted surrogates created solely for North American’s brainwashing, and the prosperity monopolization of Syria and other selected countries, in the way of the oil pipelines to Saudi Arabia.”, government migration ministries, culturist groups and associations. In other words, the 1 percenters and all their world wide buddies, wanabes, slaves, and slave masters, agencies, mercenaries, and international law enforcers.”

Excise Levy Conformed for the Prosperity of the Extralocal

Any one that would dispute this is conned by the government that everything is “A” ok and they are spending your tax dollars in a humane mannerism. It is our turn to toil and suffer even more now to make way for these, already wealthy and/or educated refugees so they can be implanted in our jobs and steal our birthright to our country’s prosperity. This is nothing new. It has happened time after time. But this time  it has exceeded sane levels of restraint and reason. I have no problem with any culture but if I have to work for them now because the government has decided to give them my prosperity, I believe that it is antagonistically purpose minded to divide the cultures and people even more to lasso more control over an awakening public that know something is not right with our political systems when they offer our prosperity to our neighbors. Personally, I do not care who they give the money to but it is a clear signal that the political systems in North America are missing a couple of marbles and are not fit to run our countries. The US, now with 2 equivocal candidates that in either event, will destroy the county, blitzing any freedoms and rights we have left.

Prime Evils

It is the election of the 2 evils. It is actually being called that. Vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. Pretty lame. I say vote for “none of the above”. Or a no confidence vote. The only solution to ensure that by some miracle, somebody competent may take the throne. But the choice is clear. Vote for a chauvinist pimp, or a money grubbing whore. Wow, what a choice. I feel sorry for the US citizens that will be standing in the voting booth, scratching their heads, wondering what candidate would produce the lesser evil. Back and forth with negative political ads about the other candidate, like two school yards brats, calling each other names during recess. I think men and women are on level terms. There will always be debate who is smarter or more capable, but in a sense, this battle is done. This campaign is just a revive of an old argument designed to further create more divorce, separatism, alcoholism, substance abuse and the dismantling of the family unit. But, while the 1 percenters live in their  million dollar homes, acting like they are above it all, floating on a white cloud of saintly hood, they watch and laugh, looking down as they witness the humility of the masses they created and are maintaining by endorsing no hope to prosper, or progress as a family unit. I would like to say the 1 percenters are headed for hell, but I think they would be rejected because of their boorish snobbism, causing extreme boredom, only to be enthralled and doomed to a eternity of neutralism (purgatory).

“Tex” oNid ittEnEbEd (sHow nO mErcY)

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