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The coronavirus has everyone running once again, back into the cloakroom, clinging to the teachers dress. Or wait a minute; they closed the schools, so that cannot happen, at least not right now. But if the schools were open, that is what would happen. The World Health Organization suggests that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is a contagion, a contagious virus that can be transmitted simply by touch or cough (saliva). However, If you believe what you learned in biology or were paying attention; people do not “catch” viruses; our tissues and blood create them to remove harmful toxins that intrude into our bodies. Quoted by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD, “Viruses are excretions of a toxic cell; viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with other proteins, they bud out from the cell; they (viruses) happen when the cell is poisoned. Viruses are not the cause of anything.” In the last 103 years, Pandemics of history can be traced back to the electrification of the earth. Electrification of living organisms poisons the organism’s cells and tissues, which in turn, will excrete this poison as viruses. Quoted by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD “Whenever you expose a biological system to a new electrical field (frequency), the poison will kill some, and the rest go into a sort of suspended animation, living a little bit longer and sicker.” Scientifically, this is well known, but telecommunication companies may be playing on people’s ignorance. What is a virus? It is an ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert (inactive), infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope. What does this tell us? Viruses are an inactive resultant from cell and tissue poisoning that can only replicate inside a living host.

Covid-19 is real, but there is dispute of its actual origin, either being derived from Avian or mammal evolutionarily spillover, ultimately infecting humans, or it is the resultant of EMF poisoning, that our cells excrete because of 5 G electrification. According to the WHO and other studies, Covid-19 is theorized to originate from a bat, and/or snake. A pig was bitten by the bat or snake (transmitted by blood) commencing the spillover phenomenon. The pig was then sold in a “wet market” (suggesting it was sold alive) in Wuhan China. From this pig, it supposedly infected humans through touch or ingestion. (Source)(Source). For this to be credible, you would have to believe that a metabolically inert (inactive) virus, duplicated from the RNA, DNA signature of a bat and/or snake, emulated the pig’s RNA, DNA, making its final evolutionary leap, infecting humans, somehow forging (emulating)  the RNA, DNA structure within the human’s cells and tissues, which is supposedly unique to individual humans and individual species. Some studies suggest this spillover infection will require vaccines that will contain the same virus without the RNA, DNA, only the protein coat. This suggests that the spillover infection cannot emulate your RNA, DNA further, but fails to explain how the vaccine exactly reverses the so called emulation of your RNA, DNA. Ergo, it will not be a cure, only prevention, but is sketchy as to how it will prevent further spillover at the RNA, DNA level. In practical medicinal sense, it seems to be a useless injection.

As of mid April 2020, reports are back-peddling as to the origin Covid-19, however not entirely, stating that within a Wuhan lab, a patient was bit by a bat, and then transmitted Covid-19 to another patient, and that patient went out into the public where it supposedly spread. Even though the wet market was clearly not involved as to the origin of Covid-19, they are still clinging to the evolutionary spillover infection theory. This may indicate that the thin house of pandemic cards could collapse because, it would be impossible to tell how many other lies have led up to this point of time, not to mention accountability; shutting down businesses and bankrupting countless people who were put out of work. Where will the focus turn now? It is clear that the bio-weapon “dead horse” analogy has been flogged too many times in the last 103 years. Bio-weaponry is lame excuse, trying to keep the spotlight away from the real issues and causes of the related deaths.

So a conflict in scientific beliefs, where the right believes that metabolically inert viruses are pieces of RNA, DNA and other proteins, excreted from a toxic cell after the organism is poisoned (radiation or electrification) that requires no vaccine because the surviving organisms will become immune (suspended animation). Or on the left; stating these viruses are zoonotic diseases, spread from avian, reptile, or mammal origins as viruses that attack and inject the human’s assaulted cells with its own animal RNA, DNA, then emulating or forging the human’s RNA, DNA, that to prevent, will require experimental vaccines, containing the virus, vacant of the RNA, DNA, with the protein coat. However, no matter how brilliantly and scientifically they attempt explain this supposed evolutionary spillover, these studies are mostly based on unproven theory. The Electrification Hypothesis is based on a century of chronicled events and history. (The Invisible Rainbow)

Recently, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, New York ICU Doctor, discusses what he has attempted to treat as pneumonia or ARDS, but was discovering that the patients showed symptoms that suggested extreme altitude changes, being immediately shifted to a high elevation from normal elevation, as to the “death zone” described in mountaineering, whereby the oxygen level is insufficient to sustain life. The lack of oxygen in normal terms can be related to the lack of oxygen commonly due to extreme atmospheric pressure changes. 5 G frequency of choice is 60 Gigahertz enabling pristine data transfer. 60 gigahertz is the frequency where the oxygen absorption spectrum begins. This absorption of oxygen changes the magnetic properties of the oxygen molecules within the oxygen atom, and when breathed, will fail to attach to the hemoglobin, causing the oxyhemoglobin count in our blood to decrease rapidly. Dr. Kyle-Sidell’s pertinent discovery, witnessed from firsthand experience of the Covid-19 cases admitted to the hospital, seemed to strike a nerve with opposing forces in obvious support of the evolutionary spillover infection theory and its host of diseases. Clearly, these patients were dying from lack of oxygen, not ARDS. 

Most large telecommunication companies argue that the power of the receiving devices are low therefore cannot cause any radiation or carcinogenic problems on the long term, simply because the wavelengths are too short and powerless to penetrate the skin. They also use the adage that many devices that we already use like 2.4 gigahertz routers, Bluetooth, wireless printers, laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads are already employed and safe to use in your home, however many studies indicate otherwise. On the flip side of this coin, experts warn that because of the non-penetration of these intrusive 5 G wavelengths, they become refracted angularly, creating multiple receptors upon your skin, attracting and intensifying more 5 G signals towards your body, increasing the potential exposure exponentially. It is hypothesized that any living organism electrified by 5 G millimeter waves, emitting 30 to 300 Gigahertz wave frequencies (millimeter sized wave frequencies that most humans of the earth have never been exposed to), forces our poisoned cells to excrete viruses, hence Covid-19. But if this was true, then this is one of the biggest cover-ups known to humanity? Not really, because this has happened before, more than a century ago.

In 1860, a new disorder called Neurasthenia (Anxiety disorder) was thought to be a physical disorder until the year 2000. Tracing the course of this illness followed the Telegraph wires, wherever they were laid worldwide, interconnected via submarine (ocean) cables. In 1889, alternating current was harnessed which was the same year of the first modern Influenza flu epidemic.

In 1918 (WWI), the Spanish Flu (H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin) broke out producing many fatalities. It was believed then that this disease or virus was contagious. However, no matter how the Boston Medical department tried, they could not transmit this disease from one host to another, chronicled in the book, “The Invisible Rainbow”. It is curious that “avian” describes birds as the probable cause and origin of this thought to be airborne “virus” due to the unexplainable speed of  the infectious travel over oceans, across the earth. What factually happen was the introduction of radio waves, exposing every living organism across the world in the late fall of 1917 to these new RF signals . It was hypothesized that these new radio waves poisoned (electrified) all living organisms, causing their cells to react, excreting toxins as viruses.

At and around the beginning of World War II, the next influenza pandemic(s) (H2N2 avian influenza) arose successively when radar was introduced perpetually during 1957 and 1958 to living organisms of the world, blanketing the entire earth with radar fields, thus (electrifying) poisoning all living organisms, forcing them to excrete the (EMF) poison from their cells (tissues) as a virus; or a H2N2 avian influenza virus, thought to be derived from birds as would indicate in the term avian, also thought to be airborne due to its overseas miraculous spread?

In 1968, in the Van Allen Belts, which are the earth’s protective layers, satellites were launched into these belts, and within six months, a new pandemic arose, which was called the Hong Kong Flu. The new radioactive frequencies from the satellites poisoned all living organisms of our earth, forcing their cells to excrete the toxin as a virus, creating a new pandemic; or H3N2 flu strains thought to contain genes from the avian influenza viruses (birds). As early as 1957, satellites were sent up, first by the Russians, then by the USA. From that point on, satellites have been traced to sicknesses experienced by organisms worldwide. Every major electrification change of the earth has been related to Avian or Zoonotic type influenzas as the explanation to these outbreaks, but clearly has no solid scientific evidence to support the evolutionarily origin of these viruses. Why the avoidance to other origin possibilities? Why lobbied laws like the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which says: States and cities may not regulate wireless technology on the basis of health and is left to the sole discretion of the FCC who has zero health and safety expertise?

The first 5 G blanketed city was Wuhan China, so there should be no surprise that a new virus, Covid-19 arose. 5 G satellite radiation at the same time, was inflicting the populous of Wuhan with 30 to 300 Gigahertz frequencies causing radiation sickness (biological poisoning). The WHO decided that, in record speed, this virus, Covid-19, was a specie to specie transmitted virus, highly contagious and declared a pandemic worldwide. At the same time, twenty thousand new satellites or more, are and will be residing in the Van Allen Belts to accommodate the 5 G technology. Because of the high frequencies (30 to 300 gigahertz) used from the satellites, base towers on earth are needed to transmit/receive this ultra small millimeter wave length, because it cannot travel far requiring transmission/receiving towers on virtually every block, in every neighborhood, in every city. The most curious aspects of all of these pandemic events are the isolated virus cases that sprouted, when these individuals were nowhere near these outbreak areas nor in contact with anyone who had this virus, clearly supporting the electrification hypotheses versus the avian theory that birds and other species somehow transfer these viruses.

Italy, the most tragic and effected country experiencing high mortality rates mainly because Italy has a high percentage of elderly people (23% that are 65 or older who are thought to be at the highest risk to the 5 G electrification or radiation (RF poisoning)). However, the healthier you are or more vital, seems to make you more susceptible. What was the exact extent of Fifth Generation Cell tower implementation in Italy? According to this map, virtually every major city in Italy is blanketed with 5 G transmission and receiving towers, with 5 G as a commercial available service in the whole of Italy, however other maps show a different saturation. 5 G implementation actually started in Italy as early as April of 2019, some 5 G testing in 2018. Italy being closer to the equator, having 23% of their population over 65, and the vast amounts of satellites launched to accommodate the 5 G network, it is not a wonder they have a high ratio of death.

Notice the Side menu indicating 5 G coverage in Italy
5 G coverage in Italy

You may say to yourself, this is a coincidence. But coincidences like this do not happen at this rate. It breaks the laws of probability (chance). This outbreak, with Italy’s death toll rapidly climbing, is being blamed on a biological birthed Covid-19 contagious outbreak, and at the same time, 5 G electrification is virtually starting to cover the entire world. Population of Italy is 60,461,826 people, out of that ~15,000,000 elderly. Could Covid-19 (virus) be caused by the 5 G electrification (EMF Radiation Poisoning) of all living organisms, or is a incredible contagion that has a sensational specie to specie origin? Of course with all these pandemics, even the early outbreaks, the espionage theory, where the terrorists or biochemical warfare card is pulled probably to confuse the origin and speed of contagion (distances). Covid-19 origin depends on so called research called the Spillover Infection or Event or pathogen spillover phenomenon where Covid-19 and other avian transmitted “viruses” are somehow infectious from species to species. In fact, this virus is supposed to have incredible longevity, able to live on surfaces longer than the average life span of most house flies (24 to 72 hours).

The Corona Effect is the discharge (Radiation) that deteriorates insulators on wires and coils when the installation is incorrect. In basic, harmful radiation discharge from a magnetic field. This is wasted energy. EMF causes a high mortality rate to electricians who are constantly exposed to EMF of high voltage. EMF and it’s detrimental effect on humans when living in proximity to high voltage wires, substations, cell transmission towers and repeaters. Currently, the cell transmission towers for 4th generation cell service are spread apart making it somewhat safer of a service, but has been harmful to humans that may live in proximity of these towers. Blue tooth and WIFI  also cause related health issues that are closely related to EMF radiation. In fact, any radio wave transmission has similar gradual harmful effects.  (Source) (Source)

5 G has been independently researched by different Doctors and scientists. According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a professor of public health at the University of California, the rise of microcell antennas in cities is only part of the concern. Dr. Moskowitz says that the low to high (30 to 300 Gigahertz)-frequency millimeter waves (Frequency switching for talk) used in 5G could cause serious problems to the skin, eyes and nervous system. “The implementation of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, is a huge experiment on the health of all species. Since MMWs are weaker than microwaves, they are mainly absorbed by the skin, which means that their distribution is rather focused there. “Since the skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, they can be transmitted through molecular mechanisms from the skin or through the nervous system.” said Dr. Moskowitz. Dr. Moskowitz isn’t alone in worrying about 5G. Dr. Yael Stein of Hebrew University in Jerusalem recently wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission setting out his major concerns about 5G, MMW and how it could impact human skin. Stein claims that human skin has the ability to absorb over 90% of microwave radiation and will cause serious head to toe problems, especially for the most vulnerable such as children, the elderly and pregnant women. In the table below you see what is called the “electromagnetic spectrum”. The “radio wave spectrum” and “microwave” part is what is called RF radiation. So microwaves are just a higher frequency radio wave. And remember that within the RF radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous the waves are for living organisms. (This is not the case with the visible and infrared portions of the spectrum.)

In Germany, researchers studied over 1000 residents who lived near two cell phone towers for about 10 years. According to the study, during the past five years of the observations, the researchers found that people who lived less than 400 meters from the cell towers were diagnosed with cancer at a rate three times higher than those who lived much further away. Another scary study in 1994, well before 3G, 4G and 5G, connects significant health problems with people living in a London apartment building with a cell phone antenna on the roof. In this study, the cancer rate of those living on the top floor of the apartment building had a cancer rate of 10 times the average in England. (Source)

Fifth generation (5 G) cell transmission will require a cell tower on every block in the city, one possibly on your block. With that will also include small substations for these towers on every block. It will also require an antenna on your house if you elect to patron this service (Some communities are setting up fiber optic connections for home routing to remain innocuous). In 5 G scientific studies produced by countless doctors and scientists, all agree that the ill health effects will be numerous including, cold like symptoms, shortness of breath, and pneumonia like symptoms for the short term. Long term effects include DNA damage, cancer, infertility in men, ovary (egg) damage in women. Young children and infants will be the most susceptible to this harmful radiation. WIFI, 2.4 gigahertz, is the maximum dielectric loss of the water molecule begins.  WiGig, using frequencies between 2 and 6 gigahertz, breaks down the iodine molecule causing respiratory distress, depression, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, change in mental status, and change of mental consciousness, all complications of hypothyroidism resulting from iodine deficiencies.  The most possible immediate danger of 5 G transmission is the disruption of the oxygen atom (60 gigahertz is the oxygen molecule absorption spectrum) , heating it up, affecting the orbital properties of the electrons in the oxygen molecules, causing it to lose its magnetic properties, becoming unstable. If breathed by humans or animals, this could cause oxygen deprivation, unconsciousness, brain damage, or even death from the lack of oxygen to the tissues and brain. This happens because, when you disrupt the oxygen atom, it fails to bond to your hemoglobin cells in your blood stream, unable to carry oxygen to your tissues, most importantly, your brain. This, in the long term will cause vitamin D deficiencies in your skin and eyes, making one more vulnerable to sunlight radiation. Included are paralysis, arrhythmia, neurological problems, fatigue malaise, virulent strains of polio, neuro invasive encephalitis and arrays of other related health problems. (See The Fullerton Informer) (Also see Jeremy Johnson, an Expert on EMF Exposure)

Take this knowledge and apply it to where 5 G cell service has been implemented currently. These large outbreaks for coronavirus are occurring in Italy, China, and many other countries where these 5 G cell systems are up and running. Look up Event 201. This shows they had knowledge of Covid-19 since October of 2019 when it was believed 5 G testing was fully under way in Wuhan China. According to the electrification hypothesis, and because thousands of new 5 G satellites are already residing in the Van Allen Belts, whether or not your community goes 5 G, you will be subjected to this high frequency, millimeter waved electrification regardless and possibly show symptoms within 6 months. As to the Spillover Infection Theory, people may or may not catch this said to be highly contagious Covid-19 virus, depending on exposure to people or organisms that are already infected. In reality, this Spillover theory is evolutionary in concept thus challenges religious beliefs. (Source) (Source)

Please keep in mind with the Coronaviris propaganda fed to everyone daily by mainstream media has gotten brutal, and has become a marauding of internet sources. Indie websites mostly have become extreme targets for so called pandemic law enforcements (Unconstitutional censorship to freedom of speech and publication, or press). Therefore, some of these sources and citations on this article may change due to this chagrined invasion. So I will update them as they are corrupted by the mainstream scrutiny according to the wealthy and the 1 percent of society. So if you are stupefied about this current pandemic and the power elite’s futile attempts to destroy small business, the working class, and the economy, then give your head a shake and stop watching their brainwashing hysteria. “Earth Day” is just a metaphor for “Sophism day”. Wake up and take a look inside your hospitals. You will find they are not being used for anything. They are basically calling any death a Coronavirus death, and lord forbid if you are on the brink of death, they bring you to a hospital. Read between the lines of anything you see as “news”. Even so called truther news and beware of the political branding, trying to blame this party or that party for our current events. Politicians, no matter what party are puppets on strings being marionetted by the 65 million people called the 1 percent of society, that endorse Earth (Sophism) Day as their own private rebirth of the world, without you in it, and the depopulation for their own benefit and evil spawns. The Vatican and major (wealthy) religions are not the answer and certainly do not speak for God, endorsing the crashes of all economies to benefit the 1 percent. And if you see your church encouraging you to attend via “online mass” then you know they have swallowed the propaganda pill, or the dreaded blue pill. I pray that I am wrong everyday. But for some reason, I keep waking up, and so should you.

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