Capitalistic Squeeze and Greed Money Stores and Political Thieves, Several near you, Guaranteed…

Wally Cash Grubber for Mayor; Promises, Promises…

Every campaigned promise leads to another lie because it is never a promise that is practical, given the greed factor attached to any political aspirator that abuses his welcome once in the office of that particular governance. And they will steal and steal, just like that particular mill worker who steals things like toilet paper or any other thing that is not nailed down or properly inventoried, leaving no trace of its original existence, only that is was most likely consumed for its purposes, even though it was used remotely or sold to some other person, business, company, for a cut price. The commodity that politicians steal is money and they cannot grub enough of it, and will break all theft records of their predecessors, just because it is an “accepted” tradition we all have grown to expect, or are to dammed stupid to figure it out. Innocence is no excuse and if you allow someone to sodomize you because you thought they had good intentions; they will keep sodomizing you until you are no use to them anymore. But please, keep voting in these sodomizers and very soon, you will have nothing left to bargain with other than your potential of sexual exploit, provided their is enough of a market left to support your exploits and not perform them for nothing other than a bowl of soup, which you could get free from any number of soup kitchens in the communities of people being sodomized out of their homes and legacies by the local “Squeeze and Greed” money stores that specialize in creating debt out of debt you already owe to Visa or Mastercard, or some other stupid loan you were conned into, acquiring all the product jettisons you see on TV! That is your portion, debt and more debt while these swindling politicians keep grubbing and stealing your tax dollars as you continue to pay interest on that stupid campaign contribution you pledged to get that money grubbing shyster elected.

What Flavor Favor of Sodomy would You Prefer?

Politicians whether left or right, liberal or conservative, communist, socialist, totalitarian, libertarian, independent, etc., etc., are definitely different in flavors of candy stolen from babies, but are all the same candy brand, as in, they are all in on the same game and in the same club. Thus whomever succeeds into the corridors of simulated power, will perform the same dammed sodomy, just in a different flavor of favor, because you should be honored to pay for the privilege of being sodomized by your newly elected political ritchist (rapist). And rape and pillage they will because it is expected, at least by the experienced of the ritched. In plain sight, they are accountable to nobody or any laws and keep evading justice because we allow it to happen instead of demanding the courts to take proper action. However, most of those on the supreme courts are too lazy and opulent to do anything other than what is expected so good luck getting accountability. Just grab your ankles and allow the sodomists to do their proclaimed duties as corrupt, greedy, perverted political spoliation. Even though we all think that somehow this will all sort itself out, we are foolish as to this train of thought because one only has to look at the last two years of sodomy that was performed by our elected officials of greed to see the result of “allowing it all to sort itself out”. How else does virtually every politician in the world right down to the grass roots level Mayor of virtually every registered township, town, municipality, region, or city gets away with endorsing murder in the first degree and producing the murder weapons (remdesivir and invasive ventilators) via contract after contract to manufacturers to over produce and saturate the markets, clouding the very conceptions of what they were produced for in the first place. Conceptionally they are being overdeveloped to murder people that were naïve enough to seek medical help in the last 2 years that featured fabled viruses and variants. Your mayor says at a town hall meeting in virtually any town or city in the world; “What is the matter with you? There is a pandemic on, and your duty is to line up and be controlled, dying at our discretion! Do your duty as a serf infested pleb and, just die ok? Make me look good for the WEF so I may get a ruling position under the New World Order.”

How Did you Ever Pull it off, Klaus? Interview with Karen Doe

Interviewer: “Anyone with half a brain would have to wonder, How did Klaus ever pull it off? Good question and the answer is in plain sight, hint, hint.” Karen: “Well, I am not sure who Klaus is to tell you the truth. Is he some foreign representative from the UN? I think my daddy talked about him from time to time, well, at least about the UN”. Interviewer sighs and goes to the next question: “Do you have any concept of why things are now the way they are? Why your rights and freedoms are dwindling away? Why people have lost their businesses and jobs in the last 2 years?” Karen looks at the interviewer with a blank stare: “Ah, well, I think it has something to do with the economy. I cannot even get hair color for a decent price anymore. And schools supplies this year; they have sky rocketed, You would think they would have went down because of the kids not going to school for the last 2 years and doing everything on the computer in virtual classes. And masks are expensive; the good kinds that is. I would not use just any masks for my kids!” Interviewer grunts as he breaks the led off his pencil grinding it into the note pad: “I will try and keep it simple. How do you think they were successful in March of 2020 to virtually shut down the world?” Karen draws another blank expression and looks at the interviewer. “The world was shut down? I did not realize. I thought there was a dangerous virus that caused everyone to stay home, except for essential services. Gas got really cheap as I remember; filled up all my gas cans. That reminds me; I have to get some more seafoam to keep it from expiring. Or so my mechanic tells me.” Interviewer now too looks back at Karen with a blank stare. “So Karen, what have you done with all your free time in the last 2 years. Your interviewee application said that you were confined to work at home part time because of the pandemic. You said on your application that you did a lot of pandemic research during your free time.” Karen: “Oh right, well when it first started, I called the lodge me and my husband were members at, you know the local masonic lodge just down the street? Well, I asked them if they were still holding regular meetings and they said that we can still join in virtually and gave me the website address. They instructed us who joined virtually that the best way to prepare for the continuation of this pandemic and future pandemics is to form a baking club and bake! It was so fun and we would join each other virtually and drink coffee and eat apple fritters and cinnamon buns. It was so fun and once in a while, Joe would join in for our virtual festivities when he got back home from his job in the Yukon. He is up their right now! That reminds me, I have to call him because I haven’t heard a word from him in 3 months. I hope he is ok.” Interviewer looks at Karen, now not surprised as to the uninformed responses he continues to get: “What does Joe do for a living?” Karen: “He installs I think, 5G antennas and equipment on mainly hospitals and nursing home roofs. It makes me proud that he does such essential work for community hospital services and old people.” Interviewer closes his pad and stands up: “Thank You Karen for the interview. It has enlightened me immensely as to the why’s and what’s of the last 2 years.” Karen: “Not at all a problem. Perhaps you can stay for a coffee and a fritter?”

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